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Marriage is definitely awesome if you are lucky enough to get the right person and is quite the opposite if you happen to marry the wrong one. Here are a few minimal posters that show some general differences of life while dating vs life after marri Read more ... age from a stereotypical point of view.
Smiling and Laughing who else really loves it
Awesome Whatsapp Videos Who else thinks this is cool ?
Evil Crayon Nice post thanks :p
Hunno Malik Hasan Raza
Dennis Georgiou Your report with Afineevsky was completely inaccurate with the information. Viktor Yanukovych never actually said that he is going to join the EU using the deal that Brussels proposed. Your report was as inaccurate as an average CNN or FOX NEWS repor Read more ... t. Also, just an FYI, Ukraine and Russia had had huge historical ties in both economy and ideology for centuries, so it should not be a huge surprise for Yanukovich and Putin to have a major deal (they had one every month). Afineevsky also forgot to include people from Donbass area in his movie and their side of the story. He also forgot to include facts like the college students in Maidan that kept on stabbing policemen. I would also like to ask you and Afineevsky how exactly was Viktor Yanukovych oppressing the people. I would like a factual answer, if you can provide one of course. Afineevsky forgot to include a lot of things in his movie. Step your game up, Trevor. From a long-time The Daily Show fan, Dennis.
VICE News "These projections show us that we are the first generation in human history that can end extreme poverty."
Fewer People Than Ever Live in Poverty, But the World’s Poorest People Are Still Screwed | VICE News
The percentage of people living below the poverty line hit single digits for the first time in history, but the milestone isn’t necessarily cause for celebration.
Martin Ramirez IV Horse. It's what's for dinner.
Daily Mail Jeremy Clarkson's £3million drag race!
Sina Korçan James Bennett Oli Heath do you also see these types of articles as more codings or is it just me?
Mel Lacey Paul Lacey Ryan Lacey
MTV Put your Empire knowledge to the test (via Entertainment Weekly).
Oke Oluwakemi Dayo Best film ever, Andre, Hakeem, Jamal, Lucious and cookies....
Sandy Giberson I know Trevor is the face of the show, and his timing, mimicking accents and his intelligence is obvious, but what makes me really happy is the "feel" of the show is the same. Great writing, research and producing. Thanks for keeping the show so rele Read more ... vant. I am thoroughly enjoying it!
26 minutes ago
Nathan Crary Trevor Noah is outstanding, and the show hasn't skipped a beat with its humor and relevance.
34 minutes ago Hitting a $450 million jackpot could be the worst thing that ever happens to you. (via Today Show)
Here's What Actually Happens When You Win the Lottery
Can money buy happiness?
2 hours ago
Nehuen Guntin amazing
Kathy Cronin I'm willing to take my chances...
Vanessa Pena Ramirez I would love to win! Good for her!
Kelly Christine I disagree
Lisa Mara Stop trying to pee on her parade. Haters.
Where there is love there is life The most useful asset of a person is not a head full of knowledge but a heart full of love, with ears open to listen, and hands willing to help.
Daily Mail 'There's an enormous hole in our hearts and on our airwaves' (via Daily Mail Australia)
MIX 94.5 radio host Shane McFarlane dies from a gastric illness
Mix 94.5 morning radio show host Shane McFarlane died this week from complications with continuing gastric problems. The radio team based in Perth, WA,
2 hours ago
The Hollywood Reporter "I know what it's like to be young and crazy on Twitter." - The Daily Show's Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah Rips Rupert Murdoch's "Crazy" Ben Carson Tweet
The 'Daily Show' host himself knows a thing or two about taking heat for tweets.
2 hours ago
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