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Drinking A Little Whiskey Might Actually Help Relieve Cold Symptoms
There's no real cure for the common cold, but a little bit of whiskey (that's a little bit, we said) could offer some relief. The classic hot toddy, typically made of whiskey, honey, lemon juic...
Daisy Lee Mackinlay Walter Ronald Mackinlay
Amy Blackstone Evan
Walter Ronald Mackinlay It surely helped last night!!!!
Amber Green Timalee Griffin
Tom Flanagan Oh it does
Sarah Heidtmann Hey, who am I to argue with science?
Anne-Jet van Halm Alessandro Maccagnan
Kelly Danielle Danny James
Burnita Nelson Simpson Who didn't know this?! Hot toddies have been around for ages!
Bob Nemerovski Stuart Cristol-Deman
The Daily Beast “Now, to be fair, Donald Trump does have a point..."
Bill Maher Says Ted Cruz Cheated in Iowa
The host of HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ took aim at GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz for his shady campaigning during the Iowa caucuses.
Nurul Imam Hey Guys.... TOOK ME HOURS TO FIND, FINALLY GOT THE LINK, Watch : ☛Ride Along 2 FullMovie☑ ☛The Hunger Games: Mockingjay☑ ☛X-Men: Apocalypse FullMovie☑ ☛Daddy's Home FullMovie☑ ☛Fifty Shades of Black FullMovie☑ ☛Deadpool FullMovie☑ ☛Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice FullMovie☑ ☛Star Wars: The Force Awakens FullMovie☑ Good Movie be Happy enjoy to watch.............
Mike Wrong In America, we pay taxes which are spent by the government on everything from roads, police, schools, to wars and so much more. Adding healthcare and college is not any more socialist than what we have now.. If the government stopped wasting our tax dollars they could pay for everything and still lower our taxes. Bernie Sanders has a plan. Stand with Bernie, he fights for you.
TechCrunch Kenzen Wins For Best Startup In The Future Athlete Category At The NFL's 1st And Future
Kenzen Wins For Best Startup In The Future Athlete Category At The NFL's 1st And Future
Intro of eventSynopse of winner and what makes them radCompetitorsDimeTime(by Radd3)DimeTime is an advanced, virtual reality-based football training system featuring real NFL formations, route concepts, and real NFL player speeds and movements.Kenzen Read more ... Kenzen delivers real-time health insights using patented biosensors, sweat analysis and predictive analytics. Our mission is to predict and preempt injury and health complications.Telemetry SportsUsing machine learning and other analytical methods, the Telemetry Sports platform will change the way organizations develop their game day strategy, scout every team, and evaluate every player in the NFL.HeddokoHeddoko’s e-garments transmit live data to their users by capturing the full body movements and modeling it in 3D, allowing them to improve their performances and alleviate the risk of injury.
Benjamin Ross Great job
Upworthy A real-life giving tree. (via NowThis)
A mysterious good Samaritan is leaving winter clothes on trees to help warm those in need. (via NowThis)
Patrick Vialpando Unfortunately most of these will end up in the trash. It's better to give to shelters were people can get them and find help.
Bella Bunny Boswell I saw this in Boulder, Co. last winter. Lots of travelers and also homeless people passed through that downtown part of Boulder where the clothes (scarves, etc.) were tied to the trees. It was fabulous.
Gerry Prestridge Lovely idea.
The Huffington Post Cheers to that.
Drinking A Little Whiskey Might Actually Help Relieve Cold Symptoms
There's no real cure for the common cold, but a little bit of whiskey (that's a little bit, we said) could offer some relief. The classic hot toddy, typically made of whiskey, honey, lemon juic...
Ashlee Rah Sheila Johnson
Shyna Dee Kali Kalikalikali
Nisha Panchal And drinking A LOT helps with life in general.
Chris Russell Hasn't this been a thing for awhile? Hot toddies work too.
Priscilla Cazares Leonel Jr what i should have given you when you were sicky poo lol
Chowdhury Nabed Debbie Knox
Autumn Welch Hattie Bush
Sara Cassinelli That's right!
José Francisco Quiñones Siul Adeur ahí está el remedio para cuando se enferme Jajajajaja
Norbert Lub What about a good Cognac, my favorite ?
Entertainment Weekly See the real-Life inspiration behind 'The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story FX':
Kristen Schoenmann De Haan I lived through it. I certainly don't need to read about it or see the TV show (thanks Eoin Klein. Correcting my error).
Just Inked Selfies
Jon Silva Roberto
Susan Poe Tommi Poe
Hammad Akbar Khan Sarah Paulson was excellent in the first episode. It's amazing how she can juggle so many characters and be perfect in each one of them. It was very engaging and intriguing.
Amy Pratz Laura Hoyte. Here's the cast pics vs the IRL peeps they're playing
Theresa Collins I remember when the verdict came on over the radio at work.My coworkers were laughing and making light of it, I was so floored and pissed.Weird but that moment was lifechanging the world wasn't such a comfortable place anymore
Steve Dronzewski I think they find him guilty in this one.
Alan Kawesa Now, lemme tell u something about my lawyer; this brother's name is Stacin Goins. He's my own personal Johnny Cocron, matter of fact he kicked Johny Coccron's ass and unlike Johny, he hates cops. I'm telling u men, this dude lives to fcuk with the police...
Doris Bond Berstler What was all their heights. I thought that O J was taller than Shapiro and Cohran
Washington Post Express How much do you know about #SB50?
