BuzzFeed Entertainment The Late Show with Stephen Colbert followed the Broncos’ #SB50 victory — how did its ratings compare to those of FRIENDS (TV Show), Grey's Anatomy, and Survivor?
19 Post-Super Bowl Episodes By The Numbers
NBC's The Blacklist will get the massive post-Super Bowl boost on Sunday night — how will its ratings compare to those of Friends, Grey's Anatomy, and Survivor?
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Nur Abi Hey Guys.... TOOK ME HOURS TO FIND, FINALLY GOT THE LINK, Watch : Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Full Movie Deadpool Full Movie Straight Outta Compton Full Movie Ride Along 2 Full Movie Daddy's Home Full Movie Creed Full Movie Captain America: Civil War Full Movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens Full Movie Barbershop: The Next Cut Full Movie The Perfect Guy Full Movie The Hateful Eight Full Movie X-Men: Apocalypse Full Movie
1,000,000 Pictures That beautiful baby Orangutans will make your day :D
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Markus Mietzner Steffie
Jessica Kobita Naghi Good morning babies Perla Saoud Rima Khabbaz Asia Radwan El Hajj
Sammie Whitby Jomi O'Connor
Alexandra Sommerer Katja Baumann
Nhim Xulong
Nhim Xulong
Nhim Xulong
Letitzxia Varela Awww!
Desirée Van Annie Doyle
Veselin Petrov Maria Shamsi Pur
ABC News Rare albino turtle spotted in Queensland, Australia.
Photos from ABC News's post
See the whole picture at
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Patrice Johnson Cute little fella!!!!!!
Brandon Partin Christa Zink
Chris Burnham Lori Bayer
Jeanie Luvinhim Lee awww...
Rehana Bella Hasheem
Jasmine Carter SO CUTE! I Want him
Kristyn Dorney Denia
Chris Corrasa Mallisa Kaitlyn Barry
Jennifer Leonard Ashley Germany
Robert James Firestone First one to get eaten
HuffPost Lifestyle LOL.
James Corden Steals Cindy Crawford's Spotlight In Pepsi Ad Parody
"Is that a great new Pepsi can or what?"
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Rabbi otis i don,t blame you Trey hope your mom has wee wee pads pass Treys post on and let see who eles dogs don,t want to go out in the cold and in the snow ruf ruf Rabbi otis
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Ben J Wolf Necklace Woo
Alaine M. Martin Me too. LoL
Dale Warren You lost a lot of fans with that bullshit gun control post. (Myself included) stick to science. Not politics and manipulated statistics.
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ABC News Peyton Manning spent the day at Disneyland just one day after leading the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 50:
Photos from ABC News's post
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Marcelo Maldonado Not news
Marissa Mourfield Chelsea Farris
Samantha Hanson Holly Marie Krusick
Mikey N BillieJane Klug Hope the whole team was there
Kris Acuña Christina Alcantar Emmanuel Solera
Joe Spanbauer Usually what all super bowl winners do lol
Kristen Marie Deinhardt Michael Faught HA
Amber Nosbisch Smith Awesomeness!
Laurel Lundgren Parratt <3
Willa Stock I'm sure he got the entrance for FREE after promoting it .
HuffPost Lifestyle Cindy Crawford isn't exactly friends with Richard Gere these days.
Cindy Crawford: Richard Gere Is Like 'A Stranger' To Me
Never forget this really, really ridiculously good-looking couple.
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Meg McConney May And we care because.... ?
Debbie Lynn Ratliff look plz
Rick Black Isn't that normal?
Scott Phillips
The Last Election?! Clinton Insider Spills Scary Secrets About What’s To Come! It’ll Rattle Bones
Here's the link that goes with the post: Get The Tea: Pay Pal Larry Nichols- RenseRadio- ...
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John Lemandri My email to the Trump Team: Trump Team: As I have previously informed the Trump Team, Facebook has taken direct action the past few weeks by blocking many of my pro Trump and anti Hillary Blogs from being disseminate to Donald Trump and other FB si Read more ... tes. The Washington Examiner today released a story in which the paper refers to a similar problem with Facebook's suppression of their material. Other pro Trump bloggers have also notified me of similar problems. Some of my blogs also disappear or seem to have been tampered with. I have on a few occasions requested Facebook look into this issue and advise why I can not use their message feature to send to some Facebook sites. These requests have never been satisfactorily answered except on one occasion when I received notification that Facebook was looking into the problem. Facebook is in contravention of our rights under the First Amendment to the Constitution which guarantees Freedom of Speech and Press, while also displaying discriminatory practices in which Republican and conservative viewpoints have been suppressed while Democratic viewpoints to my knowledge are allowed to be distributed. How can I and a small cadre of volunteers effectively support the Trump Team if this continues? Perhaps Mr. Trump should consider filing a law suit against Facebook. That would put the organization on notice and would make great press concerning our First Amendment rights. Thank you for your consideration of this request. I await your response, Sincerely, John Lemandri Williamsburg, Va. Following the Washington Examiner story are my comments to about 60 Donald Trump and conservative sites on Facebook: --------- sent to various Trump and conservative sites on Facebook: I dont know how many of my "Friends" will receive this but if you do, including my response at the end of the Washington Examiner story, let me know. Apparently FB has cut me off from sending anything to others. Please respond if you receive my blog: Facebook has violated OUR First Amendment Rights for Freedom of speech and of the press. Will you help by dissemminating this post? A list of FB sites has been send under seperate message. John Lemandri ----- Washington Examiner Is Facebook in the speech suppression business? By Michael Barone • 8/24/15 4:24 PM Facebook has been caught blocking links to legitimate political commentary from the Center for Immigration Studies opposing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's views on immigration. Mickey Kaus, who has been on the warpath on immigration issues for many years, has the details. Kaus makes his point succinctly in a tweet: "Was FB ban of Zuck opponents a) tech. error b) bias built into software c) eager FB thought police? A) least likely." Suppressing free speech by political opponents is a nasty business, and Mark Zuckerberg ought to (a) explain how this happened and (b) publicly apologize. I don't agree with many of CIS's views but the idea that their publications are abusive or hate speech is preposterous. This episode confirms me in my refusal to use Facebook (I am told I have a Facebook page but have never looked at it and have no intention of doing so). I'm not interested in a communications medium which suppresses views that Mark Zuckerberg disagrees with. ----- This is exactly what I have been trying to tell our Republican voters, that Zuckerberg is a Liberal who supports Clinton and that Facebook has actively suppressed my conservative views and that of other conservative FB users. This is an outrage! If you want to help, go to the blue area on top the page and click on the downward pointing triangle at the far right. Then go to general feedback, then go to feedback for the help center and leave your comment. Enough is Enough! I have already notified all Trump Sites, the Federal Communication Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, Judicial Watch, the ACLU, the Trump Team, and emailed this story and my comments to two dozen daily newspapers throughout the country and various cable, television networks and radio talk show hosts, plus the media in Europe and Israel. If you have some time, please forward this to as many friends as possible. Just who the hell does Zuckerberg think he is to suppress my and your freedom of speech and of the press which are guaranteed to us under the First Amendment to our Constitution? When Facebook singles out Republican blogs to block while allowing Democratic Blogs to continue, the organization is discriminating and a law suit can be filed. John Lemandri
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