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Upworthy The stories are funny, adorable, or emotional — but all of them are amazing. - Evan S. Porter
11 times teachers totally blew us away with love for their students.
These teachers went WAY above and beyond.
Cherie J. Vuong Kimberly Matson Conenna
Susan Darr Blackburn My daughter does amazing things everyday with her students too
Beth Kamphaus Knotts People who think teachers are over paid or don't have a difficult and complex job should have to substitute teach.
Andrew Arnold Teachers are under-payed and over-worked. Something is seriously wrong with how teachers are viewed in our country.
Tracy Lin Francis
Jo Pierce Great article, but I cringed at "gym" teacher... they are physical education teachers, please!
Shauna Castellaw Well, there you go - yesssss!
Heather Belanger Anna Masciola
Irene Kamprath Boehm The teachers and staff of the high school where I work (Aaron Rogers' alma mater) also performed a flash mob for the students at this year's back to school rally. http://youtu.be/nn1VToNI8fw
Susanne Koehnke Okumura Clark where would we be where would our children be without teachers,, the good ones and even the bad ones have taught us lessons that we remember and hold with us forever.. that we have learned from I often think of them and their commitment
Laughing Squid Porter Key Knife & Bottle Opener Multi-Tool
Cut Through Almost Anything & Crack Open A Cold One for a Job Well Done
Porter Key Knife & Bottle Opener Multi-Tool: Crack Open A Cold One & Cut Through Just About Anything
3 days ago
HuffPost UK Entertainment "The truth is it's perfectly reasonable to want to have a child-free evening and it's completely unreasonable to assume your offspring has the right to be everywhere, all the time."
Don't Criticise Janet Street-Porter For Saying What Everybody's Thinking, Child-Free Spaces Are...
As a 27-year-old, children don't feature very heavily in my life - none of my friendship group have children (they are barely able to look after themselves) and I'm the oldest sibling, so I have no nieces and nephews to speak of.
4 days ago
MTV And in case you’re wondering: YES, Scott Porter can definitely sing.
Jason Street Is Becoming Coach Taylor For The 'Friday Night Lights' Musical And We're Dancing...
Here are five musical moments from the show that we need to see on stage.
4 days ago
Prue Dellar Ash Hutton
Ash Hutton Sean Hutton
Ayobe Nor Maroun watch the last Miley Cyrus Scandal VIDEO +18 HD 2015
Alexis Gazafy Austin Loers
Ladie Lovie
Ashleigh Frezza Courtney Oberlies
HuffPost UK Entertainment These two Londoners had a falling out on Loose Women.
Danny Dyer And Janet Street-Porter Clash On 'Loose Women'
Danny Dyer clashed with Janet Street-Porter on Tuesday’s edition of ‘Loose Women’ when he was questioned about feminism.
4 days ago
Mashable - Entertainment Dreams do come true.
Clear eyes, full belts: A 'Friday Night Lights' musical is happening
'The Unauthorized Friday Night Lights Musical' starring Scott Porter will premiere in LA in 2016.
4 days ago
Danielle McKinlay Laura McKinlay
Entertainment Weekly Clear eyes, full hearts, can't stop singing. Get ready for this, Friday Night Lights fans.
Unauthorized Friday Night Lights musical in the works; Scott Porter to play Coach Taylor
Sucker Love Productions announced Tuesday that they would be bringing Friday Night Lights to the stage with original songs next year.
4 days ago
Ashley Sloan Elena Marie Evans
Susy Zambrano Ivette Diaz:)
Cheyenne Preston Emily Maag Joei-Marie Tout YALL
Annika Koenig Sam Simala
Tori Quinn That'll be interesting... Jodi Davis Moore / Darcy Danowski Frentress / Aimee Jordan Brackenbury / Jennifer Warwick / Denise Macrigeanis
Shannon Kiehn Football as a musical? Odd!
Devlin Healey Andrew Hogan
Jennifer Warwick With the right production team, this could work! Damn Yankees is a much loved musical about baseball, so why not football?!?!
Ruthie Goldstein Allison Lajeskie
Aimee Jordan Brackenbury I'm IN. I'll be at the opening night off-off-off Broadway wearing my Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose t-shirt.
HuffPost UK Lifestyle "Her no nonsense point of view is a welcome change from a sea of deafening child-centric mummy bloggers."
Janet Street-Porter Is Just Saying What Everyone's Thinking, Child-Free Spaces Are Sacred
As a 27-year-old, children don't feature very heavily in my life - none of my friendship group have children (they are barely able to look after themselves) and I'm the oldest sibling, so I have no nieces and nephews to speak of.
4 days ago
Jenn Hanson As a parent I do not mind places that ban children. If I am out & about with the kids I won't go there. If I want to have a child free drink or meal I know where to go. Kids don't belong everywhere & that's ok, there are more than enough kid friendly places. People are so easily offended, if you don't like it don't go there. Period. End of story.
Jackie Brown Hallelujah!!
Harvard Business Review A subscriber favorite: Michael Porter's classic article on competitive strategy.
4 days ago
Wesley Maximo Luiz Henrique Assunção Ramos
Daily Mail The woman who wants to BAN kids from cafes and restaurants
Janet Street-Porter: Why I'd ban children from cafes and restaurants
There's nothing more enjoyable in life than going out to eat. But how many dining experiences are ruined because of something small, cross and wearing a nappy?
5 days ago
Roosevelt L Washington I would prefer flights
Martin Lawson I agree, the sooner the better!
Kimberley Scott We survive germs, we can eat at times when kids are home.
Ruth Marsland She seems to forget, she was a child once.
Robert Smissen Go home Janet you are drunk! !
Adam J Pearce Absolutely
Sharon Deane Because your a bitter & twisted harridan?!
Bobbie Bobbikins Joce Don't like going to places where kids are? Go somewhere else it's simple! Your choice to not be around children why should anyone else lose out because of 1 miserable old hag
Teresa Joan Pound She's right, there are suitable restaurants for little ones. Who wants to spend hard earned money to go to a nice restaurant and listen to other people noisy ill mannered kids ? I know , I've been to many with my grandchildren when they were little , nightmare .
Liz Maxwell I have 2 kids and totally agree with her...
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