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Meghan McGowan Samantha Grace you are the most special girl. You've been making me breakfast every morning before work and helping me get through these longs days the last 2 weeks. I don't know what I would do, or where I would be without you and your uncondition Read more ... al love. I can't wait to marry your cute butt. You mean the world to me, and I love you so so much. Forever and always princess ♡♡♡♡♡♡
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Samantha Lumb Watch to see a glimpse of me!!
Southend Barns
On September 17th 2014 Southend Barns, Chichester hosted its very first Bridal Fashion Show
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Samantha Deter Xxl. Bee costume for a dog $5
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Samantha Hunter
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Moby wants you to Bee Against Monsanto! :) Via March Against Monsanto — with Samantha Hippysam Artifoni.
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Donna Wehmeyer Hucks Love this story!!
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MY STORY ABOUT LIVING WITH THE WHITAKERS – Let me introduce myself, my name is Samantha and I’m a calico. You may not have heard of me unless have read Mr. Milford’s and Mr. Beaver’s retirement letter, they mentioned me in their letter. I c Read more ... ame to live with Mr. Milford and Ms. Dreama about five years ago. You might say that I was born an ole alley cat on the wrong side of the tracks. When I was small we had it tuff, my daddy cut a trail before I was ever born and we didn’t even know him. Our mother worked hard keeping food for her family, teaching us hunting skills and how to survive. We stayed with a family that didn’t care much for us, then one day they gathered us all up and dumped our family alongside a country road. We had no food or any place to go so our mother said to each of us you are now big enough to be on your own. We all cried a little and said a final good bye and each of us headed out in different directions to see what life would bring to pass. My mother had taught me how to hunt, but I was having trouble finding something to eat. It had been more than a week and I was down to what you might say hide stretched over bones when I stumbled upon this backyard with a nice birdfeeder. I was going to use my skills as a hunter but I was so weak that I couldn’t even jump up to catch a bird. This lady named Ms. Dreama kept coming out and hollowing at me to leave, then this man Mr. Milford came over and said get away from here. I just didn’t feel like running away anymore and decided I was going to stay here and make this my home. Well after about a week Ms. Dreama said, well Ms. Calico I can’t stand to see you starve to death and you know what she done, she went a got me a bowl of roast beef…my, my that was so good. I couldn’t eat much as it had been so long since I had eaten any real food it would have made me sick, so I saved some for later. Well next day Ms. Dreama brought me a bowl of chicken, man that made me feel so much better. I kept hiding out for about another week, when I heard Mr. Milford say I don’t think that Calico is going to leave. Then to my surprise I heard him say to Ms. Dreama I think she can stay here if Mr. Beaver says it’s OK. Ms. Dreama and Mr. Milford talked it over and decided to call me Sam. That was Ok with me as I had never had a real name before. Now, Mr. Beaver is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and has lived here for a few years. Mr. Beaver is not like me, he came from the other side of town, he is royalty, and his family has all of them fancy titles and degrees in front of their names. He is well educated, going to all those schools and getting them degrees, why he even has what they call a AKC pedigree. As you guessed it Mr. Beaver and I didn’t see eye to eye. His goal was to chase me off, but I wasn’t going anywhere. When he came charging and yelping at me, I just decided to bowed up and stand my ground…my mother had taught me how to fight. Well Mr. Beaver stopped dead in his tracks and just looked at me. Mr. Beaver said it was OK for me to stay as long as I stayed out of his way and didn’t eat any of his food. Mr. Milford told us, you are going to have to get along as both of you are going to be living here together. Mr. Beaver had a nice bed in the garage but I wasn’t able to share in this so I slept outside wherever I could find a dry place. By now I had gained weight and I always kept myself clean, even if I say so myself I am somewhat nice looking with a petite figure. Up to this point I hadn’t ever been told about the birds and the bees, so when along came this handsome looking guy named Mr. Tom, me and him had a one night fling. This one night romance didn’t work out just right for me, I got pregnant. When Mr. Milford and Ms. Dreama found out they were very kind to me and said I guess we are going to have to change your name to Samantha…Sam ain’t no boy. Mr. Milford fixed up a nice little house for my new family and Ms. Dreama fixed a cozy bed for us. I had two boys and two girls, they didn’t look anything like me, two were solid white and two were solid black. With the help of Ms. Dreama and Mr. Milford I done the very best job I could do to raise my children. When it came time for the family to leave home, Mr. Victor (He is Ms. Dreama and Mr. Milford’s son) took one of my boys named George home with him. Mr. Milford found a place of the other children, he didn’t leave them on the side of the road like I was. In a few days Mr. Milford came to me and said Samantha I think I need to take you to see Dr. Vet, well I didn’t know who Dr. Vet was, so I said Ok less go. We get in the truck and off we go. When we get to where we are going they take me into this room that I have never seen anything like it before. There was a table in the middle, all kinds of gadgets setting around and pictures of dogs all along the wall. They put me up on this table and for some reason I didn’t like the looks of things. Dr. Vet came in and said we can fix Samantha up in no time at all. Baaammm, Before I knew it I was asleep. When I woke up I didn’t feel so well, I was sore and my tummy hurt, then I heard Dr. Vet say that should take care of it, she won’t have any more one night fling surprises. I can’t say as I understood what they were talking about. Boooommmm,vrrrrrrrrrrruuuuummmm, bang….what is that noise??? I got to stop writing here and go see what that noise is all about…I’ll be back later.
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Bishop Billy I hurt myself when I got cut off on my bike yesterday. I flew through the air and landed on my side. My leg got very twisted in the fall, so now I am laid up in my bed. With nothing to do. However I still have my friends on facebook to have as compa Read more ... ny. This happened three days ago,and now I just want to say to all of you. Thanks Sharon Rose Bee, you always make me smile. Phyillis, Andre, and Samantha Yates you guys have the greatest quotes I have ever read. Thanks to Big Bill August for always being refreshing and honest. For sure thanks Joyce Blair for all your tips on bets, and places to eat. Also to my family Doug, Yolanda, Sheila, Chris,Sandra, and most of all my little Granddaughter. Everyone has been here for my hurts, and its been great. Again Thank you all.
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