1,000,000 Pictures Colorful Morning by Rikkie Chambers
Jokes that make you laugh :-D Awesome photos
Ngoc Thanh Hello all fans of 1,000,000 Pictures..Some of the greatest minds in the world have struggled with this pattern intelligence test. Take our test and get your score for free... ~~>
Mohamed Sayed Nais
Upworthy According to Superman, a lot of the talk we've been hearing lately is un-American. (via The Huffington Post)
A 1950s Superman Poster Says What We All Need To Hear About American Values Right Now
Fear and prejudice in the wake of the Paris attacks makes this Cold War-era message as timely as ever.
40 minutes ago
Cindy Ellen Morgan Wait! Isn't Superman an illegal alien refugee from another planet?!
Roland Lecorbeau Well, M. Trump, you could learn one or two things.
Lynn Rand-Lyle Great poster and message!
Carol Parks This poster should hang in every classroom in America!
Wesley Dabney Sorry. Can't respect a religion that promotes cutting people's head off.
George Ascunce Shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell every single trump supporter
Rik Murrietta Superman was a refugee and only made America a better place.
Clint Zarnosky But what about the Commies? :p
David Peak Not against Muslims as individual people -- there are great examples of humanity in the Muslim population -- BUT the ideology is extremely violent and coercive. And no -- Christianity isn't just as bad either.
Scott Baron Exactly!
National Geographic Your weird animal question of the week: What is the world's toughest animal, a tiny water-dwelling invertebrate, made of? Post your questions below for our animal experts—and check back next Saturday to see if it's been answered.
What the World's Toughest Animal Is Really Made Of
When humans are resilient, we say they're made of sterner stuff. But they've got nothing on tardigrades, tiny water-dwelling invertebrates that are considered the most robust animals on Earth.
57 minutes ago
Jason Amenófis Olá, estamos com um projeto no Catarse que destinará parte do valor arrecadado para animais atingidos pela tragédia de Mariana - MG. compartilhe e participe
Sarah Buck-Warner i just see a grub cat meowing
Michael F Nolan Owned now by Murdoch? Unliking. Bye.
Matthew Duerr Marie Libres is this what you ate yesterday?
J-Pasu Pramokchon Water bear
Charles Randall Hubbard Wolverine
Tsang Sum Kin Water bear (tardigarde)?
Jon Derek Rasmussen Our Tardigrade overlords approve
Matthew Taylor Kelley Nokia plastic
Joan Abnett I would have picked a rhino or something like that, How wrongbcan you be! How did completely made-up facts make it into the Washington Post?
The New Evidence Against Death With Dignity Laws Has One Flaw: It’s Not True
Death with dignity laws do one thing, and one thing only: give terminally ill patients the choice to end their lives comfortably rather than prolonging the
1 hour ago
Joseph Burns not me brother suicide is never a choice ppl need 2 make i dont believe in this
J.d. Horwitz Truly wish those of the 'Minimal Generation' would get this right. If it is a fact, it isn't made up. If it is made up, it isn't a fact.
Daily Mail It's so tough to be Kim Kardashian West sometimes. (via Daily Mail Celebrity)
Kim Kardashian shares struggle to post the perfect Instagram caption
When you have almost 53 million followers on Instagram, the pressure is on.
2 hours ago
Small Tattoos Dear loving guys Hi I am MARRY I am 20 years old :) I live in usa ;) :) I love making new friends what about you :( :) please like (Y) my page in 2 secs I promise you :) i will send you a friend request and inbox you :) I promise <3
Steve Brooklyn Who cares?
Cazé Nunes How will I ever sleep again??
Wendy Foster
Chris Doyle Who?
Evan Stickney Those multi syllable words a little tough on you?
Dorey Evans Who cares
Mirta Clark Nasty, she isso nasty yaki
Rich Roberts one must ask of themselves..."if I follow this type person on Instagram" am I part of the dumbing down of the world? I say YES!
