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The Wall Street Journal India is expected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country by 2022 and have 1.7 billion people by 2050. That could be disastrous if jobs don't materialize.
For Poor Countries, Well-Worn Path to Development Turns Rocky
Economists worry that the factory-led model of advancement—which, for more than a century, has offered the quickest route out of poverty—is simply no longer available to today’s poorest nations in South Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Business Insider "Ask the Chinese government why it is afraid to let in a beauty queen."
China banned a Canadian beauty queen because she criticized its government.
28 minutes ago
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Carla Barbetti Why on earth would you want to go back to China with all the human rights issues
Brenda Bull Wow very strict. I guess our govt is lenient... With all the harsh comments.
LM von K People should always question their government. Hats off to Lin!
Fran Leiva They wont let globalization relax their culture, good for them.
Mary Epps What you talking about this that double barrel gun.. She standing in front of the stage just like the rest of you asking why.. How stupid do you have to be.. Loose rock from the box.. I got people posting their comments like myself with the depth of perception.. Get a clue idiot..Act like you know!..
Patrick Milroy The murderous communists are free to ban anyone from traveling to their dictatorship, especially a falun gong nutcase.
Ken Chong Ms World is a beauty contest for beautiful peoples of the World. All the while this contest never talk about politics. We should always follow this way since it's not a political beauty contest. I believe everyone understand these including the Ms Canada.
Joe Bruner keep frosty bb attention go gether you...
RAW: Bizarre accident, Vans and Car Levitate, Fly through air in a busy intersection in China
Mystery of Chinese flying cars, vehicles leap into the air. Chinese vans and cars levitate through air and flip over in the road at a busy junction. The vehicle
1 hour ago
The Next Web Seems a Pepsi phone isn't such a good idea after all.
China doesn't seem to want Pepsi's branded Android phone
When news of a Pepsi smartphone launching leaked, it seemed a bit of a left-field move that made little sense. Once announced, however, it made more sense.
2 hours ago
Wannes Vanneuville Maxim Comyn Gwn de titel :p
Hà Phạm Đỗ Tiến Thuận
James Hood Because it contains no spyware, why would China sell phones without spyware 3:)
Al-Noor Virani China doesn't want shit... When is the last time China bought something from the US(not including private companies)?
The Economist Chinese-language versions of foreign classics often proclaim their characters' didactic worth: Paddington, a marmalade-loving bear from darkest Peru, is a model of “thoughtfulness, modesty and self-discipline”
Even a bedtime story is part of a bigger political picture
Frivolous childhood pursuits, such as reading, were frowned upon in Mao’s China
5 hours ago
Jordan Payne
Chavan Areeraksa Adaptations of media in a certain culture reflects the values held by that culture? Shocking!
Xiao Xiao What's wrong with "thoughtfulness, modesty and self-discipline"? Plus, I would call it more cultural adaption rather than political. On the flip side of coin, Mulan (the Disney adaptation of Chinese classic) also changed flavor and geared towards Western value. Chinese did not bash it, instead, they welcomed the American interpretation and proved it through box offices. When will this blind China bashing stop? You can learn to respect others. It really is a better way.
Amanda Kim Gee Wizard of Oz is very cleverly played too!
Mariness Miguel No Ric.......its a gift from Ralph,i need to give reward for Tan-Tan.
The Economist Largely unnoticed, many big Chinese projects in Africa have simply disappeared. Where did they all go?
Western worries about China's burgeoning influence in Africa may be overblown
Western worries about China’s burgeoning influence in Africa may be overblown
6 hours ago
The Wall Street Journal The IMF is widely expected on Monday to say that next year it will add the yuan to its basket of reserve currencies. Now comes the hard part for China.
IMF Move Would Put China’s Yuan Under Spotlight
The International Monetary Fund is on the verge of labeling China’s yuan a reserve currency. Now comes the hard part for Chinese officials, who will have to prove they can treat it like one.
8 hours ago
Love Relationship Therapy Once you feel avoided by someone, never disturb them again. Because the one who think that you are disturbing them, will never know how much you care for them.
Roald Atle Furre INDEED
Learn the Hidden Truth Follow us to learn the hidden Truth !
Jef Vod Now,currency war is officialy declared on both sides.
Sandeep Mukare China needs to put pressure on it's allies to make a place for it's currency in thir reserves
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The New York Times "Our people’s culture is fading and being wiped out."
Tibetans Fight to Salvage Fading Culture in China
New measures scaling back the teaching of minority languages like Tibetan have threatened the survival of ethnic identities and traditions in China’s vast West.
10 hours ago
Adel Ibrahim Nossaier What about red indian or back area in your country
Abhijeet K Debsharma Love Tibet.....
Jayakrishnan Tr what about Hinduism in Pakistan and Bangladesh??
Jayakrishnan Tr what about christianity in the middle east??
Cat Hankins China sucks.
Susan Biddlecomb Joan
Tom Lee Remember the Tibetans well. For after they've been genocided, our memories will be all that's left of them.
Maya Zhivkova Peaceful nations often end like that. Strong message to Europe.
Joel Marks What about forcing the Chinese gov't to label products made in Tibet!!
Luana Dallman what can be done for them?
The Economist Hu Yaobang, who led China from 1981-87, was sacked for being soft on "bourgeois liberalisation”. His death inspired the Tiananmen Square protests that brought Party rule to the brink of collapse
Why is a disgraced former leader being celebrated in Beijing?
Old-time Pekingology makes a comeback; old-time party rule never went away
10 hours ago
Shakim Fortune
Sherrill Works Seems like a great place to send the US manufacturing sector to. Why have jobs when we can buy cheap tools that break and pants that rip at the seams for $3.99?
Leon Koukoulis Hu yo bang?? Almost as bad as phuc dat bich!
Daily Mail 'It's impossible for all gays and lesbians to come out in Chinese society'
China's LGBT community is using dating apps to set up sham marriages
Couples apply for marriage certificates and some even have children together.
11 hours ago
Halima Khan More vermin
Ken Park Stay in the shade !!!!
Halima Khan
Scott Baker I think you mean RGBT...
Denis Skarbichev Gay marriage is the highest level of degradation of society. Spiritual health of the society reflects its well-being. That is why US economy now falls into the abyss and Europe is on the brink of war.
Smart J Garakara Do it and face the noose.
Halima Khan Denis Skarbichev AGREE
Wil Moran but yet, so many people in the West are in love with Marxist Leninism, Maoism, Che/Fidel style "Socialism"........
Faizal Sonnychibba And the great plague keep spreading. Worship your god,follow your religious scriptures and DO NOT WORSHIP your lust.....
Casanova Khan Such a shame and disgrace
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