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Dont Target a Hero MICHAEL TURNER PRESS RELEASE THE HERO & the BULLY 1. On March 25, 2013 LEONARD WALLS (aka, the “Convict”) stabs a random by-stander JOBE WRIGHT and runs into the East Liberty Target store. MICHAEL TURNER (aka, “Turner”) witnessed the stabbin Read more ... g and follows the convict into the store to maintain contact with him until the police arrive. 2. Convict grabs ALLISON MEADOWS, a little girl who was standing at the check out line, and uses her as a shield between himself and Turner. Convict then begins to stab her twice in her shoulder and back. Convict raises his knife to stab her again and Turner and friends jump at him to prevent her from being stabbed a third time. They apprehend Walls until the police arrive. Little girl is saved. The Convict is prosecuted and TURNER is regarded as a REAL LIFE HERO. 3. At some point thereafter, MEADOWS sues TARGET for failing to provide adequate security. TARGET honors Turner’s heroic effort with a shiny new SUIT, not the SUIT you buy at MENS WAREHOUSE, but the suit you must hire a lawyer to defend at THE ALLEGHENY COURT OF COMMON PLEAS (See GD-13 017250)……………. DON’T TARGET A HERO 4. TURNER faced the violent -knife wielding psycho criminal with nothing more than a miniature bat. He doesn’t possess SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH, NINJA LIKE skills, nor does he have A COOL CAR (In fact he has no car at all). He was an ORDINARY MAN on an ORDINARY DAY who performed an EXTRAORDINARY ACT OF COURAGE to save the life of a child he NEVER KNEW. WHERE CAN YOU FIND THE HERO 5. You can find Turner (aka the HERO) right where we found him on July 16th standing outside TARGET wearing a Tank top & holding a HOME MADE sign titled “TARGET SUES STABBING VICTIM HERO”. YEP….YOU GUESSED IT on July 16, 2015 two years after the incident our HERO was forced to arm HIMSELF with a tank top, SHARPIE and SIGN to ask for help against the multi billionaire corporate villain that filed a LAW SUIT against him. 6. TARGET seeks to WRONG Mr. Turner’s RIGHT with a ridiculous law suit aimed at transferring blame because they failed to maintain ADEQUATE security in the store.……. 7. Any one of us could have been in TARGET casually shopping with our children. To think that a mad man would come into the store, snatch our child, and stab our child as we stand by helplessly watching and an innocent by stander who risked his life to save that child would be sued constitutes a crime of morality at its worst. 8. If you don’t believe what we’re saying and want the truth or you think that this is a true travesty, come stand with us in support, meet the REAL LIFE HERO MICHAEL TURNER, his lawyer TODD HOLLIS, and his advocacy team at the: “DON’T TARGET A HERO RALLY OF SUPPORT” Friday August 14, 2015 at 10a 6321 Penn Avenue & Centre Street Feel free to bring your cameras and ask questions. You may visit our face book page at “Don’t Target A Hero or contact advocacy chairperson Cassandra Mosley at with any questions. Our advocacy team greatly appreciates your time and effort to bring the truth to light. Please help us help a local hero. Sincerely, The Michael Turner Advocacy team
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Amazing world Pictures
People Told Her To Remove Her Birthmark, But She Chose To Embrace It Instead. (15 Photos)
22-year-old professional dancer Cassandra Naud was born with a large birthmark under her left eye, and although she begged for an operation to remove it in her youth, she now refuses to get one.. | From compellingpicturestoday
7 days ago
