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Bored Panda Cute or creepy?
Adorable Predators Vs. Their Prey
Cute and disturbing cartoons define Chicago artist Alex Solis's style. Known as alexmdc online, he's been drawing his whole life but won internet acclaim for his Chunkies series of overweight superheros and pop-culture icons. Solis' latest project fe Read more ... atures adorable drawings of predators devouring th…
2 days ago
Marie Mattsson Tiger eating zebra..?
Karolina Strunkinaitė Cute AND creepy.
Cristian Stefan Cool, but i don't see the politicians and the ordinary people.
Jeanette Appice Zeitz just way creepy, and pointless
Lilibeth Rodriguez There are no tigers in Africa, and no zebras in Asia. Are there?
Sonny Mendoza meanwhile, on the discovery channel, they will show this without the cute eyes. And if you go to any buffet resturant, you get the same thing, but cooked and humans eating the animals. It's the circle of life. animals and plants have to die in order for life to exist. Primitive children deep in the amazon, the north pole, africa, see this first hand growing up. but it's so horrifying to us because we are so civilized. we tune out and ignore the fact that this is how these animals eat. well, except for the tiger, wtf with that? LOL
Iñigo Montoya A tiger eating a zebra?
Supral Raj Joshi Go vegan. All carnivores must go vegan. #sarcasm
Teresa Davidson CREEPY .... NOT CUTE
Justine Guest Equal parts hilarious and disturbing. I like it.
Inc. Magazine One day. Countless icons. An unforgettable experience. Come to Iconic:LA a hard-hitting one day event, presented by Inc. and CNBC, to connect with fellow visionaries and provocateurs from The Container Store, Eventbrite, Life is Good and American Read more ... Giant. Register today -->
5 days ago
iSTORYA.NET A photo of a traffic enforcer went viral #TheStoryOfTheFilipino via CNN #iSTORYAdotNET
CNN Philippines
A photo of a traffic enforcer went viral on social media. The scared officer was called to report to the MMDA office, but not for the reason he thought. Reynaldo Romano: "Akala ko tatanggalin na ako. Akala ko may kaso [ako]." For more inspiring st Read more ... ories of the Filipino, visit: #CNNPhilippines #TheStoryOfTheFilipino
5 days ago
Refinery29 Start counting down the days, because these babies are GOOD
We're Getting 38 New Emoji Next Year!
The emoji train is unstoppable. Apple just gave us a ton of new emoji in iOS 8.3, but now the Unicode Consortium, the organization that standardizes emoji characters and icons across all the various operating systems out there, has released 38 propos Read more ... ed new emoji for 2016. The exciting emoji
5 days ago
Sharon McCay Still no taco?
Stacy Welch Still no butterfly emoji ? I also need a rolling my eyes emoji
Megan Borruso TACO!!! UNICORN!!
Reilly Schmidt Can we please just get a middle finger emoji? It would save a lot of typing..
Michelle Agudelo I'll just keep waiting on that unicorn emoji
Erica Messick Unicorn please!
Allison Firmin Kate Cooper unless a middle finger is included I'm not interested
Gabby Zhutov Bailey Nicole omg. Cucumbers, fist bumping and the nauseous face! I predict these will be our most used emojis next year!
Ashley Spoor This is sooo cool Shanna Parker! But where in the heck is the white wine emoji?!
Alexis Jordan-Sturgis Damien Merino Jessica Wybenga still no taco!!
BuzzFeed Trending For his new series, AleXsandro Palombo said he decided to use cartoon beauty icons, such as Disney princesses or Betty Boop, as symbols of “hope, beauty, and courage."
An Artist Reimagined Iconic Cartoon Characters As Breast Cancer Survivors
"No one is immune to cancer," artist AleXsandro Palombo told BuzzFeed News, "not even Disney princesses."
6 days ago
Danica Anderson Earth Science- what we don't know beneath our feet. Vietnam Delta sinking
Blood & Honey Icons: Biosemiotics & Bioculinary
Bioculinary- We don't know what is beneath our feet "Earth Science Alarm over a sinking delta Charlie Schmidt Vietnam's Mekong River delta—the world's third largest delta—is sinking, putting some 20 million people and vast swaths of fertile far Read more ... mland at risk. Recent research has found that the delta, which covers some 55,000 square kilometers and sits about 2 meters above sea level, is subsiding at rates of 1 to 4.7 centimeters per year. Among the culprits: levees that prevent sediment from spilling out of rivers and collecting in the delta, and some 1 million wells drilled since the 1980s for drinking and agriculture. If groundwater depletion continues at present rates, researchers estimate, the delta could sink by nearly a meter by midcentury. Now, an alliance of Vietnamese and Dutch scientists is trying to get ahead of the problem. They met in Vietnam recently to launch the Rise and Fall project, a $1 million, 5-year effort to better understand what's driving Mekong delta subsidence and develop strategies to reverse it. "We know virtually nothing about what's beneath our feet," said geographer Philip Minderhoud, a co-leader of the project and doctoral candidate at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, during the 11 March gathering. New studies aim to change that." Mekong Delta Vietnam
6 days ago
Danica Anderson The end of coffee??
Blood & Honey Icons: Biosemiotics & Bioculinary
Cooking with Blood & Honey heals trauma and creates harmony filled collective communities.
7 days ago
BuzzFeed Video Filipino Food Or Not?
8 days ago
Arif Gul should have gave them some balut.
Jasmin Mae P. Veloria proud to be a filipino comments incoming
Jazmine Mae Sanchez "Your Welcome Philippines"
Jasmine Redford Nick is so funny: "boing, boing, boing!"
Monica Renee Serling Lumpia is yummy!
Ebony Bizzell " Looks like a devils dick" I love Quinta lmao
Hurl Leene Where is adobo?
Andy Garcia Keith pretty much eats anything that's put on the table with a face like "Filipino or not filipino? whatever, free food is free food" haha.
MariahClairence Cruz Keith is the best
Ebony Bizzell "This shit smells like yard work" lmmfao We have a lot of feelings about last night's Game of Thrones.
Game of Thrones Recap: 'The Gift'
Two icons meet, Sansa suffers and Cersei's luck changes
8 days ago
Olivia Hedd Cersei got everything she deserves and I love it.
Stella Matthews Hanson " Show us on the doll where Game of Thrones hurt you." How in the world did that line make it past an editor?! This was a callous and failed attempt at witty sarcasm. I wonder how many childhood rape victims, now adults, would feel reading such a comment. It was a delightful review up to that statement. Shame on you James Hibberd!
King Mao El Clasico Oficial :( QUIZÁS NADIE LO LEA !! ESCRIBO ESTO ESPERANZADO que alguien de buen corazón lo lea. Vengo humildemente a contarles que la MÚSICA es mi sueño, mi vida! Podrías darle Me Gusta (y) a mi página para crecer y que cada día este más cerca? Ya que los anuncios son caros y no tengo altos recursos, por eso acudo a este medio, Si no solo ignora...MIL GRACIAS DE CORAZÓN Los espero con cariño! <3 <3 <3
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Entertainment Weekly Two icons met, Sansa suffered and Cersei's luck changed—it was an eventful episode of Game of Thrones to say the least.
'Game of Thrones' recap: 'The Gift'
A most shocking death takes place, too!
9 days ago
David Lucas Karma.
Kristen Copley Hmm sweet sweet justice at the end
Jim Ducette G.o.T. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!
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