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PLEASE SHARE.........Due to an increase of Facebook related inquiries, INTELLIGENCE BUREAU are reposting some info on what Facebook scams to look out for. Remember, scammers hide behind headlines and links such as "free", "special offer" or "giveaway Read more ...
" in order to obtain your username and passwords or to spread viruses and other malware. Sometimes it is very difficult to recognise a hoax or a scam, especially when it’s being shared by your friends. REMEMBER - ALWAYS CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK - VERIFY THE DETAILS FROM THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FIRST AND IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS. Here are 8 examples of scams or viral hoaxes. 1. FIND OUT WHO HAS BEEN LOOKING AT YOUR PROFILE: This scam claims that it will show you who has been viewing your profile and who has blocked you from theirs, but none of these links or apps work because Facebook doesn’t provide such information to developers. 2. FREE ITEMS AND GIFT CARDS: Don’t expect to get anything for free just by completing a survey. 3. NEW FACEBOOK FEATURES: These apps and links promise to change your own Facebook colour or to provide you with a dislike button. Instead, they may lead to a virus. 4. FREE IPADS & IPHONES: Messages stating that you can win a free iPad or iPhone are usually just a well thought-out marketing trick. 5. FREE FACEBOOK CREDITS: Once again, don't trust anything that offers something for free. When it sounds too good to be true, you can be pretty sure it’s a scam, just like free credits for Facebook games like Farmville, Cityville etc. 6. BREAKING NEWS: Scammers know that most users will click on a link promising exclusive coverage, so stay alert and if you are not sure, check with online media websites for the story first. 7. HELP, I NEED YOUR HELP AND MONEY: If you get a message from a friend saying he has been robbed somewhere abroad and he is left with no phone, passport or money and then asks you for help, beware – his Facebook account has probably been hijacked by scammers. You can verify this also by asking your mutual friends if they received an identical message. 8. SHOCKING HEADLINES AND FAKE CELEBRITY STORIES: Scammers also often use sensational news or false stories with a headline including words like "shocking" because Facebook users tend to share them without verifying the news.
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