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MTV Grab your must-have Nicki Minaj/Miley Cyrus feud merch now.
Matt Stewart Stupid publicity stunt.
Sinh D. Pham It was stage obviously but Miley didnt get it right.
Dijon Kinnebrew loser gets bodied by a singing n**ga
Zoya Khan I want to meet their fashion designers once...
Brian Spiro
I Love Tattoos Hi I am MARRY I am 22 yrs old :) I live in usa ;) I love making new friends :( :) please like (Y) my page in 2 secs I promise you :) i will send you a friend request and inbox you :) I promise <3 Leaked emails show that the weatherman wanted to be down in New Orleans covering the anniversary. His superiors thought otherwise.
Al Roker’s Show Canceled After Tense Emails Between Him & Exec Over Hurricane Katrina Anniversary
Weatherman Challenged Downplaying of Anniversary Weatherman Al Roker's "Wake Up With Al" show on the Weather Channel is being canceled.
5 hours ago
Joyce Hale Their lost will be someone else gain...
Lydia Fleming Rowland He'll be ALright. Good for him for speaking up.
Barbara Gordon I'm sorry to hear that
Winston George Toppin Oh really! Wonder what the station will say is REAL reason?
Crystal Jenkins Because he's a black man a lot of successful black ppl with now get shutdown or fired bc of the police killings now they will start from the top of the charts ... They already feel like black ppl have to much power so they want to chop us down to nothing ....we need to fight back and stand together ...especially these stupid black cops that is accusing their own "blacklivesmatter" for police killings black cops are brain washed...
Business Insider You can always count on Game of Thrones fans to look ahead ...
5 hours ago
Washington Post Local People voiced frustration about problems in dorms, hassles with the administration, red tape and other issues.
Fed-up students take to social media to protest Howard University
A slogan and a social media campaign go viral as students, alumni and others voice concerns.
7 hours ago
Devona Monique MissMdot Hill arent you glad your outta there?
Angela Armand Chasebi I did notice there were some issues when I had to go to the campus during Obamas Inauguration
Lynn Ellingwood Had a former student go there for a summer fellowship. He couldn't even get ahold of his advisor after the first day and the guy would run from him if he ran into him. Made him appreciate his regular university more and made jokes about his crazy summer.
HuffPost Live "Who fights with kids?"
Wendy Williams 'Disappointed' By Nicki Minaj's VMA Clash With Miley Cyrus
Wendy Williams was not impressed by Nicki Minaj's brash confrontation with Miley Cyrus at MTV's VMAs on Sunday. Although Minaj officially put one feud to rest during the award show, she had some strong
8 hours ago
Maria Ferreira Who takes these people seriously anyway?All that they do is compete for attention in the media.
Simone Roberson I don't care for Wendy but last time I checked, Cyrus is a grown woman. This whole thing is petty.
The Law of Attraction/ The Secret Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. - Albert Einstein
VICE News "Legal translators are often called upon to assist police investigations during questioning and wiretapping, which can last several days, and sometimes even weeks."
France Could Face Huge Bill After Allegedly Hiring 48,650 Casual Staff Illegally
A leaked report revealed earlier this week that the French government could face a bill of $560,000,000 in lawsuits.
8 hours ago
Barclay Hinson Get rid of Muzzrats, lower crime, no need for these "legal translators".
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Justin Pizio omfg...Gibbs
Jon Nelson Scott Burnette
Dan Fran Coralie Bruno
MSN Lifestyle You can get away with living the grimy college life for a few years after graduation, but once the big 3-0 rolls around it's time to get serious about ditching that duct tape-patched Papasan.
30 Things You're Not Allowed To Have In Your Apartment After You Turn 30
If you're confused about what exactly needs to be retired, no worries! We assembled the definitive list of items you're not allowed to have in your apartment after your 30th birthday.
9 hours ago
Us Weekly Wendy Williams tells HuffPost Live she wasn’t pleased with how things went down between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj at the #VMAs.
Wendy Williams Is “Disappointed” in Nicki Minaj for Blasting Miley
Talk show host Wendy Williams tells HuffPost Live that she's "very disappointed" in Nicki Minaj for putting Miley Cyrus on blast at the VMAs - hear her explanation
11 hours ago
Krista Timm why? I am glad Nicki called out Miley!
Deborah Swann Cornelius Dont make Nicki get on you Wendy
Shalita Cooper All i gotta say is nicki never even responded to Lil Kim she chose to come at miley on a big stage in front of everyone.. nicki was referring to Miley also when she said what she said about Taylor!!!! Nicki supposed to be a grown ass women she need to start acting like it and idk whats wrong with u ppl defending that!!!smh
Aliza Masood Nicki wasn't the one wrong in this case. All everyone saw was her blasting at Miley but no one knows or even thinks about what Miley said about Nicki before the VMA's. She just stood up for herself like she was supposed to.
June Feuu This is one time I disagree with Mz Wendy..... Nicki was on point about what's her name!!!!!
Millie DeBlasio Edmonds I think Nicki was right!!! Miley is a big mouth pig!!!
Tinah Zabezolo Yeah cause Nicki cares so much what Wendy thinks. Gurl bye.
Antonia Dacus Who cares? Nicki and Miley are always looking for attention because they don't get enough of it. What a shame you have to disrespect yourself and others just to be in the spotlight.
Dia Betruetourself Nicki looked like a fool, she didn't get the last word.
Tracy Menz Who cares what Wendy thinks?? Is she Nicki's mother, no
HuffPost UK Entertainment She's been met with accusations of racism, over her new music video.
Taylor Swift Is In Hot Water Over 'Wildest Dreams' Video
Just days after finally putting her clumsy feud with Nicki Minaj to bed once and for all, Taylor Swift has landed herself in another controversy. This time, it's over the music video for her lates
12 hours ago
Jessica Roqueta Folks are offended about everything it seems these days.
The Daily Beast Kim Kardashian West did not release that sex tape to get famous.
Kim Kardashian Was Never a ‘Slut’: The Myth That Just Won’t Die
She is body- and slut-shamed left and right—even while pregnant during the VMAs. But the reality is that Kim Kardashian was never a ‘ho,’ and has always deserved your respect.
13 hours ago
Che Melendez Maybe not but, that sex tape is what did it, I mean, who knew that Whore before it came out??? Same with Paris Hilton, who knew these whores before they Sucked a Dick n recorded it??? They made money of em. Whores Whores Whores Remember America, we're teaching our little girls to be Whores n teaching our Little Boys its OK to treat Females like whores... Just sayin... Whores!!!!!
Bryan Robb Its cool when Bruce releases his evryone will forget !
Che Melendez Isn't that what every Whore you knew back in high school says??? Then 15years later they end up being the preachers wife.... LOL
Trigger Reed Yes You did lol. Q/A Q: whos Kim Kardashian? A:is that the girl from the Ray Jay Sex Tape? YOU ARE CORREECCCCTTTTTTT
Dan Kummer she got paid to make that sex tape, whats the word for sex for money
Kejsi Hida well i never thought shes a slut shes a good marketing agent
Faizan Az If not that then why she released it for? "How to suck real good tutorial" that's the purpose?
Juan Quetzalcoatl Wilkinson No one cares
Eric Fortin Who cares?
Scott Moyer No,she's a slut.
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