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DrAmit Tyagi Do you Want to Install WhatsApp on Your PC? New Online Scam Announced on Facebook...Pls beware before clicking on Whatsapp for PC link Does it sound like you read “install Whatsapp free on your computer”? Watch out! According to ADSLZone, the fa Read more ...
me of this mobile instant messaging application is being used by scammers to get new affiliates for Premium SMS services. How Does this This Online Fraud Work? 1. It accesses a download page where we’re promised a free Whatsapp download for your PC 2. With the excuse of checking that we are human, the installation process asks us for our mobile number 3. The download application is, in fact, the emulator Bluestacks Android. It allows you to install Android Applications on your computer and also allows you to access downloads for free and without intermediaries 4. Once you give them your mobile phone number, you are charged with a subscription service which can cost you up to 37 Euros per month through Premium SMS As you follow these pages, you are being convinced that you are downloading the application from a secure page by using Whatsapp’s official logo and including the “likes” of the app. They will go so far as to include ‘create a campaign of ads on Facebook’, so that the user believes that the content is being endorsed by the social network.
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Nathen Sinclaire This is not a scam
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With Donna Joyner and 14 others.
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Vicki Yohe Ok peeps ... if you have talked to me on the phone .. Can you please tell people in this thread .. THIS IS NOT A SCAM ., I am mrs. Because of who you are .. I'm spending to much time convincing people in the inbox of who I am " Help a sista out !! Read more ...
! I'm for real , Ace is for real!!
15 minutes ago
Ojudu Babafemi Lagos, Abuja CCTV Scam and the ZTE Connection By Seun Peters on May 10, 2013 Speaking about corruption in Nigeria has become as common as singing any of the popular R&B songs in the media today. once again this corruption is on display in the unfold Read more ...
ing Federal Government’s $430 million surveillance camera contract. Not only has the government wasted a huge sum on another failed project, it may be delaying a similar and more transparent project by the Lagos State Government. The National Assembly should not relent in its efforts to unravel the mess and bring culpable public officers to book. This particular national embarrassment involves the Nigeria Public Security Communications System, formed in response to the dire insecurity in the country. A main component of the NPSCS is the installation of Closed Circuit Television Cameras in Abuja, the federal capital, and Lagos, the country’s economic powerhouse. Among the issues the parliament should demand answers to is why the 2,000 CCTV cameras claimed to have been installed in the two cities are not working. Initiated in 2009, the CCTV project entailed Nigeria making a down payment of $70.5 million (15 per cent) while China’s Eximbank provided the balance of $399.5 million as a loan to be repaid at three per cent interest. While the project, awarded to China’s ZTE Corporation, has not been completed two years after it should have, the few cameras installed are mere decorations; some have been vandalised, or damaged by exposure, others have come permanent residence to all sorts of birds and a mere means of shade to destitute. The majority of the cameras have not been installed. Meanwhile, reports from the Federal Capital Territory indicate rampant crime: robberies, house-breaking, carjacking and pickpocketing, with the criminals operating while surrounded by CCTV cameras that don’t work. This is one event that we cannot be allowed to be swept under the carpet like so many have been. Saying that the nation is under siege is merely stating an already established fact. Criminal activities have reached a level where an unprecedented number of military units are permanently engaged in internal security operations across the country, even when the country is not facing an external enemy. The Federal Government devoted almost N1 trillion last year and a similar amount this year to security, underscoring the precarious state of public safety. The state governments have similarly taken to allotting ever more resources to funding the police, a federal monopoly under our perverse federal system, while corporate bodies are also providing support yet it seems the more we spend on combating the loose security situation in the country, the more unsafe we become. It is sheer callousness and cynical disdain for public safety for some officials to play the usual corrupt games with the CCTV project. The introduction of CCTV has been one of the best weapons against crime across the world, in other developed nations CCTV surveillance has been standardised and is being used in major cities. In the United Kingdom, the average person is likely to be caught on camera as many as 300 times a day. It was CCTV footage that enabled the United States law enforcement officers to quickly identify and track down the perpetrators of the recent Boston Marathon bombing. But Nigerians are paying a heavy price for the corruption of their government and the chicanery of the parliament. Way back in 2011, the House of Representatives had known that the FG/ZTE contract