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Refinery29 This video makes us SO happy
OH HEY It's A "That '70s Show" Reunion
It was Wilmer Valderrama's birthday, but the party gave all fans of The '70s Show cause to celebrate. On Thursday, none other than Jackie and Kelso — a.k.a. maybe-marrieds Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher — showed up to support their former costar Read more ... at his 35th birthday party in Los Angeles.
4 minutes ago
Mly Carroll Brooke LoBue
Refinery29 Instant sexy
11 Open-Back Dresses To Show Winter Who's Boss
It may be the middle of winter, but this shouldn't stop you from showing a little skin (without freezing your tush off in the process). Underneath your behemoth boyfriend coat, scarf, and god-knows-what-else, you don't need to wear another frumpy art Read more ... icle of clothing. Instead, go all out in an
39 minutes ago
Sports Illustrated It was arguably the best Super Bowl halftime show of all time.
Watch U2's powerful 9/11 tribute during the 2002 Super Bowl halftime show
Performing in 2002, the first Super Bowl after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, U2 paid tribute to those who lost...
57 minutes ago
Kevin Driscoll You can all say U2 sucks but they're the best musical act they've had since 2002. Bruno Mars? black eyed peas? It's a sad popularity contest now consisting of no one that you'd hear played at a football game. Where's Ozzy or someone like that?
Mark Heinzelmann U2 is awful
Patrick Burns Everyone seems to hate this band but it's very tough to find a halftime show that will ever top this one
Ian Splisgardt Aside from the tribute, U2 sucks
Jessica Charnley Anderson WRONG. Prince sang Purple Rain IN THE RAIN. And was amazing. Super Bowl 2007. The u2 show felt campy. They aren't even Americans
Guy-Angelo Raynier I'm sure Katy Perry and her heavily illuminati symbolized show will top every superbowl halftime show. Because nothing says football like.....Katy Perry
Timothy Todoran It WAS the best Halftime show of all time.
Leslie Place Merriman I still think of this when I hear this song.
Paul Reeves Best halftime performance ever. Now they need to have Coldplay. That would be cool.
Carter Emmett DO UR OWN RESEARCH AMERICA The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams on playing a black woman who isn't a stereotype.
Jessica Williams Chats About Black Roles in Independent Films
The actress described People, Places, Things as the rare film, let alone romantic comedy, where black women “just get to exist,” free of racial types or expectations.
1 hour ago
Michael Murphy Great! I can't wait to read it! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Amit Karmakar Amit Karmakar My dear friends, Kindly see and help """"Bangladeshi Hindus""""" otherwise Muslim killers kill them.... Plz help them... Newsletter & Newspaper don't show that events.... Plz.... I request for help...
1 hour ago
Stunning Video: Look what the media missed at the March For Life.
Amazing video. How could the media ignore this??
1 hour ago
Daily Mail Celebrity Katy Perry: 'If somebody is trying to defame my character, you're going to hear about it'
Katy Perry addresses Taylor Swift feud ahead of Super Bowl show
Katy Perry is gearing up for 'the biggest event' of her career - her halftime performance on Super Bowl Sunday.
1 hour ago
Steven Bicks What purpose does examining evidence excluded from the Hernandez trail achieve? Why are you covering the case at all? Our criminal justice system has become third rate reality TV because of networks like CNN. If you had a shred of integrity, you woul Read more ... d not cover criminal proceedings from the arrest until the conviction. When did you stop being journalists and became game show hosts?
2 hours ago
Catches Lightning I just want to show the world what our local News Paper is doing, they have sunk to a all time low trying to justify harassment of innocent children.
3 hours ago
Adubabari Mankie-tanen MY CHALLENGE TO MY LEADERS IN BIARA COMMUNITY IN GOKANA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF RIVERS STATE: WAKE UP NOW AND OR WAIT FOR THE WORLD……! “You MUST not follow the Crowd in doing wrong. When you are called to testify in a dispute, do not be swaye Read more ... d by the crowd to twist justice”-Exo. 23:2. “Take no bribe, for a bribe makes you ignore something that you clearly see. A bribe makes even a righteous person twist the Truth”-Exo. 23:8 By divine appointment I am from Biara Community and I am not ashamed of this fact. In the process of fulfilling part of my CALLING or ASSIGNMENT, which is GIVING VOICE TO THE VOICELESS: THIS IS THE DUTY OF LAWYERS… “Lawyers are different folk. We are TRAINED to think differently. The concepts of LIBERTY and JUSTICE are on our Minds. Obviously, Lawyers are not the only people who want to change the world, but we may be the only people who recognize that LASTING and JUST CHANGE MUST be consistent with the Rule of Law. I have come to realize that WITHOUT Lawyers, the fight for Justice would have been lost long ago. WE HAVE A SACRED DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTINUE WHAT AT TIMES MAY SEEM AN UPHILL BATTLE. WE Lawyers are PROBLEM SOLVERS. We give people Hope; We give people their lives back. We SPEAK for those who would otherwise have NO VOICE. We serve our Communities, We represent the Law and we are the KEY to a just Society” –President, American Bar Association,2013., I stated the Prayer my Parents used to make over me while I was pursuing my Education beyond the famous Itu River. That Prayer is that GOD should make me useful to my family, the Community and the Society. Since my Graduation by way of being Called to the BAR in 2000, I have taken up several Issues concerning my Community, which is my focus here. These issues include but not limited to: 1. The Position of Biara Community-Historical and Contemporary Perspective 2. My Challenge/Letters/Advises to the Youth of Biara Community 3. The implication of Self-Imposition of the Gberemene of Gokana as the “Gberemene of Biara” or Paramount Ruler of Biara Community contrary to Ogoni Custom and Tradition. 