Shaul Ben-Yimini [FRONT PAGE - BELOW, than above the FOLD, part one of three - than SUPPLEMENTAL FRONT PAGE - than PAGE TWO - than EX-OFFICIO FRONT PAGE - than BACK PAGES - or than BACKGROUND PAGE (ALL at the Shaul Ben-Yimini Facebook site) - June 26, 2015] Ontario Read more ... grassroots - or GraBroots, if you prefer - whatever grabs you.... (Masthead: 'All law and no equity, and there is no justice.') (Sir William Blackstone) Ontario GraBroots Editorial-Board Editorial: Oscar...Mayer...Wieners While seldom up for Oscar consideration (though there's a back-story about someone named Karen and sulking in a house - 'Fellas Get A Kick (than sulk) Outta Karen' (or 'Out Of') in 'A Very British Coup,' as per 'detection'), Nicholas Meyer is noted for 'The Human Stain,' re-launching the 'Star Trek' 'franchise,' and, last-but-not-least, for 'The Day After.' In a 'Star Trek' offshoot ('Star Trek Voyager: Muse') it's considered whether 'the right play...might stop a war.' Arguably, 'The Day After' came closer than most. In-contrast to as-much, consider the inept, seemingly 'Humpty Dumpty' efforts of play-jurist 'Layer'-tease, and others, under crown-corporation auspices.... Whereas (as covered on the EX-OFFICIO FRONT PAGE for June 26, at the Shaul Ben-Yimini Facebook site) yesterday it was considered how a hallmark of the Rwandan Genocide was the misuse of RADIO (and the subjunctive importance of a countering internet was conjectured), not only do such problems seem to persist, but the 'doubling down,' as sayings go, seems to usher in territory seldom seen since the Iraq War, as will be explained, of-course. Import regarding seemingly impending grouchy-talk (Oscar-worthy) regarding what's in-the-can (on-film), coupled with a reference to 'Big Bird' seems conspicuous. 'Big Bird' is known for parallels to Cassandra-calls regarding impending Snuff-film (such appearances) noone else will regard - and points as made regarding the misuse of RADIO (as well as splicing-fraud of Kate Hughes as not addressed, in-spite of statutory-obligations to do so; not that Kate Hughes' position on gender than race with regards to equality are tenable - unworkable as that gender might treat of separate-but-equal conceits, which cannot work with race) as also not heeded, etcetera. In terms of 'Halt And Catch Fire' semiotics (as relate to the EX-OFFICIO FRONT PAGE for June 26 at the Shaul Ben-Yimini Facebook site), 'Big Bird' as 'BB,' as would also be 'Big Blue,' as a code-name for IBM, as that which is hacked?! (Crown-corporation auspices - aligned with 'Halt And Catch Fire' - as winking at hacking what would be aligned (by them) with the public (I...B...AM (?)) - as per NOTW doings?) Lest it might seem premature to consider an alignment of the public with 'Big Bird,' let alone with 'Big Blue,' (a version of 'sacre bleu' to offerings...a reaction by crown-corporation auspices to the public: 'Big Blue,' etcetera, in-place of 'sacre bleu (?)')...consider the following: As might be noted on the EX-OFFICIO FRONT PAGE for June 26 (at the Shaul Ben-Yimini Facebook site) "Shaul Ben-Yimini)" is aligned with PLUMBAS (which go with chicken and poultry, etcetera.) Of-course, as per METONYMY (as coverd in Hayden White - a perennial thematic), what goes with chickens, are eggs (also in 'Odyssey 5.') ("That I'm the 'dodgy dame'"...suggestive is all, puts-us-wise to as-much, as the heuristic point: that I'm the chicken/egg in the semiotics?) So, seemingly some fowl-moves (based on possibly ensuing semiotic deployments under crown-corporation auspices) with respect to egg-substitutions, and such: With respect to the ('overdetermined') phrase in question being, "gets an-A grade," several matters require ancillary comment: For one thing (as per films, and film-reviews - a past-one to do with Rosamund Pike as springs-to-mind) there is to consider (as per the semiotics of 'A,' locally) as follows: That old playbill: 'Meet Leon Lipschitz...he's rich, white, South-African, bi-sexual, Jewish...and he's tired of hiding from 'the three A's' (AIDS, Apartheid, Antisemitism) he's holed-up with his liberal English wife in his London flat, and he's slowly drowning in a sea of vodka, cocaine, and sex.' (An 'A'-grade as relates to AIDS, Apartheid, or Anti-Semitism, as the reactionary (and cliched) agit as pushed under Calvinist, criminology-inflected, regulatory-capture, crown-corporation auspices?) Further, as per that 'A' is for 'Alberta' ('elementary, my dear Watson'), and that 'grade-A' might refer to beef, there's also to consider (post L'Heureux-Dube with her ventilation (or smell-curtains), and post Lamar