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BMJSports The #2015 Houston Astros Remind Me Of The Great 1989 Oakland Athletics Baseball Team BMJSports reporting from River Oaks, Texas A Subdivision of Houston, Texas USA Houston ( AP ) --- The 2015 #Houston #Astros In their 1st playoff game In the last Read more ... Ten Years, reminded #BMJSports Of The Great 1989 #Oakland #Athletics baseball team. The gluts of a young Astros Team , going into of all places #Yankee Stadium and Beating The Prideful New York Yankees. Many including this Sports Reporter B Robert-Barron Graham requards The 1989 A's As The Greatest Baseball Team in the History of Baseball. The Astros fans should expect Their 2015 Baseball Team To Win it all and become World Baseball Champions. Names like Ricky Henderson , Jose Canseco and others remind me of Astros names like Dallas Keuchel and Carlos Correa Some highlights of the 1989 Championship,Oakland got off to a fast start; Rickey Henderson led off the bottom of the first with a walk. Henderson promptly stole second, and scored one pitch later when Carney Lansford hit a double to right field. The Giants scored their first run of the Series in the top of the third; José Uribe reached first on a fielder's choice, advanced to third via a Brett Butler single, and scored on a Robby Thompson fly ball. The A's regained the lead in the bottom of the 4th when Dave Parker drove a line shot off the wall that was both an inch from being foul and an inch from being a home run. Jose Canseco, who drew a walk earlier that inning, scored on the play. Parker stood at the plate for a moment to watch the flight of the ball, and started to run as soon as the ball hit the wall; Giants right fielder Candy Maldonado appeared to throw Parker out at second, but second base umpire Dutch Rennert called Parker safe. After Dave Henderson walked and Mark McGwire struck out, Terry Steinbach hit a three-run home run off Reuschel to left field, scoring both Parker and Henderson. The Giants had no answer for Oakland's relievers, and the A's won 5–1 and took a 2–0 lead in the Series. In Addition to the series The Lima Prieta earthquake struck on October 17, 1989 at 5:04 p.m. Game 3 was scheduled to start at 5:35 p.m. at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, and thousands of people were already in the stadium when the quake occurred. Because of the coincidence of timing, it was the first major earthquake in the United States ever to be broadcast by live television. Experts credit the timing of the Series as a lucky break that prevented massive loss of life in the city; key in reducing the loss of life was the fact that many people had left work early or were staying late to participate in after-work group viewings and parties, reducing the traffic that would otherwise have been on the collapsed freeways (initial expectations were that hundreds of people had died in the collapse of Interstate 880 "New York City: The Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel said, he has no trouble fitting in with the crowd — even with his distinctive bushy bear "against the Yankees, throwing six shutout innings Tuesday to lead the Houston Astros to a 3-0 victory in the American League wild-card playoff at Yankee Stadium.Colby Rasmus and Carlos Gomez hit solo homers to give the Astros an early lead, and they added another on José Altuve s run-scoring single in the seventh. That proved to be plenty for Keuchel, whose third shutout performance against the Yankees this season was finished by with three hitless innings from relievers Tony Sipp, Will Harris and Luke Gregerson. Yes the Astros are a young team, but not a common young team with three 1st Picks in the last five years this group of young men have won Championships. Every team will try to play the Astros close until the their starting pitcher is out of the game and attact their bullpen. Yes If The Astros Can Win It All and BMJSports will not be surprised. Mike and Mike ESPN First Take SportsCenter ESPN ESPN Sports Center ESPN Houston ESPN2 ESPN Baseball Tonight ESPN Major League Baseball ESPN Baseball Tonight Yahoo Sports Radio 1560 Yahoo Sports Yahoo Yahoo News KHOU 11 Sports SportsTalk 790 NBC Sports Sports Illustrated CBS Sports Spain News.Net Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel USA TODAY Sports Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Seattle Sports News Pardon the Interruption Parish Michelle Blair Vicky Heileman Pink Prairie View A&M Panther Athletics
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Daily Mail The Bachelorette Australia double date achieved maximum levels of awkward (via Daily Mail Australia)
Tony sent home after competitive TheBacheloretteAU double date
Unsure of her affections for Tony and Davey, Sam Frost opted for a double date with a twist on Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelorette.
8 hours ago
Huffington Post UK Man who pushed Iraq war talks about 'driving extremism'...
Blair: 'Ideology That Drives Extremism Enjoys Significant Muslim Support'
NEW YORK -- Tony Blair continued his campaign against Islamic extremism on Tuesday, using a speech at the 9/11 Memorial in New York to warn that the ideology driving jihadists enjoys "significant
12 hours ago
Hayley Bent Tony Blair is an extremist responsible for the murders of over 1 million people. Money and war hungry twat!
Ahmed Osman His iraq war and support of mad dictators is responsible for the lion's share of the rise of ISIS, iraq now and Libya. Tony blair can suck eggs
Mike Boon I wonder how much he charged for that speech!!!
The Huffington Post Get that authentic pulled pork taste.
Easy Slow-Cooker Recipes
Trisha Yearwood tops bone-in pork roast with a homemade barbecue sauce and slowly cooks until tender.
12 hours ago
Devon Dubois Mmmmm... I know that's pulled pork, but for some reason it made me want to make Sloppy Joes.
