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Daily Mail Celebrity Nope, Justin Bieber is not gay.
Justin Bieber plants a kiss on male pal's cheek in Instagram video
The 21-year-old posed a clip to Instagram on Sunday in which he blows a peck on the cheek to a male friend. In the caption, the singer made sure nobody suddenly confused his sexuality.
8 hours ago
Yahoo Must-watch!
The best movie of the year is now on YouTube for free
This summer movie season has been full of action-packed blockbusters, from the highly anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron to the surprisingly awesome Mad Max: Fury Road, but the best movie of the season isn’t in theaters. Nope, the only way to watc Read more ... h the best movie of the summer is to find it on YouT…
21 hours ago
Adrian Rivera III Kung Fury
Misael Aquino What you mean best movie?! Hurting my feelins!!
Gerard Norman Demigo Steam *Cough cough* was 1st
Sydney Calvin Best 30 min movie ever! #kungfury #laserunicorns
Everett L. Colson San Andreas ?
Ferdinand Alexander Kings man is the best
Stavi Karlowski "Yes, that's my bicep." - 20/10 would go back in time again
Kendrick Yanito I'd still pay if it wasnt
Nathaniel Phelan I read "the best movie" and thought of this lmao
Joe Zuniga cfunny
BuzzFeed Health Thought your nightmare charley horses were bad? NOPE.
1 day ago
Monica Griggs oh my :/
Nicole Nichols-Bieber Rob DePiazza I feel like this is something you are familiar with
Ginger Hannah Owwwww
Alberte Engsig Aviaja kan du huske da du fik krampe
Daphne Randall Collin Randall
Wendy Vallecera Wenny Sarraga
Emma Colin Quinn Anderson Paige Jeannot me?
Tiffany Driggers Pam Rajsachack your leg after workin out
Kylie Juggert Chase like yours? :P
Nicole Tuleja Lauren Haley Vavra this one!!!
Distractify Hellish growling spiders are a thing that will haunt you now - thanks nature!
1 day ago
Michael Eshelman
Janice Rigsby I stupidly played this on speaker. Now I can't sleep thinking I just blasted this mating call!
Cynthia Gwirtz Satterfield
Matthew Tenold I used to live in the basement of a house and I had a spider problem. I saw several wolf spiders, brown recluse, and black widows. I'm surprised I was able to sleep at all. If I saw a spider, I would not be able to sleep without hunting it down and killing it. I am so glad I don't live there anymore. lol
Cath Leblanc
Tracy Bogert Schwartz
Samantha Ann Rattanawong-Napoli
Wendy Dowdle Maybe my phone didn't display the full horror, but I honestly don't get the big deal over the sound? It sounds like a mild vibrating or even a cat purr? Nothing scary and most definitely not a growling. The pic of the spider covered in babies was a helluvalot worse.
Mark Burgett Aww! It's purring! Move over kitty, there's a new pet in town.
BuzzFeed Trending The muscular horror scene is starting to go viral.
This Man Snapchatted The Craziest Calf Cramp You've Ever Seen
Thought your nightmare charley horses were bad? NOPE.
1 day ago
Drew J Spears I have cramps like this!! My calves have always been muscular and when I have cramps the muscle contracts and does this^^^^^
Ashley Miles Himes One word... PREGNANCY
Mary Miears That makes me feel so much pain.
Brenda Sparkles I remember one morning after a night of light drinking, my leg had such a horrible cramp it threw me off the bed and made me cry. I couldn't walk right for day's!
Jean Jones Tonic water with quinine in
Thomas Edward Stafford IV Walk it off...... ;)
Shir Brandeis Shani Baum omg that looks so painful!!! I so don't miss those cramps
Kelly Perez Cindy Saraithis is how I died that other time I caught the only cramp I laid for an hr in pain and it was all Doyle's fault
Pamala Mathis Pendergrass Jesus God almighty!!!!!!!
Jonathan Goldner NO
HuffPost Entertainment Nope nope nope.
Kylie Jenner Addresses Those Bogus Pregnancy Rumors
Surprise, surprise. The rumor mill is wrong yet again. Kylie Jenner took to Twitter Wednesday to address bogus rumors claiming she is pregnant. A photo of the 17-year-old is currently on the cover
4 days ago
HuffPost Entertainment Don't get too excited.
