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Huffington Post UK You little....
Mum Puts Name Labels On Girl's School Things, So Girl 'Labels' Mum's £320 Designer Bag (Oops)
A little girl has caused quite a stir after she decided to write on her mum's new £320 Michael Kors bag. Amber Shah, five, copied the distinctive logo on the designer bag in biro and wrote h
12 hours ago
Roz Thompson If she does this sort of thing all the time (writes on the walls, sofas, sheets), it's not a problem with her, it's a problem with how you are disciplining her.
ਪ੍ਰੀਤ ਕੌਰ How is this worth posting ....look like whoever wrote this post has no kids.
Sports Illustrated Tailgate with Jeb Bush, SEC style.
17 hours ago
Danny Quinn Nobody wants another Bush, please stop talking about him
Joe Ocho Canavan Loser just like the sec
Curt Alliaume I can't imagine the SEC's copyright lawyers not noticing this.
Blake Sevetsky Nah I'll pass
Brandon Dollar Knew there was a reason I disliked both. Now I have one.
Mike Plowman Thought he dropped out.
Brad Schwartz Now I hate the sec
Jessica L. Blackwood-Kidd **Rolling my big brown eyes ** Ugh
Michael Casner His brother will bring the coke
Randy Tussing lmao
The Next Web Medium has unveiled its new logo: http://tnw.me/cHHmdNv Do you give it a
1 day ago
Judy Chu the old logo is way better
Edon Rexhepi Mark Zuckerberg, we need the dislike button!
David Vargas so the old one is now available??
Minnix Jeez! Enough logo redesigns for 2015!
Imran Ali Now I say the simple M in the box was better....
Bram Van Oost from a certain weight and seriousness to another startup on the pile
Hadrian Nava Embalsado Looks very Material-y.
Ihthisham Mohamed Old one is better.
Michal Stassel I like the new one actually pretty much.
Nevzat Akkaya I like colors and 3D, new one is better
Techmeme "Over the next few months...we are going to be exploring new ways for professional and independent content creators to connect with both brands and their readers." Medium adds publishing API, @mentions, updated apps, improved editing options, custom Read more ... domains for all, and a new logo (Ev Williams / Medium) http://techme.me/K9Vi
1 day ago
Allison Walker Hey friends.... someone needs to update the show logo in the Hulu queue. The pic still shows one with Jon's name.
3 days ago
The Onion
Jerry West Reveals He Is Also Inspiration For MLB Logo
LOS ANGELES—Admitting that his iconic physical form had an influence far beyond the NBA, former Lakers guard Jerry West revealed to reporters Thursday that he is also the inspiration for the Major League Baseball logo.
4 days ago
Alex Aguilar Jerry West also reveals he was inspiration for tom and jerry.
Dwight Moore And the real shock was that he also inspired the Starbucks logo.
Nick Elavsky Jerry West was also the inspiration for Jerry Reed to pen the classic song "Amos Moses"
David Bruneau Jerry West never batted with red back lighting.
Jack Dean My sex-doll looks just like him too !
Brook A. Henderson WNBA?
Jeremy Tan The Logos
Gareth Fales I would say this proves nobody gives a shit.
Drew McGowen What is this word "is" in the headline?
Christopher Sachjen Lies. Add a black dot for the eye and it's a happy bird.
Onion Sports
Jerry West Reveals He Is Also Inspiration For MLB Logo
LOS ANGELES—Admitting that his iconic physical form had an influence far beyond the NBA, former Lakers guard Jerry West revealed to reporters Thursday that he is also the inspiration for the Major League Baseball logo.
4 days ago
NBC News Elvis Presley's gold-leaf grand piano is expected to fetch more than half a million dollars at a November auction that will also feature a Beatles logo drum skin used by the British group
Elvis Presley's Gold Grand Piano, Beatles Drum Skin Up for Auction
Presley bought the piano in 1955 as a gift for his mother.
4 days ago
C.j Moncada ELVIS SUCKS!!! And so does his ugly piano!
Donald Irwin Elvis doen't need themoney
Peter Grell I guess I'll get the drum skin. Wouldn't know where to put the piano.
Ben Johnson Dont get rid of the stuff
Elise New Baucum Priscilla should buy it back!
Erlinda Dayos Brooks WOW, priceless
Marina Dudash A my sme tak lubili
Amanda Maxfield Therrell Tina Brunson Price Christmas present for Brunson?
Acclaimed News - Independent News The Mainstream Media Will Never Tell You Nice :/
Suha Alabed Price Tag and israelis Extremist Attacks in Palestine Since 2008, there have been repeated attacks carried out by extremist Israeli Jews against Israeli Arabs and Palestinians, often in reprisal for Israeli government action against illegal settlement activity. These attacks, which are frequently labeled “price tag” incidents, target mosques, churches, Arab and Jewish homes and property, Israeli military bases and vehicles, as well as other Israeli Jews. They involve the desecration of property with anti-Arab and anti-government slogans. Most of these attacks include the phrase “price tag” and are accompanied by hateful and racist slogans, the name of an illegal settlement, or a reference to an Israeli casualty of Palestinian terrorism, the implication being that the violent incident is the “cost” of Israeli government action on settlements or for anti-Israeli violence. More recently, there have been a number of violent and deadly arson attacks carried out by extremists who, according to Israeli law enforcement, seek to destabilize the country and overthrow the Israeli government in order to establish a new regime to be based on Jewish law.Following the July 31, 2015 killing of Palestinian child Ali Dawabsheh by Jewish extremists, the Israeli Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein approved the use of administrative detention against Jewish extremists. Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon authorized the arrest and holding of suspects in the Dawabsheh killing and other recent incidents. #BoycottIsrael #BDS
Business Insider Apple Inc. has their own take on Windows.
Apple has mysteriously redesigned the Windows logo
Apple has thought up a new logo for Windows, caricaturing the Windows 10 flat design and replacing it with an actual window.
4 days ago
Mutlu Turk What Windows? Their building Windows or what
Pop Tudor I see what you did there Apple xD.
Monica Price Amazon just announced it won't sell Apple TV after the 28th of this month. They're getting pettier and pettier by the second.
Amazing world Pictures 18 Logo Fails That Will Crack You Up!
18 Logo Fails That Will Crack You Up!
Usually when we think about logos, its all about hidden meanings, color theory and all such stuff, but not this time! These are some of the most weird logo designs ever, which failed drastically. A little thought about each one of them will make you Read more ... laugh like never before. You can follow us on twit…
5 days ago
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Wax: \Lana Del Rey - West Coast | New album Honeymoon out September 18th. Pre-order now: iTunes: http://lanadel.re/WrQNwc Amazon: http://lanadel.re/XiYh4J Official Store: ...
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