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Joanne Mendoza MidniGHt snaCks.. #sPaggeti #pandEsal
4 minutes ago
Leo Angelico Mendoza RN Carmela parang nandito ka narin hahaha we miss u ame at mami Lorna Mendoza #familytime #bonding #midnightsnack
16 minutes ago
Filmart Your FILMART FAVORITES Are BACK!!! Wake Up to a FILMART MORNING with Filmart's famous PANDESAL -- a Filipino Breakfast Staple. Enjoy the Night with FILMART CHICHARON paired with Emperardor Lights! Now available at the following stores nearest y Read more ... ou: Parkway (Street Mao Tse Toung, Angkor Toul Tompoung, Royal Mart Toul Tompoung, and Nine Dragon Rattanak Plaza!
29 minutes ago
Ronald Jacob Quitoriano Empanada + Malunggay Pandesal ♥ Solve ang dinner !
31 minutes ago
Jobert Pacheco ganda ngbakery nmen kme ang fantastic 4..
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FANTASTIC FOUR of Team Elle Plaza Kambal Pandesal — with Jobert Pacheco and 3 others.
1 hour ago
Olbap Suazo Hot PANDESAL for you this morning! P-eople are A-mazed that GOD N-ever changes in D-edicating HIS E-ffort to S-upply our needs A-nd unlimited L-ove everyday Masarap ba? K-nowing GOD with A-ll our heart and P-roviding others with an E-verlasting lo Read more ... ve Lagyan pang GATAS: G-OD A-sk you T-o seek HIM first A-nd all these things S-hall be added unto you.
1 hour ago
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PandesalHow to make Pan De Sal! (Easy, step by step instructions)PANDESALHow to Make DINNER ROLLS (Filipino Pandesal) CookwithAprilMonayPAN DE NARANJA / ORANGE BREAD
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