Super Bowl 50 Fact or Fiction Quiz
Can you decipher what's real and what's not from the wild and crazy weeks leading up to the big game?
TIME Scientists have saved Stephen's childhood
Stanford Scientists Prove to Stephen Colbert that Spider-Man Could Be Real
Stanford has invented some Spider-Man tech
Stacy Kidd Can anyone help me get this message out? Ok, so I don't really know how to make a post go viral, but lately I've been doing some deep thinking trying to figure out what has been bothering me, and I think I know what it is. So if ANY of you know a p Read more ... erson who has struggled with depression and suicide, please tag them or share this with them. It bothers me a lot when people say that I am an inspiration or that I've done something amazing, it shouldn't, because truly on paper it looks impressive and probably sounds like I worked extremely hard. (Don't be fooled, it takes commitment and you won't make it if you don't honestly want it) But the truth is it really wasn't that bad, I mean there were days where I struggled, especially in the beginning, but I had amazing support from an amazingly tolerant family and the guidance of a therapist, a therapist that I shopped around for by the way, it makes an incredibly big difference than just seeing whoever the insurance tells you to. The absolute hardest thing I have ever done in my life was choosing to live. If you've never seriously considered suicide, I don't think there is a way to understand the depths of the pain a person is in when they want to die desperately enough to do something about it. The reason I don't think I've done anything extraordinary is because I don't believe that they are talking about the right thing. Yeah I lost 270 pounds, yeah I'm a 34 year old college freshman, yeah I'm healthy and happier. All that is just a side effect though, the real work, the hard part, was answering honestly to the question do you want to live or do you want to die? I don't think I am any different than someone who committed suicide, I think I just choose a different answer. The thing is suicide really isn't about dying at all, its about making the pain stop. And death is not the only way to do that. They say a lot of people who kill themselves regret it at the last second and by then its too late. I say you can't really prove that, but it is possible. You know what that means? That there is doubt, and this is a permanent decision, it is irreversible, there is no room for doubt. Suicide is also usually done in the heat of the moment, you may spend a lot of time thinking about it, but actually doing it is very different. If you are seriously considering killing yourself, I challenge you to stop, take a breath, and sleep on it. Find someone to talk to who is comfortable with the idea of suicide so you can get a sounding board to firm up any doubts. I would not be alive today if it were not for Mike Binks, my therapist. He was so calm and cool when I talked about wanting to die and we worked out upfront our boundries so I really felt safe. When you are calm and NOT IN CRISIS, you need to ask yourself not should I die, but how do I want to make this pain end? It's not as simple as it sounds, it is an extremely difficult choice by the time you reach the point you have to ask it, but you need to be sure. I tried to kill myself twice in my life, I know about pain, I am right there in it with you. But you have got to be 100% sure, both times I tried was on impulse, don't get me wrong, I thought about it constantly. In my head it was always the way out, but acting on it, that was an impulsive reaction to an already bad situation getting worse. After my most recent attempt, I started having auditory flashbacks of the emergency room doctors and nurses. (I have post traumatic stress disorder) I could hear them over and over "stay with us" "wake up" and "I need you to come back Stacy", no one in the world besides my doctors and nurses in that room and myself know how close I really was to dying. Once I thought about it, I realized that I only have flashbacks of the scary and traumatic stuff, if I wanted to die than why would I have been scared? Wouldn't I have been at peace? So, I guess that meant I didn't want to die? The thing is, when you think about your options, it doesn't seem as hopeless, once you look down inside and get honest with yourself you realize its not about dying at all. When you finally ask the right question, everything shifts, perspectives change. I personally decided I did not want to die, it was not an easy decision, I had to seriously bargain with myself, but when I decided that the pain had to stop but dying wasnt an option, everything else seemed easy. - Not at first, like I said, you need a support system, this is not something you want to do on your own. At first you will be confused and conflicted, you will have lots of doubts, you will think you will, and are, failing all the time, but if you have a professional help you through this, someone who knows what is happening and how to guide you when you can't think clearly. Someone you trust. The mountain dosent seem so high. It's been 4 years since I made my decision, and I still struggle sometimes, but it was all worth it, the pain, the depression, everything, when I felt joy for the first time. With where you are right now and how you are feeling, I know that sounds stupid. But man, I really can't describe how much better joy actually feels than I thought it would. I was overcome. Anyway, I just want to get a message out there, even if its just one person, I'm not going to spout some it gets better cliche you deserve to live sugar coated bullshit, I'm going to get real, Please don't kill yourself when you are in crisis, this is a big decision and deserves clear headed thinking. Sleep on it, work out your doubts. I mean really, whats another 12 hours going to hurt? and be honest with yourself, because if you owe yourself anything, its an honest answer. I choose to live, it is not the choice every person will make, I am no more amazing or brave than those who choose to die. It is an incredibly difficult decision, and I can only make it for myself, only you can truly answer that question, and you need to set guilt and shame aside when you make it. But I assure you, the absolute hardest part, no matter how tremendous the mountain in front of you looks, truly the decision you make when you ask how do you want to make the pain stop, is the hardest part. After that everything just gets a little bit easier as you work towards making your decision happen. I am healing now, and while I still have work to do, I feel better, I am still me, I just stopped hiding. You won't have to wait until you are "cured" to feel the results, I promise you that you will get relief along the way, which makes it easier, and once you build up some momentum things will fall into place, and then you will know why I'm just ordinary and not some incrediable source of courage or strength, just a suicidal girl who made a different choice.
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