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Salon The moments so tragic Stewart had to step away from his comic persona...
5 times Jon Stewart was too sad to joke
Jon Stewart never failed to make us laugh — but sometimes he left us in tears.
The Wall Street Journal “When people ask me why I am so tall,” Sogo said, bending forward to address the crowd, “I tell them it’s because I eat giraffe.”
An Expat in Hong Kong: Asylum-Seeker, Stand-up Comic, English Student
Hong Kong's asylum seekers and refugees comprise a dynamic expat community of individuals who've left families and familiarity behind because of civil wars, political unrest and the threat of persecution back home.
2 hours ago
Luyonga Enoch Edris Am trying it out for lunch...
Los Angeles Times The building is going to be demolished to make way for yet another hotel high-rise. What's your favorite memory from the House of Blues?
House of Blues closes Sunset Strip location with Steel Panther -- and Miley Cyrus
Live Nation has yet to announce a new location for the venue.
3 hours ago
Michelle Weiler WHAT?! That location is central to the iconic LA music scene...smh.
Sonny Bean Dan Aykroyd dancing on stage with George Throughgood
Eduardo Souza I met Jay Kay lead singer of Jamiroquai there right before their performance!
LaCifé Franklin L.A. can't take any more high rise projects. What do you think is a great contributor to our drought? Single and double story buildings replaced with 10 and 20 story high rise that requires more of everything.
Tiara TLanice Simmons Why can't the US take a page out of Europe's book and just leave landmarks alone? LA doesn't need anymore highrises. HoB and other buildings are city treasures. Tear it down to build expensive housing no one can afford any way?? Wait, nevermind. It isn't about building housing it's about clearing out the "undesireables" to make LA pretty for the influx of hipsters. Got it.
Cam Brose When was the last time a great band came out of L.A.?
Rocio Guisella Plasencia My favorite memory is going to see the voice after party
Attosha PersianPrincess Method Man asking cali for the best weed and everyone threw weed lol
Jorge David CLOSE THAT MOFO DOWN!!!!!!!!
Neil Manglani Tom leykis anniversary party www.blowmeuptom.com
Give A Shit About Nature Show this to a climate change denier you love.
This One Comic Perfectly Shuts Down Deniers of Global Warming
Science has been questioned for decades.
5 hours ago
HuffPost Entertainment It was worth the wait.
Ryan Reynolds Premieres 'Deadpool' Trailer
Unlike his character in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," Ryan Reynolds doesn't need to keep his mouth sewn shut about "Deadpool" anymore. An early version of the trailer debuted at Comic-Con and a teaser for
6 hours ago
Beverly Yensen-Quick Can't wait
Monica Riewe Cory M Dunn
Entertainment Weekly The first Deadpool Movie trailer is finally here!
Watch the first trailer for Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool'
The Merc with the Mouth is finally speaking. After a tease of footage at this year’s Comic Con, plus a cameo appearance in the trailer for Fantastic Four...
7 hours ago
Daredevil Memes That Green Lantern reference
Kofi Poku Good but Deadpool should be way uglier.
Jeramaine SonnyJr Riddle Colossus
Bryan Riel I love how he says not to make his suit green and animated... Little reference to Green Lantern.
Matt Sutton is this the one that leaked during comic-con
Matt Queen Ahhhhh, I'm touching myself tonight.
Adrian Rivera III Did I see Colossus in the trailer ?
Okime Nebar
Martin Ramirez IV My reaction when I heard Deadpool would be rated R. lol
Tom Landry
Yahoo Movies The first trailer for Deadpool Movie is here!
Watch the First Fierce and Filthy Trailer for ‘Deadpool’ (NSFW)
The first official Deadpool trailer -- a slight variation on the version that premiered to oohs, aahs and a demand for an encore at San Diego Comic-Con -- is finally here for mass consumption, in all its filthy glory.
7 hours ago
Jordan Garciaciacia Full Metal Chubby
Jake Kitchen Been waiting for "Shoop" to make it into a superhero film trailer.
Tom Landry
Luis Vicente Lopez Fuck yeah. The Merc with a Mouth is coming to the big screen. Im glad fox this time is so faithful to the mythology of the character from the comics. Im hoping that this adaption of deadpool helps me forget that terrible adaption of the character in origins wolverine.
