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Salon John Oliver spent two glorious minutes trolling the right last night...
John Oliver celebrates 5 years of conservatives wrongly predicting “the end of Obamacare” with epic
With SCOTUS upholding the Affordable Care Act last week, Oliver gave a special shout-out to some of the naysayers VIDEO
6 days ago
Anita Schmedemann Love John Oliver!!
Brian Carr Now on to single payer, as was originally intended. Go Bernie Sanders.
Robert McElroy Check out this video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/7VBAEJlR4pk
Lori Nicocia They forgot that the "repeat it until it's true" strategy doesn't extend to the Supreme Court.
Allan Kelly https://youtu.be/F-5oGnvfUEU
Bill McCarthy My premiums went up.
Sean Cameron John Oliver is my hero.
Robert McElroy Must be a night time comedian so good source of news for libtards when not watching Fox News. Libtards are Fox News experts
Keith Seddon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YfgKAXQLRY
Scott Cleghorn In the same-sex-marriage case recently argued in the Supreme Court, the petitioners have claimed a “fundamental right to marry” protected by the Constitution and unmoored from biology, the complementarity of the sexes, or the universal understanding of what “marriage” has meant in every culture in human history until the last 15 years. Their most persistent and compelling comparison of their legal situation has been to the laws that once banned interracial marriage in many states, until they were overturned by the Supreme Court 48 years ago in Loving v. Virginia. But a closer look at that precedent reveals that it is no help at all to their case — quite the contrary. And the advocates of same-sex marriage are deluding themselves if they think that a judicial victory for their side would be widely greeted as a triumph for justice, as the Loving decision was. Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/419441/supreme-court%27s-gay-marriage-case-unlike-1967-ruling-on-interracial-marriage
TIME Are you brave enough to try?
The Surprising Secret That Can Make You Happier at Work
You might achieve more when you care less
6 days ago
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TumTum Mung try tomorrow...
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Danielle Bartomioli Morgan Wall
River Foster hi i am river please add me :-)
Lifehacker They may have gone "bad", but they aren't useless yet.
Turn Overripe Tomatoes into Tomato Water Instead of Trashing Them
Overripe tomatoes may be a little too soft for a sandwich, but according to the good folks at Bon Appetit, there’s no reason to chuck ‘em. You’ll want to rinse or cut off the mold, of course, but once that’s taken care of you’re just hours Read more ... away from delicious tomato water, a light but umami-packed l…
6 days ago
Timothy Gismonde Tomato water on pasta... For a nice runny sauce. No thanks
Gary Kerr Does that one tomato have mold on it?? I'm not turning moldy tomatoes into anything except garbage!
Gerrod Stinson Nope
Washington Post World “For so long, you were called a country of the future, told to wait for a better day that was always just around the corner. Meus amigos, that day has finally come,” Obama said.
Unpopular Brazilian president to visit U.S. as her country’s economy slides
She begins her visit in New York, meeting with bankers as she seeks foreign investments.
6 days ago
Miester Bud Paine Condensed version: she's a Socialist, corrupted by State owned oil, cannot run a government, unpopular, and as a last resort is in the U.S. seeking money.
შუქი წავიდა every country`s economy will slide if they play with PUTIN !!! stop Russian Agression worldwide!!!
Leonardo Costa Is that Bullshitt part of USA regime change programs, you must well know that always ends as a major blowback don't you... All this false flag wars and regime change... Since who knows knows when... I recall, war with Mexico, Spain, Vietnam , all False Flag Wars, one particular regime change I like a lot is Iran 53 when they had a fine Democracy, remember, of course you all remember, what about the 5 billion dollars invested in "Democracy" in Kiev leading to a coup d'etat one year prior to national elections...!
