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Roshan Shah 20 Lakh housing scam of Gujarat - Houses funds used up because administration says they have been built and allotted but there are no traces of houses GOVGJ/E/2013/00771 grievance filed via pgportal.gov.in on 30 August 2013 and I have got no respons Read more ... e. BJP Spokesperson Mr. Jadeja has stated on record http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCZnMqSLbBU there in CM Narendra Modi's tenure of 12 years BJP government has given 20 Lakh housing/plots. Please provide the following data or any relevant data that identifies the beneficiary and property. It may not necessarily be in the exact format. I need CD/DVD and not a printed copy. 1)Beneficiary Name and Address 2)Beneficiary PAN Card on record(If available) 3)Beneficiary BPL Card No (If available) 4)Property Address/ Survey Number and 7/12 details 5)Property Dastavej Index Number and Payment Details (amount, date paid, cheque/cash) 6)What amount govt paid and what was paid by beneficiary? 7) Most important is how much money has been expensed from state ex-chequer in total for these Housing/Plots since CM Modi took helm and who received the money for construction? CM Narendra Modi also has gone on record http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RwMjePPwZg and spoken about this. I am sure State Administration would have data which they would have provided CM on which he would have made statement. If I do not get full details on such a critical topic without any omission of what I asked, I shall assume that there is significant wrongdoing in govt due to which administration is not providing info. ==== GOVGJ/E/2013/01171 filed on 28 December 2013 on pgportal.gov.in and still have no response. Dear Sir, Earlier grievance : GOVGJ/E/2013/00771 I have not got details of 20 Lakh housing/land and their beneficiaries that I requested. Since CM and BJP Spokesperson has announced that they have given these housing/land in their tenure, it is responsibility of state govt to keep these records. Even soft copy with names and addresses have not been provided. There is supposedly wide corruption in this and hence I want to have this case transferred to Lokayukta. Since there is no information on how to put this to Lokayukta, I'd request Principal Secretary to immediately forward this matter GOVGJ/E/2013/00771 to Gujarat Lokayukta as it has substantial information without matching data which needs a thorough investigation. === There is no details of How to file complaint under Lokayukta also and I have also requested Lokayukta Website to be put up as under GOVGJ/E/2013/01169 vide pgportal.gov.in and still no action taken. How does a citizen file a complaint with Gujarat Lokayukta? What is the process? How can one see past complaints and their current status? Since Lokayukta has assumed office already, why is there no advertisement in paper or mainstream media to educate people on how to file complaint with Lokayukta? Request website of Gujarat Lokayukta also be put up immediately. This should not be difficult for tech savvy state govt. ===
Narendra Modi Administration Lies on 20 Lakh Houses already given to BPL
Arey when total eligible BPL families as per data is only 14.67 lakhs how can you give 20 lakh houses? So everyone poor in Gujarat is living in house provide...
Dustin Webster We got a scam phone call today and I strung the guy along for my own enjoyment. The video is long but you may get a few laughs out of it as well, so I'm sharing. http://youtu.be/IWsNbGHzEm8
Computer Virus Scam Call WIN...or fail I guess! lol
I got a scam call from overseas telling me I had a bad virus on my windows computer. He had me go to eventvwr to demonstrate how messed up my computer was. I...
Girlie Pianera Parreno guys pa help my ngsend skin msg from kentucky USA shes sandra williams and looking for the helper...do u think is it true or a scam only???she said sya bhala s tanan nga documents she really nid a helper....anu kaya to hindi ko cya nireplyan actually Read more ... di ko mn cya fb frind...
KCCN FM100 Today's DUMMEH OF DA DAY: 25-year-old Melissa Barton of Troy, Illinois A 25-year-old woman from Illinois scammed people by saying she had cancer . . . AND that her son had leukemia . . . then pocketed the donations. But police arrested her on Wedne Read more ... sday at the airport . . . as she was getting on a flight for an appearance on "Dr. Phil". DUMMEH! LOL
On her way to 'Dr. Phil': Troy woman accused of cancer fraud is arrested at airport | Crime |...
