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CollegeHumor So much NOPE.
2 days ago
Andrew Lewis
Dionna Louis Owens Now Hiring Online Jobs that pay top commission direct deposit apply today.
Refinery29 NO man can define you, Kim Kardashian
The Reason Kim K. Thought Her Career Was Finished (Nope, Not That Sex Tape)
'You guys, I think our careers are over. I hope you've saved your money.'
2 days ago
Michelle Gagnon But we all wish her career was over...
Tracy Devitt Well damn. Kinda forgot about that. Still though... still <3 lol.
Viral Cutes Girls Hey Everyone. I am Is Emma Chicks :) I am 18 yrs old :) I live in Aus ;) I love making new friends please like my page :( I will send you a friend request and inbox u <3 I promise <3 <3 thnx much Emma Chicks :*
Danny Troxell WHAT POLITICS WAS THE CONFEDERACY IN THE SOUTH .. I hear over and over people replying to my posts that they condemn the democrats for racism and the confederate flag .. others point to democrats with the KKK .. so .. I am going to edumcate u all tod Read more ... ay ... when the confederacy broke away from the union ... Jefferson Davis was president of the confederacy ... he outlawed all politic sides ... he removed both the republicans and democrats as a party .. he removed any and all parties .... there was NO parties in the confederacy at all .. NONE .. ZERO ... ZILTCH ... NONE ! ... there were no democrats in the confederacy .. there were no republicans in the confederacy .. there were no parties ... NONE .. now u know the truth .. so after some of the democrats helped up the KKK ... so the democrats r branded as being with KKK .. but is that true .. NOPE .. FALSE ! .. actually later on .. the KKK moved from the south to the north to Indianapolis Indiana and most of those who reinstated the KKK and made their headquarters in the north at Indianapolis were .. well u guessed it .. REPUBLICANS .. so to blame the dems or to blame the repubs ... think again ... in the south .. in the confederacy .. there r NO parties ... NONE ! ... no voting for districts of a party ... no consolidation votes then make that one vote as the USA does today ... there were NO parites .. no democrats .. no republicans .. in the confederacy .. all parties were condemned by the confederacy ... both of them were rotten in Denmark by the confederacy .. HAIL JEFFERSON DAVIS ! ... now u know the truth ... so when someone attempts to call upon the dems supporting the confederat flag .. or the republicans supporting the confederat flag .. think again ... they mite be registered by the books as a party member .. but the confederacy there r NO parties ... remember that when u hear all the hype out there ... hehehehehe .. now .. MORE WINE ! ... and .. NO PARTIES ! ... well .. the other kind of party is ok ... have fun ...
3 days ago
Huffington Post UK Nope...
New Look Thought It Was Appropriate To Use This Mannequin
You'd think by now high street retailers would have realised that mannequins with unrealistic body shapes are not popular with consumers. But a New Look store has just been forced to remove a bodic
3 days ago
Kim Payne Surely a mannequin is just a dummy. They are not supposed to be realistic. I am a size 14, and don't have a problem with skinny mannequins.
Nicole Hood This is pathetic, it's not realistic but noone's saying you have to be this size to wear this lingerie. Just seems like another daft girl who's insecure in her own skin. I literally couldn't care less what size the mannequins are!
Keegan Roberson That's pretty extreme
Jade Sumner Not exactly what you would call realistic.
Steve Bates Oh god Libby Bassnett, one for you to rant over before me!! Xxx
Jasmine Strangward Becky Strangward is this an actual joke
HuffPost Weird News NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.
We’ve Got Hammerheads In Ocean City
Per @BarstoolRDT, we have a hammerhead shark sighting in Ocean City. A pretty stupid one because it's on the sand and sharks live in the water, but there's a shark there nonetheless. And where
4 days ago
Justin Lafreniere This isn't weird news. And it's certainly not funny or interesting. The snarky, broish commentary is insensitive to the seriousness of apex predators washing ashore due the toxicity of your coastal waters. Why make a joke out of it? Its moronic. You want to report on sharks washing up on the beach? Fine, find a source more credible than "barstoolsports" and tell me about it instead of just second hand click pimping it. Chumps.
