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Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we encourage our brothers to use either the profile pic or cover pic on this post - especially if you have a family member, friend or special female in your life who has battled the disease. Here at HQ, we'v Read more ... e changed ours in honor of Jennifer Winstead, wife of RD William Winstead. You can even check out the banner our Leadership School delegates signed for her!
Panti Bliss / Pantibar Although this issue doesn't affect me because this is a "page" and not a "profile", I'm still glad to see Facebook back down. Though it's still annoying for me! I was forced to mauve to a "page" a few years ago after I reached the 5,000 friends limi Read more ... t. At the time that didn't seem like a big deal, but since then FB has made pages more and more useless. For starters, only a very small percentage (on average, 16%) of a page's followers actually see an individual post in their timelines. So the majority of people who 'like' this page won't see this post for example. And the interactivity is much less with a page. You can't tag people, they can't tag me, etc. It's because FB wants pages to pay to "boost" posts. Of course I'm not going to pay to boost every silly post and rambling on this page, but even if it were something important, the boost is very little (I experimented). If you would like to see more of the posts on this page you can get notifications. (You still won't see all my posts in your timeline, but it's something) To get notifications click on the "Liked" tab at the top of my page, and in the drop down menu choose "Get Notifications"
Victory for drag queens as Facebook apologises for 'real-name' policy
Drag queens win right to go by preferred names and social media giant says sorry for ‘hardship that we’ve put you through’
Stop Soldier Suicide We can't say this enough, but when you see suicidal messages on FB from a veteran, or even changes in their profile photos and cover photos that portend a potential bad ending, REACH OUT! This story is one of many. We see how suicidal veterans change Read more ... their pages and post "goddbyes."
Soldier posts suicide attempt to Facebook
A Facebook post. Two cut wrists. Time is the enemy. Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Jeffery Powell saw one Facebook post, Aug. 31, 2014, which sent him frantically searching for a former Soldier.
Sarah Pollo I am not arguing whether or not Amanda Bynes is a hot mess or if she has a mental disorder, but I do think this is another high profile case that spot lights the need to change our mental illness laws and policies, both with the country as a whole an Read more ... d especially in California. It should not take someone being declared 51/50 to force help on someone in my opinion. In that case, we are waiting on someone to harm themselves or someone else before being able to take action. I also think we have a serious problem with mental illness in CA where many roam the streets, get thrown in jail for a night and then just thrown back onto the streets. We can thank Reagan for that one (and I am a Republican) and all of our state's leadership since Reagan for not doing something meaningful about mental illness.#AmandaBynes #mentalillness http://guardianlv.com/2014/10/amanda-bynes-parents-refuse-to-continue-conservatorship-friends-worried/
Amanda Bynes Parents Refuse to Continue Conservatorship, Friends Worried
The parents of Amanda Bynes are reportedly refusing to consider the idea of extending her conservatorship, and the former actress’s friends are extremely worried for her health. Sources close to the situation gave an exclusive statement to TMZ on T Read more ... uesday, September 30th. The sources say that Rick By…
2 minutes ago
Tom Hawley This was first posted as a quiz, but it has now been answered by Fran Zafuto.. This picture is from a 1977 profile in the Las Vegas Sun of Monk Montgomery.
6 minutes ago
Official Patricia Briggs [Posted by the moderator] For those who are unable to attend today's signing, fear not because we haz buy links for the comic who can't get access to a comic store. And here's the link for Hopcross Jilly at ComiXology US https://t.co/ouGRQrzByd & U Read more ... K https://t.co/SK7JHZSXF0 TFAW (also ships worldwide) http://www.tfaw.com/Profile/Mercy-Thompson-1-%28of-6%29___460906 And Forbidden Planet in the UK https://forbiddenplanet.com/125802-mercy-thompson-1/ And for the DRM free digital version - you can get it direct at Dynamite's own site! http://dynamite.com/digital/viewProduct.html?PRO=C72513022187201011 Note: Both TFAW and Forbidden Planet offers subscriptions for the entire Hopcross Jilly mini series!
Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly #1: Digital Exclusive Edition - Comics by comiXology
An all-new story set in official continuity, exclusively created for comics! You've never read a Mercy Thompson story like this before! Mercy Thompson returns to comics in an all new adventure by New York Times' bestselling author, Patricia Briggs! M Read more ... ercy Thompson is a shapeshifting coyote and honora…
8 minutes ago
Nicholas Pastore I really like this guy.
Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?
Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me.
15 minutes ago
Amanduh Potatoes Today, someone stole from our facility. I spoke with the suspect (who was caught) and I believed him when he told me he did not do it. After video surveillance and police involvement this person ended up being a pretty high profile criminal. I know Read more ... I have been manipulated and conned way more than I should allow but in all honesty, I do not think this part of me will ever change. I try to always see the best in people. I hope that they are truthful and kind.
