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Daily Mail Sport 22 years after joining the club as a kid.
18 days ago
Luke Kim His armband proved he was a red - Torres, Torres You'll never walk alone it said - Torres, Torres We bought the lad from sunny Spain He gets the ball he scores again Fer-nan-do Torres, Liverpool's number nine.
Kofi Owusu Chelsea ruined Torres career. He had the potential to be among the best players of all time
Mihai Dan Ciontoș Sergiu,the last year.Enjoy :)
Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated MMA
This week Titan Fighting Championship two-weight champion Jose "Shorty" Torres is in studio to talk about his career and his UFC future.
26 days ago
Newsweek “He followed the girls, and all of them had head cloths, meaning they are Muslim, and he had a baseball stick.”
Darwin Martinez Torres, the man suspected of killing a Muslim teenager in Virginia, is detained by I
The father-of-one was charged with the murder of the 17-year-old girl in Virginia.
28 days ago
Mariusz Brania Wanna have a talks? 1mln dol per month
Abed Rahman medias have blood on their hands
Business Insider They could not be any safer.
Where this 12-time Olympic medalist stores all of her medals
Dara Torres reveals where her medals are hidden and who made her do it.
29 days ago
The New Yorker “Donald Trump poses the gravest threat to public housing in the eighty-three-year history of the Housing Authority,” the New York City councilman Ritchie Torres says.
Job Opening: Wedding Planner/Housing Administrator
As with so many of the Administration’s appointees, Lynne Patton’s primary qualification seems to be her loyalty to the Trumps.
30 days ago
Health "I want to get the word out that you can have confidence and you can follow your dreams. You can be yourself and not worry about what other people think."
Dara Torres Is 'Ready to Talk' to Her Daughter About Body Confidence After Managing Psoriasis and an
Dara Torres Is 'Ready to Talk' to Her Daughter About Body Confidence
1 month ago
Waleed Qureshi
Business Insider We're live with Olympic medalist Dara Torres, ask her your questions!
1 month ago
Business Insider You can visit her website here:
Danielle Talitha Campbell Hi Dara! I have 4 kids - the eldest being 9 years old. When do you know that your kids have a PASSION for one sport? At what age do you recommend they streamline to 1 or 2 sports...?
Kat Daniels As a woman what are some of the struggles you have faced in the olympics? What would you say to girls/women who aspire to one day be in the olympics?
Vincent Zaldivar Stretching before and after routines and hydration is key:-)
Andre Wong Should swimmers without easy access to a pool run to build stamina?
John Russell Lol. My girlfriend is a super picky eater! She doesn't like fish either. Haha
John Russell Can you give a shout out to my girlfriend Kristy? She loved watching you swim!
Jerry Toh What motivates you to keep training? There must be days when u feel like giving all up. So what keeps you going?
Tata Techi Do you always train in a pool or sometimes even outside like in lakes, ponds, beach etc
Antonio Santanna Já tem a dança do jogo de dardos, agr tem do almoço Jessica Alves Rafaela Barreto
The New York Times A 22-year-old man accused of killing a Muslim teenager with a baseball bat in Virginia is an undocumented immigrant who entered the U.S. illegally.
Man Charged With Killing Muslim Teenager Entered United States Illegally, Authorities Say
Darwin Martinez Torres, who is accused of killing Nabra Hassanen on Sunday in Virginia, is from El Salvador, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.
1 month ago
Tríona Nolan-Doyle The right wingers will love this and Trump will get great mileage out of it. The poor girl. She must have been terrified.
Francesca Papasergi I can imagine the chaos Trump has in his head right now.
Greg Shugar Trump must be so conflicted. Who does he hate more - the illegal immigrant or the Muslim?
People fleeing violence to yet destroy another...with violence and death. What have we come to, as humanity? Full circle terror. To put it bluntly, the world has gone crazy. Pushing another off a raft that they adrift upon too without a lifebelt. One buying the powers propaganda against another only recently less wanted than him. This isn't political, this is just ... plainly put, sad.
Anthony Alapaki Ahkoi Ok I'm dying to know how the alt-right will spin this. On one hand it's a crime by an undocumented immigrant so that fits their narrative, victim was an innocent America girl BUT her faith is Muslim.
Din Rizwanud He can't be a terrorist because he is not a Muslim... apparently the term terrorist only applies when you're Muslim
Federico Morales The man committed murder. Nail him to the wall. Makes no difference whether he's legal or not. Somehow, the fact that he's illegal fails to make this case any different from the idiot who stabbed and killed those two American heros on the train in Portland.
Rich Gomez This piece of s*** is an embarrassment to all Latin people. Deportation isn't good enough; life in prison or the death penalty is fine by me.
Matt Malkin I totally understand people's pain. It was a horrible crime and I mourn with her family. But we have plenty of US Citizens just as bad as him. He committed a violent crime and should be charged, sentenced, and then deported. But trying to deport in advance is not what I hope for in American society. We mourn the loss of this young woman. We use our criminal justice system as it's designed to provide a fair trial with the seriousness given to any crime of this nature. We support our local police who investigate these matters.
Alex Lancaster This is like an awful paradox for Trump supporters ; on the one hand the perpetrator was an illegal immigrant, but on the other hand the victim was Muslim. They won't know who to hate more, but obviously won't be able to sympathize with either side. Thank God he didn't use a gun!
Agent Fernando Torres helped Chelsea sign the Real Madrid striker.
24564 months ago
It was the 2003 assault by America and Britain on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq which turned many Sunni Muslims to end-time thinking, notes author Phil Torres
24564 months ago
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