Cephas Ngara
Richard Chadwick Sweet, I can't wait
Shaune Lam Badass
Nick Alex López Yass
Bennett Archer-Wyman Oh my god xD
Matt Mcdonald That looks good
CNN International An artist imagines the British rock band flying through Hong Kong on a magic ice cream truck -- and the results are spectacular.
7 hours ago
Bono Vox Blur is good band...
Don Burroughs https://www.facebook.com/AazizElali/videos/vb.1436366113254723/1715502048674460/?type=2&theater NEWS OR NOT.
Ber-nard Lacsa-mana wooohhh-hoooohhhh!!!!
Davids Dïv Shikabe opppsss.......
Jonathan Bernabel Ver video de esta noticia aqui>>> http://bit.ly/1RO3bYW watch the video>>> http://bit.ly/1RO3bYW
Jim Muth WHAT IS THE CHARACTER OR NATURE OF GOD? WHERE ARE LIFE’S BATTLE LINES? THE SPIRIT REALM? The Fruits of the Holy Spirit of God are as follows; charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, chastity, self-control, modesty, fidelity (faithfulness), gentleness, and generosity. These should be the desires of a believer, there source is God Almighty, Jesus Christ. Prudence (forethought), justice, fortitude (courage) and temperance (abstinence) are the Cardinal (basic) virtues, and faith, hope and love are the theological (spiritual) virtues (merits) that guide man in the quest for holiness. But the opposite of goodness, is evil or vices (sin) such as pride, covetousness, envy, anger, lust, gluttony (greed) and sloth (laziness). To help man choose God of his “free will” there are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which enters man when following, accepting Jesus Christ; wisdom, knowledge, understanding, fortitude (courage), counsel (direction), piety (godliness) and fear of the Lord (Awe [wonder] of the Lord).
Marty Trout http://www.mrctv.org/blog/pl-parenthood-employee-laughs-about-aborted-baby-body-parts-all-mixed-together-bag#.th2wui:GF4n
Marty Trout https://www.facebook.com/185711376046/photos/a.10150134015241047.332592.185711376046/10153413946611047/?type=1
BuzzFeed Entertainment Casting scoop: David Alan Grier is joining Queen Latifah and Mary J. Blige in NBC's "The Wiz Live."
Veteran Comic David Alan Grier To Play Cowardly Lion In “The Wiz Live”
The actor joins Queen Latifah and Mary J. Blige in NBC's musical event, BuzzFeed News can exclusively report.
11 hours ago
Rainy Kinchen Nailed it.
Los Angeles Times Entertainment What happened to the characters before the raging chase across the desert that became "Mad Max: Fury Road." What was Max up to before he was chewing on live lizards in the bleak desert? DC Comics imprint Vertigo has turned the secret back story dream Read more ... ed up by director George Miller into a collection of prelude comics, and this is an EXCLUSIVE glimpse of what Max was doing before the events of the film.
Comic offers exclusive reveal of Mad Max's back story just before 'Fury Road'
What happened to the characters before the raging chase across the desert that became " Mad Max: Fury Road ?" What was Max up to before he was chewing on live lizards in the bleak desert? DC Comics imprint Vertigo has turned the secret back story dre Read more ... amed up by director George Miller into a…
13 hours ago
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Saksi: Comic strip na Pugad Baboy, hindi muna ilalathala sa PDI simula bukas | Hindi ilalathala simula bukas ang comic strip na \Fans ng Pugad Baboy, nagustuhan daw ang comic strip sa pagiging kritikal nito sa isyu ng lipunan | State of the Nation is a nightly newscast anchored by award-winning broadcast journalist, Jessica Soho. It airs Mondays to Fridays at 9:00 PM (PHL Time) on ...SONA: Comic strip na, \'pugad baboy,\' sinuspinde ng Philippine Daily Inquirer | State of the Nation is a nightly newscast anchored by award-winning broadcast journalist, Jessica Soho. It airs Mondays to Fridays at 9:00 PM (PHL Time) on ...PDI suspends \'Pugad Baboy\' over lesbian controversy | Sinuspinde ng Philippine Daily Inquirer ang comic strip na \Pugad Baboy creator: Online is the way to go | Even before he resigned from the Philippine Daily Inquirer as contributing cartoonist on Friday evening, June 7, Pol Medina Jr had been reflecting on the ...#PugadBaboy on Rappler | http://www.rappler.com/nation/31410-pugad-baboy-rappler The satire that shaped the opinion -- and humor -- of an entire generation since the late 1980s moves ...
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