16 minutes ago
Inderjit Singh
A Small Support for a bigger Happiness
Support us, to help these people. To Bring in more Happiness
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Comcast SportsNet Bay Area Remember Chris Owusu? The former Stanford University and San Francisco 49ers wideout has signed a deal with the Jets, replacing a high-profile draft pick.
Jets cut fourth-round WR, sign Owusu
The New York Jets parted ways with one of their high-profile rookies and signed former Stanford and 49ers receiver Chris Owusu.
18 minutes ago
Dolores Streater Logan-El Hope we get something out of this
Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?
Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me.
18 minutes ago
Greta Christina Hey, whaddya know! A serious threat of a boycott can work! If enough of us let a company know that they're not too big to fail, and that we'll live without them if they get us mad enough -- they'll bloody well pay attention! A lot of people really li Read more ... ke Facebook, and depend on it for both professional and personal connections -- and yet were willing to sacrifice it to press them to do the right thing. Let's remember this, shall we? From SF Supervisor David Campos: "The drag queens spoke and Facebook listened! Facebook agreed that the real names policy is flawed and has unintentionally hurt members of our community. We have their commitment that they will be making substantive changes soon and we have every reason to believe them," Campos said. "Facebook apologized to the community and has committed to removing any language requiring that you use your legal name. They're working on technical solutions to make sure that nobody has their name changed unless they want it to be changed and to help better differentiate between fake profiles and authentic ones."
Facebook Apologizes For Discriminatory "Real Name" Policy
Facebook sparked a fierce backlash three weeks ago when it began enforcing a "real name" policy against performers and members of the LGBT community. The company initially dug in its heels, refusing to stop requiring people to use their legal names, Read more ... inciting hundreds of thousands of people to flee t…
21 minutes ago
Bianca Harvey Joe Corfield & O'Malley Oddysee playing at the poolside stage for Listening Sessions at The Custard Factory for City of Colours - Birmingham Street Art Festival 2014 a few weeks ago. Filmed by myself - B Harvey Photography. All get yourselves to Lis Read more ... tening Sessions at PST Digbeth tomorrow for Listening Sessions @ PST - 2/10/14. 8PM - 12AM. £1 before 9PM, £2 after. READ THE INFORMATION BELOW: 'Listening Sessions is an opportunity for up and coming producers to listen to their work on a real club soundsystem and get their music heard by other producers and like-minded people. The session will operate in the same format as usual - 16 producers, 3 tunes each on rotation. A more detailed description of the rules is available on the Listening Sessions Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ListeningSessionsPST Slots are filling up fast for this one once again, so act fast if you want to come down and showcase your sound! DOOR PRICE: £1 before 9pm/£2 after. PST are providing cans of Carling for £2.50 rather than the usual £3 and will also have tasty hot food on offer from their kitchen. Everyone is welcome, whether you're an artist, a DJ, a label owner, a promoter or you just simply want to come down and enjoy a few mid-week beers whilst soaking up some of the awesome talent our city has to offer! Check out our website at http://www.listeningsessions.co.uk/ Keep up to date with our social media profiles: https://www.facebook.com/ListeningSessionsPST https://www.youtube.com/ListeningSessions1 https://soundcloud.com/groups/listening-sessions https://twitter.com/Listening0121' ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX3R9eiYpvs&list=UUnmNvF70B0gPBFurFr0pPSA
Joe Corfield & O'Malley playing on the Listening Sessions Poolside Stage at City of Colours, Sept 14
Filmed by B Harvey Photography | Videography www.bharveyphotography.co.uk www.facebook.com/BHarveyPhotography Listening Sessions is an opportunity for up and...
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Jaan XD
Find Out Your Facebook Profile Analyzer Result.
Click on Share Link to See your Result.
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Dalila Moon Walker This fake profile of me is pretty damn lovely. It's as if I am actually speaking with myself
28 minutes ago
Reta Simpson-Hunt
30 minutes ago
Accent on Vision Santa Fe iScription is a new optical technology allowing for a more accurate prescription for better overall vision and less eye strain. Our office uses a unique instrument that measures more than 2500 reference points in your eye to provide a highly detaile Read more ... d analysis of your vision profile. We then combine those measurements with the prescription determined by the doctor for a more precise prescription that is correctable to ± .01 diopters (regular prescriptions are measured ± .25 diopters). These lenses provide better night/low-light vision, visual contrast, and enhanced color vision. Call our office today to set up your next comprehensive eye exam and take advantage of this great technology.
i.Scription® by Zeiss
i.Scription utilizes measurements from the unique i.Profilerplus 3-in-1 device, which combines ATLAS® corneal topography, a wavefront aberrometer, and an aut...
