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Elaine Marcouiller Taaffe I am totally confused- I got a subscription to All You magazine in Oct 2015 , recieved 2 of them ( Oct & Nov) , they stopped never got Dec...I just called the toll free # 1-866-212-9065 and they said It went out of business in Dec and I would get a Read more ... voucher in the mail to turn in for a refund ( scam ? ) WTF ! then I find out you have a facebook page and the internet web page is still giving away sweepstakes. Can someone tell me what is gong on please.
Los Angeles Times Sports Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will try to set a world record with Selfie stick promotional giveaway
Angels to try for world record for selfie-sticks
The Angels announced their promotional schedule Tuesday, and amid the traditional assortment of bobblehead dolls, caps and fireworks nights, this stood out:
28 minutes ago
Bob Barnett I smell lawsuits
Allison Brum We are in for this Kristin Van Beek
Adam Carrillo This is why no one takes Angels fan seriously!!!!
Business Insider Absolutely tragic.
The top chef found dead in an apparent suicide was reportedly involved in a wine scam before he died
Swiss news reports Benoît Violier may have been experiencing some financial troubles.
6 hours ago
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Carol Elmendorf
Glennys Bautista hombre abusa de su hija de 12 años sexualmente gravo un video y lo subio a las redes sociales puede ver el video aqui see the video of this entire news here
Vikki Vocal Geez there is some scum out there.
Stéphane Schwander Verify your sources before publishing wrong information. This is not a professional paper guys!
Lizzie Day Greg Day
Natal Albrecht Apparently involved as a victim.
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8 hours ago
The Daily Show Ronny Chieng weighs in on DeMarcus Cousins's objection to the Sacramento Kings' "Year of the Monkey" T-shirt giveaway.
1 day ago
Marc Apple I get offended when I'm in the Cracker aisle
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Allan Berry Chester, Antwun, Jonathan
Allan Berry Nelson
Business Insider Find the closest Jack in the Box ASAP.
This fast-food chain is giving away 1 million free burgers
Jack in the Box is giving away 1 million burgers. The burger giveaway will continue until February 15 or until all 1 million coupons have been claimed.
1 day ago
Sharif Hasan Joseph Anthony Perez Ankur Sawani
Matheus Teixeira Mary Clifford
Chris Mellin Matt Mellin
Hazlin Taveras Romero hombre abuso de su hija de 12 anos sexualmente gravo un video abusando de su hija y lo subio a las redes sociales puede ver el video completo aqui en el link azul see the video of this entire news here
Diann Vandivort Steven Vandivort
Patricia Leigh Richards Please open one in Saratoga Springs NY, all my friends and I want you here!
Xingying Ng Goh Wei Ming your love
Kevin Spaulding I bet when you get there you end up spending 5x the cost of the burger.
Salon It is time to radically rethink college...
Millennials, rise up! College is a scam — you have nothing to lose but student debt
Students chase degree after degree, adding crushing debt, as jobs vanish. It is time to radically rethink college
2 days ago
Rachid Tetouani Celebreties hot scandals, reactions and comment It is time to radically rethink college...
Emily Whorton Harwood Lifetime earnings are nearly 3X higher for someone with a bachelors degree vs someone with only a high school diploma. Education pays. Period.
Shane Day So ignoring the huge pay increase you get with a degrees. Dumb Fuck.
Richard Ellman Students are in a tough position because going to college is no longer an automatic guarantee of success: but not going absolutely leads to diminished job prospects. There are anecdotal instances of those who succeed without it (especially celebrities), but it's not representative of the average person's experience.
Dan DeCost College IS a scam. It's not just the education system cramming the concept of "you need a degree to succeed" message down the throats of young students. It's the message of "Anybody who doesn't have at least a four-year degree isn't worthwhile in the workplace" that's being pushed on Human Resources managers.
Dan Hagen Yes, a university liberal arts education is so useless, I'm sure the rich will stop sending their children to get them at expensive private schools. Or is it only the working class and the middle class who are supposed to remain ignorant of the finer things in life? We need to return to public financing of college degrees, because education benefits the society as much as the individual.
Isabella Wagner Get your education at a city or state school. A college degree is important for a functional and literate society.
Craig Brown Can't any of these millenials stop complaining and go out to CREATE jobs?
Isabella Wagner Ok, college is much more than a means for employment . During the 4 years of higher education young people can refine their social, emotional and philosophical development, necessary attributes for future difficult decisions to be made over one's lifetime.
Daily Mail Suicidal chef was scammed
World's best chef who committed suicide was 'victim of £1m wine scam'
Reports claim Benoit Violier, 44, who ran the Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville in Switzerland, was the victim of a scam allegedly masterminded by Swiss wine company Private Finance Partners.
2 days ago
Babar Khan
Mashal Khan ✔✅⭐
Marla Joi Federici Ferguson Chris Ferguson
Raf King Man cooks top food but dies bc of a wine scam. Daaamn!!!
Averia Barnes Wow.. Sad news!!
Dee Wash So like was that all the money he had?
Ty Pichardo Bottom line is he went broke and like Robin Williams and Others he couldn't live Like me. Broke
HuffPost UK Tech This is really cool! h/t techradar
3 days ago
Inc. Magazine People are flocking to the iPad Pro.
Why the Apple iPad Pro Has Massively Outsold the Microsoft Surface
In just two months, the iPad Pro has sold two million units, compared with 1.6 million units for the Surface line. Here's why.
3 days ago
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Apple Ipad 2 GIVEAWAY-No Scam-No Survey- FREE IPAD 2 | In order to get your keys follow the instructions CAREFULLY(: 1. Like This Video 2. Favourite This Video Dowload And Enjoy USA- ...Free Facebook iPad Offer is a scam, Sophos reveals | Facebook pages which say you can receive a free iPad by becoming a beta-tester are in fact a scam. Learn more: ...Ipad Mini / Wal Mart SCAM, FOLLOW UP! | oK, My video: news piece with WalMart response.THE TAI LOPEZ CONSPIRACY | Is Tai Lopez a liar? Yes. He is. Watch the Reaction Video Playlist --▻ Facebook................▻ Twitter.Was The iPad Mini Giveaway A SCAM?!? | Like For More Giveaways In The Future. Dislike For No Giveaways On This Channel.Clash of Clans | THE TRUTH EXPOSED Giveaway Scams, Metatags, Cheaters | CoC YouTubers | Clash of Clans The Truth Exposed behind Giveaway scams, metatags, metadata, cheaters and liars! Clash of Clans YouTubers Click Here For Free Gems: ...
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