was faulty. But it did little beyond its usual barking. Nigerians do not know the outcome of the investigation the House ordered its joint committee on public procurement, aid, loans/debt management, information technology and police affairs to conduct into the contract. Hassan Saleh, a member of the House, had alleged that ZTE installed substandard CCTV cameras. His more alarming allegation was that ZTE had built into the agreement a condition that details of the contract should not be made public. That is a serious issue. Nigerian laws do not permit secrecy in public procurement and all the officials who negotiated this contract should be exposed and severely punished. They should not be allowed to take cover under the guise of national security. Banks, an increasing number of corporate organisations and even individuals, have installed CCTV systems; there is no mystique about it and it is available in the open market. The Lagos State Government, which has a plan to install 4,000 CCTV cameras to help in crime and traffic management should no longer wait for a Federal Government that continues to exhibit irresponsible behaviour, but should go right ahead with its own solar power-based plan. Other methods such as better streets lighting and more police patrols should be vigorously explored. Other states should immediately follow suit as the security of lives and property of their people is paramount. This has become necessary because a state that for so long has enjoyed safety and somehow been immune to security challenges that has floored the rest of the country now combats issues like daily kidnapping, Boka Haram penetration (either for surveillance or being used as a hideout), we should not wait to be in a war zone before necessary steps are taken. Dear Government, remember that the best security is a proactive security and not a reactive one. Several countries in the recent past have reviewed or completely terminated contracts with the Chinese firm ZTE for unethical practices, I think the National Assemble has a duty to ensure this company or the federal government is held accountable and the project is made to see the light of day.
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MANILA BULLETIN Lawyer Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes, former chief of staff of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and one of the accused in the P10-billion pork barrel scam, arrived early yesterday morning from the United States. Read more: http://bit.ly/1pjhJl1
Ex-Enrile aide back
Manila, Philippines --- Lawyer Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes, former chief of staff of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and one of the accused in the P10-billion pork barrel scam, arrived early yesterday mo...
57 minutes ago
Brian David Phillips Stop sharing that damned HACK video . . . and if you're not sharing it oh for the gods sakes do NOT click on that damned pastebin link to get the mythical program that purports to let you steal other people's facebook passwords. Guess what? It's a Read more ...
scam scam double triple scam. They guy is stealing your password and you are tagging random friends who are getting sucked in as well. I have had no less than ten people tag me on that nonsense in the past ten hours. Just because there's a link it doesn't mean you should click on it.
1 hour ago
Jennifer Drama Toxin This girl Shelbey fairbrother is a scam, be aware! Thank you all for your patience in dealing with her. We appreciate it very much. Happy Easter
2 hours ago
Samantha Spahr
Photos from Jeremy Linson's post in Lewis County Sirens
**BEWARE OF THIS SCAM** I just got this text from a 360 number saying that my WSECU card has been suspended and to call this number. Well first of all I don't have WSECU an when I called the number they asked for my credit card information. Be caref Read more ...
ul everyone and whatever you do don't fall for this!
2 hours ago
Asrul Lala
Asrul Lala Blackshot - for the last time
I said I over and over again.. my Candy is for real, UNLIMITED.. come on guys .. don't use my picture too scam people.. and don't said I'm editing my candy... and for scammer go dig your own grave before I rape your sister siaa~~ and 1 more thing, I Read more ...
'm already stop playing ..
2 hours ago
Kiah Twisselman ATTENTION: All puppy lovers, lonely souls, animal hoarders, empty nesters, or irrationally spontaneous people that just can't resist something so precious... We have two litters of puppies, 2 Catahoula/Yellow Lab mixes and 7 Border Collie/Yellow Lab Read more ...
mixes to give away for FREE. That's right folks, free. This is not a scam. Let me know if you're interested or have any questions! Come on, I know you want one.
2 hours ago
Teresa Glidden I am so MAD at myself. I fell for it, and $500 was taken out of my account. Just like that. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!
Fraudsters are at it again (as of 5:15, Saturday, April 19)! We are getting reports of members and non-members receiving texts that appear to come from WSECU saying your card has been deactivated. This is a scam! Please do NOT call the number and pro Read more ...
vide your account information. If you did return the call, please contact our after-hours support at 866.861.5416 and ask that your card to be blocked immediately. You’ll also find this number on the back of your card.
2 hours ago
Rose Newell Scam! Do not bother with the thing I just tagged you in!
