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Huffington Post UK Not sure if he's a real prince though...
They Finally Arrested A Nigerian Man Responsible For Email Scams
A Nigerian man behind a million-dollar phishing scam has been sentenced to 36 months in prison, the FBI has announced. The scam used fraudulent emails to gain private information from US government
Pat Carroll that must be a first!
HuffPost Good News To all those who claim social media can't make a real impact...
Instagram Users Went #WithoutShoes This Month And Gave 265,000 Pairs To Kids In Need
Showing off your bare feet might not be the most glamorous trend on Instagram, but you might be able to argue it's the most impactful. Hundreds of thousands of ...
Muhammad Anwar Bugti
Lisa Hamel Stephanie Glitsch
The WorldPost Here's a quick fact-check of Bush's latest controversial statement.
Sorry Jeb Bush, It's Not 'Arrogant' To Say Climate Change Is Real. It's True.
The following post first appeared on Jeb Bush claimed that the science is unclear as to how much humans contribute to global warming. The Unite...
Jean Pierre Tintenier G,W Bush talks like a dry drunk but this idiot babbles like a drunkard.
msnbc Like a real life Forrest Gump, he's running across the country. (And he's doing it for a great cause.)
Meet the guy running across America
He didn't just feel like running. Barclay Oudersluys is running from California to Maine to raise awareness and money to highlight the plight of global poverty.
11 minutes ago
Farai Mazonde Whats his name? Forest Gump?
Jay Allen Pretty awesome. A great cause as well! :) rocks to be compassion and awesome.
Robby Clewley Dude is insane lol
Keith Sullivan As opposed to Obama, who quite literally is running America into the abyss.
Martin Snow Shredded wheat....
Paula Lambert Quinn That's awesome ! Good luck and stay safe Barclay O
Eve Mary Nicely done.
Amazing world Pictures If Disney Princesses Were Their Real Ages (8 pics) - 7Gid
16 minutes ago
HuffPost Business Mojitos!!
Real Cuban Rum Could Soon Return To America
The lifting of the United States' embargo on Cuban imports could be great news for mojitos.
51 minutes ago
Howstuffworks Robert compares historical trepanation treatments for "the stone of madness" with the real possibility that they were attempting to treat actual stone-like brain masses. Read on...
Artatomical: The Stone of Madness and Folly | STBYM: The Blog
As you might remember from our podcast episode and video on trepanation, cranial perforation has long had a place in the treatment of madness and...
51 minutes ago
BuzzFeed Video This groom surprised his bride, and all of their wedding guests, with the best ring bearer ever.
An Owl Flew Down The Aisle To Deliver A Couple's Wedding Rings Because Magic Is Real
It's part Harry Potter, part Lord of the Rings, and completely wonderful.
51 minutes ago
Amazing world Pictures Meet the Real-Life Hulk from Ukraine (14 pics) - 7Gid
2 hours ago
Business Insider These items make the real world seem less scary.
10 useful gifts for new college graduates
Ease the transition to the real world with a great, useful gift.
3 hours ago
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