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Iceman-John Scully OK if u agree in gaining retribution, some sort of revenge, let me know. I've got something for you. Remember that guy who ripped me off for that fake 60 dollar expired ticket to Disney World ??? Well this is literally more than 100 times worse !!!!
46 seconds ago
Derek Macabre Daviau Who thinks Revenge is better than 3D?
2 minutes ago
Totally Tyler Listen, almost every one of us has fantasized about getting up and walking out of our job at some point in time. That's the ultimate revenge for an employer we think has done us wrong, right? Hell, yeah! You'll show him! Stick it to the man! Your abs Read more ...
ence will make him see your worth and regret mistreating you, right? But what about your co-workers? How will your sudden and selfish abandonment of your workload affect them? You will probably be horribly inconveniencing co-workers you like who have done nothing wrong. Giving a two weeks notice is mature. It's the professional thing to do. It's the NICE thing to do.
6 minutes ago
Tulsa Raceway Park Oklahoma X Racers we are one week away from the first ever Radial Revenge Tour race! Who's ready? The other question is do you think your stuff is fast enough! Race Fans tickets at $15 to watch and kids 10 and under are FREE!
9 minutes ago Bieber's revenge on Drake Bell is AMAZING. Ding ding, round 3...
Justin Bieber gets revenge on Drake Bell by basically crashing his album...
Wishing we could bake a cake made of rainbows and smiles
16 minutes ago
Steve Rahaman If you didn't get a chance to see Pain - A Revenge Story, I think you should demand it. If we get enough demands we will make it happen.
21 minutes ago
The Sporah Show Forgive and forget, not revenge and regret.
30 minutes ago
Michelle Alabama Worley Lockley Vile world we live in. I didn't know the man who's life was taken this weekend at our local pub but im devastated for his family and friends. I don't know if it was revenge, spite, jealousy or wrong place at the wrong time but WE have all got to stop Read more ...
the violence. Nip it in the bud. Stop the hating. Its a vicious cycle. Stop the cycle. Its someones Son, Brother, Best friend... he had a right to live. Will it ever stop? I wish I could convince the world to stop fighting :-(
59 minutes ago
LaWinthia Rivers-Ayers Pat Smith, "J.D. REVENGE" is coming on Bounce TV tonight. I remember you telling me about this movie when we were younger.
1 hour ago
•.‘. Fēëliпğś .’.• Cute lines by a girl who fell in love: “He stole my heart & I’m planning to take a revenge… I’m going to steal his last name
2 hours ago
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Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: Why Does Emily Kidnap Pascal in 'Revolution'?
Victoria Grayson is 'heartbroken' and Emily Throne is all set to switch her identity in episode 20 of Revenge Season 3. The upcoming one will feature Victoria's emotional side when she accepts Pascal's marriage proposal. Soon after Pascal's marriage proposal, Emily kidnaps him leaving Victoria bewildered. Will she ever be able to meet Pascal again or will Emily kill him in order to avenge David ...
2 days ago
‘Revenge’ Recap: Victoria Figures Out Emily’s True Identity
The red sharpie returned and Emily successfully crossed another person off her revenge hit list, but Victoria discovered Emily’s true motives!
6 days ago
'Revenge' 3.19 Recap: 'Allegiance'
(ABC) To the races! This week on Revenge , we’re spending some time with the horses so that Emily can confront Pascal about his allegiance to Victoria. Riveting stuff. At least the red Sharpie is back! Let’s recap, shall we? Lindsay: Ooh, this episode starts off fun! Emily and Pascal are at the track talking deals and information when Emily tells Pascal “lol I know you’re with Victoria, dude, u ...
6 days ago
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