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BuzzFeed Sports Everyday is "take your boyfriend to work day" when you're Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers.
Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers work out, part 2 - ESPN Video
Actress Olivia Munn and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers work on their fighting moves together.
The Daily Beast She allegedly hid their bodies in bags and stuffed them in a shed.
‘Cold-Blooded’ Florida Mom Killed Daughter Over a Boyfriend
Cheyanne Jessie told police her 6-year-old and dad were missing. Now cops say she murdered them to keep the girl from messing up her new relationship.
Lisa Sandona How many more of these tragic lonely dirtbags are going to do this before we just line these skanks up and shoot them? This type of story comes up so often. Makes me sick.
Terrie Quear May she burn in hell prayers to family..2more angels got there wings
Peter Handspiker Just fucking sick a man over your kid u should be locked in a cell forever
Christopher Howell ...I think I'm done reading the news today.
Muyi Romero Some people just don't deserve to be parents...just saying
Marie Levesque This is the very definition of Evil.
Michael Olague It be worse if she killed Cecil the lion
Amelia Little This sounds familiar...
Butch Kirk Pure evil!!!
Victor Lorenzo me encanta el sexo oral https://www.facebook.com/notes/drisfrutalo/mira-este-video/476116945889250
Daily Mail Celebrity Rihanna proves she's still the reigning carnival queen of Barbados
Rihanna parades around in a sparkly bra and feathered head-dress at a festival
Rihanna proved she's still the reigning carnival queen of Barbados on Monday.
Monique-Victoria Kabeya Looks drunk as eff
Payida Mangezi Beautiful
Mamadou Woury Noba Cool
Emily Botomani Agogo Sandram
Seaman Aam #save myanmar #support myanmar
Chris Stewart Trump's cellphone number was leaked on Gawker. Enjoy. (917) 756-8000.
MTV Rihanna just became the The Hunger Games Mockingjay- literally.
Scott Luke She defines Sex no doubt!
Maria Rosa Wolfram I like Rihanna is very beautiful
Diana Cardenas Un aplauso para esos novios que nunca olvidan una fecha importante
Argi Gustavo Ivan Rihanna is pure wild sexy fire, she is one sexy woman for sure.
Sarah Slater Whips and chains
WTF World Don't be afraid to do something just because you're scared of what people are going to say about you. People will judge you no matter what.
Betim Hyseni Dona Berisha
Hollie Smith Nikki
Christopher Webb We only have a place to live, for us and our two dogs, until the end of the week. If you could share this and try to help change the horrible situation we are in, please do. I can't even begin to tell you all how scared I am for our situation. I just Read more ... need to know that the woman I love will be OK....
Click here to support Last Ditch Effort for Homeless Duo by Delana Anice Bradbury
On May 1, 2013 my boyfriend moved in with my family and I to help take care of my father. My father was suffering from liver and kidney failure and my mother was working full time. Sam, my boyfriend, came and assisted us in the last few months of my Read more ... father's life -- up until he passed away in Jul...
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HelloGiggles PSA: The first teaser trailer for Deadpool Movie is here!
Here’s the first teaser trailer for ‘Deadpool.’ And yep, it’s a wee bit NSFW.
There was only one movie trailer at Comic-Con this past year that not only got a standing ovation, but was then played again because the crowd went crazy wild. That honor belongs to Marvel's Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth. Read more ... Even though you've probably watched the leaked foo…
1 hour ago
Julie Hindbær Fuuuckkk yeeaahhhh Deadpool!!!!
Jake Waltham NSFW can only be a good thing with comic book related stuff.
Jenny May-Camargo Joe Alexander here's your movie
Miriam Morales Mike Morales Carlos Rocha
Mayra Paz Jonathan Kyle
Michea Ruhl Johnson Mike, Rachel
David Gowing Anthony Walsh
Anthony Gobrial Joe
Sara Cardamone Anthony Ramos
HelloGiggles #1. Neither of you is going to magically change after you say yes.
What I wish I knew when I got engaged the first time
I got married this past December to the man of my dreams. So much time has passed since we became friends, then best friends, then awkward maybe-we-love-each-others, then boyfriend/girlfriend, and now husband and wife – almost 10 years, in fact. An Read more ... d a lot of other stuff happened during that decade.…
3 hours ago
Angie Bee Candic Williams this was the episode I was telling you about
Jessica Anderson Dani McDonald
Cindy Bai Edwin E Joeng
HuffPost Sports After Correia kept taunting and yelling "don't cry" at the weigh-in, Rousey made her eat her own words.
4 hours ago
Business Insider Everyone seems to be renting these days ... even Mariah Carey is using Airbnb for her extended vacation.
Check out Mariah Carey's $10,000-a-night Airbnb rental on Malibu's exclusive 'Billionaires' Beach'
Mariah Carey and her billionaire boyfriend are curling up in a $30 million rental villa until late August.
6 hours ago
Ruslan Modin Hope a surfboard included in the rental rate.
Kurdish Kurdem Outdated place not worth 10k a day at all
Bruno Conte Guilherme Morais airbnb ryca
Vaora Deskopta This girl can't shy Ohohoh *.* http://bit.ly/1SVYpEb
Ashlynd Jamal Sarah Abbitt
Ray Ho Ferdie Gähler infinitea~~~
Alexis Panayiotou Stefanos Parpas
Pamela Contreras Isaac Contreras
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Rihanna Sex Tape (Video) | R&B star Rihanna has strongly denied the existence of an alleged sex tape featuring her and fellow recording artist J. Cole. Hustler Magazine claims to have a ...Kendra Wilkinson’s | sex tape leaked | by ex boyfriend | Miley Cyrus Sex Tape To Be Leaked: The Truth | Miley Cyrus sex tape has leaked according to a \Taylor Swift SEX TAPE Leaked | Is there going to be a Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris sex tape soon?Rihanna Braless Nipple Poke Paradise | Rihanna Braless Nipple Poke Paradise - Rihanna gave the court side fans at the LA Clippers playoff game something else to look at besides basketball.
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