A Troy woman accused of defrauding people with false claims that she and her son had cancer was intercepted by police at the airport as she headed to Chicago to appear on the "Dr. Phil" television show.
Vito Cash Now i know something bout this ALS gotta be a scam .... if they got George Dubya involved jk lmao
LOL George W. Bush refuses to the ice water bucket challenge, see what happens next HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Kathleen M. Nolte Can you comment only please with trains that have no waiting and aren't scams? I'm with Thirty-One. Thank you (:
KMBC 9 News Kansas City People are getting phone calls with threatening messages about unpaid debts. Here's one man's story and the advice from experts about what to do if you get one.
Police: Phone scam uses IRS, arrest threat to get personal data
The Missouri Attorney General's Office is warning the public about a new scam that uses threats and intimidation to try to dupe people into turning...
Ken Erickson Ponelas he said he gonna double and he scam me He Said He Already Accept The deal but he didnt its liar a NOOB SCAMMER
Papii Mark She wanted to scam me .-. lmfao ! -___- I dont scam (x
6 minutes ago
Austen Williams I am angry. I've never been more angry in my entire life. I just read this news from my friend who is in my life group: "Human Trafficking is here closer than you think! My daughter was approached by a company proclaiming to be MSC Cruise Line. Read more ... She has listed her resume in Monster and was indeed looking for a job. She received an email with a job offer from the HR department, followed with a phone interview . A great offer with great pay and benefits. She even negotiated her time etc.. All that needed to be done was for her to sign the contract and they would send her a ticket and fly out to the UK to start her new Job. There is power in prayer, I have been praying for her to find a good job and for protection at all times . My husband told her to go for it what a great opportunity . But I was not feeling it. I ask my daughter not to sign the contract and let me investigate this, I want to make sure they are who they say they are. Long story short I called the FBI and they put me in contact with the US Embassy in the UK . This was a scam, the email address is tied to a Russian address and to Human trafficking. I am thanking God for his promises for Protection of my Little girl. I was so close to losing her . Always pray protection over your children." Now, I am thankful that my friend's beautiful daughter is safe. I am thankful for this mama's diligence… that she is a woman who prays… that she knows the voice of God and she listens to it…. and that God has given her SO much wisdom. I am thankful that God has protected this young woman. I PRAISE Jesus for this. I am so angry for God's children, though. I'm angry because human trafficking is so prevalent. I'm angry because we shake our heads and make sad faces when we hear about trafficking, but we don't do anything to stop it. I'm angry because these people are children of the most high God, they are invaluable in His sight, they are precious and perfect and being used, abused, and treated like garbage. I'm mad because even though I've spent this entire year talking about human trafficking, it still almost happened within my circle of people. If you don't think human trafficking is your problem, you are sorely mistaken. If you read this then you should know it… and if you love God, then you are also called to love His people… and now that you know, there is an imperative that you do something. It's not my problem, it's not her problem, it's our problem…. THEY ARE OURS. At what point should knowledge be transformed into action? Like me or not, like this platform or not, HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS REAL and it is happening in your city and it could very well happen to your people. What will it take for you to do something? Meeting a victim, a survivor, the mother or sister, brother, or friend of a survivor? Is that what it takes to make people care?!?! I will be Mrs. America for 9 more days. This is my legacy, this is my part in the fight…. yes, I am mad. Do NOT mistake my righteous anger for a rant. This is passion for a fight that matters. It matters for the sake of the 300,000 people who are sold into trafficking in the US EVERY YEAR. It matters for the sake of the 27 MILLION people still living in slavery worldwide. My fight will not end. This will be my lifelong battle, because I care, because people matter, because Jesus left the 99 for the 1 and #eachonematters. I'll fight for the one… over and over and over again… because while we're busy playing on Facebook and watching TV, the world is looking mighty dark for those ones living in hell being used drugged and thrown to the side. Fight for them, because if we don't, who will? Feel free to share this… but don't do it for me… do it because everyone has one thing that they can do, and that one thing, if they do it, is the one thing they can do that can change the course of history for another person. That one thing is the thing that makes us a link in the chain of people that can end human trafficking together. Share it because the more you know the you more grow. Come on. It has been an honor to work with these organizations: 8 days Shared Hope International International Justice Mission Traffick911 Safe House of Hope Refuge City The Samaritan Women Bridging Freedom The Jubilee Market www.thejubileemarket.com
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Sean Thor Is that what you was trying to describe me before? Dino Delano
The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money 4 | Mike Maloney
Bonus Presentation here: http://www.hiddensecretsofmoney.com Written By: Mike Maloney and Dan Rubock. Animation: Aden Mackness. Presented By Mike Maloney. Ca...
