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A Greek Adventure You may have heard of Chios Island for their Easter customs with fireworks and all, and you may have heard them for the famous Chios Mastic. Yet, is that all? Nope. Chios has great hiking trails and a spectacular natural beauty.
Chios Island Greece, Hiking Trails & Routes — A Greek Adventure
Chios Island is known for their Easter customs with fireworks & the famous Chios Mastic. But Chios has great hiking trails and a spectacular natural beauty.
HuffPost Politics Nope.
Think People On Food Stamps Are Eating More Lobster Than You? Think Again
Lorca Henley of Bowling Green, Ohio, said her family's dinners on different nights this week included taco salads, tuna casserole with mashed potatoes, spaghetti...
13 hours ago
Chris Bogan only gop fucks say that
Marshata Caradine Hell BARELY eating!
Jessie Pesina Are there any republicans reading this article that don't feed into this myth?
Charles Tossell Uh we know how to shop unlike the rich they just buy whatever they have in mind at whatever price
Mudasiru Colin Bello Yeah depends on mudasiru penis morers.
Николай Павлов Do black lives matter in Israel ? NOPE
Do black lives matter in Israel? | Al Jazeera America
Ethiopian Jews are protesting in Israel over alleged police brutality and racism
20 hours ago
Refinery29 Vanessa Hudgens' fabulous sailor selfie is on fleet
NYC Is Making All Your "Sex And The City" Fleet Week Dreams Come True
It's a great time to be alive in New York City. Is it because of the Broadway shows, you ask? Nope. The fancy restaurants? Nah. What about all the dapper, uniformed U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard men and women flooding the streets Read more ... this very moment? YASSS! It's Fleet
22 hours ago
Christina Balkenbusch I don't think you understand how excited I am for this Kate McPlatt
Sherry Zyber Thank you men for your service!! "Party on" !!
Janet Mack I was waiting for you to send me a picture
Krystle Correll Daniela ValPur Daniella Isildakli Jessica Smith Stephanie Reilly Alison Seyfried Kelly Ritter remember when....
Kate McPlatt Christina Balkenbusch Christina Rychtanek
HuffPost Business Phew!
Nope, There's (Probably) Not Going To Be A 'Global Prosecco Shortage'
It's been a very scary week for prosecco fans.
23 hours ago
Ben Shackelford Ok. Whatever.
Ben Hall What is this?
2 days ago
MTV Julia Roberts has been lying to us.
Whoa, Your Favorite Stars Sound A Lot Different In (Not) Real Life
You think you know what these famous people sound like. But nope.
4 days ago
Gabriel Lobbo Diva <3
Malik Heights wat do stars but LIE !!!
Reza Vatan goody gooodddddddy
Lwaba Layhdik Kanye West Grabs Kim Kardashian’s Big Butt
Ramakanta Gochhayat
Fahad Ali
Internet Tattoos Hi Guys :) I'm Ashely :) 19 years <3 , I m Single and beautiful <3 girl <3 please like my page :) in 2 secs and i'll send you a friend request and inbox you <3 you will never regret, :( i promise you, please support me by just 1 like <3 1 Like (y) = 99 Help <3
Refinery29 NOPE. No thank you.
8 Reasons We're Not Down With The Revival Of This Jeans Trend
Writer Kelly Connor credits a recent music-documentary...
4 days ago
Amy Scott Sorry but I would rather see this than freakin 90s mom jeans!!!
Tamara Reid Montes-Claros Love it! I wear those don't care what people say.
Tiffany Faery-Kroschel Now people with large muffin tops will think it's OK and it most definitely is not.