Krystn Palmer Such a difficult life.... SMH
WSJ Video The days following a big holiday dinner typically means leftovers. Can you turn some leftovers into boozy drinks?
Turn Holiday Leftovers Into Boozy Drinks
The days following a big holiday dinner typically means leftovers. But what if you can turn some leftovers into drinks? Tom Richter, bartender at Dear Irving, joins Paul Vigna with two boozy post-holiday cocktails.
2 hours ago
BuzzFeed Warning: This post contains graphic images.
A Glittery Hair Tie Caused This Woman To Get An Infection That Needed Emergency Surgery
She's been sharing her story on Facebook to warn people about what she's had to go through.
3 hours ago
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Jaena Claire Cabrera Annytho Tan
Cristina Benitez Tiffany Yost
Yanouchka Mervilus What on earth
Danielle Cole Kimberly: This girl is from my hometown.
Bobbie Jo Mark The hell?!?
Darcie Burrell Hilary Ann DenOtter
Darla Jorgensen Black Micheal
Amanda Spina Amanda
Wendy Torres Wtf??¿¿
NBC News Check out today's best news pictures from around the world:
4 hours ago
Mariel Lopez Look the full video here ►► Mira el vídeo completo aqui ►►
Craig Colt . why is NBC , CBS , MSNBC , CNN , not reporting on this....if it was 2 white men that killed a black preacher's wife , it would be front page everyday until a riot starts -->
Johnny Milton PC. DC. Media ship sinks again and again
Dan Franco More Americans die from diseases, poverty, and guns than terrorism, yet we spend trillions of dollars for the war on terror. That money should be spent on taxpayers and US citizens. Take a stand these holidays. Don’t buy anything produced by corporations that support pro-war politicians. At the very least, limit your spending. You would also be contributing to less pollution.
The Huffington Post The police force at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is grieving, and the UCCS community is comforting them.
A Grieving Colorado Officer Is Comforted By A Furry Friend
Huffington Post reporter Ryan Grenoble captured this heartbreaking photo of a crying Colorado Springs police officer being comforted by a mascot for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, in the
4 hours ago
Beverly A Cummins awww
Rocky Patel
Bessie Sweeney Send another Dead Police officer's badge to the White House for Obama's collection....Obama started this WAR on Police. The treatment police officers get from liberals in this country is sickening. As if anyone would want to stay on the force after the hatchet job the liberal media, Obama, Holder, and Sharpton do to them! When we elected President Obama, weren’t we promised “hope and change”? Obama has destroyed our economy. Everyone is under-employed and can’t afford to live. We must now purchase health insurance we cannot afford and do not want or need (mine is $450/month… contrast this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda… or my $12/month renters insurance from Eagle… both private-enterprise!) Obama’s plan for America is playing out. City after city will experience the same thing until he gets public approval for martial law. And please don't say it won't happen because for the last 6+ years we have watched our Constitutional rights being taken away little by little.
Acclaimed News - Independent News The Mainstream Media Will Never Tell You Nice ! thanks :\
Jolana Kutman Head Sending LOVE to all who lost friends and family members to gun violence.
Fereshte Shokrai Naseh This is a heart breaking pic:(
Harry Smith Bessie Sweeney you need to crawl in your racist ass hole you ugly ass tramp!
Richard Hernandez Where's Ted Cruz? Where's Mike Huckabee?
John Baldwin That is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Thought it was the onion
Sylvia Almanza Condolences to everyone grieving. Lil Boosie announces online he has kidney cancer.
Lil Boosie Has Been Diagnosed With Kidney Cancer
Lil Boosie revealed on Instagram Wednesday that he's been diagnosed with kidney cancer. He took the post down, but a few outlets took a screenshot of the post. According to TMZ, the deleted post read: "I need all my fans to pray for me[.] [My] [d]oct Read more ... or just told me I...
5 hours ago
Young MackTee Boosie You Know We Love You Baby Much Love
Alaune Butler You're in my prayers
Tela Vatrice Yates So. Why is this news?