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People.com Kanye West has a few more things on his mind.
Tattoo Hi I am Anglina I am 17 years old I live in USA I love making new friends please Follow me I will Follow you Back and inbox You I promise
Mike Wrong If Hillary, all the other candidates, and the news media, really cared deeply about helping the people of America, they would be supporting Bernie Sanders. The only one fighting against the rigged economy, for us.
Victoria Ward Douche bag alert
Molly Katherine I'm pretty sure Kanye has some type of mental illness. Maybe manic depressive or bipolar. He just seems to have some really high highs and some low lows. I hope he gets help!
Jessi Fiermen He makes me feel so sad
Belle Carbajal
Regina Petty Oh, shut up
Alne van der Linde He and the kardashians bore me its the same stuff over and over, they just want attention and they're freaking rude
Jamie M Shelton He's so arrogant..your a celebrity not God..he needs to eat some humble pie
John Logsdon YAWN!
The Huffington Post "You don't have to have a brain, drive or special skill set to get married. You just have to have a willing partner."
Getting Married Is Not An Accomplishment
Three months ago, my then-boyfriend, Craig, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I cried with excitement. After all, it was a huge moment in my life that was exceptionally exciting, spec...
Brian Wess Staying married is...
Laura Lee MacMahon How is this news?
Reece Lewandowski Just don't get married folks it's become obsolete
Elliot Mason Getting Dressed every day is also not an accomplishment.
Loyd Brassfield Black man. Black woman. Why do you interracial marry. Then create kids who in most cases don't want to have anything to do with the black community. Unless society forces there arm to be apart of the black community. Stop creating this new race of people because they are bad for all black communities.
Marc Zukkerkike I anticipate a huge surge in demand for cats amongst millennial women in the next ten years
Clayton Froom No, but I think staying married is.
Tish Tillis It is a huge accomplishment and commitment. This article is straight from hell.
Viridiana Eche K Paulina Corona
Peter Grell Exactly. Also, more often, to remain childless is more of an accomplishment than to become a father or a mother.
VICE News The Qaeda affiliate said it was an act of revenge against ongoing Western intelligence operations in Somalia.
Al Shabaab Says It Carried Out Somalia Plane Attack | VICE News
In an emailed statement, the al Qaeda affiliate said the attack was an act of revenge against ongoing Western intelligence operations in Somalia.
Kyle Douglas M When Trump is president, you better believe this crap won't happen any more !
Saul Rosenberg
Mike Rushton Well basically every candidate will keep things the status quo, high military investment, low education/healthcare/infrastructure investment. Allowing inflation to massively outgrow average wages and income, allowing drug companies to overcharge prescription meds and insurance companies to gouge those lucky enough to afford health insurance. Oh wait, one candidate promises to change that. He may not be able to bring 100% of the changes he proposes, but even if he brings 65%, no wait 45%, no, even 10%, he will be taking this country in the right direction. It may take a few more terms and presidents but if the people keep voting for candidates that at least even PRETEND to represent the average people, things will gradually change for the better. Now is better than never, vote for Sanders. Again not claiming he fixes everything, but let's be real, all of the others are more of the same if not worse. We need to build up the rest of the world, if you truly want to be called the "civilized nations", you can't sit by while the poor get poorer and starve to death while we waste food and money here, and not expect to receive hate or attacks.
Washington Post Style Yea, these clothes will surely become a “thing." Rihanna is already wearing them.
Rihanna wants you to dress like a genderless Japanese goth. And now you probably will.
The pop star unveiled her first ready-to-wear collection for Puma..
3 minutes ago
Terry Hood Kingsley Real queen
Ocampinho OC https://www.facebook.com/101064683372446/videos/vb.101064683372446/787773898034851/?type=2&theater
NPR The company made a lot of enemies while marketing its "food with integrity."
