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Marleny Leon Claros
Bachata NYC Edwin & Daniela Live with Voz A Voz
This was such a fun event. Daniela and I were dancing minding our own business lol and all of a sudden we get called out to the stage to dance for the audience with Voz A Voz and Alejandro Bouza how could we resist? We like to play around with the Read more ... music but did Did notice the little Bachata dance time-line? From Merengue, to Traditional, ending with Modern. Remember evolution is a good thing as long as it comes from a place of understanding! "We love to dance to the music, not through the music" When you get it you will smile a lil ;) Thank you DJ Alejandro, Talia, Gio, Ronny, and the entire Voz A Voz band for showing us LFX Dancers so much love and support and rocking out an amazing event in Bryant park.
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