2 hours ago
Andy Abulime LMAO imagine getting this West African email scam: -------------------------------------------------------- Good News to you My Dear, I am Mrs. Michelle Obama and I am here to inform you that your ATM CARD is here in the white house in wash ton D Read more ...
C the sum of $2.8 us Dollars was converted it into an ATM Card for your own good. And the funds will Be delivered to you as soon as you get back to me with your home address and Your cell phone number. Bear in mind that I am the only one that has your ATM CARD in regard to my Husband President Barrack Obama and you will have to pay the sum of $182.00 before your CARD will be delivered to you today so get back to me with your home address And here is my driving license for you to view and believe that I am who I said That I am. Please I will advice you to go to the Western Union or money grime to wire this Fee of $182.00 but mind you that this fee MUST be send to the Benin Republic Were your Card came from Thanks Regard Mrs. Michelle Obama, Email Address (mrsmichelleobama98@yahoo.com)
2 hours ago
The Daily Star ACC decides not to investigate scam
Sonali in a tight spot over Hall-Mark bills
Sonali Bank is now under fresh pressure to honour the accepted bills of Hall-Mark Group amounting to Tk 1,316 crore, after the Anti-Corruption Commission decided not to investigate the transactions ...
3 hours ago
Jay Moses There is a scam by a page called "California University Projects." They claim that if you click the link, and follow the steps that you can potentially hack any facebook account. Do not fall for it. Its a scam. If you follow the steps, your faceb Read more ...
ook account will be taken over by a hacker, or hackers.
3 hours ago
Samaria Quenece WakeupNow is not a scam Im starting to believe 👀 I'm bouta join
4 hours ago
Prashanta Gadtia BJD has crossed all the limits. First the attack at Koraput hotel, EVM tampering and coal scam has screwed the image of d party. A change is deadly required as BJD has taken us for granted. Those who does not know, BJD is the worst performing party i Read more ...
n last 5 years as per survey by Headlines today.
4 hours ago
Jamin Aim Clardy Network marketing is exploding like crazy.. it has already produced more millionaires than any other industry ever.. Eventhough, there is still like 7 people total that call it a scam despite the facts and documentation. . I said to people one day it Read more ...
's going to be weird if your not in a company. . It's starting to look that way.. LOVE IT.. WE HAVE A BETTER WAY.. props to the people taking charge and going after your dreams and freedom from the matrix
4 hours ago
Ron King I am being named in a scam post that purports to teach you how to hack into anyone's FaceBook account. If you are getting these as well, do not open them, do not try to follow their instructions. It is an attempt to hack into your account and you o Read more ...
nly facilitate their attempt if you do what it says.
4 hours ago
James Wakelin
Top scientist resigns from post – admits Global Warming is a scam
As reported by the Gateway Pundit: Top US scientist Hal Lewis resigned this week from his post at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He a
4 hours ago
Brent M. Noche [H] 100 Load [W] 7 GoodRares ( I Picked ) 1By1 Method iwaS Scam ( Item First ) PM . WAG NA MAGTANGKA UNG IBA PLZ
4 hours ago
KTIV News Channel Four Consumer Alert: Foreign lottery scam tears family apart http://www.ktiv.com/story/25274059/2014/04/17/consumer-alert-foreign-lottery-scam-tears-family-apart
4 hours ago
ChanTill Wnba Reign ☆☆☆ IMPORTANT PLEASE WATCH ME☆☆☆ One thing about success that you must realize is that IT DOESNT JUST FALL OUT THE SKY. Most people treat it like it will. I promise you INSTAGRAM posts, Facebook quotes, Youtube videos isn't whats bringin Read more ...
g my success. It is the willingness to DRIVE hours at times for events, being told NO over and over again, LAUGHED at and looked down upon some of my peers and still STAYING focused on the DREAM and NOT the challenge. OH BY THE WAY.... We need to work HARDER so we're not done yet. GOTTA PAY THE PRICE!!!!! We will position OVER 1000 families THIS year to earn SIX FIGURES!! THIS ISNT A GAME!!! Let's go, who up for the challenge??? #PayAttention
WakeUpNow| Become Founder 3 in 24 Hours| WakeUpNow Review| WakeUpNow Scam Revealed| Top Leaders
ChanTill Hawkins CEO of Unstoppable Reign 210-727-1314 unstoppablereign1985@gmail.com http://www.standupforsuccess.com/ We are a network solutions company th...