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Brenda Sizemore TONIGHT !!
Profiles: Pink Floyd Behind The Wall - Premieres Wednesday, October 1
This is a tale of the rise of one of the greatest rock bands in the world. Spanning nearly 4 decades, Pink Floyd has seen the highs and lows of rock and roll...
31 minutes ago
Desert Perinatal Associates Thank you to all of our parents for sharing pictures of your little ones, we are so fortunate to be able to see them grow! Our profile picture this week is little Asher and Journey on an adventure around the country!
39 minutes ago
Su Circumnavigating
Mark Zuckerberg Set Up Andy Samberg's Facebook Profile
Jimmy chats with Andy Samberg about the time he called Mark Zuckerberg for tech support for his dormant Facebook account. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show S...
41 minutes ago
Lorna Batulan Noro
Congratulations Alliance In Motion Global, Inc.
Congratulations Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. for being the TOP 1,072 Corporation according to Philippine Business Profiles and Perspectives Inc. POWER!
45 minutes ago
Howard Schug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNwCDIGuMK4#t=35
AFSP | Dating Profile
Learn more at http://americansforsharedprosperity.com/
48 minutes ago
Comcast SportsNet Bay Area Find out about new addition Leandro Barbosa and what his role may be on the Golden State Warriors. Insider Monte Poole has the scoop.
Warriors Player Profile: Barbosa key off the bench
Leandro Barbosa, who used to be one of the league's fastest players, aims to earn a role as a scorer off the bench for the Warriors in 2014.
50 minutes ago
Thomas McCrorie Smart
51 minutes ago
Rennie Paxton
55 minutes ago
Michael Bouchereau-Arnephie The person responsible for my addiction... :) Ton Mark....lol
Mark Zuckerberg's Profile: Bloomberg Game Changers
Bloomberg's "Game Changers" goes from Harvard dorm rooms to NASDAQ trading floors to reveal the Facebook CEO's sheer and sometimes stubborn determination. (S...
57 minutes ago
Jonny Roof Raizar MC Check out the BAR:RAGE takeover on rough tempo i featured on briefly due to arriving late. But check the hour with profile- smallz & funsta.. It's dirty!
FUNSTA Presents The BAR:RAGE Takeover - Rough Tempo LIVE - September 2014
FUNSTA Presents The BAR:RAGE Takeover on http://www.roughtempo.com - 3rd September 2014 ***** Rough Tempo LIVE! ***** 11am-3am Weekdays & All Weekend (GMT) (...
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Brian Robertson
1 hour ago
Bhisham Makhija DEAR FRIENDS EARN HUGE MONEY IN YOUR SPARE TIME BY FREELANCING OR CANVASSING OR MARKETING (WHATEVER YOU CALL IT). NO NEED OF EVEN INVESTING YOUR PERSONAL MONEY. JUST SOME MARKETING TIME IS REQUIRED. BELOW ARE THE DETAILS: SUPER ADS - PRODUCTIO Read more ... N OF EXCELLENT QUALITY TV COMMERCIALS & CORPORATE FILMS AT NOT SO HIGH COSTS Dear Sir / Madam Good day to you. We produce excellent quality TV Commercials, Corporate Films, Documentary Films, Dramas & Social Awareness Films, Promos at not so high costs. Below are the links of some of our work: Video_01 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqCs03AaME4&feature=channel&list=UL Video_02 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CVkj9tBrLw&feature=channel&list=UL PLEASE ASK FOR OUR PROFILE. Awaiting a positive response from you soon. Thanks for your time. Have a great day Bhisham Makhija Manager - Marketing & Client Servicing 9769094111 bhisham.superads@gmail.com VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION Advertising on Television and Cinema Halls / Multiplexes through Ad Films is the most impactful and cost effective way of reaching a very huge target customer.
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McClatchyDC Maria Echaveste, if confirmed, would be the first woman to hold the high-profile post of U.S. #ambassador to #Mexico.
From California’s Central Valley to possibly ‘Madam ambassador’ | White House |...
Maria Echaveste, a farmworker’s kid shaped by California’s San Joaquin Valley, has now been tapped for her biggest job yet, as U.S. ambassador to Mexico.
1 hour ago
Allied Business Schools Many recruiters do look at social media profiles before interviewing someone so make sure your photos aren't putting you out of the running for a job.
1 hour ago
Shaan Newar money can buy happiness...awesome video
A Small Support for a bigger Happiness
Support us, to help these people. To Bring in more Happiness
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