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MTV Aww, Nicki Minaj had the sweetest things to say to Birdman.
Tarquin Smith HELP those poor Cabinet Of Millionaires - they are almost there (50000 plays in 3 months) and the track is still FREE! says they'll "consider changing the page from “comedian" to “musician” if they get there. SHARE it people.....lyrics hit the Read more ... nail on the head
Cabinet Of Millionaires
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11 minutes ago
MTV Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill definitely aren't shy about their love anymore.
2 hours ago
Noluthando Thandoz Ndongeni Drake doesn't care
Tyler Zabriskie too bad Meek is dead
Michelle Aponte No thank you.
Anouar Bdr Shyy !!! You make me laugh plzz
Todd Rensch Pry trying to make Drake jealous but Drake doesn't care.
David Kennedy Lol meek =whack
Syoma Meliqsetyan Love them!
Rose Angely Diaz No one cares.
Todd Rensch Acting like everything's okay on the outside, everything okay on the inside?
Olivery Joli that's great! what were they doin' be4?
Yahoo Congrats!
3 hours ago
Rachael Baynes All I need to do is make duct tape outfits and I get scholarships?
Timothy Underwood Duct Tape outfits? Rihanna wants all of them
Sarah LeeAnn Someone from every high school has done this..every year!
Lewayne Frierson Definitely... Different. Nice job
Maria Jay They should have taken home first place.
Morgan C Wills They have had this contest for years, its nothing new
Thoa Trinh co hinh anh moi
Thoa Trinh good aftenoon
Michelle Hanes Looks good even if it is made from duct tape. Very talented, and creative.
Beverly Phillips Good for them?
The Daily Beast Things just got considerably more embarrassing for Meek Mill.
5 hours ago
Cecily Moore Now she got millions and a horrible ass job good luck meek mill next time don't wife a Freak slut back bad ass job who're giving all her fellow team members blow jobs on stage .
Brandon Hinrichs When you nickis man you cant put out wack ass diss tracks that shits gotta fire
John Ferris Not man enough to rap with "The Drake" eh?
Magalee Çırpılı I'm sorry this whole thing was hilarious
Cecily Moore Oh come on she giving head on stage in front of children nipples popping out trash can she jumped out of rapping for lilwayne's.
Cecily Moore But you can't turn a Freak into a house maiden lol
Cecily Moore He didn't need a woman who was gonna leave at the first sight of trouble. Ratchet
Gimli Jones If you think this is news worthy I heavily suggest suicide
Barbara Mancusi He's a lucky man
Freddy Mejias she is ghetto as they come
Yahoo News "I make no apologies for this" - Gawker founder and CEO Nick Denton on the ethics of his website posting stories that others find questionable, in the name of information being free. Watch the full interview about that Hulk Hogan sex tape and the cur Read more ... rent editorial scandal plaguing the media company:
5 hours ago
Aaron Parham Basically if he gets any of your personal information he's releasing it
Michael S Bosley he's a pos
David Weingust If you are truly only wanting to make information public, then why have you not exposed Planned Parenthood scandal or Hillary Clinton emails for starters
Peter Falsetta Why would he apologize for how he makes money?
Kevin Foley How is you're story about the story newsworthy?
Ken Gaska Follow him around with a tape recorder and see what kind of blackmail audio you can get off of him.
Junior Ricardo De Paula Monta Miralo Completo Aqui En Youtube ▬►
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9GAG TV Bringing attention to an important cause like a boss.
6 hours ago
MTV Kendrick Lamar, Lloyd Banks and Nicki Minaj have all addressed ghostwriters being in the industry.
21 Times Rappers Took A Stand Against Ghostwriting In Hip-Hop
Should ghostwriting be allowed?
6 hours ago
Liku Muyatwa as if nicki minaj writes her songs.
Brewer McLendon I have a hard time believing Nicki writes all of her own songs.
Brian Goldbaugh I feel if you dont write your own lyrics you're just an "entertainer" ..... but if you do write your own lyrics and sing/rap them, then you can be considered as an "artist"
Devlin Bahruth "When Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it" -Nicki Minaj
Grizzly Ashford Bittin is a sin in hip-hop, this is why true hop-hop fans feel this is a issue...
Ronald D. Hicks Hip Hop is not what it used to be. There was once a time (before the bean counters got involved) when it was highly frowned upon to have someone else write your lyrics. It's why hip hop culture started using the term "Real." As in really you. Now a days it's very different. I am not shocked by what meek said about Drake. I really wouldn't be surprised if it's true. Then on the other hand. People say some of Lil Wayne's biggest hits were written by Drake. So what are you really going to do about it. I say like what you like listen to what you listen too and with any luck you won't be disappointed so many years down the road.
Buck Wild DaDreadheadheartthrob
Brandon Riley Didn't Kendrick ghost write tho
Sarah Slater Duh only Nikki m is the only successful business woman in the music industry as she came from nothing and made something out of herself
Brian Ÿvonne Ortega Glad to see this. After seeing everyone defend drake and his ghost writer I thought I was the only person who appreciates true lyricists
The Daily Beast Ouch: Nicki Minaj has reportedly decided to part ways with her boyfriend/opening act Meek Mill after his embarrassing defeat to Drake.
6 hours ago
Sibongile Gugu Nxumalo
Chris Meacham It will take me time to get over this......
Craig Popkess Who the F*ck cares?
Zachary Spaeth Part ways?
David Treacy that hoe aint loyal
John Ferris Couldn't pass muster could he?
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Craig Colt harvesting the liver , heart , kidneys , lungs from live babies is murder...that is exactly what they ae doing in many cases ...Tape #4 --> Planned Parenthood VP Says Fetuses May Come Out Intact, Agrees Payments Specific to the Specimen ...make this go viral , on twitter also , #5 coming soon ...there are hundreds of hours coming....PP has been infiltrated ....actual employees are getting these videos ........
Asanda Guda
Brendin Miguez Keyon Butler
Yahoo In the wake of pulling down a controversial article, Gawker founder and CEO, #NickDenton, tells Katie Couric, about their "second act"
7 hours ago
Ricky Cavazos Good for Gawker . To borrow the words of the right wing agenda, "stand your ground!".
Josh Wilson Hulk Hogan lookin out for de woman as ok we don't know as what a good dude !
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