16 minutes ago
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100% Home Based Business (SWA ULTIMATE)
Please GO back to the PERSON who shared to you this VIDEO Presentation. And SAY YES TO SUCCESS in SWA!
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Nguon Som Sarvont Please help share to all people to know it.
CrimeWatch 2013 Ep04 Pt1, Online Sex Scam - 30Jun2013 [HD]
Episode 4 - Telecast Date: 30 June 2013, Sunday, 9pm (PG) Part 1: Online Sex Scam Criminals today are coming up with more ways to cheat unsuspecting members ...
20 minutes ago
Huka Kendall One reason the elite have piles of money and power is because over generations, their families have set up a scam we call “fractional reserve banking” and leveraged this power to enslave the underclass. Class privilege is a self-perpetuating sys Read more ... tem, partly because children and families who do not receive proper care and nutrition suffer genetic damage which reduces their intellect, and their children’s intellect. It’s possible for someone to be an exception to this rule, but overall the system is set up to preserve class boundaries and it’s very difficult for a serf to rise to nobility. The highest priority of elite power is to preserve the power within their own families, which gives rise to institutionalized class warfare like eugenics and fractional reserve banking- both scientifically designed to preserve and concentrate power in the hands of the ruling class. While some small percentage of people can rise to wealth and power in this system from nothing, everyone can’t. It’s a numbers game. Not everyone can win the lottery. This is the real secret, not some magical method of visualizing and mainfesting desires they use in their super-human elite brains. Their power exists because it was handed to them, not because they magically made it appear by knowing The Secret. People are enslaved by a financial system that was built specifically for this purpose, not merely because they see themselves as slaves. The real “secret” people need to wise up to is the fractional reserve banking fraud, not this superstitious nonsense.
21 minutes ago
Jordan Warren He's right though, it's sick what the government will actually do for money!
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge SCAM Revealed... Please "SHARE" this video!