Leonardo Costa Brazil is doing fine considering the world economical mess that started with in 2008 Wall Street Economical Terrorism of the top 1% Mob with your rotten subprime shit mortgages , tell me how many got jailed in your CORPORATOCRACY of Corporare midia BS For that despite having 25% of the world incarcerated population, most of course Black and Spano....!? USA STOP YOUR IMPERIALISTIC, " EXCEPTIONALISM" BULLSHIT ! !
Daniel Pinheiro The "workers party" is just a crap. Our president is a shame! The only thing that works good is the corruption!!! There's no good health system, no security, no education system... The Workers Party is destroying our Brazil.
Jim Board Asking for money.
Leonardo Costa What a Bullshit !!!!
Merle Burbaugh Jr As everyone but as few political hacks like Obama already know, Climate change is the biggest scam ever brought about on mankind.
Climate Change Fanatics Just Got Some VERY BAD NEWS - BuzzPo
A variety of studies – even some ordered and paid for by the most fervent climate change fanatics – have discredited claims that the earth is slowly getting warmer as a result of human activity. In response to this research, which is overlooked b Read more ... y media... #climatechange #environment #globalwarming
6 days ago
Business Insider Barack Obama's legacy is starting to take shape.
Last week was one of the most momentous of Obama's presidency ...
At the start of last week, the futures of the cornerstones of President Barack Obama's foreign-policy and domestic agendas were in doubt.
6 days ago
Alex Redman dont forget, even married people, gay or straight are dying from obama's Monsanto Company worship, support, and promotion.
Shan Shankopa His legacy has been taken shape- many folks are just now giving him credit.
Ferdi Pedrotti Ebenberger Obama is the man!!!!
Chris Ervin He's still a dumb twat who has yet to help the economy
Scarleth Castillo Best president ever!
Valinda G. The Reverend is also a Senator
Mel Blann When did BI become Politico?
Rick Meeder A President for Stupid People
David Anthony Yes, in the past week he passed the disastrous trade agreement. Remember when he ran on transparency? Said he would be the most transparent president? What a fraud
Thomas Elliott Tweet. Love wins
Slate.com After Obama’s eulogy to Clementa Pinckney and Bree Newsome taking down the flag, here’s what needs to come next.
Obama Called for an Honest Accounting of America’s History. Here’s How to Do It.
Midway through his eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, the slain pastor of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, President Obama spoke on the Confederate flag, which still flew at the state Capitol in Columbia. “R Read more ... emoving the flag from this state’s Capitol would not be an act of...
6 days ago
Barb Pernaris Finally!! Obama admits he has no clue about our history. Now, there's hope and change we can look forward to.
Travis Eicher Well if we are really going to be honest, we should probably take down the American flag as well.
Lorraine Thomas VOTER'S RIGHTS ACT needs our attention. Call US House/Senate Switchboard and ask for your reps in your state 202 224-3121. PASS THE BILL!
Jason M Parker Civil war. Hopefully.
Marklyn Tyrone Johnson What???? lol
Merle Burbaugh Jr That's right, Obama's people were slave owners...
BUSTED: Massive Obama Family Tie to Slavery Gets Exposed for America to See
I'm actually running out of things to say about Obama's hypocrisy ...
6 days ago
HuffPost Crime “All he cares about is his family, which is probably one of the only normal things about him. He doesn’t care about anybody else. I’m sure he doesn’t have any remorse about anyone he’s hurt or killed. He is a wasted life."
Mobster 'Whitey' Bulger Says His Life Was 'Wasted' In Letter Penned From Prison
James "Whitey" Bulger, mobster and convicted murderer, has a simple message for the younger generation: Don't waste your life. In a letter penned in February, Bulger told three teens work
6 days ago
The Wall Street Journal When people watch simulations to see the long-term effects of drinking soda, it can send a powerful message about preventive care.
Virtual Reality Simulations Offer Potential for Breakthrough in Preventive Care
When people watch simulations to see the long-term effects of current behavior, like drinking soda, it’s a powerful message, University of Georgia researchers have found.
6 days ago
Jane Leeds All soda is awful for you.
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