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MSN News "The camera on your computer, when hacked, can become a tool to spy on you in your own home. And it’s easy."
'Tape your webcam': Horrifying malware broadcasts you to the world
Video-hosting platforms and Internet users need to do more to combat the 'slaving' of devices, advocates warn.
1 hour ago
Heather Mohamed I always put something on our laptops cameras.
Dona Dorman They would be horrified ; )
Charity Weiss Do not like that.
Dover-Norton Cherry I have tape over mine
Tammy Campbell I have mine backwards on my PC all they are going to see is the back of my monitor....
Hot Teen Teens Only Hi I am Jessica I am 17 years old I live in USA I love making new friends please Follow me I will Follow you Back and inbox You I promise
Pixie Carol I DON'T HAVE ONE :-)
Connie Lee Spears-Berg Dark blue dust cover ..
Roger Heidenreich Cool
MTV Nicki Minaj has ended up in the middle of Meek Mill vs. Drake.
How Does Drake And Meek Mill’s Feud Affect Nicki Minaj?
This can't be fun for Nicki.
4 hours ago
Sweezy-Makaveli Drizzy-Drake Meek Mill gat to back off because Drake has always been his Boss I the Game
Chasity Jo Wilson Eminem should rap about all this lol
Dylan Kloss and i bet she liked it.
Shakeem Dyer rumor is she left him....he was mad she didn't pick sides...didn't hear it from me....blame MTV
Rolagne Acosta that was CoOl!!! hahaha
Datpiff Coolbouy Drake Mpofu i knew it ... ...
Musawenkosi Innocent Dizzy will win her back I swear
Raymond Jecksen So what are you expecting from us to do? That's there Problem. I Fed up and sick tired of their #biff #Meek_Mill #Nicki_Minaj #Drake #Ahhhh
Brandon Jones She's been so quiet! Which is a good thing because this isn't *her* issue, it's Meek's!
Simone Sapp Whatever i love her <3
The Rocky Horror Shop "It was great when it all began"
5 hours ago Invite your friends over for a #SundayFunday
DIY birch tree painting
Get a group of friends together this weekend and make gorgeous wall art! Birch patterns are so on-trend:And you won't believe how easy it is to do...with a little help from some masking tape:Here's what you'll need to get started:Canvas (I used an 18 Read more ... ″ x 24″)Masking Tape of various widthsAcrylic Craf…
6 hours ago
Afirst Way Tips For Losing Weight Healthily
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Weight Loss & Diet Plans <3 <3 <3 :)
The New York Times It's a song about corporate responsibility and mercury contamination inspired by an unlikely source: Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda."
Indian Rapper Calls Out Unilever to a Nicki Minaj Beat
For the song, “Kodaikanal Won’t,” Sofia Ashraf borrowed the tune to “Anaconda,” but crafted entirely new lyrics.
9 hours ago
EL Dos indian rapper thug life
Luke Sisson What exactly makes an immensely popular song by an immensely popular artist an "unlikely source"
Patu Dukundane Thelight she's da best rapper!
Chen Pun Gent Unilever's chemical spill in 1970's killed more than 20000 Indian people.
Sudhir Desai Funny how people are focusing on the rap, rather than the artist's objective in this instance, of bringing attention to Unilever's actions. If you want to listen to rap, yes there are better options. That is however immaterial here.
David Eisenberg I never liked "Anaconda" because half the song's running time consists of samples from Sir Mix-a-Lot
Anthony Ernesto Augustine Wolf By sir mixalot's beat....
Mary Leiby She's gorgeous!
Carina Marion better than the original!
Sherri Avelino Good for her.
create the perfect gallery wall
Tip: Trace each frame onto kraft paper, label them and cut them out. Tape them on the wall with painter's tape and rearrange them to your liking. Once you're happy with the layout, then hammer in those nails and hang your art! Here's some inspiration Read more ... VIA HonestlyWTF Now you can: See ...
12 hours ago Consider it a lesson in Nicki Minaj 101.
5 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About Nicki Minaj
From the early jobs that got her fired to what's really behind Barbie, get the scoop on the outspoken sta
12 hours ago
MTV Aww, Nicki Minaj had the sweetest things to say to Birdman.
15 hours ago
MTV Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill definitely aren't shy about their love anymore.
18 hours ago
Noluthando Thandoz Ndongeni Drake doesn't care
Tyler Zabriskie too bad Meek is dead
Michelle Aponte No thank you.
Anouar Bdr Shyy !!! You make me laugh plzz
Todd Rensch Pry trying to make Drake jealous but Drake doesn't care.
David Kennedy Lol meek =whack
Syoma Meliqsetyan Love them!
Rose Angely Diaz No one cares.
Todd Rensch Acting like everything's okay on the outside, everything okay on the inside?
Olivery Joli that's great! what were they doin' be4?
Yahoo Congrats!
20 hours ago
Rachael Baynes All I need to do is make duct tape outfits and I get scholarships?
Timothy Underwood Duct Tape outfits? Rihanna wants all of them
Sarah LeeAnn Someone from every high school has done this..every year!
Lewayne Frierson Definitely... Different. Nice job
Maria Jay They should have taken home first place.
Morgan C Wills They have had this contest for years, its nothing new
Thoa Trinh co hinh anh moi
Thoa Trinh good aftenoon
Michelle Hanes Looks good even if it is made from duct tape. Very talented, and creative.
Beverly Phillips Good for them?
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