HelloGiggles Oh we're not freaking out about the #Heroes reboot trailer or anything like that...Nope, not us.
Trying to stay calm about the new 'Heroes' reboot trailer
NBC's Heroes isn't just getting rebooted or revived, it's getting reborn. That's right. This fall, the series that gave us that "save the cheerleader, save the world" mantra is back, and — I don't want to get too excited about this — but it looks Read more ... great. There's a new trailer out for it, which includ…
4 days ago
Vanessa Reitz Jonathan Barfield
Fast Company Is there a secret to making work and marriage work for you?
4 days ago
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Gawker Nope.
Today in Product Review Spoilers: The $480 Pour Over Coffee Maker
“The Ratio Eight coffee machine makes delicious pour-over coffee,” Bloomberg reports. “But is it worth $480?”
5 days ago
Ben Shackelford Wow! How much coffee would I have to make at home in order to spend $480?
Jacob Churchill 8 dollar coffee pot amazon.
AL Jarrell This is what rich people buy when the have absolutely no need for anything in the world.
Frank Small keurig, $150.00 ...............this one is overpriced.
Scott Fogel Jessica Cho I'm pretty lazy but this is another level...
Michael E. Willis would you like a rent stabilized apartment with your morning coffee?
Justin Holmes I'm having a hard time understanding how that is radically different from my Bunn, apart from a few seconds of blooming
Jezebel Silly me.
I Thought My Engagement Ring Would Act as a Shield Against Men. Nope.
Does my engagement ring conjure a force field when I wield it against prying men? It feels as though it should. It certainly became my new knee-jerk protector—just as a middle finger, rolled eyes, and a husky “fuck you” were back in my single d Read more ... ays.
6 days ago
Celia Kutcher A wedding ring does nothing to shield women away from men either, my ex told me he got hit on more with the ring on than before...
Mandy Gross The tone of this article is horrible. An engagement ring doesn't shield you from men and it never will.
Amanda Kazarian My experience has been, once a man sees I'm married, he goes on this sexist rant about how he can't find a "good woman" and moans about his failed relationships then begs me to tell them what's so wrong with them that they are still single. It really is hideous to witness, I almost feel like I'd rather be hit on...
Alex Hawkins I want a job where I can write "fuckboy" legitimately and not be fired for it. So jealous of this writer!
Savanah Watters I don't think it should be a shield anyway. I think a woman can choose whether or not she flirts, and a ring shouldn't decide that, she should - She isn't owned.
Cary Bright What's funny is that I thought a pregnant belly would do the same. It didn't.
Auguste King Men get hit on more if they have a wedding ring because we haven't evolved past women seeking providers. A ring on man projects an alpha that is supporting a family. In regards to women, I personally don't give a fuck. The only girl I planned on marrying wore a ring to "keeper away from her" but she all she did was try to cheat from the moment we started dating. (Which is why I never bought her a ring.) Lesson: women are crazy.
Mike Trout My wife and I don't wear rings. She's bad with jewelry and didn't want to spend lots of money on a blood diamond. I suggested simple gold bands, but we agreed that we didn't need it. We trust each other. Wedding rings are just a way for spouses to mark each other. And she hates men hitting on her more than I do because reasons...
Russell Warr Men don't really do much ring inspecting.
Amy Keyishian Tea Berry-blue I cannot believe the timeliness of this article. UNREAL.
MTV I KNOW you guys were thinking of #4 on Pretty Little Liars!
Nope, Charles DiLaurentis Can’t Be Dead On ‘Pretty Little Liars’
The most recent episode of "Pretty Little Liars" was seriously bananas.
6 days ago
Delilah Heldt That's who mrs d was messaging saying I can't protect you anymore that got her killed
Andre Drew He's not dead, I think Sarah has something to do with it and she knows more than she's telling
Delilah Heldt The only one who knew he was still alive was mrs d she lied to everyone
Troy Mole Vega Lesbian show
Daisy Garcia Kiana Smith Shyanne Smith
Mandy Cook Lauren Smith
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