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Wihelm Sebulon Shikongo-Mekondjo Nathinge 7 Recorded Success Stories with XANGO’s Mangosteen Beverage and XALO’s Sports Products Mark Hardy - Professional Baseball, Recovery: Limitless is one of a kind! I will never use another energy supplement again. I have used a variety of supplemen Read more ... ts over the years while training in a high performance environment. Through my years of playing professional baseball I have always suffered through severe inflammation due to partial tears in my rotator cuff. I was injured for two straight seasons and prescribed anti-inflammatory pills, which were briefly hiding the pain but never fixing the root of the problem. I tried every pill and ointment out there but never had I experienced results this significant. That is, until I began using the XALO Pro Pack. Since XALO I now train longer and harder without the constant pain. Not to mention how much my recovery has been sped up with the Reload. I am now a firm believer in using all-natural ingredients because today my pitching shoulder is finally feeling fantastic. Mark joined our team last fall, after retiring from professional baseball. He starred at UBC, was drafted by the San Diego Padres and made it as far as AA before injuries side tracked his career. Daniel Silva - Golf, Soccer, Energy, Recovery: I play soccer on the weekends in a men's league. Most times, I play with guys who are 10 years younger. It used to take me 4 days to recover from groin strains, foot and leg injuries and sometimes I still was not a 100%, when I got to my next game a week later. It took me 2 weeks of drinking Mangosteen juice to start feeling better and I noticed my shortened recovery time. I now have been drinking the juice for almost one year and it definitely works in recovery time from match to match. It also gives me a lot more energy when I compete. The guys always ask me what I’m taking. Daniel was recently named as the #1 all-time Golf Professional from Portugal. He played on the European Tour for 10 years and is the only Portuguese golfer to win on the European tour. Brenda - Cycling, Endurance, Recovery: Most of my friends know me to be very active and constantly drinking Gatorade or some sports drink. Last fall I entered a 200 km bike ride as a fund raiser for cancer. The ride was 2 days long and 100 km each way. I had done some training for this ride but not an extensive amount. My thoughts were to go as far as I could and possibly complete at least 50 km each day. Prior to and during the day I drank the Limitless and Ignite blended together. I found this gave me tons of Energy and shockingly, I was able to ride 85 km the first day before stopping due to a steep hill and a painful knee. Surprisingly my endurance was there. I then took the Reload that evening and the next morning and continued the ride. My friends, who had trained extensively for the ride, were amazed that I completed the second day, with the exception of the last hill, and had little muscle soreness. I was amazed at the recovery my legs had the next morning. I truly believe I would not have been able to continue or complete this ride without these amazing products. Good bye Gatorade, I plan to share this with my "fit" friends so they can actually keep up to me. David Detienne - Baseball, Recovery: Brenda Hahn My recovery time after training or after a game is far quicker. There has never been a product like this that has made such a difference to me. Knowing that our XANGO product is approved for athletic use is very comforting. The few times that I have run out of product, I could really notice the difference the next morning. David was drafted out of high school by the LA Dodgers, spending 6 years in their system before moving on the to NY Mets. He made it to Triple A before retiring and is now a Vancouver firefighter. Abigale - Gold / 2013 Special Olympics Now 17 years of age, Abigale is excelling, having won 2 Gold and 2 Bronze medals in the 2013 BC/Yukon Regional Special Olympics Summer Games. Our granddaughter Abigale has Autism, and has struggled with poor communication skills, inability to focus and interact, and high anxiety. She was introduced to the XANGO Juice 4 years ago, along with Eleviv. Abigale had remarkable results with these 2 products, which led to her interest to participate in sports, namely basketball and track and field. As her enjoyment and confidence in participation increased and her potential was recognized, we introduced XALO Limitless, Reload and Ignite to her extensive training program. She is now training for the 2014 Canadian National Special Olympics Summer Games. Her focus, energy and determination have been recognized by UBC Athletic Department and she has been invited to train with the UBC athletes, including participating in their annual ‘Storm the Wall’ event, as their 450 meter sprinter in the track and field relay. XALO’s Limitless, Reload and Ignite are consistently a part of that training regime. We are so thankful for products that offer natural energy and hydration without the crash factor, muscle tissue repair, and enhanced cardiovascular performance. We are confident that with continued focus and supplementation, Abigale will be competing in 2015 in the International Special Olympics! Go XANGO/XALO!” Caroline Poloni, Grandparent Jamie - Boxing, Energy, Recovery: I'm a former National Team competitive female boxer. I've been competing solidly for over 5 years and have had over 30 competitions. I'm a repeating BC Champion, Best of the North West Champion and won a bronze at