Sam Vielma Damn that looks succulent!!!
Jade Acacia Clark-Wilson Chacho Chas I want this for dinner
Alex Sarappo More like Huffingtonsofpaintpost
Anthony LaMorgia For us cuz!!! Michael Giovanni Carlo
Michelle Faella Zapata Gail
Chris Niewiarowski Meg Lewis
Tim van Wanrooij Inge van Beek
Ryan Johnson Amy Luedtke
Lilly Troncoso-Thomas Luke de Visser
HuffPost UK Politics 'The conspiracy theories which illuminate much of the jihadi writings have significant support'
Blair: 'Ideology That Drives Extremism Enjoys Significant Muslim Support'
NEW YORK -- Tony Blair continued his campaign against Islamic extremism on Tuesday, using a speech at the 9/11 Memorial in New York to warn that the ideology driving jihadists enjoys "significant
18 hours ago
Abu Zakria The only support the jihadis have is amongst blairs buddies the Saudis.
Lou Morgan How can he say that 'conspiracy theories which illuminate much of the jihadi writings have significant support even amongst parts of the mainstream population' but then go on to say the majority of Muslims don't subscribe to this. It's either one or the other but not both surely?
Abu Zakria This one is specifically for tony the liar Blair.
Michael Hawkes-Southern Nobody cares about this war-criminal's desperate flailing to justify the genocide he instigated. He has no credibility and no moral authority; the only words I want to hear from him ever again should be spoken at The Hague, from the dock.
Dave Beanbagburgess In sorry decent humans have been killed and departed this planet such as the likes of John Lennon, ghandi, Malcolm X etc and theist is massive but humanity has not sent a human to terminate this evil
Edward Siner Millions of £&$ are spent bringing 95yr old German officers to trial for war crimes and this parasite walks amongst them chatting his peace shite... And lecturing Middle East countries on what they need to do to have sustained peace... Arrest this man
Mark Leitch blair and bush was/are the greatest recruiting seargents islamic terrorists ever had and their legacy of a production line of terrorists will continue for generations to come.
Dimitris Delakovias filthy little treacherous scumbag... Ok, there is no real justice in this world - or a god or alah - but where the bloody hell is a "Al-CIA-da/ISIS "terrist" or a "Lee Harvey Oswald" when the world REALLY needs one?!?!
Graham McInnes I suspect that many in the Muslim community, in common with the rest of the world, would be much happier if Blair was to be made to stand trial for his actions, rather than he be allowed to wander free, blaming everyone else for the mayhem he has brought to the world for the sake of a few pieces of Bush gold...
Tash Mish Tash https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=LLFc3qkIzvT8mdUHi2ZZiiLg&v=jPj5IhATZ7k
Yahoo News Tom Hanks is no stranger to helping and thanking others on social media. A man returned the actor's credit card in March and he wrote, "Tony! You make this city even greater!"
Tom Hanks tries to return ID to Fordham University student
“Hanx” is at it, again! After revealing earlier this year that someone found his credit card in New York and returned it, iconic actor Tom Hanks is now paying it forward. Hanx," he wrote on Twitter this afternoon with a picture of the young woman Read more ... from Fordham University in New York. A stranger retur…
18 hours ago
Amadis Lugo Jr. Lauren: You gotta get back to him! IT'S TOM HANKS!!!
Justen Billy He should've ran across the country looking for this individual
Joan Johnson Dam! That is greatest thing I have ever read in my Life...My God give this guy a medal! That's absolutely wonderful. .....YAWN.....
Don Sylver http://jobrize.com/index.php?ref=478080
Pepe Villasenor
James Novotny I DID THE EXACT SAME THING....after charging a couple of grand on it first of course
The Experiment Comedy Gallery 8pm Thursday: Justin Perez, "The Comedian"'s Pander Public Radio feat. The Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj, The Nightly Show's Mateo Lane, Reformed Whores +more. $10 gets you a ticket and a Harpoon Brewery beverage: http://theexcomedy.ticketfly.com/event/9 Read more ... 76637-pander-public-radio-brooklyn/
Pander Public Radio - Tickets - The Experiment Comedy Gallery - Brooklyn, NY - October 8th, 2015
PPR is a live show and podcast in NYC hosted by everyone’s favorite fake NPR host, Justin “Pander” Perez. Guests tell personal stories and the host attempts to tie the stories together using a b
22 hours ago
Techmeme "The app is also concerning because it hides a paid surveys operation under the hood of an app promoting data privacy, which seems like a bad fit." Apple approves an app, Been Choice, that blocks ads in native apps through its VPN content-removal se Read more ... rvice, offers rewards to users that share behavioral data (Sarah Perez / TechCrunch) http://tcrn.ch/1FV5Qe1 http://techme.me/K9FQ
23 hours ago
MSN Money A hunka hunka burning pork? The Wall Street Journal reports on unpopular tax breaks for Graceland.
Elvis and a Big Hunk o' Tax Breaks
The company that manages Graceland is making it even bigger, with a $125 million expansion. But some people aren’t thrilled by one part of the project—the $79 million in local and state tax breaks.
1 day ago
Rick Gazella This is tony lyon call me bro 4403217465
1 day ago
My Life My Destiny love the comments everyone :)
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