21 minutes ago
Judy Key Please Read and SHARE TO YOU FB PAGE ... THANKS This is one of the best scams I’ve heard about. You arrive at your hotel and check in at the front desk. Typically when checking in, you give the front desk your credit card (for any charges to your Read more ... room). You go to your room and settle in. All is good. The hotel receives a call and the caller asks for (as an example) room 620 - which happens to be your room. The phone rings in your room. You answer and the person on the other end says the following: 'This is the front desk. When checking in, we came across a problem with your charge card information. Please re-read me your credit card number and verify the last 3 digits numbers at the reverse side of your charge card.' Not thinking anything wrong, since the call seems to come from the front desk you oblige. But actually, it is a scam by someone calling from outside the hotel. They have asked for a random room number, then ask you for your credit card and address information. They sound so professional, that you think you are talking to the front desk. If you ever encounter this scenario on your travels, tell the caller that you will be down to the front desk to clear up any problems. Then, go to the front desk or call directly and ask if there was a problem. If there was none, inform the manager of the hotel that someone tried to scam you of your credit card information, acting like a front desk employee. This was sent by someone who has been duped........and is still cleaning up the mess. P.S. Please, consider spreading the word by forwarding this e-mail (as a "bcc"!). Who knows, you might just help someone avoid a nasty experience. ANYONE travelling should be aware of this one! ✻ღϠ₡ღ✻ (¯`✻´¯) **Feel free to FOLLOW ME I am always posting awesome stuff!**SHARE ON YOUR FB PAGE & PLEASE FOLLOW ME  ☆ Follow me ---> https://www.facebook.com/jjskinnyfiber ★Visit my web site ---> http://JudyKey.SBC90.com/ ☆Join my Group--> https://www.facebook.com/groups/weightlosjourney/ ★Join my Team-->http://JudyKey.WinWithSBC.com/ For more great recipes join our awesome FREE RECIPE GROUP click on-https://www.facebook.com/groups/RecipesAndOtherCoolThings/
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Brenda Edwards Passing this on to anyone that may have gotten scammed from poullard's Automotive shop on hwy.14 He has scammed alot of people and screwed them over and is now in the Beaumont area with a shop listed in his daughters name! Be ware , because he is a g Read more ... ame runner, and a crook. His.name is clayton poullard. Stay clear!
22 minutes ago
Kyle Jacopetti Wow that's crazy it's a scam kinda
Challenge accepted!
31 minutes ago
Keith Beaumont
Irish Water. The Scam, Lies & Keeping You In The Dark!
Examine the surface of how Irish Water and two political parties are misleading an Irish nation, lying, u-turning and not informing the people of their right...
33 minutes ago
Ansbach Legal Assistance Office Please note: Soldiers are also targeted for these types of scams, don't be a victim. The red flags are there, don't ignore them!
Army criminal investigators warn of romance scammers pretending to be troops
You've met the soldier of your dreams online. It's true love, even if they need a little cash. That's no GI, the Army's Criminal Investigation Command says. It's a scam. The command sent out a nationwide news release in a bid to warn lonely women abo Read more ... ut phony troops who use tales of war to steal cash…
34 minutes ago
Ravi Shankarnarayana Katte Sathya Sir, request your help in proving this video wrong.
The illegal takeover of a thriving lake
Bangalore was known as a city of lakes, till the land mafia moved in. If you want to know how most of these lakes were wiped out, the place to visit is Uttar...
35 minutes ago
Daniel Harris Science fiction? Scam? Or real?
بجد حد يقولي إزاي
35 minutes ago
Grace Lacuesta Saladar Whhooooo.... Nice Songs.... SWAPI ROCKS !!! Booomm....
●★●SWAPI ROCKS●★● WORDS & MUSIC BY:CHRISTOPHER RACAL / MUSICIAN / SWA DUBAI CHAPTER TEAM ACES!! Verse1: Ang sabi ng iba..SCAM daw ang Swa..may mga Milyunaryo na..hanggang tingin ka lang ba? Di bali mung may internet ka..kumikita ka na sa Read more ... na!! Facebook all day!! ! Facebook all night sana gumising ka!! ◆ Chorus: Mag SWAPI KA! ! Para sa kinabukasan mu! Itaas ang nuo sa bawat Pilipino! Kaya mu @ kaya ko. Isapuso mu @ ihataw lang ng todu! Verse: Ang dami kung kakilala..mga Swa core Leaders pa. .JOHNNY BODEGAS. .ROMEL AGUAS. .JOHNNY DADO..MARK LESTER PULIDO..MARK DEXIMO.. ELMER MANALO.BRO LENTON MONTEJO. .JEFFREY PEREZ. .SIR FRANCIS CHAVES..mga Inspiration namin to..Sana..din kayo!! *(repeat chorus) ◆Verse 3: Global na ang Swa..pati ibang lahi sumali na..sumabay ka na sana. .para ikaw kumita na!! Huwag ka ng magduda. .Lifetime Investment ang SWA! ! Tara na!! Sumabay ka na!! Mag SWAPI NA!! ◆ (repeat chrous 2x) ** SWAPI ROCKS**
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Austin Brown-Silva Ralph Rosado what you think?
