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Kirsty Maguire It's a sad day as our Joby has been put to sleep today. He went so peacefully after 18yrs of being in the family & growing up with us. We will remember him as our Joby who loved us so much ♥️ rest in peace little one forever in our hearts ❤️
Cecille Osorio Espiritu REST in PEACE Tatay Loveng Tatay namin sa Office
Abbey Via Kalz Hilz Am clossing my eyes and wipping tears just wishing she was still here. Though i did not get the chance to say my last gudbye, i will hold all the memories deep in my heart. I just didn't think you could ever leave us. Sleep well aunt JOY coz wen my t Read more ... ime comes, i will meet u in heaven. REST IN PEACE AUNT JOY MUTIIBWA.
Karina Hale So...... It was a looooooooooooooooooooong night! Lol! We arrived at the hospital around 9 to check in and begin the process of getting in. Before we could come in our room EVERY SINGLE THING that we had packed for our month here had to be individual Read more ... ly wiped down before it could enter. We've also learned a lot about our "rules" while we're here. While we're in the room with Seth, we must wear a mask at all times, including sleeping. We are not allowed to eat, use the restroom, shower, etc in his room at all. If we want to eat, we have to step out (I can see some weight loss in my near future)! If we need to use the bathroom, we need to walk down the hall. If we absolutely have to shower (lol), we need to go over to the Ronald McDonald house. We are able to be glove free in the room, except if we are going to be near Seth. We have to be wearing gloves anywhere near him, especially if we want to touch him. Diarrhea hit Seth full force last night at dinner. As I sit here thinking about that, a HUGE prayer request comes to mind. Please pray that the diarrhea is a result of the radiation. Seth just finished his meds for C-Diff a few days ago and if that's come back, that's NOT good. We're going to take a stool culture today and we'll find out hopefully Monday. We're about to have some family Bible and prayer time. I'm praying that encourages and re-focuses Seth. It's easy to get down when you're not feeling well. I am SO thankful to be looking around our room at verses like, "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus." And, "Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." Also, " Be still and know that I am God." And especially, "Through the Lords mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning . Great is Your faithfulness. The Lord is my portion says my soul. Therefore I hope in Him!" So thankful that His mercies are new today. Peace out for now, we'll update again soon. XOXO
Danielle C. Ehler The time has come ... Rest In Peace Adrian ..... you were loved by So many ..... :'(
Isimhemen Alex Rest in peace dad....U will always remain in my heart.....I love u.
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Daniel Kerins Rest in peace my brudda jake mulvaney!!! Effin gutted weve lost you!!!! Atleast you can be with your mum up in heaven now.............. LOOOOOOVE FAM
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Robert HutchPro Hutchison Rest in eternal peace to my Aunt Christine Walker. You will forever be loved and missed by many!
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Amanda Wood Caldwell 12 years ago today, my daddy left this earth. Yes it's been a bad month and yes the Lord has lifted me up. Today I can't help but smile! Yesterday as Morgan White and I were driving home from Tupelo, we followed a motorcycle all the way home. I t Read more ... old her PawPaw always had a motorcycle. His point of no more motorcycles was, in his words, "Some idiot pulled out in front of me and my boot heel was gone from where I had my foot on the ground trying to keep from hitting them" LOL. Right after that the King George came on the radio singing, "I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time"..........that was Toon! He wasn't perfect, none of us are. He never owned a house, his cars were all probably 15-20 years old when he bought them, he never had a checking account (with the exception of joint accounts with a wife). But you know, I never really saw him stress over money or bills; I never really saw him too stressed over anything. He took life as it came, enjoyed it and literally crossed every bridge as he came to it. We weren't close when I was a child but found peace when I was older and there was still time to be taught some lessons, each one I've passed to Morgan. They were valuable everyday life lessons. Loved my Toon! I know he is resting in peace.
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Pedro Raven Spaida Rest in peace funny #Jastorina
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Terryawn Bigyawn B Yeah I miss my aunt to she was my namesake and one in a million boy with all my love chevette is what I called her cuz of her middle name rest peacefully baby girl. I love u ( I no u chilling wit your big sister) we miss and love u especially Geno H Read more ... awkins , kam. & Yawn Missn u
Man not a day goes by that I don't think about this lady fr i love this women. To everybody who mom is still in there life don't take it for granted Kuz life is to short!!!
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Michele Frost Brown Heaven received one of the best last night. You will never be forgotten Mr. DiCaprio, we are the lucky ones to have had you in our lives. Rest in peace.
