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MEN that should Act & Think Like this Some guys set their gf up to be raped cause she broke up with them. I saw a recent one where a guy uploaded nude pic of his gf on fb, just because she ended the relationship. Where such guys truly in love? I believe luv is about wanting the other per Read more ... son to be happy even if u ain't part pf the happiness.I understand how painful it mst ve been to be heartbroken. I understand why u will want to hurt her back..make her feel the pain u re feeling..but at the end of the day u just have to let all those evil thoughts go. Truth is there ain't no love in revenge #Cheezy
Pj Hibberd Absolutely gutted Zoe Powney has only gone and shaved my beard off when I was asleep and Emma Rose Wyatt I no u were behind it all to revenge is sweet my peeps just beware ha ha ha ha ha ha
Radek Vašina Revenge mother*cker :D
Revenge Fashion Magazine Finale for Moda Rosa, the cancer awareness runway show at ColombiaModa. Emotions ran very high here. Sponsored by Exito department stores et al. For more information visit on Inexmoda's ColombiaModa visit: Inexmoda This Read more ... is Revenge Fashion Magazine, fashion for all humankind. Revenge Fashion Magazine Fashion for all humankind Instagram @RevengeFashionMagazine
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Marito Molina
Ronda Rousey Tribute
Ronda Rousey - 'Success Is the Best Revenge'
12 minutes ago
James Gray Revenge part 2
13 minutes ago
Dexter The Dog A leaf blower murdered my entire family! #bostonterrier #boston #dexterthedog #revenge
16 minutes ago
Wataru Ebiko I will revenge tomorrow to catch meteor shower...
30 minutes ago
TomDispatch At al-Jazeera America, Chase Madar (sometime TD author) points out the obvious -- or at least what, in a more clear-eyed American world, should be obvious. The White House drone assassination programs across the tribal backlands of the planet produc Read more ... e blowback of all sorts. Madar points out some obvious examples of attempted terror attacks here in the U.S. quite cogently. The greater blowback (if you want to call it that), though, happens abroad where those drones are fighting a war for terror, and are a recruitment poster for extreme Islamic groups of all sorts. They are Washington's contribution to the spread of such groups! Tom "Drone blowback is real. Over the past five years, terrorists have attempted serious attacks on American soil that were motivated in part by U.S. drone strikes abroad. We know this because the apprehended terrorists have been loud and clear about their motives. As Pakistani-born Faisal Shahzad, whose car bomb failed to explode in Times Square in May 2010, said at his arraignment: "Until the hour the U.S. pulls its forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and stops the drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen and in Pakistan and stops the occupation of Muslim lands … we will be attacking U.S. The drone hits in Afghanistan and Iraq, they don’t see children … They kill women, children — they kill everybody. "A foiled plot to blow up the New York subway, led by Afghan-born, Queens-raised Najibullah Zazi, also speaks to the growing anger over drone warfare. According to courtroom testimony from the would-be perpetrators, they conceived their effort as revenge for the drone attacks in northwestern Pakistan, where U.S. strikes have killed some 2,800 people. Just how many of those killed were Al-Qaeda fighters and how many civilians is not precisely known. But the connection between drones abroad and danger at home is not hypothetical: It’s a demonstrable fact. And yet our national security experts tend to treat these attempted terrorist attacks as if they were of no relevance to Washington’s increasing use of lethal unmanned aircraft... "The U.S. national security establishment hypes and magnifies anything remotely resembling a terrorist plot when it’s time to justify security agency budgets and surveillance programs. But when assessing the security costs of U.S. military violence, these terrorist plots suddenly become invisible. This is in part because the acknowledgment of any motive for terrorism stemming from U.S. foreign policy — any motive other than pure evil or pure fanaticism, of course — is huffily condemned by the natsec establishment as excuse-making and perhaps even sympathy: Tout comprendre, c’est tout pardonner. This is, of course, obtuse; knowing why John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham Lincoln won’t turn you into a neo-Confederate. "Making connections between U.S. violence abroad and retaliatory violence at home should not be controversial, especially when it is a matter of national security. And yet touching these two wires together is, for today’s security pundits, a deeply internalized taboo. The liberal Brennan Center’s 2011 report on Muslim radicalization, for instance, mentions in passing Shahzad’s attempted bombing but is careful to say nothing about his plainly stated (and widely reported) motive — a bizarre omission in a report dedicated to understanding what turns people into terrorists."
Drone attacks undermine national security | Al Jazeera America
Why won't the U.S. put an end to them?
55 minutes ago
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