Jiffy Lube Scam Caught on Tape!
Jiffy Lube caught by a news investigation team charging people for work and not doing it. Huge thanks to Joel Grover for exposing this fraud. More of his inv...
40 minutes ago
Crystal Brown Deal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-YmRp0QWCQ Watched this today ! REALLY!!
Dr.Phil "Where Are Our Newborn Twins Is This an Adoption Scam" (April 25, 2014)
Dr.Phil "Where Are Our Newborn Twins Is This an Adoption Scam" (April 25, 2014) Subscribe and stay tuned ! Thank you for subscribing. Monica and her husband,...
41 minutes ago
Salina couple scammed by two men promoting new business
An elderly couple living in South Central Salina were confronted by two men they thought were just trying to get word out about their new business. The two said they had extra for sale.
44 minutes ago
John Tusso Jr Please watch this video.....this just happened to me by a person by the name of Renne Johnson everything he is say is what she asked of me.....and i have peported them......DO NOT FALL FOR IT
Facebook lotto scam
http://www.youtube.com/phreakadilly http://curryrussell.com & find me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/CurryRussell & find me on Twitter! https://twitte...
44 minutes ago
Judge Judy Fans 4 Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7OgdcGdLfY
Judge Judy S18E112 2014 01 10 Girl Fight Who Scammed Who! Car Blow Up!
Judge Judy Judge Judy Judge Judy Judge Judy Judge Judy Judge Judy Judge Judy Full Episode Judge Judy Full Episode Judge Judy Full Episode Judge Judy Full Epi...
45 minutes ago
Sheila Mae Alcairo Hechanova Girls Must watch
Crimewatch 2014 Episode 5 (Part 1) Police professionalism “Sextortion” Young, single, female. He was looking for them on online chat room. Posing as an expatriate working in Singapore, he initiated exchanging naked selfie and worked his way Read more ... up to ask for sex. When rejected, he threatened to expose their naked photographs. See how the officers from the Tanglin Police Division sprung into action and put a stop to this online criminal intimidation scam. Telecast Dates English Version – Channel 5 – 20 July 2014 (Sunday) at 9 pm Malay Version – Suria – 24 July 2014 (Thursday) at 8.30 pm Mandarin Version – Channel 8 – 25 July 2014 (Friday) at 8.30 pm Tamil Version – Vasantham – 3 Aug 2014 (Sunday) at 8 pm
46 minutes ago
Amir Nazemi
Car Scam | 9 News Perth
First on 9: Police are cracking down on a scam taking WA drivers for a ride. It involves a dodgy car sale scheme tricking innocent buyers into paying for lem...
49 minutes ago
Jolovan Wham All four men were called to MOM and charged with making false statements regarding their salaries. Despite the fact that they had been deceived and exploited, they were each ordered to pay fines of around $5000 to $7000 or go to prison for 33 days. A Read more ... bdul borrowed the $5000 from friends, and is now burdened with an even larger debt. Imraan’s parents sold their farm and jewelry to pay the fine to save their son from going to jail. They are left with no assets.
Scammed by an international convenience store chain - and jailed
Scammed by an international convenience store chain - and jailed When Abdul, Imraan, Raman and Hari* were offered jobs in Singapore as managers in a major international convenience store chain, it ...
54 minutes ago
Marivi Emeterio Morales
60 minutes ago
Frederick George
FGXpress Scam Review Finally Exposed & The #1 Problem with FGXpress
FG Xpress Power Strips Reviews Video - FG Xpress Scam Rumors Are Exposed! http://www.sponsormoreleads.com You probably landed on this page because you are ei...
1 hour ago
Julian Abraham Marantika
The Great Piano Scam
Amazing short documentary called The Great Piano Scam. Unraveling one of the greatest frauds ever in the music industry.
1 hour ago
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