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Susan Miscioscia Amato We lost our hero last night to a very short battle of cancer. He fought to the very end. He touched so many lives with his heart and his hands, there was no greater man. I will forever miss him and love him. Rest in Peace Dad
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Stan Bowins 1 week ago today the world lost a great man and an amazing father, rest in peace Dad, I love you buddy
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Basmah Abu Niaj This child; Nour Al Islam Abu Huwaishil, was killed by an israhelli airstrike just 45 minutes after recording and uploading this video on social networks. "We here in Gaza are Ok, just tell us about you; all human beings, are you Ok?" These were his Read more ... last words for the whole world to hear. Definitely we are not Ok. We are a sick helpless Ummah who watches and cries that's all. We are only good when it comes to fighting each others and killing each others. May your soul rest in peace. Inna Lillah w Inna Ilayhi Rajeoun #Gaza #Palestine #GazaUnderAttack #SaveGaza #terrorism #StandForPalestine #SaveOurChildren #DeathToIsrahell #BBC #CNN #ISupportGaza
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Biboi Msixteen Dizon Sabado Night Heart warming Qoutes! People Always Problem Da Problem! Stress! Depres! UnliRest! Fultime Rest! Why So Smile And Enjoi da Life! To Be 85%honest! We Are Lucky! in This World! Do u Know Jollibee? da One Always smile! jollibee Have Very H Read more ... ard Problem! But Still He Always Smile! Jollibee Have Two Wings! But He Cannot FLy! dats Life! Sometimes Hard Prepare From Dat! And Enjoi! JUST Smile! Biboi at Jollibee Smiling Maski Yang Dili! Meg Order Yang 1 Peace Chicken Ing Altea! And plastic Friends Fries! With Ice Tea! Tsaka ne Milayi ing ALtea! Lavdat!
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Terri Watts That happened #MH17.. You're all peoples are rest the peace. Remembrance MH17 and sympathy their lost love ones..
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Stephen Street By our sons resting place today. Sleep peacefully little man.
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Asia Watford I'm sorry to say this I just can't stand seeing pictures of people in their casket .. It's creepy to me and scary just let them rest in peace without a picture on Facebook or keep it private to yourself
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Valarie Cooper Dunn Thank you for a wonderful 19 years. Rest in peace Enmity.
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Ann Njuguna #Jastorina one of the supa sato actress died this morning...may her soul rest in peace.
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Meredith Klassner Heart breaking eulogy...rest high Steph...i know u had the keys to the Kingdom of our Father...always and forever...mer
Eulogy for Stephanie Sousa by Dad 7/23/14 Steph being Steph I'd like to say a few words to, and about my daughter, Stephanie. But I don't have a few, so please bare with me. It would break Stephanie's heart, if she knew how heartbroken her Mom and Read more ... I were. So if you talk to her, please don't tell her. Stephanie wore a lot of hats for such a little girl. She was a daughter, and a sister, A grand daughter and an aunt. A niece and cousin, a phrophet and a poet, She preached peace, love and forgivness. She was called 'Cesaer' and 'Little Souz', and she was a friend. That was Steph being Steph Stephanie loved her two brothers, no matter their diffances past or present. They were her brothers, and that was that. She adored her only nephew Branden. Their were times she didn't have a dime in her pocket, but she'd have a bag of Munchkins in her hand. And their were times I wasn't sure which one was 20, and which one was 2. Steph loved her friends, and clearly from the outpour, they loved her too. Stephanie's one true passion, was her poetry. No one she ever met wasn't touched somehow by her words and rhymes. Chances are, if you were in her life, she wrote one about you too. I came across a scrapbook she made, a scrapbook amoung scrapbooks, amoung poem books and stickers. She asked me to hold on to it for her, she told me I could look through it if I wanted too. I went through it, page by page. Every passage, had a message, written over pasted paper and glitter. She drew a clock, and over it it said: 'Thanks for spending time with me' She pasted a stack of colored blocks and wrote: 'Thanks for showing me the bigger picture' And in the middle of the book, was a collage of colored paper, and over it it read: 'My best friend is also, MOM'. Steph being Steph. Life, Life isn't a DVD. You can't replay the parts you like, or skip the parts you don't. You can't change the disk just cause you don't like what you see. You can't pause it 'till you get around to it. This isn't Hollywood, and their are no re-takes, and seconed chances are few and far in between. And if you wait around for the reviews, they're actually called eulogies. Dreams aren't lies, if they don't all come true, you can wish on stars, and ride rainbows I'm told, but I was happy just being with you. You have one life, Steph tried to make the best of hers, in spite of the trials she endured and the crosses she carried. And these, are just words, and their were times, she didn't want to hear a single one I'd say. but I'm going to say these few before what's left of me someday fades away...you to were always true, loving and strong for your family,...yes, you slipped, stumbled and fell along the way. But you always got up because we depended you. I didn't always praise your accolades, but I never dammed you your defeats. Some things I never saw coming, some, you refused to see...you have were my blind side. And you never gave up on me. It wasn't hero worship you sought in return, it was your hand meshed in