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MyRecipes.com Meatloaf + mashed potatoes + sandwiches = best combo ever.
Ashley's Meatloaf-and-Mashed Potato Sandwiches Recipe
Have your butcher grind the pork shoulder roast. The meatloaf and gravy are equally as good served as a traditional plated dinner with the potatoes on the side.
3 hours ago
Entertainment Weekly “A bunch of people in Hamilton: An American Musical have these holiday onesies, we had a party once.” —Tony Awards nominee Daveed Diggs.
15 quotes from this year’s Tony Awards nominees
Just over 24 hours after being nominated for next month’s Tony Awards, some of Broadway’s best gathered in NYC for this year’s “Meet the Nominees” press day.
6 hours ago
The Economist China's government is releasing millions of kilograms of pork reserves in an effort to curb soaring prices. The danger of China’s insatiable appetite for its most essential meat, from the archive
Why is pork so important to the Chinese economy?
This little piggy went to market
12 hours ago
Alan Oliveira Because they shouldn't kill them. They got life. Constantly sophisticated they are killing pork because they need to have food on the table. The most healthy food to eat today, but it depends if you will prepare it correctly. But God has given us law about pig meat.
Arun Solanky We are selfish awful creatures. The only thing that has ever compelled humanity to avoid destroying ourselves is self-interest. The American system has brought stability and peace to the world, after 10 millennial of chaos and war. The world is getting better, as a whole, and we need to stick it out. The world will continue without the US. There will always be a superpower. The question Americans have to answer is if they still want to be the superpower.
Jeff Olsen Same reason Mitch McConnell's corrupt congressman's likes pork, corruption.
Wesley Cunningham wow. Frightening for the people, not to mention the pigs.
Emily Shinko Quality meat costs money. That's why they don't eat other animals.
Onny Soetarjo Canibalism is still exist on this world,
Don El beijing down 2020
Atif Pahmi Ya
Charlotte Som Bernie Relf #driedpigface
Tony Vicari Desiree Ross
The Wall Street Journal Listen to "Hamilton" star and Tony Award nominee Leslie Odom Jr. sing the chorus of Prince's "Tangerine." More conversations with Tony Award nominees: http://on.wsj.com/1TLFy1d
17 hours ago
Lina Sanchez https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfnAMOZwxJ0
WSJ Speakeasy Ever wonder what your favorite Broadway actors like to snack on in between acts? Or how distracting your cell phone really is to their performance? Check out our video interview:
Tony Award Nominees Dish on Cell Phones, Snacks and More
The stars of 'Hamilton,' 'Noises Off' and 'Fiddler on the Roof' share backstage insights.
21 hours ago
Washington Post Food Once the dried chili peppers are toasted and all the solid ingredients have gotten cozy in melted pork fat, the sauce only needs a half-hour under pressure.
The mole you can make in less time than it takes to gather its ingredients
PLATE LAB | NoPa Kitchen + Bar shares the secret for its 30-minute sauce: a pressure cooker.
21 hours ago
MSN TV Allergy season ... really making my eyes water right now ...
22 hours ago
Yahoo Finance “People are looking at the U.S. and scratching their heads a little bit, [but] it’s happening everywhere.”
Tony Blair: The whole world has a Donald Trump problem
Global politics are changing and Donald Trump is just a symptom
22 hours ago
Eric Osburn I suggest Tony Blair worry about his own country and the massive problems they are experiencing right now. Trump becoming POTUS its the least of the UK's problems.
Steven Lakits The U.K.. has no room to criticize anyone. Their immigration policies, foolish gun laws and rule by Queen are not how we roll. Both parties in our system have gotten too arrogant, too power hungry and too inefficient to be tolerated anymore. This was inevitable.
Martin Farris The whole world has a globalist POS problem, and Trump isn't part of it.
Mike Lemen Tell me again how this asshole is good for Americans?
John Benoit So yahoo does Soros own you? Stop pushing a one sided liberal agenda.
John McDermott Politicians continuing to try and convince us that they know what's best for us.
Yahoo Global politics are changing and Donald J. Trump is just a symptom.
22 hours ago
Anthony Smith BS Yahoo
MyRecipes.com “This is a great side, and quite easy to put together. And it's great in a taco too.”
Calabacitas Recipe
This Southwestern summer squash mixture is a popular side dish throughout New Mexico and south Texas. Calabacitas means "little squash" in Spanish. Tuck it into tortillas for a vegetarian taco or add pork or chicken to make it a main.
23 hours ago
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