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BuzzFeed Video People Get Tricked Into Watching Pimple Popping Videos
16 days ago
Samantha Barnett I can watch this all day, even when I eat and it won't bother me one bit. EDIT: if you love these videos like myself. YouTube "mango worms". You're welcome.
Ted Glime the creator of this video must've hit that weird part of YouTube a little too hard
Rida Qazi Let's use this as a new way to punish criminals. I didn't even make through half of this
Daniel J. Varela Lol, "You think this bothers me? I watch this for pleasure." Me
Rayline Medina Just goes to show we're all weirdos ahha
Nicky Noodlehead Ayala "I watch this for pleasure" A fellow popaholic :')
Christina Lauer Hollie Cooley
Dani Diaz Oh my god Eli Anderson Jamie Rogers Katie Rose Mannion Alexa Baumgartner f this crap
Tazkia Labeeba Karim Raiiq Ridwan
Jeremy Sears Janette Ramos Gayle Bird Maza
Los Angeles Times Thank you all. You've given hope to thousands of people. (via Los Angeles Times Opinion)
More than 134 people registered as marrow donors after reading about a sick LAPD officer
There was an outpouring of support after we ran an article on Matthew Medina, who desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. He's still looking for his match.
17 days ago
Los Angeles Times Officer Matthew Medina is still looking for his match. Most successful matches involve a donor and patient of the same ethnicity; Medina is Filipino. Here's the story we published last month: http://lat.ms/2sEHLE6
Jeffrey Regan Don't let this distract you from #CNNBLACKMAIL
Daily Mail REVOLTING!!!!
17 days ago
David Etzler Why do you feel the need to share this sort of stuff with the world?
Will Darringly Stacey. Can you imagine if they just stuck it with a long pin instead of slicing it open? #projectilepuss #oldfaithful #squiter
Alex Ratna Why do you guys publish this... Some things you can't unsee
Amy Morgan Leann Savage this is probably right up your street
Frankiee Thatcher Amie Lou your love this!!!
Julie MacKenzie
Charlotte Louise Cope I had a cyst on my scalp for years but I finally had it removed 2 months ago. Doing my hair is so much easier...
Collette Jones Eeeeeee Cameron Davies it looks just like the chocolate topping on the dominoes pizza
Jennifer Spence Jones I can usually watch this stuff but this one is disgusting!
Neree Michaela Mckenzie Chloe Livingston I know your intrigued by this pimple and cyst popping stuff
Refinery29 This makes our skin hurt.
19 days ago
Jennifer Flier Starry surely you've seen it already
Gillian Gabrielle Barnett Volitta Robinson I'm watching
Laura Gomez Emily Riedel!!!!!!!!!!!
Sherry Doub Morrison Laura Doub
Nicole Hunt Shaunda S Mccollum
Amandalee AL Joseph Steven Surwila Jr. Jessica Mellott
Spençer Neön Ari Delilah
Nancy Earnheart Maranda Boenisch
Laura Delgado Jasmine Morales
Refinery29 Yo, this is NASTY...but we still watched it
Dr. Pimple Popper Takes On Her Biggest Challenge Yet
Where's the vomit emoji when you need it?!
21 days ago
Shirleen Roberts I should have been a nurse, that stuff does not bother me at all. Stephanie Rose Roberts better get used to seeing that sort of thing.
Ashley McNatt Angela Schaffner. I haven't watched it but i know how your nasty self loves this kinda stuff so here ya gp
Elisabeth Grieco
Chris Kaatz Noelle Esposito this sounds like what you were telling me about.
Ting Ting Li So awesome!!
Rosie Hames Christina Jackson, this one was gnarly!!!!
Heather Bicknell The one with the grey pus was worse than this
Emma Parrott Mae Macalintal I just died a little omg
Jessica Nielson WOW!
Mia Justine Lask Dave Patek I can't but I know you will
Refinery29 This makes our skin hurt.
24 days ago
Maria Avila This was by far the most crazy thing I've ever seen I'm subscribed to her YouTube channel and I was so shocked I was not expecting it. The video said baby face but as soon as she cut through i immediately thought baby poop. I could not even imagine the smell.
Angelica Salmon I saw this a couple of days ago and it was crazy!
Hanah Joudi Siobhan O'Neall I want to watch the vid so bad but I'm so scared
Rebecca Conrad Radcliff
Michelle Godínez Andrea Ceja para antes de dormir ✨
Rits Linguchi Lilli Eguchi
Jessica Claire Garima Bhandari
Kate Miller Tucker Jenny Miller Purvis
Ariel Hart Adam Castro
Magen Gray Emily Sutter
BuzzFeed Video Zoomed-In Pimple Popping Videos Are Insane
26 days ago
Joe Rubes
Sierra Bowman Everyone seems to hate this but I could watch it all day
Danny Garcia I'm still trying to figure out why they have those sound effects with the video. If you get that much pleasure from blemish excrement then you have a serious issue LMAO
Donna Beall Pate Do these people ever wash their faces? Looks like alien creatures crawled in their pores. Grossest pimples I've ever seen. Yuck!
Carlos Castellano I honestly don't see why people find this "so satisfying"!!? Like holy crap I find it super gross!
Salina Carrisal Albert I can't look away!!
Teisha Ginn Brenden Ginn I could not bear to watch this but feel you would enjoy this lol
Mary Diaz Figueroa I can do this all day baby haha Hokage ISam i won't get disgusted
Delta Villavicencio Apple Fatima Almeida hope you enjoy this as much as I did the zoom is everything
Clair Kent Janni Joplin moah ich hab mir grad ein bisschen in den Mund gekotzt....
Dr. Pimple Popper's Extracted "Onions" From Someone's Back
We've lost our appetite.
26 days ago
Caroline Unwin Wow
Jen Wilder
Jennifer Vescio Kelsey
Naomï Collett Rïtz Faye Ma Annie Reilly brutal
Jess Daley Fallon Siebert Anna Medley this is awful
Angeline Ramirez Kevin Bradford
Georgia Jablon Erin Sibert
Sarita Metzinger AmyLou
Melissa Rodriguez Missy Galvan Tera Booker Napier
Karen Bowen Jamie Heard
And you thought Dr. Pimple Popper was gross!!
24564 months ago
Hint: it's not an infection or pimple.
24564 months ago
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Pimple ni Pol Medina | REAKSYON PUGAD BABOY NI POL MEDINA JR  061813 | #PugadBaboy Hangout: Q and A with Pol Medina Jr. | PugadBaboy Hangout: Q and A with Pol Medina Jr.News.PH Episode 29 - Pol Medina Jr., Pugad Baboy, ConsPIGracy/ PIGpol Power | News.PH: It\'s not politics as usual. News.PH is a weekly political talk show. It takes up the most current and hottest political issues of the day. Hosted by Pia ...UB: Pol Medina, Jr., nagbitiw bilang contributor ng PDI | Nagbitiw si Pol Medina Jr, writer-artist ng comic strip na \News5E l INTERVIEW KAY PUGAD BABOY CREATOR POL MEDINA | News5E l Kontrobersyal na comic stip ni Pol Medina na tinatalakay ang mga isyu ng katolisismo at homosexuality, Kasama sina Paolo Bediones at Cheryl ...
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