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Thomas Donofrio Don't Rly know why but this is my all time favorite line.
" Allow me to impress upon you the severe mistake you have made. For years my conduct has been largely benign. And yet, without provocation, you have severed...
Mark Omega-Juggernaut Lindenmuth Dave Johnson, good way of getting revenge...
This is so wrong! #digilatino #belatino
Tomasz Kołakowski
Boyz N The Hood - Drive By [Revenge]
i feel that this was the best part.
Mateusz Oźmiński Dirty bath - Revenge of the Sea
25 seconds ago
Brandon Josef Thompson You are the night. Your loved ones are gone now, leaving only blackness ahead. Humanity failed you. They let technology become a threat. You are the war against machines. They tried to make you software, but you’re not like the rest. You are hal Read more ... f machine now. More powerful, more fierce... and you only want one thing... to meet the one responsible for the hardware. There are no rules anymore. Kill or be killed. Take advantage of what they have made of you and enact a terrible revenge. By the end of this journey you will meet your Maker, surrounded by all the desolation he created. A computer. Codename: Satan. Programmed to do only one thing: Erase all traces of the human race. This is Nocturne City. The year is 2088 and you are about to embark on a journey into an urban nightmare.
Perturbator - "She Is Young, She Is Beautiful ... " [Music Video - Official]
Peturbator "She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next" music video, directed by Jarkko Kinnunen & Sami Rämä. The track comes from the retro-futuristic synt...
3 minutes ago
Travis Finley "Django unchained, my heart stays revengeful, attacks on the homie finboy can be detrimental! "-Dash Dub #SoUnofficial #Neverbe 10/25/14
Finboy - Never Be
Finboy - "Never Be" feat. The Mid City Kid & Dash D.U.B. is the brand new single off of Finboy's upcoming album, #SoUnofficial! #SoUnofficial coming October ...
3 minutes ago
Psychostick Listen to this interview where Jarsh talks about the new album or something!
Psychostick Interview "Revenge of the Vengeance"
Psychostick have their 4th release coming out called "Revenge Of The Vengeance". It has some of their stupidest work today, in fact...
6 minutes ago
Santiago Sinde Pita da Veiga
Dark Angel - No One Answers (The Ultimate Revenge 2 Philadelphia 1989) DVD
The Ultimate Revenge 2 1989 - Dark Angel (Live In Philadelphia 1988)
10 minutes ago
Hans-Peter Derendorf
Revenge - Beer Maniacs
Taken form their 2009 album Death Scentence. BEERS MANIACS We cant support more Were fed up the same Week becomes too long We claim for more shock Metal musi...
13 minutes ago
Davin Johnson
Aggressive Bikers Attack and get PayBack , road rage car revenge
road rage biker vs car subscribe if you like wind in your hairs
23 minutes ago
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