Nope, That's Not Kanye West And North In Kim Kardashian's Game
Newsflash: Kanye West and North are unrecognizable in the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game because neither one is actually in it. Glu Mobile, the company behind Kim Kardashian's game, shared an image
4 days ago
Danny Troxell MAJOR MEDIA VS JUDGE JUDY .... we all have watched the court shows on tv .. from Judge Judy to Judge Brown to all the others .. and one thingy always stands out .. when they have black people vs black people on the shows .. its dramatic showtime ... Read more ... what is realized and shown to the public on these shows is that black people luv luv luv to fuse carry on slam bam slap hit curse cuss and all thingys fly ! ... it seems with all the racial tones now presented on the major media from NBC to CNN to ABC all ... from Baltimore to Cleveland to California and more and all ... from the police to Congress to Dept of Justice to Mayors and Congress all ... u get the SAME drama ... u see the same results .. meaning .. Judge Judy and Brown shows do not lie .. its seen on CNN to ABC and all ... they luv to fuse .. they luv argue .. they luv to shout it to the rooftops that they have been down trodden by society ... its against the law .. its against civil rights .. its aginst whatever they can come up with ... watching the major media is just like watching Judge Judy ! ... if u want action with the black community watch CNN to ABC to NBC all ... LOL ... now did u like the wine .. its reality ... the major media has turned into a reality show of dramatic effects LOL ! ... Judge Judy hits CNN to ABC to NBC all ... LOL .. did u like the wine .. its real and true .. dont believe me .. watch and learn ... who has been down trodden in society and watch the words and screams and words and cussing and hand waving and shouts and more on both the Judges shows and the major media ... now .. MORE WINE ! .. Ive got movies to watch tonite LOL ... all that is ok for a while .. but then ... even I stopped watching Judge Judy LOL ... its the same ole same ole ... fussing fighting screaming waving ALL IS DOOMED DOOMED I TELL YA ! .. hahahahahahaha .. now when I watch the major news ... I have to think .. am I watching Judge Judy or Judge Brown or the major media ... I wonder what is playing on Jerry Springer tonite ... hmmmmm ... the major media reveals the truth about real society .. its just like Judge Judy ! ... hahahahahahha ... nope not racist .. just facts ... watch and learn ...
4 days ago
BuzzFeed Health Thought your nightmare charley horses were bad? NOPE.
4 days ago
Marvin Dorn You need some potassium. K? See what I did there?
Sherwyn Greenidge This is one of the worst pain I've experience.
William J. Spann III Hey Buzzfeed Health...Just wanted to let you know it's not 2013 anymore, but actually 2015 and you should stop recycling old crap...Hey also someone got a face transplant and also someone got a complete artificial heart...
Tara Lucenti I will not watch this lol
Sheila P. Oandasan That's some alien shit right there.
Aimée Rosado Omg that's crazy
Bird Cornejo Couldn't of been that bad, they make you jump up quick
Mehwish Khan Aliens.
Tanya Rae Lair Potassium and calcium, lack of it. I'd put money on that.
Rudy Pacarro III It's my
Washington Post He's gone from hope to nope.
4 days ago
Derek Stewart Guess what?! He still is the president of the United States lol.. Two terms actually
Peg Keller How does Obama being too far to the right and not liberal enough help the Republicans again?
Jack Cameron This just in, a Presidential Candidate fails to fulfill every promise made once they're President. I'm pretty sure that's never ever happened before...Oh wait.
Janine Oliver and we are supposed to care why?
Elaine Tihen And what office is Obama running for that it matters one whit? Paul Ryan now has his campaign slogan for 2008? A bit slow isn't he? And the kid that did the poster learned something I hope. A President can do very little by himself/herself, it matters what kind of congress we give him/her.
Fatima Zaid Obama is still the hope for millions who would've suffered under a bigoted, luny closet racists led and economically incompetent Republican government.
Bonni Lewis Problem is without cooperation of others (Congress), you can't anything done........
Angel Duarte I wonder what's eating the hope poster guy.
Justin Blake Walters This was a bit of useless fluff. Something a little meatier would be nice
Natalie Destroyerr Poor Shepard Fairey doomed to be the hope poster guy for the rest of his life.
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