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WSJ Real Estate Tour the home of Benny Medina, whose time spent working for the founder of Motown Records inspired the hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Real-Life ‘Fresh Prince’ Benny Medina Lists in Los Angeles for $13 Million
The producer and talent manager who inspired ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ said he spent five years thoroughly renovating the Doheny Estates home
9 days ago
BuzzFeed News The suspect reportedly shot a security guard, who remains in critical condition.
Suspect Dead After Shooting At Federal Building In Lower Manhattan
Police are investigating a shooting at a federal building in Manhattan that left one person seriously wounded and the suspected gunman dead. BuzzFeed News reporter Nicolás Medina Mora is at the scene.
11 days ago
Alisha Betten unfortunately security officer did not make it. this is such a secure area in the City, especially the federal building. No place is safe SMH....
Alejandro Avila Wait for Republicans to say it was the victims fault again for not carrying a gun.
Ginger Looney "Were died" proofreading/editing is needed. Gads.
Patrice Johnson awful......
Matteo Bignotti guess what... a bad man with a gun shot a good guy with a gun... :(
Kayla Pagán Between this and the shit in Newburgh I'm just gonna stay inside.
علي شراب Ali Shurrab انا شخصية كرتونية عربية عالمية هدفي هو اسعادكم صفحتي فقط لمن يريد مشاهدة اجمل مقاطع الفيديو واجمل المعلومات المنوعه الثقافية والساخرة والصور الساخرة الجميلة كل ما تبحث عنه عبر الفيس بوك ستجدوه في صفحتي الجميلة المتواضعه ...شاركوني باعجاب (Y) في داخل الصفحة حتي يصلكم كل ما هو جديد ومتميز ^_^
Julien Calixte Roxanne Tucker
Janessa Gross Zyggy B. Tylke
WSJ Video WSJ's Stefanos Chen takes us through the beautiful homes in this week's private properties. http://live.wsj.com/video/real-life-fresh-prince-benny-medina-13-million-home/AA33E376-7334-4BCC-A20E-C0B7BF55E364.html
Real-Life ‘Fresh Prince’ Benny Medina $13 Million Home
WSJ's Stefanos Chen takes us through the beautiful homes in this week's private properties including the home of the real "Fresh Prince," Benny Medina on Lunch Break. Photo: Simon Berlyn
11 days ago
WSJ Real Estate "I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there...."
Real-Life ‘Fresh Prince’ Benny Medina Lists in Los Angeles for $13 Million
The producer and talent manager who inspired ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ said he spent five years thoroughly renovating the Doheny Estates home
13 days ago
I fucking love science You would think 13 children would be enough.
65-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets
There is quite a sizeable gap between the world’s oldest and youngest recorded mothers. Sixty-five years, in fact, between Omkari Panwar, who was 70 at the time, and Lina Medina, who was just five. These records still stand, but there has been a ne Read more ... w jaw-dropping entry into the books: A 65-year-old h…
14 days ago
Thomas Kievit say what
Natascha Vidovic Alexandra Heilbutt Da ist sie wieder :O
Del Harewood Jessica Thomas
Giselle Feuillet-Tunis Mrs. Duggar's main competitor, I presume.
Latham Conger III Selfish cunt.
Rachel Williamson No. Just, no.
Margo- Margie Kelsch- Aly thats ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!1
Paul Fritz Not if you want a reality show on TLC. I think their new minimum is 20.
Joe Barnett That's nothing. My mom has three kids and she's 72.
Bianca Ortiz Susie Guerra-Ortiz
HuffPost Crime A medical examiner has not yet ruled on how the toddler died.
Dead Toddler's Father Pleads Insanity To Corpse Abuse
MEDINA, Ohio (AP) -- A man charged with corpse abuse after a cable technician found his young daughter's decomposed body in a crib pleaded not guilty Monday by reason of insanity. Eric Warfel, 34, entered
21 days ago
Mandy Bollen Barclay So he's killed 2 children now.
Joy Jensen I have a good guess
Jennifer Butcher
Stephanie Powell Nope, eff that. If he was so insane why did he have custody?
Honey Lindsey Get that judge off the damn bench.
Diana Mckinley This bastard wasn't insane he knew exactly what he was doing
Los Angeles Times Photography, Video and Multimedi Maurice James, a young Watts resident, and Stalin Medina, owner of the Watts Cyclery, reflect on challenges facing black and Latino youth in the neighborhood, and how access to bicycles can be a vehicle out of the community.
22 days ago
David Bernard Keep up the good work Watts Cyclery. Very cool.
HuffPost Crime The baby's body had been in the crib for over a month.
