Nomor hp bella bessara posts Aw! The Faking It star loves Bella Thorne a lot a lot.
Read Gregg Sulkin's Adorable Birthday Message to Girlfriend Bella Thorne, His 'Beautiful and Incredi
The Faking It star took to Instagram to celebrate Thorne's 18th birthday
تيطواني تيطواني تيطواني Read Gregg Sulkin's Adorable Birthday Message to Girlfriend
Yousef Tetouani loves It a star star star
Chris Wyatt
George Desmond
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Julio de los Santos Mira el vídeo oficial aquí -> Watch the official video here -> 'Watching my babies struggle in silence struck the deepest core of hopelessness inside of me''
Yolanda Foster Reveals Daughter Bella Hadid and Son Anwar Have Battled Lyme Disease
"I will walk to the end of the earth to find a cure so that you can live a healthy life that you deserve," Foster said, dedicating her Global Lyme Alliance award to her youngest children
49 minutes ago
Sarah Macpherson Tamura How does a whole family get Lyme disease??
Carole Richardson Yolanda the mother Is married to the songwriter/composer David Foster, the 2 daughters are models Bella and Gigi. Yolanda is on Bravo's Housewives Of Beverly Hills....yeah I watch tv to much...LOL
Melissa Morgan-Millard Don't mind me I just came here to see if the bed bug lady was gonna post!!!
Alison Pope Don't even know who these people are.
Donna West Go away, freak.
Barbi Gann Roberts Most unlucky family ever .. there must be a tick outbreak in Cali .
Heather Vanderwall Mohammed built the Ritz Carltons Brenda Brothers Martinez plus Yolanda was a Swedish super model and she's on the real housewives of Beverly Hills . I love her ..she's a real person ..not all fake.
Pam Murillo Maybe cuz they're younger and get over it quicker!! Not only only that get out of those "exoctic" places. Tell your husband with all his mega bucks to have it cleaned out before you go! Duh!
Moore Billy Gigi's famous and rich parents help her modeling gigs like Kendall.
Juliana Benetti Agenor não é aquela doença da Avril também?!
Daily Mail Nicole Kidman had no clue her daughter was getting married and wasn't invited
Nicole Kidman 'did not know' daughter Bella Cruise was getting married
Not only was she not invited - Nicole Kidman didn't even know her daughter Bella was getting married .However the actress is 'very happy for Bella,' a source told the People magazine
2 hours ago
BuzzFeed Entertainment Bella Thorne is 18 today!
5 hours ago
Ana Martínez 18?????!!!!!!!! On every instagram photo she looks waaaaaaaaay older.
Elizabeth Ferret And I'm 26.... I don't even look 18 sometimes lol
Alexis Crockett she looks like a cranky, entitled early-20s rich girl already
Doug Garibay Now we wait for the leaked picks lmao
Matheus Carvalho linda libriana
Jacquel Rodriguez Who?
Stephanie Voss Who?
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General knowledge For General Knowledge Like Our Page
MTV Twilight's author answers all your burning questions.
6 hours ago
Linda Penrose I wish they eould of stayed together forever there could be another book ....maybe about there child .... They were the perfect couple in this movie ....
Angelito Sakanassi Yes finally
Madi Chiles Is it out already???
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Lon Suchanko Nice..
Cassie Brechbiel-Roland Rebecca Brechbiel this is what i was telling you about
Martis Juventus
Alyse Stickley Vicky Vargas midnight sun
Zoe Abby Peake Becky Peake Nicole Kidman abided by her daughter's wishes and did not attend the wedding.
Nicole Kidman 'Is Very Happy' for Her Newlywed Daughter Isabella Cruise: Source
Nicole Kidman did not know about the wedding beforehand but is thrilled Bella has found love
8 hours ago
Deanna Milando This is weird!!! I don't care what anyone says! Whatever size wedding big or small not having your parents is odd!!!
Nicole A. Clinton What kind of person doesn't invite their family to their wedding. And gets her dad to pay for it. Spoiled. Shameful. She will regret what she did.
Fatat Mazagan Nicole Kidman 'Is Very Happy' for Her
Jenny Moe- Steinke Maybe she as the bride wanted "HER" day, to be about "HER" and not her celebrity parents.
Sara Musa Poor Nicole. ...get her off the will.
Mohamed Dukar by her her daughter's Kidman did
Linda Kiser A very ungrateful young lady.
Christy Parker Lloyd This is weird her parents weren't there that's crazy
Doreen Gallagher Wall A radio report stated it is an estrangement related to Nicole's rejection of Scientology. Sad. Should not be an issue on such a special day.
Goran Nestorovski Mo money, mo problems Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's daughter married British I.T. consultant Max Parker.
EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Kidman 'Is Very Happy' for Her Newlywed Daughter Isabella Cruise: Source
Nicole Kidman did not know about the wedding beforehand but is thrilled Bella has found love
9 hours ago
Anas Ziuan EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Kidman 'Is Very Happy' for
Jennifer Sessions She looks like she lives in the 70'S
Kevin Aughenbaugh She has two very Rich, but completely delusional parents. She's better off without them. #scientologyiswack
Joseph Burns hope she got a prenump
Maureen Nelligar Mooney LEFT scientology so she's out, that includes their two adopted kids. Unfair and cruel.
Audi J Clayton
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Brandy Sichley Nice pics
Hamza Moric British I.T. Tom Max married Kidman's
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10 hours ago Yolanda H Foster deserves some fun.
Yolanda Foster Looks Healthy As She Joins Her RHOBH 'Squad' For Girls' Trip to New York
The mother of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid has been fighting Lyme disease since 2012.
12 hours ago
Hamouddi Tetouanni Yolanda Foster Looks Healthy As She Joins Her RHOBH
Hamouddi Tetouanni Yolanda Foster Looks Healthy As She Joins Her RHOBH
Tara Tirone Love this show
Beverly Pashkoff Lisha Li Johnson this is the best news in awhile for this group
Brandy Sichley Nice pic
Jim Mayor this is an excellent book on the subject. take a look inside here.
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MTV Happy Birthday, Bella Thorne!
13 hours ago
ChrisKing Boss Buchanan Happy birthday Bella
Emma Louise Allen Happy Birthday Bella
Sue Thrussell Happy birthday
Tonya Smith Happy birthday Bella thorne
Nikhil Kumar Happy birthday
Karina Rios ew hate her
Magica Gilly Happy birthday
Joy Ebhota Hbd u(Bella throne)
Carl Jensen Happy Birthday!
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