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Laughing Squid
A Daring Juggling Performance Using Three iPads
Juggler Olga Kay gave a daring performance by juggling three iPads, including one she borrowed from someone without telling them what she planned to do with it. The video is part of Kay’s ser…
2 months ago
500px Out of the Dark, Into the Light by Olga Akulinina: #Caturday
2 months ago
Riky Morelli Dani :)
Techmeme Apple Pay is now available in 2M retail locations, coming soon to Crate & Barrel, Chick-fil-A, Zappos, and Au Bon Pain (Olga Kharif / Bloomberg Business)
3 months ago
Techmeme Future of Bitcoin Foundation remains unclear as support and funds dwindle, ex-board members face criminal investigations (Olga Kharif / Bloomberg Business)
4 months ago
National Geographic Photo of the Day: #YourShot member Olga Gamburg captured this photo of Istanbul's record-breaking snowstorm in February. #photography
Snowy Streets -- National Geographic Photo of the Day
A snowstorm blankets the streets and citizens of Istanbul, Turkey, in this National Geographic Photo of the Day.
5 months ago
أحِنُ فَأكتُبُ 彡 سَتَشعُر أنَّ كُل حَرفٍ يُكتب هُنَا هو عَنْك و لَك ..!~ أرجو من الجميع وضع أعجابآ هنا.. :) أن شاء الله الصفحة راح تعجبكم أكثير.. :)
Claire Packard Snowing in Istanbul
Gigi Daba Ruth Ellen Rondini, lembra, minha querida ?
Wendi Laksana which certainly make you curious and good in all situations " CREED FULL MOVIE " Click PLAY>>> <<<
Audrey Adam İstiklal Caddesi <3 Nice shot !
Nisa Avdagic Taksim
الفتى المتواضع Snowy Streets -- National Geographic Photo of the Day Read the replies on this comment ;)
Mudiyanaselage Liyaaranachchilage why is everyone in the photo Russian away from the tram?
Linda Bretzman Allison Istanbul picture, Charlie Finster and Toni Buffington, J.o. Buffington
Docteur Oucherif Ouchi ça me manque grave!!
Yahoo Movies It did much better in Russia.
5 months ago
Learn the Hidden Truth Follow us to learn the hidden Truth !
Jimmy Stokes Likely because nobody's ever heard of this movie. This article is the first time I'm ever hearing of it.
Christopher Walker Ouch!
Fox News Health Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are increasingly using dedicated spaces decorated in retro styles to stimulate memory and provide a touch of the familiar to individuals with dementia. For example, the kitchen of The Easton House in Penn Read more ... sylvania has an antique ironing board and wringer washing machine— an appliance that has helped 90-year-old dementia patient Olga Deacon recall how she used to help her mother with the ironing. “It took me forever,” she said.
Using sight and sound to trigger dementia patients' memories | Fox News
From the antique cast-iron stove in the kitchen to the ancient wood-paneled radio in the living room, the decor in The Easton Home comes straight out of the 1930s, '40s and '50s.
6 months ago
The First World War Diaries of Stapleton Tench Eac 12/11/16 Dull misty sort of weather. Wrote a letter to my Aunt Ada and posted it. Will now produce a correct facsimile of a reinforcement telegram, similar in fact to many which are received daily. This one is from Dadrt Etaples times at 12 noon Read more ... to traffic Amiens senders no 9128 date 12/11/16 and commences "Reinforcment train d941 leaves by c144 at 14.40 today aaa JESSIE 6 officers 6 men MONA 11 officers 7 men OLGA 2 officers 30 men MARY 8 officers 45 men EDITH 4 officers PEARL 37 officers 52 men JOHNS 3 men DELIA 9 officers 4 men SYLVIA 1 officer 27 men ENID 31 men BARNES 6 men CHESTER 2 men RUTH 5 officer 226 men RADIUN HQ 5 men JANE 13 officers 122 men IDA 3 officers 10 men NANCY 20 men ROSES 5 officers 113 men NOYELLES 2 officers 400 men NORA 3 men". We had fresh meat for dinner today and also butter was provided at tea, which was very welcome after so much of the eternal bully beef. Finished duty promptly at 10 pm this evening as there has been a decided falling off of business during the day. Our bombardment still continues without intermission, and by the evening had risen to great violence. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for no pictures and other events today - Had a windows update and now my laptop will not boot up. So using my wife table and have no idea how to use it.
6 months ago
HuffPost Arts & Culture "This was not easy, it’s not easy now, it will never be easy. But I managed it, which means I was ready for it." - Bolshoi ballerina Olga Smirnova
Bolshoi Ballet Prodigy Explains Her Journey To The Top
"This was not easy, it’s not easy now, it will never be easy. But I managed it, which means I was ready for it."
6 months ago
Laughing Squid
Spooky Brewing Halloween Cocktails Captured In Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs
Moscow-based Kitchen Ghosts aka the creative team of Daria Khoroshavina and Olga Kolesnikova, have created a set of mesmerizing Halloween cocktail cinemagraphs that includes all the ingredients (ex…
6 months ago
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