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Lindsay Rae Belfield I've accepted the challenge and now I'm challenging everyone at CNN to take the pledge and SpeakUpto Domesticviolence! Help us to get the awarness out there and speak up for the ones who can't! Ladies: Take a selfie with #nomakeup and #nofilter and t Read more ... he Speak Up 2 Domestic Violence logo on your hand; Gents: Take a selfie #wearingpurple and the logo on your hand. Make sure to use the hashtag #StopDVChallenge and then nominate someone else. Let's keep this going!!!
2 hours ago
Rainforest Action Network Why did protesters come to the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York last night? Well, “When Deforestation is Part of Your Lifestyle,” we'll make sure to show up and try to talk to you about it: http://a.ran.org/p2C via Refinery29
Why Protesters Came To The CFDA Awards
During yesterday’s CFDA Awards, a group of activists called Rainforest Action Network (RAN) staged a protest against Ralph Lauren. A large banner with Ralph Lauren’s logo superimposed on a saw blade read: “When Deforestation is Part of Your Lif Read more ... estyle.” Held outside the entrance and on
3 hours ago
Lyric McKnight OK, I may be clueless, but had to google CFDA
Mashable - Business The IHOP logo has gotten a pretty sweet facelift -- literally.
IHOP makes its logo friendlier
IHOP's 20-year-old logo is getting a much-needed attitude adjustment. For those who may have creatively interpreted IHOP's downward banner as a frowning face, the decades-old pa...
14 hours ago
Justice Mitchell The new logo appears to be shedding a tear over the ensuing diarrhea that will be crushing its system up delivery if the new honey-encrusted sugar packed toast inspired by the French.
Mashable IHOP's 20-year-old logo is getting a much-needed attitude adjustment.
IHOP makes its logo friendlier
IHOP spokesperson Kevin Mortesen said the old logo's morose countenance wasn't the primary reason for the change but it did play a role.
23 hours ago
Patrick Dilloway Seriously? I wonder how much money they wasted on marketing consultants for that.
Carlos Mitchell I never saw it as a sad face.
Annie Park Have you all read the full article? I actually like the new one.
Tracie Gilliland I never noticed it looked like a sad face.
Teshlene Marie Galaviz What the hell is unfriendly about this sign???
Mason Goodfellow Waste of money... How about keeping the salmonella off the syrup... That might help
Sara Fairchild-Ollivierre They should concentrate on making their food palatable.
Francesca Brava That is a great new logo!
Jesse Richardson Aw it's so cute
Marcus Merheim true, much better to make the logo look like a pharmacy (...)
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23 hours ago
BuzzFeed News The chain turned its logo into a smiley face, saying the old one "appeared as a person's frown."
1 day ago
BuzzFeed Business The chain turned its logo into a smiley face, saying the old one "appeared as a person's frown."
1 day ago
Business Insider Check out the new IHOP logo.
IHOP just changed its logo for the first time in decades
The company says the new logo demonstrate's the brand's "commitment to smiles."
1 day ago
Paul Lackaff maybe have a clean table before bringing people to it
Deadspin Did you know? NBA rules stipulate that every team must have an actual basketball in one of its logos. (The Bulls and Spurs are grandfathered in.)
Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Logos
The recently eliminated Hawks officially revealed their new logos today, and the primary logo is mighty familiar. It’s a fleshed-out version of the “Pac-Man” logo the team began using as an alternate last season, which is itself an update of th Read more ... e one used for most of the team’s history.
1 day ago
Jerry Collender They deserve to loose that series after making these logos
Jack Bergstrom Yup, that's why the NBA has the most clusterfucked logo representation of any league. Primaries that are never used. Primaries that don't fit in at all with the rest of the identity and the stupid ass rule that is stated here all equals just an overall weird looking league. Now everybody is going for fucking roundels too.
Daniel Farish Damn right we are #GoSpursGo
Mashable - Business There's more than meets the eye behind these famous logos.
40 Easter Eggs Hiding in Famous Brand Logos
A killer logo design is clever, but subtle.
2 days ago
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Lana Del Rey - West Coast | New album Ultraviolence out now. Download on iTunes: http://lanadel.re/iTunesSRyt Buy Deluxe Box & Merch Bundles: http://lanadel.re/UVBoxYT More Lana ...
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