Father Indicted After Toddler's Body Found In Crib
MEDINA, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio man was indicted by a grand jury in connection with keeping the body of his dead 1-year-old daughter in a crib in his apartment for over a month. Northeast Ohio Media Group
23 days ago
Rachael Stange Kopchick Where's Mom? Grandma/Grandpa? Aunt/Uncle?
Judy Webster This SOB does not need to see the light of day ,why your a suspose to be dad do this to his on child you know grandparents would love to have this baby ,now don't say you,re crazy to try to get out of it you are just right down mean you proably killed it to keep it from going to a good home. Burn in HELL
Tony Jean Robert PIGS ACQUITTED OF MURDER OF UNARMED MAN. http://countercurrentnews.com/2015/08/cop-acquitted-in-of-kelly-thomas-was-just-arrested-for-domestic/
Macki Cooper Sick bastered I hope he rots in hell
Alicia Reitz Huckleby Sickening! What a piece if shit!
Kelly Moran Oh gosh
Olivia Taylor Vines What a sorry sack of shit.
Cindy Clark Holmes Sick!! What's gone wrong with humans?
Johny Appalachia Murder is wrong.
Bob Henderson Hang Him By His Buster Browns!!!!
HuffPost Crime The child was 1-year-old.
Father Indicted After Toddler's Body Found In Crib
MEDINA, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio man was indicted by a grand jury in connection with keeping the body of his dead 1-year-old daughter in a crib in his apartment for over a month. Northeast Ohio Media Group
25 days ago
Tessa Gabrielle And mom didn't even realize she was dead bc bio "mom" was in NY. Disgusting.
Jennifer Crawford He had another baby that died two years ago of SIDS. He is killing them off. Death penalty
Sheri Greene *sswipe, disgusting
Irene Calabrese Don't "drop the soap!!" Karma sweetie.... It will bite you in the butt!!
Cathlin Hess I think I'll vomit now.
Carol Lynn Cunningham Sooooooo HORRIBLE!
Sheryl Speaks As he should!!
Judy Webster Good now burn in hell you low life
Roger Ekdahl Wtf ? RiP baby Girl
Wong Hunglo Trainspotting wasn't a instructional video for crying out loud.
Adan Martinez Vazquez A QUIEN CORRESPONDA...... SOY MEXICANO Y NECESITO AYUDA GRACIASSSSSSS.......... Sufrí un accidente cuando tenía 8 años de edad, quede desfigurado de mi rostro y sufrí una persecución psicológica, ya que me apodaba: cara parchada, rompecabezas, Read more ... boca chueca y ventrilucuo... porque mi boca la abría medio centímetro, ya que tenía anquilosada la mandíbula ,y un perro comía mejor que yo, y eso era inadmisible para mi, ya que mis operaciones tenían un valor de 50 mil dollar cada una, y no podía reunir esa cantidad de dineron, le pedí ayuda al presidente de la república mexicana al Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León.... envié cartas al director gral.el. Lic. Génaro Borrrego Estrada. del Imss. quienes me negaron su ayuda porque sus estatutos y reglamentos son inquebrantables, el Imss.es para enfermedades crónicas a futuro no para cirugías reconstructivas.....me dijo el coordinador del Imss. Mario Barquet Rdz. mi caso llego a salud publica del estado por medio de la Lic. Leonor Ortis Monasterio... coordinadora de atención ciudadana con # de folio 152192-24 con el Dr. Carlos Castro Medina quienes también me negaron su apoyo, le envié cartas al Lic. Jacobo Zavludovski , a la Sra. Lolita Ayala. al Lic Jorge Garralda. , a muchos medios de comunicación , hasta que tome la decisión de irme de ilegal a E.U.pero antes fui a Televisa xhab canal 7 Vallevision..... para pedir un sello y enviarle una carta al Sr. Emilio Azcarraga Jean..... Presidente del grupo Televisa..... y pedir su ayuda para operarme, ahí el reportero Lic.Alfonso Chong hablo conmigo y el Lic. Joaquin Peña Arana reportero me hizo un reportaje y lo dio a conocer el Lic. Martín Sifuentes, Director de Noticias Vallevisión..... a ese noticiero se comunicó el Dr. Erwin Narváez Glz.cirujano plástico y reconstructivo quien se ofreció para operarme sin ningún interes , ni cobrar nada a cambió..... Personas altruistas y humanitarias también su esposa la Dra. Zoila garcía de Narváez Médico Gral.. el Dr. Rolando Samáno Brooks, Ortodoncista, la Dra. Martha E. Segura Armendariz, cirujano dentista, el Dr. Fernando Eguiluz Anesteciologo, el Dr. Mario Fernandez Loo y su esposa la Dra. Lucia Brito