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The New York Times Can Barack Obama take action that will "leave the black citizens of this country better off when their first black president leaves office?" Read more from The New York Times Opinion.
President Obama's Racial Renaissance
How our first black president can leave black Americans better off.
MO Mohamed Obama is the president of the US and not the president of the blacks,So stop your racism and biased opinions.
TJ Taj Obama was elected by Americans, not only black people; thus he serves all. Evaluate him on that basis.
Jadin Dublin It shouldn't be about leaving "black citizens better off" it should be about leaving American citizens better off.
Bill Bain What do you mean "Their First Black President"......He's everyone's "First Black President"....! There will be no real equality until we all stop thinking in the way that there is an "US" and a "THEM", no matter which race about which we're discussing!
Coldney Friday Obama's Mother is White, how can he be the first black president? Americans and their Racism mindset would never End! Biased media
Robert Santaella He's the first half black president and never lived in the black community growing up...which explains why as his poll numbers plummeted has turned to race as his final attempt to make some sense out of a failed presidency...that has completed the final chapter of division politics...now dividing on race. How have black people faired during his presidency? Over 12% unemployment and record rolls on food stamps...
Keelah Rose Calloway He's the president of America, not the president of Black America. When he leaves office, he should be leaving ALL of us better off. That's the whole point.
Jason Hess He is half white, how is he black? Now republican Adam west, or Ben Carson could be the 1st black president, but not someone with a mom from Kansas.
Nancy Jundi "Their" black President? Pretty sure you meant "Our."
Xin Ji Pin just like the white president made their white people better off when they left office..presidensy becomes personified
I Heart Climate Scientists How will history view the President's climate legacy? I Heart Climate Scientists has more every day.
Obama to Unveil Tougher Climate Plan With His Legacy in Mind
President Obama will unveil on Monday a set of environmental regulations devised to sharply cut planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s power plants and ultimately transform America’s electricity industry.
Louise Bailey Humans are so extremely narcissistic, individually and collectively, it’s a trance of such selfishness of such magnitude that the other species and the earth are just back drop. Its like trying to talk to a total prima donna lead character in so Read more ... me major film production about some aspect of the set. They look at you annoyed you are even wasting their time with such trivialities. ‘’Excuse me, but the set is on fire, all the other characters in the play are being tortured horrifically and its because you’re such a prima donna all you’re interested in are your human dramas, your fineries, your pleasures comforts and conveniences. Don’t you think you’re being completely evil to destroy all life on earth in the cruelest way imaginable?’’ If they say anything at all in response its totally insane. Today someone shared a comment from a non vegan on Facebook. Along the lines of… ‘’ I really don’t mind people being vegan, not torturing and killing and destroying the whole world, but when I’m sitting in a restaurant enjoying tucking into torture, having a family gathering where I’m giving my children torture and pretending it’s the most innocent and wholesome thing I’ve ever done… and a bunch of vegans come into that restaurant to share their opinion…in front of my children!! Now, I know why people hate vegans.’’ LOL! Yet while preoccupied exclusively with the human drama, non vegans only concern themselves with those humans who they personally care about, not the 7th of their own species who are dying of starvation right now because of these animal abuse industries. I mean…would it make a difference if the billion people who were starving were in UK, France or America? Imagine the outcry if poor African countries had all the power and were feeding our food to animals they tortured from birth to death for pleasure. But the narcissists see nothing. The animals and earth, the starving people….what’s any of that got to do with them? They are too busy starring in their own favorite show. Themselves. They have the bible to preach don’t you know….. far more important! They have an evil elite to expose…. those bad guys who are doing all that is wrong in the world. Prima donna's, in the face of being told they are torturing and killing on such a scale they are destroying the earth, need a scapegoat to project their own evil onto. So they look to those who are most powerful among them, who do a bit more killing than they do….and blame them. Yes its the evil elite who are to blame. That way they can continue to play the hero, victim, rebel, revolutionary. As the whole world gasps its dying breath, as the last animals screams go unheard in the prison camps which are kept far from prima donna's eyes… the prima donna's are playing ‘good guy’. In their final hours the prima donna’s take their narcissistic psychopathic duplicity so far that some go into a fervor of religious zeal. Proclaiming far and wide that if people would only believe in Jesus then once you’ve destroyed this world you will get a free pass into eternal life. They develop ‘New Age’ spirituality where they smile a lot at their fellow animal abusers, perform a surface act of peace and calm, never say a bad word and claim that if you just do this, then you are living from your heart. They describe this New Age so well, talk a good game when it comes to this concept of love, but when you ask them about the animals, the starving people, they look at you blankly and give their victims no more consideration than a piece of rubbish which happens to be cluttering up their penthouse suite dressing room. Act like a king who has been asked to clean up his own castle. Utterly indignant….how preposterous! They order up another killing, and tuck right in.
6 minutes ago
All You magazine #1. Empty standing water from children’s sandboxes, wagons or plastic toys, underneath downspouts and in plant saucers and dog bowls.
5 Yard Care Tips That Will Keep Mosquitos Away
They're more than just annoying; mosquitos can carry harmful diseases for you and your pets. Keep them out of your yard with these landscaping tips from Angie's List. by Mike LaFollette Summer is ...
15 minutes ago
NBC News "Local folks making local decisions play a really strong role in this administration.”
How Obama Is Reinventing the Bully Pulpit in 'Blue America'
With almost no input from Republicans, President Barack Obama has advanced much of his domestic policy agenda in "Blue America."