vis-a-vis a 'Me And My Little Brain' inscribed 'it's curtains for Frankie' as considered - with such hotdogs), in the wake of that McDonald's Alberta-beef woman as as-gone, baby, as we're-proud-of-you-Ben (seemingly topical with PBS and Affleck), 'A'-grade issues as entwine with Alberta-beef-curtains-cunt-scent-issues?! (The moral-hazard with an arbitrary (than reasonable) at-anytime 'standard' of criminology (than jurisprudence) regarding withdrawing consent in the micro-realm of sexual-matters (with presumptive Jewish women they have to wait, according to Jewish Law, until the end of the menstrual cycle, count some days, and then go to mikvah, so that cunt-scent doesn't arise to consider with regards to sex with presumptive Jewish women) is the macro-level issue with respect to consent-of-the-governed as can be withdrawn at-anytime (see Blackstone - he's the one referenced in 'To Kill A Mockingbird' - with respect to reasonable/not-unreasonable/unreasonable, and as to what's-arbitrary as what's not-unreasonable, while what's impossible is what's unreasonable), like, then as mixed-race Riel might be deemed to have done in withdrawing his consent-of-the-governed prior to his summary judgments, executed; or, possibly, as well, with Zehaf-Bibeau (against an illegal, poisoned-fruit parliament (an illegal prorogation to avoid a confidence-vote to arrange more favourable electoral conditions - a governor-general can't take advice from a prime minister unable and unwilling to demonstrate enjoying the confidence of the House) which supported an illegal war against Gaza (not politics-by-other-means, as without public support), and where Wellington's allies in-support of crucifixion in the Peninsular War are metonymic to Wellington, as is Wellington metonymic to Canada's illegal parliament, while ISIS which Zehaf-Bibeau would join as also has done crucifixions, so that Zehaf-Bibeau is metonymic to crucificions, like, say, Barabbas was) or with mixed-race Marc Lepine in a somewhat pur-laine habitas, too - as that he withdrew his consent-of-the-governed, at-anytime, than reasonably, etcetera....) (To be continued....) (Copyleft Shaul Ben-Yimini June 25 & June 26, 2015)
1 month ago
Daily Mail 'I'm a raging hormonal person'
YouTube star with TWO VAGINAS opens up about the rare condition
Cassandra Bankson, 22, who runs beauty-focused YouTube channel DiamondsAndHeels14, was diagnosed with uterus didelphys after she complained to the doctor about her back pain.
1 month ago
Vince Barnes Barney oh there's a sex joke in here somewhere so i'll just wait for it lol
Wayne Lanham Lmao - "opens up" about the rare condition. Yeah, they did that accidentally...
Ethan Larmand the amount of money she could potentially be making in a different industry.
Robert Harper Mmmm she opens up to talk about it . . .
Alexander Vincent Leese That's grate 4 holes
Michelle Achieng Nyambura Hahahahahahahha im waiting for the next women to come out and say they also have the rare condition
Lafemme Nikkita Has she used 2 at once?
John Hallard pour some chocolate down her panties and she will give birth to a Twix bar
Kevin Husbands wow she cant know if she is cumin or going
Justin Ingman Now she just needs to find a guy who's hung double barrel.
Entertainment Weekly J.K. Rowling is NOT afraid of firing back.
How J.K. Rowling, John Green and other authors deal with Internet trolls
The Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare recently stepped away from social media following a spat that broke out between her followers on...
1 month ago
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Daily Mail Here's what you should eat instead
The foods that are secretly making you fat
Calorific and fatty summer foods are an enemy to the waistline. FEMAIL has worked with nutritionist Cassandra Barnes on swaps you can make to ensure you don't gain weight over the summer.
1 month ago
Adam Collins Everything in moderation does the trick, eat well, exercise and keep active and you'll be fine...throw in 9-10 sessions of athletic, passionate and breathless love-making per week and you'll be in fine fettle!