Smith, cirujano dentistas, el Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez Vázquez, Diplomado en cirugía oral, Dr. Leopoldo Santamarina otorrinolaringologo, la Dra. Ivonne Astrid Zertuche Treviño, otorrinolaringologa, la Dra. Blanca Verónica Luke. Médico Gral. La Lic. Laura Amelia García Villanueva...... Así también le dio seguimiento el Lic. Humberto García del anterior programa de Vallevisión: Demande Ud. y la Lic. Verónica Barrera, otros periodistas a quienes les estoy muy agradecido como: La Lic. Isabel Rendon Baez, Armando Torres, el Sr. Juan Benavides Treviño, Q.E.P.D. Quien me regalo 3 charriadas para pagar los gastos de la clinica, el Lic. Javier Villegas Juárez , Lic. Cecilia Pérez Barrera, Lic. Juan Pablo Sánchez, el Sr. Luis Lauro González El Amigo del Pueblo, la Lic. Teresa Ramos Rdz. el Lic. Santiago A. Del Pino Castilo, Lic. América Ruiz Pérez, Lic. Gustavo Rodriguez Gallegos.... Lic. Ana Beas Directora Del Fondo Unido, de la Empresa Dectronicos de H. Matamoros Tamps. Caritas de H. Matamoros Tamps. Caritas de Monterrey N.L. Casa Cross, que preside la Sra. Laura Garza y Club Rotarios de H. Matamoros Tamps....... Hasta la fecha me han practicado 29 operaciones de cirugía reconstructiva quedando pendientes 3 operaciones mas la cual es una bacteria que tengo en el hueso de la mastoides de nombre: E. COLI. La reconstrucción del Pabellón auricular del oído izquierdo, con un pedazo de costilla o de cresta ileaka. La filtración de grasa del estomago para darle mas volumen a la mejilla izquierda, debido al implante de cilicon que forma el malar..... También escribí un libro de mi vida con titulo de Clamor en el Alma..... Pero la persona que me atropello me mando amenazar, y se presento conmigo el Abogado Otilio Muñoz de Derechos Humanos, para que no publique mi libro, y me dijo textualmente, él Sr. Mario Tapia Calzada me mando advertirte por las buenas, porque iba a perjudicar la carrera Política de sus hijos que trabajan en el P.R.I. Que él es una persona muy influyente y que el P.R.I. Le debe muchos favores. Pero también he escrito mas de 100 poemas, novela, cuento y ensayo..... Pero quiero realizar el proyecto que envié a Iniciativa México, PERFILES EN EL ALMA.... Para dar conferencias a los jóvenes de secundaria preparatorias , universidades y público en gral. Es con la finalidad de luchar ante cualquier adversidad y circunstancia por difícil que sea, sin darse por vencidos, o llegar al alcoholismo, las drogas, o llegar a pensar en el suicidio, ya que por mi mente nunca cruzo esa idea torcida de suicidarme, siempre anhelando operarme para volver a comer como toda como todas las personas normales....... Aunque fui objeto de burlas, humillaciones, insultos, desprecios etc. etc. viví con odio, rencor, resentimiento , un vacío en el alma, tristeza, soledad, desolación frustración, sentimientos encontrados y ganas de vengarme de quien me atropello...... Es solo un resumen de la cruda historia de mi vida, y parte esta en YOUTUBE.COM COMO: PERFILES EN EL ALMA........ MUCHAS GRACIASSSSSSSSSSSSS...... ESPERO SU RESPUESTA PERTINENTE Y ME PUEDA AYUDAR..... MUCHAS GRACIAS...... ATTE: ADÁN MARTÍNEZ VÁZQUEZ..... Visto: 0:28
1 month ago
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REAKSYON PUGAD BABOY NI POL MEDINA JR  061813 | News5E l INTERVIEW KAY PUGAD BABOY CREATOR POL MEDINA | News5E l Kontrobersyal na comic stip ni Pol Medina na tinatalakay ang mga isyu ng katolisismo at homosexuality, Kasama sina Paolo Bediones at Cheryl ...News.PH Episode 29 - Pol Medina Jr., Pugad Baboy, ConsPIGracy/ PIGpol Power | News.PH: It\'s not politics as usual. News.PH is a weekly political talk show. It takes up the most current and hottest political issues of the day. Hosted by Pia ...Pugad Baboy Collection - Pugad ni Redgie | Since the 90\'s I have been an avid fan of Pugad Baboy (Pig\'s Nest) and Pol Medina Jr.\'s work. I have been collecting all the Pugad Baboy stuffs from his books, ...Pugad Baboy - Pol Medina | Just want to share with you the best komiks ever published in Philippine history, (hehe) made this video just to cheer you up, the background music is California ...#PugadBaboy Hangout: Q and A with Pol Medina Jr. | PugadBaboy Hangout: Q and A with Pol Medina Jr.
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