18 minutes ago
Henry Moturi some comments here are from academic dwarfs.....Obama will remain the best President in American history
Emmanuel Quashie This is what progressive looks like - with no help from Republicans. Way to go Mr. President
Paul Holtz California VOTERS REJECT GAY MARRIAGE. FED Overturned? FED Turn Blind Eye on Immigration Pot Sanctuary CITIES
Matt Sullivan He's focussed on the wrong things.
Kyaw Kyaw ok.nbc news thank respect obama
AmBer ReNee Brace Yourselves The Obama Haters Are Coming..
Casey Cole What a crock of crap. He doesn't allow any local decisions to be made. He has expanded the role of the federal government ten fold.
Brandon Dilliard Obamas gay
Steven Delahunty Donald J. Trump for President! :-) "A nation that cannot control its borders, is not a nation." ~ Ronald Reagan Http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cr6CnG5dmvM #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TRUMP2016 :-)
Neiland Bob Costas Oblunder is by far the most disastrous president this country has ever had.
HuffPost Crime The lion's death has "nothing to do with my profession," he says.
Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion Writes Apology To Patients
"As you may have already heard, I have been in the news over the last few days for reasons that have nothing to do with my profession or the care I provide for you."
2 hours ago
Eva Bujnowski I agree with Judy, Yes It may have nothing to do with his profession, but it has everything to do with what sort of person he is, and he is a person with no empathy. His patients money supporst his sport and killing of animals. Its not that he killed the lion its how that lion got killed . He should be extradited and go to jail for that what he did. He is one sick man. To kill such a beautiful 13 years old lion for a stupid throphy so he can hang it on a wall at home. That is one very sad individual.
Mike Smith I can't imagine even having a desire to shoot one of these majestic creatures. Having said that; I truly believe the dentist didn't know he was hunting illegally. Who would pay 55,000 to a to be a poacher? He put his trust in the guide & the guide was looking to make some easy money.
Chrissy Holliday Violent people are going to be the death of themselves as no one is going to want to be around you nor deal with your lies and hypocrisy. Now your fuck ass has to write letters and get in front of the camera with faux tears of regret...So phoney, all those years of school for nothing....
Jennifer Hibberd I think he's wrong. It does have to do with his profession. I mean, if he were a grocery store checker would he have had the $55k to pay to hunt that animal to begin with? People may like him as a dentist, but capitalism says that consumers have the right to decide where they spend their money. Your clients may think you're a wonderful dentist, but you're not the only one. Consumers don't want to pay you for your services if they know that you are going to use that money to lure a lion out of a protected area to kill it. Moral of the story is don't underestimate the power of being a consumer.
Gloria Apiaka Yep ntn to do with his profession but everything to do with his personality and it's scary to thing that my doctor would knock off my teeth one day just for trophy.
Justin Case
Judy Easley It may have nothing to do with his profession, but it has everything to do with what sort of person he is.
Desiree S Marinas Apology for what??? That he got caught? People who hunt animals just for the "sport" are losers.
Miguel Mejia Apology will not cut it, the only alternative is to turn himself in and be promptly shot. We may forgive him then.
Aida Corticeiro Yeah, but you don't want to help him earn money to continue senselessly destroy God's creations, do you?
HuffPost Weird News You can use mouthwash for WHAT?!
6 Unusual Household Uses For Mouthwash
LISTERINE® was first developed in 1879 by Dr. Joseph Lawrence as an antiseptic for use in surgical procedures. It was then marketed to pharmacies for oral care after studies found that it killed mouth
3 hours ago
Johann Peter Lall The alcohol concentration in mouthwash is too low to do anything once it's mixed with toilet bowl water. And if you do try a hokey scheme like this, don't let it mix with bleach or any other cleaner because it will release chlorine gas
Kasey Rhea Huff Uhhhh/ NO!! I will not wash my laundry, head, underarms, feet, or feed my flowers with listerine. Thank ya, no.
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NBC News "Climate change is not a problem for another generation," Obama said. "Not anymore."
Obama to Require Steeper Emissions Cuts From Power Plants
President Obama will impose even steeper cuts on greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants than previously expected.
3 hours ago
Rindy Hart Climate change is already upon us
Mike OHanian Republicans want to leave the Next generation debt free, with no planet.
Mike Reeves The climate has been changing since day 1
Shane M Emerich Obama will be on the penny
Christian Joseph Majewski Banning clearcutting of forests would be a good start !!
Toulouse Engelhardt
David Redstone about time
Adam Delmar Here come the science deniers.
Dan Schear As long as it's not a problem for ME while I'm still here, I'm fine with climate change.
Marwan Salem He's really wrapping up his presidency nicely. Hope who ever comes next keeps the good job
CNN Politics Sam Nunberg, a Donald J. Trump political adviser, allegedly wrote racially-charged and disparaging political posts dating back to 2007, including one calling civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton's daughter a "N—!" and another calling President Bara Read more ... ck Obama a "Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser." Nunberg is denying he wrote the posts.
3 hours ago
Lisa Hadler I'll never understand how a person can be a Marxist, a Socialist, and a Fascist.
HuffPost Politics This is just amazing.
Obama Busts A Move On The Dance Floor In Kenya
While first lady Michelle Obama has made a name for herself as a voracious dancer, President Barack Obama just proved that he knows his way around the dance floor, too. During a dinner at Nairobi's State
3 hours ago
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