mine, that's where you wanted to be. That look in your eyes, when you smiled, kissed my cheek, and said 'I love you, your my Dad'. I will never hear you say that again...I have regrets for choices I made, they weren't all the right moves, but only time could sort that out. But I believed in them then, in my heart and my soul, as I believed in you. You said the past didn't matter, it was now that did. Steph being Steph I will never forget the out pour of friends, hers, mine, ours, for my family during this unbearably painful time. People from all over the country have contacted me. I've been contacted by friends in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and as far away as Australia. Stephanie has gone viral, A world is mourning. And I will never forget that. Some people I don't even know, friends of friends. I've been contacted by friends of Stephanie and family of Steph's friends. A friend of Stephanie that I don't know contacted me, and this is what she said: "I cry all the time but try to hold on to her life... Thank you for making such a beautiful person." I will never forget that. And a community has come together, and offered so many resources. They wouldn't take our money. And I will never forget that. As Steph would say, my Dad never forgets anything, good or bad. I didn't always understand your pain, and I will never forget that. But Stephanie was so forgiving, and wouldn't let me dwell on the past. And I will never forget that. Just Steph being Steph. Mom loved you in ways I can't describe. The sun rose and set over you as far as she was concerned. If you called she went running, you were her baby girl. You were her best friend. Mom never gave up on you, and I know you knew she never would. And Mom cries. Mom cries these words, "That poor kid, I'm so going to miss her" I hear it everyday. Mom being Mom. You can rest easy Steph, I'll take care of Mom, and Branden. I promise you that. Both adored you. At 4'11" you had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known. Someone like you comes along once in a lifetime, and mine will never be the same without you in it. You had the empathy of a saint, and struggled to contain the pain. So many tears. So many tears. Dry your eyes Steph, I'll cry enough for both of us. You can stop running now, you will rest in our hearts, till the end of time. I love you with all my heart Stephanie. I will miss you forever. Dad being Dad
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Mohd Razi Razali SUASANA TUJUH LEKUR WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. This is the time i wish time stood still and I never grew up. Life is never the same again without Mak. Mak used to prepare the utensils and ingredients to make all kinds of kuih muih from bangkit Read more ... to cakar ayam, tart, rempeyek to ketupat rendang. Itz spontaneous, dpd tukang uli tepung ke tukang bakar, Dan dari tukang anyam ketupat ketukang rebus. Tasks were divided amongst our 7 siblings without having to be told. Everyone of us chipped in. Itz automatic and never a hassle. Little did we realised that it was the most effective form of family bonding excercise, till we have our own families. We weren't rich but we were always happy and life was full of fun. We shared workloads, we shared bedrooms in our 3-rms flat, we shared towels and whatever little that dad provided us with his heart and soul. Even our pet cats enjoyed those wonderful memories. Time have changed. We are all very busy these days. Hardly any time to even chat with our children. Some with heavy work commitments, the younger ones are often locked up either with netizens or school assignments. I wish i can turn back time. Be with Mak all the time. Itz never easy being the youngest.. I truly missed you so much, Mak. Especially so in the last days of Ramadan. Love u lots till jannah, Mak. May you rest in peace, insylh. - Al-Fatehah to Mak, Rukiah Bte Sawian.. :'(
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Alisia Raenbow Carrano It's a pretty big deal to me that I asked a man last night how to get to the hospital when we were lost and he told me his wife comes homes today because she wanted to die at home. I feel so deeply. Sometimes too deeply. Rest in peace you wonderful h Read more ... uman. You will be in my thoughts today.
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Hashem J. Abu Sham'a Witnesses of Eid's death has shared with everyone the story. Eid was on his way back from work, few minutes before the Iftar (when Muslims break their fast) time. He wanted to get into his house, which is very close to the Israeli checkpoint. They re Read more ... fused to let him in, and started attacking him. He started defending himself and fighting with the soldiers. He was attacked, pushed to the ground, and they shot him with 10 live ammunition bullets from no space. One in his shoulder, another in his back, and two in his legs were the first shots. Eid was assassinated by Israeli soldiers with cold-blood. While I am writing now, there are more than 12 Israeli jeeps with soldiers around the camp and a Caterpillar tank (Caterpiller compay is where many American colleges and companies invest, including Earlham College). Since last night, 8 Palestinians have been shot with live ammunition, 18 were shot with rubbers bullets and so many families suffocated. Eid, may your soul rest in peace.
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Alana MacLeod Wish I could share this peacefulness with the rest of the world.
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Dave Ellsworth Words can't even describe how this made me feel... It is sad to know that the soldier whom just arrived home will probably never get the recognition that all who gave all deserve... God bless this soldier and his/her family... Rest in peace hero...
I got to witness this. Today
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