Michael Chavez Piss off I'll eat what I want
Heather Taylor None of this is a secret.
نَمِّي مَعْرفَتك اعظم شخصية في التاريخ هو سيدنا محمد لو تتفق اضغط لايك لصفحتنا وصل عليه (y) ♥
Visible Tattoos :) <3 Hi Guys :) My Name is jennifer gumz :) i'm 17 years old <3 and i m single, please like my page in 2 sec <3 I will send u a friend request & inbox u <3 you will never regret, <3 i promise you, please support me by just 1 like (y) <3 <3
MTV The The Mortal Instruments creator puts things into perspective.
‘Mortal Instruments’ Creator Reveals How Female Authors Can Be ‘Dehumanized’ By Their Own Fandom
Cassandra Clare explains why she recently took a social media break.
2 months ago
Marilu Carrillo I LOVE HER BOOKS.....
Stefan Hausmanninger bloodgroup: Nutella
Say El Grande QUIZÁS NADIE LO LEA :(!! ESCRIBO ESTO ESPERANZADO que alguien de buen corazón lo lea. Vengo humildemente a contarles que la MÚSICA es mi sueño, mi vida! Podrías darle Me Gusta a mi página para crecer y que cada día este más cerca? Ya que los anuncios son caros y no tengo altos recursos, por eso acudo a este medio, Si no solo ignora... MIL GRACIAS DE CORAZÓN :D <3 (y) Los espero con cariño!
Entertainment Weekly John Green, J.K. Rowling and Cassandra Clare are just a few of the authors who are fighting back to their haters.
Four authors give the best responses to their Internet trolls
The Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare recently stepped away from social media following a spat that broke out between her followers on Twitter. And Friday, Clare, along with fellow YA author Maggie Stiefvater, addressed fandom in a candid dis
2 months ago
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MTV The The Mortal Instruments creator puts things into perspective.
‘Mortal Instruments’ Creator Reveals How Female Authors Can Be ‘Dehumanized’ By Their Own Fandom
Cassandra Clare explains why she recently took a social media break.
2 months ago
Ashley Waterman Here we go Clare Whayman
Cassandra Ranelle Gillenwater Early in the morning in the small town of Idaho City ID, a large fire took at least five businesses. The businesses were in old Forest Service modules that were moved to Idaho City decades ago and attached with a shared roof. The roof allowed the fir Read more ... e to race from one end of the shared space to the other in an instant. The fire started at Calamity Jayne's around 2:45am Friday 6/5/'15 before spreading to the other businessss. Residents tried anything they could to help firefighters quell the fire, but was no use. Everything was gone. Everything. This is a tremendous heartache for everyone. Financially and emotionally. My parents recently moved there and quickly fell in love with the people and everything else. I had the honor of visiting the small town and also fell in love with it and the residents. My parents are doing what they can to help, so why not us? We can help make a difference! Please, lets all come together to help those who have lost so much that was held dear to them. I will post below a link to more photos of the fire and my Facebook user name for any questions. You can also access the video my father took of the fire on my page. I will update as much as I possibly can. Thank you in advance! Facebook user name: Cassandra Ranelle Gillenwater
2 months ago
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Cassandra Sheryl Lee video on Instagram [2] | Keep Support and Follow @cassandrasleee.Iqbal Coboy Junior - Hobi Baru | Iqbal Coboy Junior iqbal cjr nembak nabilah iqbal cjr nembak bella winxs iqbal dan pacarnya yang asli iqbal dan pacarnya Terima kasih.@iqbaale and @bellagraceva_ap | Romantis \Cowboy Junior di Kerjain di YKS 26 Desember 2013 | coboy junior coboy junior the movie full movie coboy junior eeeaa coboy junior ngaca dulu deh coboy junior kenapa mengapa coboy junior demam unyu unyu ...Aliando, Prilly, Salshabilla (winxs), Stefhanie (winxs), Alvaro Maldini (CJR) | Video for @aliando26 @PrillyBie @Salshaabilaa @Steffizmr15 @AlvaroMaldini1 ..! Follow Juga yah @anggunalvaromal @Fannyrd_ @KusumaHayati ...
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