Tiffany Faery-Kroschel U don't like the mom jean??? Lol jk
Jocelyn Jaye Renee PLEASE TAKE A SECOND TO READ, SIGN AND SHARE!!! Okay, this is crazy but I am going with it. I have started a petition on We The People to be addressed by the President. My petition is to ask Congress take the standardized assessment we require of all Read more ... students in high school and publicize their scores. Will it change things? Maybe not, but it will it deter me from trying? Nope. We need a real reform in our education system and it will not happen through testing, it will only happen through innovation. Part of that means having politicians put their money where their mouth is, if you want to base our education system off a big buisness because they make you money, cool, then please feel free to lie in the bed you made. Help me take a step towards that- sign and share! I need 15 signatures to make it public and 100,00 to make it a consideration. #takebacktheclassroom
4 days ago
War strategies @Human Rights Watch Australian Lawyers for Human Rights ABC News SBS News BBC News NBC News Penny Wong - Senator for SA Are use trying to wait unto 2 you kill me before you tell the truth or something? Media your guilty of murder also then. 6 years Read more ... ago i told channel 9 what i did and the media. I ant doing this now because i have something wrong with me...6 years ago said i did this, and that they threatened to do something 2 me. You can shove only saying it now because something wrong with me up your asses....Proof.This ant the one about the boy that cried wolf. I said it for years but "proved i did them all as well". I am backed up by Bush and so much ore. I have proven it 100%. Ant kow coincidence of boy that cried wolf here at all. I believe it's murder and the media and many people are guilty of murder. I believe your trying to kill me before it comes out on tv. Why in the last 3 weeks when i showed weapons and got a passport, are my kidneys failing and i feel like i have cancer or somthing? So you have done something to my kidneys and even more then that. I take it i will die from that, or get sick now because it's no coincidence ....Its murder by all of use. They know i no there watching me. They did to the police station break in for me and more. Use must have 100% done something 2 me and the fact now before i leave, my kidneys are failing and i feel like you have given me cancer....It's 100% know coincidence at all. It's 100% proven and United Nations Human Rights Being Human Online Your not doing your job and are guilty of murder. You have sat back after seeing the proof let alone being told they have done something to me. I have had a police forced medical report that says i am not nuts and that i am telling the truth. I am only saying all this so everyone knows and it's not a mistake once 1,000s of people forced it to air and have this for use to answer. This to answer for the last 1 year and more. At the end of the day i saved mass lives and had patents stolen from me. They made billions of dollars and 100% left me on...NEWSTART look for work. If i had problems i wouldn't be on new start and its 100% murder from everyone then. I am forced to leave seen as it's the only way i can make money to have a good life. Living on new start after you did strategy's for 18 hours a day for 3 years hurting your health, is a disgrace and is proof. The media are full aware of what's going on and it 100% does add up. So my dr will back me up. In the last 3 week, something had happened to my kidneys big time. Way 2 fast to "out of nowhere" happen. Nope passport and weapon leaks...Murder. Forced me 2. I'm not a fucking attention seeker and i have fucking proven it. You have nothing 2 say media but 2 me guilty or covering up murder and the truth. I don't drink at all anymore and have not been a drunk for well over 1 year. I had test after i stopped drinking..A OK. I have never been a junkie before and my ex can back me up and so can my hospital record and drs. Even my police file will show the excuse that busted if they cross match them. Proof is proof. I also don't need my life in the hands of people that want me dead. I couldn't care if the person watching said i was ok...I'm not ok. Act media or it's on you. The body that checks up don't go on the world or a CIA OR ASIO or government worker...For a reason. I can undergo any new test as i passed the police "forced" medical test. I will past any test and they know it. There making up stuff because of the way i walk. That because i was in juvenile detention center for youths. I was not raped by a penus lol, but i woke up and ruin after the cunt. Nerve damage because a cunt put paper in my jail cell door lock, and the light goes to 2 lock still "floor". I woke up like wtf and they idiot attempted to put a radio aerial up my butt lol, but areeeee. I rolled over and woke up instantly, and me rolling over is what made it cut my nerves...Minor nerve damage. I had know idea at the time it would do damage. I need $14 k to fix the rest....Maybe. I will tell the truth about everything and even take a polygraph test 2. This is murder and a cover up because of the way i walk. Human Rights Watch Penny Wong - Senator for SA CNN BBC News Sky News FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Central Intelligence Agency
5 days ago
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