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Chris O'Shaughnessy Fake Liberal Democrats are not liberal. JFK described liberal as welcoming new ideas, caring about the welfare of others, and caring about civil liberties. JFK preached freedom, responsibility, equality and a love of God. Fake Liberal Democrats today Read more ... preach dictation, control, and equality as a never reached perpetual campaign issue as they dismantle God. Since 1910 when Democrats first proclaimed “liberal,” excluding JFK, his brother Robert and MLKjr who was never a Democrat, Fake Liberal Democrats have never wanted equality and have tried to control using race. Fake Liberal icons Woodrow Wilson, FDR and LBJ were racist as hell, yet they are still held in the highest esteem by Democrats today. Wilson openly proclaimed black human beings inferior, needing Jim Crow laws for any chance to survive. Today, Fake Liberal Democrats say that black human beings cannot vote or secure ID on their own, having no chance without Affirmative Action. Same thought, different methods. FDR used Jim Crow laws and the KKK for more power and looked the other way as Democrats used lynching. LBJ learned he could change his blatant racism to control over the races and a new, sick era of Democratic racism had begun. Even sicker, Fake Liberal Democratic minions have been inbred these beliefs, thinking they are superior in this racism. The same holds true for their sexism and use of homosexuals. The self-labelled “liberal” minions proclaim loudly they accept gay marriage then are the first to slam someone for being gay or to label a child as obviously growing up gay or making fun of “gay” actions. These same proclaimed “liberals” call out Jewish people, dark-skinned humans, or get nervous in a somewhat racially mixed suburban town. As they call out race they make fun of fat or poor people. They pick on people based on their clothing, shoes, where they have to shop (as Al Gore does), saying how embarrassing it is to be poor. This is Democratic Fake Liberalism on display: Hating in the false name of “liberalism.” The low in esteem are the minions of the Fake Liberal Democratic Party.
Jezebel The Muppets Take a Romantic Break
Rainbow Disconnected: Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy Have Broken Up
The summer of 2015 has been filled with celebrity breakups and the deconstructed portmanteaus that follow. In the past 24 hours alone, we’ve seen the end of Gwavin, Rebarvel, and Zerrie. And now, as though the dead horse of love hasn’t been beate Read more ... n enough this season, ageless felt icons Miss Piggy an…
16 hours ago
Kiran Khan First Ben and Jen, then Gwen and Gavin now this? What is this world coming to? Is love dead?
David Lawson Good for Kermit! Cuz dang, that pig is an abuser.
Allison Hietpas What the fuck. Love is dead
Samantha Lynn Hohl What the fuck is happening. Is this real life?
Tracy Eatyourveggies Ryder Consciously uncoupled.
Samantha King TOO SOON!
James Cannon I'm actually so relieved. It always struck me as an abusive relationship. Kermie barely consented to her advances and her anger issues are out of control. Kermit could do sooooo better!!
Donovan Trott Love is dead! Actually it died when Barbie and Ken broke up.
Dana Otstott Shear I hear Kermit was having an affair with the nanny.
Jessica Smith i'm fucking done
HuffPost Lifestyle You'll never look at the minions the same way again.
Cartoon Series Turns Kim K. And Other Style Icons Into Adorable Minions
Minions aren't just on the silver screen; they're in coffee, on the subway, and even on Sandra Bullock's feet. Now, they're infiltrating the fashion industry, too. Stylight, an online boutique offering
21 hours ago
MSN Music Time was when critics HATED Led Zeppelin, but now they're time-honored classic rock icons. Here's one take on ranking their songs. What's yours?
All 74 Led Zeppelin Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best
All 74 Led Zeppelin Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best
2 days ago
Steve Michaels Zep's in the Top 5 All -time Bitches'
Mashable Stunning.
Oprah, Katy Perry and others pose as icons throughout history
Oprah Winfrey as Glinda the Good Witch actually makes a ton of sense.
2 days ago
Christopher Jared Demers Dope af
Jiro Martinez Miralo Completo Aqui En Youtube ➡
BuzzFeed Celeb You can see all of these stunning images in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar!
Here's What Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, And More Look Like As Their Personal Icons
You can see all of these stunning images in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar.
4 days ago
Sandra Radjenovic Daniella Gimboš Wow Willow, you're so edgy.
HelloGiggles The celebrity mashups in this Harper's Bazaar shoot will blow you away.
This Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot is the ultimate celebrity mashup
Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor? Jessica Chastain as Joan of Arc? Oprah as Glinda the Good Witch? We're not just spouting off random pairings — some of today's international icons are dressed up as historical icons for the September issue of Harper' Read more ... s Bazaar, and the results are absolutely capital-F F…
4 days ago
Daily Mail Sport Rolling back the years.
Carles Puyol and Paolo Maldini reunited while out in Ibiza
Carles Puyol and Paolo Maldini were reunited in Ibiza on Friday night. The Barcelona and AC Milan icons gave a combined 40 years service to their respective clubs in their illustrious careers.
4 days ago
Joel Walahang two legends of modern defenders !!
Mohammed Hassan AL Qurashi Man city now 0 Stuttgart 4 just in 40 minutes
Tatenda Zvikonyo Puyol...knocked...out,..german...@...the...wc
Clau Ci Vfb Stuttgart- Man City 4:0, 32min
John Austin Legends
Plord Davids a bunch of ugly legends
Yahaya Abukari tru legends
Abdessamad Good Enough Gw best defenders and captains ever .
Duan AR Legend
Nanik Soemarto Legend
Mashable - Entertainment More Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor please.
Oprah, Katy Perry and others pose as icons throughout history
Oprah Winfrey as Glinda the Good Witch actually makes a ton of sense.
4 days ago
Techmeme "Kare designed many of Apple’s famous original icons, like the Lasso and Paint Bucket, and worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT as creative director."
Early Apple Designer Susan Kare Joins Pinterest's Creative Team
Matthew Lynley / TechCrunch
Susan Kare, an early Apple designer behind some of the company's early typefaces and icons, has joined Pinterest. — She'll be part of Pinterest's creative team as a product design lead, according to the company.
4 days ago
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