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Entertainment Weekly Denis Leary doesn't want Jon Stewart to leave The Daily Show either.
Denis Leary on Jon Stewart's retirement: 'What the f— is wrong with you?'
Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Show included the last-ever appearance from Denis Leary, who used his final on-air moments with Jon Stewart to make...
TIME The comedian maybe 89 years old but he hasn't lost his touch for classic insults.
Watch Don Rickles Insult Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show
'You've got a good crowd here. Twelve people"
Nisrine Noni If you havent seen this video you have seen Nothing
Susan Emma Allan disciples!
Jim Mayor The Legend.
Andrew Tankersley أنا نور من فلسطين والله العظيم أتعبت وأنآا بُنشر :) بدي بسس 5 يعملولي لآيك للبيج (y) والله العظيم البيج كتير حلو ♥
Basil Mirza #VivaRonaldo ❤ ❤
Juan Mendez Complete Watch On Youtube ➡ ⬅
Us Weekly While many brides choose their bridesmaids from high school friends and sorority sisters, one Pennsylvania native looked to her grandmother to round out her wedding party. Check out the sweet photos -- and fall in love with "Nana Betty" with Us!
89-Year-Old Bridesmaid Steals The Show at Her Granddaughter's Wedding
89-Year-Old Elizabeth Govern (a.k.a. Nana Betty) agreed to be a bridesmaid in her granddaughter Christine Quinn's Pennsylvania wedding. See the adorable photos!
Suraiya Jimenez Awwww!! So precious! Love it
Kim Ferguson MacNeilage Look at her cute self... Awww I just wanna hug her
Anushka Vani Pooran I love Nana....
X-Tal Infanta Gregory Naww so cute
Ginamarie Bisceglia Lagan great idea
Jasmyn Haywood She is so cute! Go nana!
Franchesca Guttierrez Awwwa so cute love it
Andria Campbell Go grandma
Jennifer Prindle Love it
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The Daily Beast Ana Marie Cox: I admit it, I trashed Jon Stewart's first Daily Show.
How I Got Jon Stewart All Wrong
Taking over for lazily self-confident Craig Kilborn, the ‘Daily Show’ host declared his humanity and humility from the start—and I hated it. But he was perfect for the era to come.
Cynthia Chapman Jon was just a baby there, but he owned the a Daily Show the first time he sat at the desk. Kilborn was a smug A-hole.
Mary Smith I have on my profile amazing app to see who viewed Your Facebook profile, come to my profile and download it.
Jose RD Jordan Tejeda Míralo Completo En Youtube
HuffPost UK Lifestyle "I didn't get tattooed because I like attention, I simply got them because I like tattoos."
Is 'Tat-Calling' Street Harassment or Tattoo Appreciation?
"But what do they mean?" is the most common question I get from men, which is an entirely weird thing to have to explain on a packed commuter train, and is usually followed by the man is question having the immediate and unexplained desire to show me Read more ... all of his tattoos (including a faded Bart Simpso…
Tina Leffy Live and let live ?
Daily Mail Steven and Chris presenter dies, aged 49
TV star Christopher Hyndman found dead in an alley beside the home he shared with co-host
CBC-TV co-host Christopher Hyndman of the lifestyle talk show 'Steven and Chris' was found dead in Toronto on Monday night
Newsweek "The bottom line is she never should have been inside the jail cell. Period," Sandra Bland's mother said Tuesday.
Family of Sandra Bland Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Texas Trooper, Jailers
Bland was found dead in her jail cell and used a bag to hang herself, according to authorities.
Ossie Sharon Excellent. Rooting for you.
Allen Williams of course they are the welfare money is gone
94.9 Cincinnati Jon Stewart's last The Daily Show is tomorrow, and he's named his final guests!
Jon Stewart names final three 'Daily Show' guests
"We're gonna have a ball."
Now You'll never think of children's TV shows the same way again.
Watch Michael Keaton Host the Creepiest Blue’s Clues Episode Ever in This Cut SNL Sketch
What happens when you make Michael Keaton the host of your children’s TV show? The creepiest Blues Clues episode ever, according tothis SNL sketch that was cut for time. Despite Keaton’s Cluesian makeover, it’s not all dancing flowers and wacky Read more ... furniture friends on Toby’s House once the host falls behind on his mortgage payments.
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