Chipotle's Food-Safety Woes? Don't Expect Sympathy From Rest Of Industry
Chipotle has scorned some mainstream farming practices, like GMOs and antibiotics. Now the fast-casual chain is taking hits over food safety, and past targets of its attacks are taking revenge.
5 minutes ago
Ashkim Harding http://bit.ly/1o8o4kn
Drae Serrato Still food w integrity.. they closed their stores on their own bc they care about their customers health. They changed a lot of things to help ensure safety
Din Cobval
Ken Stern Too bad, their food won't taste the same without their secret ingredient ....E.coli....
The Original Church of Sarcasm Science ... who knew ....
Blackk Rock Shooterr Look, people got sicker off of McDonald's.
Allison McArthur This seems like a blatant smear piece using the same kind of misinformation it tries to pin on Chipotle.
Jeff Fuentes I'm still eating there. Not that many organic "fast food" joint over in the east coast
Gina Macala Kate Shabanov
Adam Westgate I'd still eat there. It's a work in progress but a huge step in the right direction
Us Weekly Kanye had a few things he needed to get off his chest via Twitter on Friday night -- see what he said!
Kanye West Goes on Twitter Rant: Praises Rihanna, Defends Caitlyn Jenner, References ‘Tron’ - Us...
Kanye West went off on an extended, wide-ranging Twitter rant on Friday, Feb. 12, following his debut of Yeezy Season 3, in which he praised Rihanna and defended Caitlyn Jenner — read more
6 minutes ago
Ashley Paternostro Let's not talk about this fool anymore. Nothing he says, literally nothing, is worth our time.
Elizabeth Anne I hate this guy. I wish we could just move him somewhere else. Ewww
Kristy-Shannon Daigle Efff a buncha Kanye. Just go away
Claire Roy SHUT UP!!!!!!!
Upworthy Intimate partner violence is more common than we think. (via The Huffington Post) Trigger warning: This article extensively discusses domestic violence.
This is Not a Love Story
On the first day of the year, at least nine women in different parts of the country were killed. In each instance, a husband, boyfriend, ex or lover was the suspect.
56 minutes ago
Larry Cook Trigger warning. Really?
Eh Micklewhite Tianna Micklewhite read this
Ray Wilkins Dont talk about the abusive women or gay men. But they are there.
Ray Wilkins You know there are more serieal killer nurses than men. They just don't usualy get caught.
Pamela Wade There is another side to this story and that is verbally abusive women to their male partner.
Shelli Netherton Important article.
Tamara Spring Ok Ray, you go write an article about that then and share to facebook so we can read it. This article is about women getting killed by their partners.
Lj Lagana Staggering.
Us Weekly Taylor Swift will kick off The GRAMMYs festivities on Monday night! Find out who else is performing.
Grammys 2016 Performers List: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Adele, More
Taylor Swift will kick off the 2016 Grammys on Monday, Feb. 15, before other performances by Justin Bieber, Adele, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna and many more — see the full list here
4 hours ago
Us Weekly Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia isn’t happy when Grandma Debra wants to talk to her mom’s boyfriend on Teen Mom OG — watch the clip!
Farrah Abraham's Daughter Gives Grandma Warning on 'Teen Mom OG'
Farrah Abraham’s daughter, Sophia, isn’t happy when Grandma Debra wants to talk to her mom’s boyfriend, Simon Saran — see what she says!
8 hours ago
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Sonia Cobar Brat
Lisa Mara
Heizel Vargas Ugly as her mother
Refinery29 Rihanna & Gigi Hadid modeled the collection.
Rihanna’s PUMA Collection Debuts At NYFW
In true Rihanna fashion (literally), Rihanna modeled her own Fenty x Puma runway presentation at New York Fashion Week tonight. Comprised of sportswear heavily inspired by the singer’s inimitable style, Rihanna’s stylistic mode was essentially he Read more ... althgoth 2.0 with a transfusion of street
9 hours ago
Alejandro Salazar <3
Sharon Boyd Canadiangirl
Kimberly Sneed
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