4. The Political motivated Chieftaincy crisis in Biara Community. 5. The Danger/Implication of the Abduction and Killing of Prince Paul Bagia by B.Dere community in December, 2005 and his subsequent betrayal even in death…. 6. The Danger/Implication of the Abduction and Killing of Deacon Sunday Boreh Tonwee of Biara Community by the digital Barako community [the Ally of B.Dere Community] on the 23rd day of February, 2013. 7. The FRAUDULENT claim of B.Dere [The Newest community in Gokana, majority of its Members are REFUGEES from GOI Community] and Violent Invasion /forceful takeover of Farmlands Legitimately belonging to Biara Community. 8. The Conspiracy between S-HELL and certain individuals from Biara Community to BETRAY the FUTURE of Biara Community. 9. WARNING to those behind the clearly avoidable Crisis between B.Dere and Biara Communities. In my little effort as a Lawyer, I have written several Articles in Defense of Biara Community for the attention of the WORLD, aimed at putting certain distorted facts straight on several matters. My purpose here, is to state my Position clearly on the Project of Betrayal of the FUTURE of Biara Community in the 21st Century by few individuals based on either EXPLOITATION of their IGNORANCE by S-HELL through Deception or Wickedness anchored on Naked GREED. I am very elated by the SUCCESS of the Case of Bodo Community against S-HELL which has JUSTIFIED my seeming lonely Voice per the ongoing Evil in Biara Community powered by S-HELL. In my writings, I had pointed out that GOD naturally BLESSED Biara Community beyond other communities , even beyond the evident Political Marginalization by the present Politicians in Gokana. In 1993, the Historic Oil Spillage that occurred at Biara Community at the peak of the MOSOP Peaceful and No-Violent Struggle against S-HELL and her Collaborators [Nigerian Government], which POLLUTED and DESTROYED ALL the Natural Drinking Water Sources in Biara Community was in FAVOUR of Biara Community for proper Compensation and Clean Up that would have CHANGED the FUTURE of Biara Community, but our Leaders BETRAYED it. HISTORY will NEVER forgive the Gberemene of Gokana and his Cohorts for the Evil Role they played in the matter, especially, the former Fraudulently CLAIMING to be the Paramount Ruler of Biara Community at S-HELL Office and converting whatever is DUE Biara Community. The Day of ACCOUNT is coming. In recent time, S-HELL went into a GLOBAL MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING [GMOU] with Biara Community. To my SHOCK, certain individuals from Biara have BETRAYED the Community again. Those said to be Representing Biara Community on this ALL IMPORTANT PROJECT is KEPT in SECRET for REASON [S] best known to the LEADERS of the Community, who seem to be in a HURRY to SELL the FUTURE of the Community for PEANUTS. Biara People should wait as those BEHIND this SELFISH PROJECT of SINKING the FUTURE of Biara Community WILL BE EXPOSED SOON and they shall tell us the GAME they are playing with the FUTURE of the Community. S-HELL has Proper Records of all Dealings on behalf of Biara Community like EDUCATION-Scholarships and Community Projects, Money among others. Recently too, S-HELL through her agents armed with their usual DIVIDE and RULE Tactics have Deceptively INDUCED Biara Leaders and some IGNORANT Youth into a so-called OIL SPILLAGE CLEAN UP CONTRACTS in Biara Community. This Poverty driven Deceit has FIRED the Youth against any REASONABLE IDEA/SUGGESTION which would have BENEFITED THE COMMUNITY HUGELY as well s those whose personal LANDS are impacted by S-HELL Oil-Spill. To show the extent of the Evil, those INVOLVED went to retain a Lawyer from K.Dere Community to do an Agreement between them and S-HELL, to whom I understand a portion of the EVIL CONTRACT was given as Professional Fees. This is against the background that Biara Community has over Five[5] Lawyers. ****The so-called CONTRACTORS to S-HELL, who S-HELL thoroughly knows, HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER ON OIL SPILLAGE CLEAN-UP are now excavating Ecological MASS GRAVES on the Farmlands of Innocent Biara Farmers, without COMPENSATION, where the excavated SPILLED CRUDE OIL will then be TRANSFERRED and then COVERED in the Name of Oil Spillage Clean Up. Soon, poor farmers will start planting on the CRUDE Sites with resultant effects on the people through Crops harvested therefrom…. ***S-HELL should be READY to EXPLAIN to the WORLD the KIND OF OIL SPILLAGE CLEAN UP that it is BACKING in Biara Community. ****Owners of large Farmlands, based on my Write up exposing this matter earlier, I understand, are now FORCED to accept Peanuts like N10,000.00,N20,000.00,N30,000.00 from one of the so-called S-HELL Contractors by name MR EVANS TEE acting for S-HELL. SOON, we shall know WHO IS FOOLING WHO as International Bodies will come to Biara Community and see the NAKED EXPLOITATION of the Ignorance of the Leaders of Biara Community, even after the Killing of KEN SARO-WIWA and Other Ogonis. This is the WORK of GREED! “We Know From Painful Experience That Freedom Is Never Voluntarily Given By The Oppressor. It Must Be Demanded By The Oppressed. The Negro Cannot Win….If He Is Willing To Sell The Future Of His Children For His Personal And Immediate Comfort And Safety”--Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. GOD FORBID that I should join in this TRADE of GREED against my Community in the 21st Century! My Biara Community Leaders MUST WAKE UP and LEARN from Bodo Community or we shall all PERISH like FOOLS! Bee Biara-Ator-Muu Naage Pe! Thank you for your kind attention in reading this piece.
3 hours ago
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