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I fucking love science That looks uncomfortable.
Python Requires Emergency Surgery After Swallowing BBQ Tongs
In a sad case of opening too wide, an Australian pet python had to have emergency surgery to remove a pair of BBQ tongs he had unfortunately succeeded in gulping down. Snacking on a tasty rat being fed to him by his owner using the metal tongs, Winst Read more ... on—a two-year-old woma python (Aspidites ramsayi)—…
5 days ago
Carley Gauthier Poor baby :(
Mike Henderson Poor baby. :(
Matt Jezierski I'd take it home afterwards and grill it on the BBQ for some sweet, delicious irony.
Buck Raoul #darwin
Shiri M Meinsen Jillian Brenna
Gustavo Rodrigues Guilherme Borghi
Lauren Johnson DanielleJackson Shani
Grace Nieskes Lmao matt has the right idea.
Kevin J Shuman Totally worth it though. Ever have tongs before? So good.
Matt Vescovi :(
Daily Mail Mad teacher ate our hamster!
Teacher bites hamster to death and swallows it in front of his pupils
The man, named only as Yu, was arrested by police for child abuse after the incident at a boarding school in Jeongeup, North Jeolla Province.
5 days ago
Martta Rose Kelly Ew! How horrid!
Claire Bainbridge No wonder aliens do not visit us.
M Gohar Aslam Rana Don't tell me it was a Math or Science teacher. Horrendous.
Jorge Kenshin Pimentel No more Ozzie videos for him
Diana Winter Sometimes I feel like putting on a jetpack and blasting away from this planet.
Max Kopytko Total retard. I'd gladly kill him to demonstrate the value of life.
Angela Faye Mings Sick idiot!
Dan Childers R.I.P. Rod Stewart's hamster !!!!!
Vicky Hughes I agree think people have gone absolutely mad Diana Winter I wish there was an island you could just go on to get away
Dave Bannister I don't read this vile apology for a newspaper anyway. The way they are currently demonising Filipino nurses is disgusting.
Fast Company "You asking me why I don't reply to your email is like someone asking you why you have not replied back to their telegrams."
Slack's New Podcast: " 'This American Life' Meets 'Office Space' Meets 'Monty Python' "
The billion-dollar enterprise-software startup tries its hand at engaging current and prospective customers through audio storytelling.
7 days ago
Jason Pratt check this out, Jack Spellman.
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CNN You sure don't see this everyday. Surgical intervention was needed for Winston the python after his feeding went unexpectedly.
9 days ago
Marsha Khan Oh god I hate snakes...uuugghhhhhhh
Kim Bortoluzzi Poor dude! :(
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Enetu Peter Idiah Kill all pythons and boa and allow the rest to live
Valdemar Cavazos Pythons and most snakes are incapable of chewing, CNN.
Monique Wright Was this really news worthy?
Ash Lee You guys have posted this same article so many times now.
Seiko Take I knew this news
Valerie Warrington Speedy recovery . All lives matter.
Amadu Ulia Njimgbeane Snakes are my favourite pets. Train them and put them around my neck. It feels good when a snake move on me. Some are delicious too.
The Wall Street Journal After one of the largest corporate breakups in mining history, there will be a company called South32. Trying to work out how much it's worth has been "like a Monty Python sketch."
BHP Spinoff Could Prove Hard to Value
Shares in BHP Billiton’s spinoff company South32 start trading Monday, but investors are still unsure what the new company is worth, as the price outlook for its industrial commodities has been souring.
9 days ago
Steve Simpson Awwwe poor little corporations. We feel so bad for you...
ViralDump Whoa!
Giant Fish Swallows 4 Foot Shark In A Single Bite
A group of people were fishing on the coast of Bonita Springs, Florida but they weren’t expecting this to happen. They managed
10 days ago
Dana Smith A grouper
Mathias Gerstenkorn Andre Fändi Eike Gerstenkorn
CNN You sure don't see this everyday. Surgical intervention was needed for Winston the python after his feeding went unexpectedly.
11 days ago
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Banji Bagwana I think the weird thing in this story is that someone owns a Python and even gave it a name
Pamela Anderson Harris The only good snake is a dead one. Lol sorry I just hate the demons
Mark Thurston Pythons make nice boots.
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Mungai Mwangi Literally.
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Luiz Carlos Famadas Junior The best of 60´s, 70´s and 80´s.
Deborah Blackwell How the fuuuu...?!?
Nicole Marie McIntyre Aww poor Winston.
Huffington Post UK Yup, that's going to take more than a Rennie...
X-Ray Clearly Reveals Why This Python Wasn't Feeling Too Great
A peckish python is recovering in hospital after swallowing a pair of BBQ tongs his owner was using to feed him a rat. Australian owner Aaron Rouse quickly sought help from the University of Adelai
11 days ago
NBC News The python is expected to make a full recovery. The rat, however, wasn't so lucky.
Hungry Python Recovering After Surgery to Remove BBQ Tongs
A python in Australia got more than he bargained for when he swallowed the tongs his owner was using to feed him a rat.
11 days ago
William Pasquale Sure was hungry... I just don't understand why he didn't take the tongs away pythons are constrictors they will wrap around they're prey until they don't feel a heartbeat or feel the prey move... This snake must have been very hungry
Victor Arnold OMG :O
CNN International A snake swallowed metal barbecue tongs -- producing one of the craziest X-ray photos ever:
11 days ago
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