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Daily Mail What a strip-off! Woman grabs game-winners shirt from little kid – then it shows up on Gumtree.
Football fan grabs play-off hero's shirt from small boy
Ted Dockray, eight, managed to catch Jermaine Beckford’s jersey as he threw it towards a group of children in the stands at Wembley after scoring a hat-trick for Preston North End.
11 hours ago
Paul Houlden Thankfully social media has hunted her down and disgraced her like the cruel hearted witch that she is. What a vulgar display of a person.
Luke Mcdowall Scumbag absolute joke of a woman
Mark Smith The shirt is being returned to the kid.
Paul Thomson Why didn't anyone in the crowd stop her ?
Ashley Goldsmith Disgusting and so undignified. Call herself a mother! Is this what she is modelling for her daughter?
Harry Wojahn who could even think of doing something like this. Stealing out of the hands of children is wrong. I would rather try to win something myself and give it to a kid that wanted it.
Kelly Conway-miller Vile women
Julie Van Dooren at the end the reporter says mum knows best, so it could be the mother who want to save his shirt and otherwise if it was and if I was there I would give the shirt back to the boy and I would slap her in the face
Marty Ambridge What a clown saying it's all a misunderstanding because she's been scooped & is in the National press
Julie Rhimi Poor kid. that is awful!
Hrm Mut Ankh Amun Renee saunders of Cleveland, Ohio has set out to make a difference in the world. This has been a long life passion as a child. Through prayer, patience, and hard work, her dream became a reality. Last year in 2014, she is the second US citizen to p Read more ... lace a flag and claim landlocked territory which was left unclaimed by either country in West Africa declared a new kingdom to govern which is called the Kingdom of Yasnee. Burkina Faso and Niger's respective border claims left a small strip of land claimed by neither country. The area stretching between two locations referred to as the Tong-Tong and Tao astronomic markers, was left unclaimed because Burkina Faso consider the border to be a straight line running between the two markers, while Niger also respected a third marker place a bit east of the line. Renee Saunders is now officially called Her royal majesty Queen Renee Saunders of Yasnee and her consort Prince Gregory Duke of Yasnee. Her seven children will officially be called Prince Nayya Asaru Ankh Amun-El, Prince Danny Green jr., Prince Lucas Green, Prince Daniel Green, Prince Stephen Green, Prince Tyrus Green, and Princess Yasmeen Green. Jeremiah Heaton of Abington, Virginia is the first US citizen to claim territory in the northern part of Africa called Bir Tawil which he calls the Kingdom of North Sudan. Together they plan to develop a system of dual energy by way of solar panels and wind turbine. Equality for all with the right to live a healthy and productive life that each individual deserves. As the Nation's come together and recognize this kingdom as friendly, alot of positive things can come out of this.
11 hours ago
The First World War Diaries of Stapleton Tench Eac 26/5/17 (part of) Another tremendously hot day. The usual tramp of troops and the blare of bagpipes and brass and silver instruments penetrates the sultry air....... It was my turn to be off in the evening and I betook myself to the bank against t Read more ... he moat, where I stayed until 8 pm. Over on the other side, but too low for me to see, there is another strip of water, where judging from the noise which went on there, a large number of British Tommies were...... It was good to hear the full, frank, whole-hearted laughter, which accompanied their sport. I myself am too much on the wrong side of good health. It was not from want of desire or wish that I am so overcome with lethargy....... My spirit is naturally tireless and active but as usual I am a victim of bad luck. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Other War news from the 26th May,1917: Western Front Three German attacks in Champagne, all successful. Southern Front Italians take and lose Kostanjevica, but capture 10 guns. Naval and Overseas Operations Hospital ship "Dover Castle" torpedoed twice in Mediterranean, and sunk, 6 lost. Political, etc. Mr. Balfour arrives in Canada. French Minister of Marine states Germans have sunk 2,400,000 tons in first four months. Brazil annuls its neutrality decree. Following a violent bombardment of our trenches, northwest of Braye-en-Laonnois, the Germans launched three strong columns to assault a highlight of our line, in the Panthéon sector at north of Chemin des Dames. Despite heavy losses, they succeeded, after several attempts, to gain a foothold in some points of our forward trenches. Our counter attacks against attacks were immediately activated , we were able to recapture most of the area conquered by the enemy, during these attacks we captured 55 prisoners and took 2 machine guns. During an attack on the Vauclerc, our troops have captured 3 field guns. In the Cheuvreux region, the enemy responded with heavy artillery on the positions taken by us. The Germans confirmed that its losses were very heavy during the attack and two battalions were almost completely destroyed. Our losses were less than the number of prisoners we have made in this action, which amounts to thirty. In Argonne, we managed a hand near the Girl-Morte. The Italians have made attacks on Carso, and prisoners have increased to 10,245, including 316 officers. The Chamber of Deputies discussed in secret committee, the question of submarine warfare in London at which Mr. Lloyd George was present, he delivered a reassuring statement. ---------------------------------------------------------------- HMHS Dover Castle (His Majesty's Hospital Ship): Was a steam ship originally built for the Union-Castle Line, but requisitioned for use as a British hospital ship during the First World War. On 26 May 1917 she was torpedoed by German U-boat UC-67 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures: 1: The Dover Castle before her wartime service, 2: German submarine (Please select image for more information)
11 hours ago
Николай Павлов Israeli thugs.
PressTV-Israeli navy targets Gazan fishermen
A Palestinian fisherman is shot and injured by Israeli navy forces off the northern coast of the Gaza Strip.
12 hours ago
Fast Company Kelly Sue DeConnick's three-year-old comic-book series, Captain Marvel, featuring a female Marvel Comics character originally introduced in the late 1960s, has grown so popular among women that there’s now a Captain Marvel film in development, and Read more ... the pilot turned superhero is rumored to have a role in the next Avengers movie.
Kelly Sue DeConnick
For reanimating a superhero.
16 hours ago
Lose weight Stop Failing At Your Diet And Learn The Secrets Of Cooking And Eating For Real Results <3
Sheila Cronin Rob Ruddell
Mashable - Entertainment As part of Comic Relief: Red Nose Day, Jack Black traveled to Uganda to spend a day with a 12-year-old boy named Felix.
Jack Black spends the day with a homeless child in Uganda
Jack Black traveled to Uganda for Red Nose Day 2015 and spent the day with a homeless boy named Felix.
17 hours ago
HelloGiggles Because even TV characters are all about that fandom life ;)
My favorite TV characters’ nerdiest moments
As our beloved Ben Wyatt would say, nerd culture has gone mainstream. From comic books to fashion shows, what was once considered culturally uncool is certainly all the rage now. I can't pinpoint where the phenomenon started, but it definitely gained Read more ... momentum when James Franco (as Daniel Desario) pl…
17 hours ago
Marilynn Alexa Terga Parks and Recs♥
I Heart Climate Scientists Great Doonesbury or greatest Doonesbury ever? Check out this climate themed strip: http://ow.ly/NmnN0 Pls share & like I Heart Climate Scientists for more every day.
18 hours ago
I Heart Climate Scientists Great Doonesbury or greatest Doonesbury ever? Check out this climate themed strip: http://ow.ly/NmnN0 Pls share & like I Heart Climate Scientists for more every day.
18 hours ago
Huffington Post UK Police described their deaths as a "tragic and sad event"...
Hunt Continues For Man Suspected Of Stabbing Sister, Mother And Partner
Police are on the hunt for Jed Allen, a fan of comic book superhero Wolverine, suspected of stabbing to death his six-year-old sister, their mother and her partner. Armed officers are scouring Didc
19 hours ago
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