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Oosunaarashi 大砂嵐 - "Official Page" 名古屋場所十日目、照の富士戦は上手投げで負け。 4勝6敗 Nagoya basho day 10, Osunaarashi went with a srong kachiage to pushing thrusting to a uwate grip against Terunofuji. Both rikishi battleing for a comfortable mawashi gri Read more ... p in middle dohyo. Terunofuji gets his uwate grip and takes Osunaarashi out with a uwategnage at the edge. 4 wins 6 losses يوم 10 في بطولة ناجويا. أوسوناآراشي خسر ماتش النهارده (4 فوز : 6 خسارة https://vimeo.com/101383432
Terunofuji vs Osunaarashi Day 10 Sumo Nagoya Basho July 2014
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