the Nationals. I represented Canada in 2011 Lonsdale World Championships and won a Bronze. Recently, I've decided to take on a new adventure and turned professional. I'm expecting to compete in my first professional fight this winter. In the future my goal isto win a world title. I train 6 days a week, for up to 3 - 4 hours a day. Most of this training involves sprinting, weight training, and sparring. All of this work is very vigorous and takes a huge toll on my body. Rest and recovery is a must so I can continue to push myself each day. Because of the high demands on my body I was often under the weather and constantly exhausted. About 3 months ago a good friend of mine, introduced me to XanGo’s Mangosteen juice. I'm often approached by many health supplement suppliers to represent their product, and often the product hasn't made a difference in my life or training. However, I decided to "humor" my friend and try the juice for two weeks. Within those two weeks I was completely blown away by the effects the juice had on my body. The first thing I noticed was my ability to recover faster was improving. I was also becoming highly energetic and constantly happy. Over time I've noticed that my sleep is deeper, I'm no longer getting sick as often and I no longer have headaches. Since being on the Mangosteen juice, I've been able to push myself twice as hard as before and am breaking through fitness barriers I never thought I'd get close to. Each week I can see myself improving and each week I feel better mentally and physically. I have truly become a Mangosteen "junkie", panicking when I get close the end of my month’s supply. I can honestly and confidently say that XanGo’s Mangosteen juice has had a huge impact on my training and is a tribute to my current and future successes. Jamie Daniella Silva - Tennis Player, Energy, Recovery: Daniella is a 17 year old female who plays Tennis at a National and International level. Summer 2013 ... She is currently in Sherbrooke, Quebec for the Canada Games and represents Tennis BC. She is then off to Toronto to play in the Nationals and then completes her summer tournaments with two International events in Montreal and California. She trains approx. 20 hours a week. September 2013 ... Off to Santa Clara University in San Jose to continue to play a high level of tennis and study sports medicine. Daniella has been using XALO Pro-line products. She uses the Ignite before a match and feels that her ability to focus is greater. She has more energy on the court which helps her movement, which is key in tennis. The Reload helps her recover quicker from her matches and practices. She feels that her legs aren't as heavy the next day. These products are important for a more dynamic performance and a better, quicker recovery. Anabela Silva (proud Mother) Energy Drink News Videos Compiled in HD Colli Butler: http://youtu.be/Ajsl82P6FgI XanGo University Tour for New Distributors with Colli Butler: http://youtu.be/8ZHg4yo362w XANGO XALO New Distributor Training Colli Butler: http://youtu.be/lb-sr7fkPZo ENERGY DRINKS & Health Consequences: http://youtu.be/DFLsXEecJ-0 The Secrets of Sugar - the fifth estate - CBC News - Health Consequences: http://youtu.be/xDaYa0AB8TQ Seeds of Death - Full Movie - GMO http://youtu.be/eUd9rRSLY4A The Truth About Food - Health Universe: http://youtu.be/JXZ1dH7tJWw
Energy Drink News Videos Compiled in HD
A compilation of several news reports on the dangers of energy drinks.
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Baseball Cards Classifieds Luis Lopez San Diego Padres (Baseball Card) 1995 Upper Deck Gold Electric Diamond #138 - http://get.sm/objpeYA
1995 Upper Deck Gold Electric Diamond #138 - Luis Lopez Sport: Baseball Great for any Luis Lopez fan Great for any San Diego Padres fan This is a collectible trading card.
1995 Upper Deck Gold Electric Diamond #138 - Luis Lopez Sport: Baseball Great for any Luis Lopez fan Great for any San Diego Padres fan This is a collectible trading card.
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Aguilas del Zulia
Hernán Pérez dio hit en su regreso a Grandes Ligas
Luego de una temporada de 157 imparables en 547 turnos para promedio de 287 en triple A, el jugador del cuadro  Hernán Pérez regresó a las Grandes Ligas con los Tigres de Detroit y dio indiscutible en su primer turno de la temporada .   El agui Read more ... lucho que debutó en las grandes ligas con los felinos en el 2012 tomando dos turnos,  en la campaña del 2013 vio acción en 34 juegos en los cuales dio 13 cohetes en 66 oportunidades (197)   Con el debut de Pérez en esta temporada son siete los peloteros rapases que han jugado esta temporada en las mayores empatando la marca del equipo. Leonel Campos con los Padres de San Diego sigue esperando su debut al igual que el receptor Humberto Quintero llamado para el mes final por los Marineros de Seattle.      Aguiluchos en el exterior 01-09-14 MLB Ender Inciarte Cf (Arizona) 4-2. (270)  Hernán Pérez PH-2B (Detroit) 1-1, Ca. (1000) Freddy Galvis PH-2B (Filadelfia) 1-0 (083)    Por: Rafael Petit 01-09-14  
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Live TV sports news xml feed MLB, Arizona Diamondbacks vs San Diego Padres, Tuesday, September 02, 2014 10:10 pm ET Prediction Arizona Diamondbacks – San Diego Padres (the most likely outcome according to the bookmakers): 4:4 Score Arizona vs San Diego Watch Arizona v Read more ... s …
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Lisette Rico Miramontes, Realtor Padres turn to Despaigne against Arizona
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