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Zack Hansen My Obama care ain't kicked in yet!
7 minutes ago
Wanda Hendrix Stewart This type of crap gets me so fired up!! You've got to hear this! Good Ol Obama Care! Makes me sick!
Every American should be upset with Obamacare over this privacy issue ;-(
52 minutes ago
Tracy Paola Parga Please watch and read the terms and conditions before signing Obama Care people!!! Ugh!
Every American should be upset with Obamacare over this privacy issue ;-(
1 hour ago
Don E. Bean All you need to know to understand Obama Care : 1. In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to un-insure the insured. 2. Next we require the newly un-insured to be re-insured. To get re-insured the newly un-insured are required to Read more ...
pay an extra charge to be re-insured. 3. The extra charges are required so that the original insured, who became un-insured, and then re-insured can pay enough extra so that the original un-insured can be insured for free. There now…Doesn't this clear it up?
2 hours ago
Nema Rivaldo I'm having a hard,time getting to sleep tonight. Had some disappointing things today, like meds for stomach, H Plato, being 700.00. Thank you Obama,care. Even with the high monthly payment for my medical plan, it only brought it down to 270:00. I can Read more ...
't do this. Our pharmacist is an awesome Christian man. He Osceola mg my Gastro Dr to set if he can give me something more doable. Then they want me to go to counseling, took paper work and found out I have to pay for it; insurance won't. It's so discouraging. But God is my healer and I will get the HP I need, in the name of Jesus!. I don't have to have counseling, I have the best!!
2 hours ago
Judy Lee Very Curious....I just got done watching the Presidents address..... The reporters were trying to have him talk about or admit that Obama care is not working on a big scale...he consistently avoided it by saying that he needed to focus on what is im Read more ...
portant to the American People like getting them back to work, and the infrastructure on bridges, and what is happening in the Ukraine....several times they tried to refocus him, and he would not talk about it...... just in our little world here on facebook, would you each say simply if Obamacare has hurt you, helped you, or not affected you... We are just a smidgen of the population, but widespread with a variety of employment, geographical location, and economic levels....It would be very interesting to see what is happening to you.
2 hours ago
Kari Leigh-Batson Collart So THIS is Obama care. And idk much about it...but a patient came in the other day and cancelled his amazing bcbs plan to switch.... Unaware that his new plan (which promised him the world) has a $7000 deductible. FAIR?
Every American should be upset with Obamacare over this privacy issue ;-(
2 hours ago
Kevin Kidder Are you surprised??? Sign up for Obama Care, forfeit your privacy.
Hidden Source Code in ObamaCare. Yet another video each American should see. Steve Reichert
3 hours ago
Every American should be aware of this Obamacare Privacy Issue. Why the United We Stand Festival Matters: http://goo.gl/iEheLg
3 hours ago
Joe Alex Obama care and rights to privacy ...yes you should watch it and then return to the homework your not doing
Every American should be upset with Obamacare over this privacy issue ;-(
4 hours ago
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