4 hours ago
James Riegel To all my friends, I may not be on Facebook much longer just got a notification that I have somehow violated Facebook policy don't know if this is a scam or not they want me to validate my Facebook login. it's supposed to take effect 12 hours after Read more ...
I receive the notification
5 hours ago
Niesha Nesmith Look I'm in wakeupnow ! So don't be posting negative comments on my post. If you know you don't wanna join or think it's a scam plz unfriend me block me unfollow me whatever etc. IDC :)
6 hours ago
Priya Ranjan Coal scam as outlined in detail by Coal Secetary Parakh is enough to make Dr. Manmohan Singh most corrupt administrator in India. He makes Lord Clive look like epitome of honesty.
6 hours ago
Mitch Paidinfull Porter These bitches is really out here giving it up for niggas to scam them something or a vacation!!!
6 hours ago
Chevis Eugene Swearingen !!!SCAM ALERT!!! I just got a call from Washington State 206-777-1016, claiming to be with Windows Technical Support. They sould like they are from India or somewhere, and they say they have evidence of hackers trying to get into my computer, and t Read more ...
hey need me to give them, the caller, remote access to my computer so they can fix the problem. As far as I know Microsoft does not make such unsolicited calls to people. I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I'm pretty certain this is a scam.
6 hours ago
Rick Almeida Haha my team mate enjoyin his WUN vacation discounts in Hawaii!
Jean Carreiro
You could be where i am right now #hawaii but you think its a scam. #vacation #wakeupnow #WUNited #discounts #money inbox me or like or comment if you want more info
7 hours ago
Breana Holmes You haven't joined WUN because you THINK it is a scam......... Well, you thought wrong.
7 hours ago
WSFA-TV There is a new potential scam involves people claiming to work with FedEx in order to see if anyone is home. Have you had any experiences like this? http://shout.lt/ssb2
Scammers claim to work at FedEx, plan to break in
At least one area woman says she almost fell victim to a scam involving a person who poses as a FedEx employee and a fake delivery.
7 hours ago
Lori Anné Bossiquit Hayes Full time pay for part time work... You decide.
Greg BossIquit Nardo
Pyramid scheme? Scam? Starbucks sent you a check? Nope! It's GanoLife! 4th check, part-time in five weeks! I AM BossIQuit!
7 hours ago
Ken StreetLegal Rookus Street Legal PSA: ARTISTS.....if somebody hits you up saying they have MAJOR artist's verses for sales extremely cheap....it's a fraud. Don't believe them, they are trying to scam you. Artists are constantly victims in this industry because they sim Read more ...
ply don't know any better. These guys might have a verse from a big artist, but its prolly not even owned by them. Even if it is, they are selling it to tons of other underground artists around the world to make their money. FYI....you need paperwork with your verses, and should try to work directly with the artist or their agent as opposed to random people who "have a verse". The big boys like Juicy J & all them aren't taking less than $30,000 for a verse & that's a deal! So trust me.....you ain't gettin one for $500! Nobody would pay 30k for a verse, then turn around & sell it to YOU, & ONLY YOU, for pennies on the dollar. Use your head here. Lol. If you need help getting a reasonable price on a LEGITIMATE major feature, inbox me & I can help you. I work with celebs regularly & I'm well networked. But it's not usually cheap, so don't expect a miracle. Have money & I'll get you in touch with the right people. #ThoroughBreadLessons #LearnTheBusiness
7 hours ago
Darwin Lopez **** Wake Up Now Is A Scam! It Pays Me Too Much Money. It Helps People Get Out Of Debt , That Is So Bad. It Gives People Discounts On Everyday Things People By Already , Why Would Anyone Need To Pay Less? Helps People Pay Less In Taxes , Why Pay Less Read more ...
Give More To The Government. It Also Teaches People A New Language , Why Would Someone Want To Learn A New Language. It Gives More Than 80% Discounts On Vacation , This Is Bad That Means People Will Take More Vacation And Work Less. They Also Pay For Your Vacation , This Is Horrible.
7 hours ago
James Bossiquit Wiggins Not Bad for 4 weeks in the business part time!!!!!lol
Greg BossIquit Nardo
Pyramid scheme? Scam? Starbucks sent you a check? Nope! It's GanoLife! 4th check, part-time in five weeks! I AM BossIQuit!
9 hours ago
Cassi Wilt Scam money don't make money but freak money do -Rupaul.
9 hours ago
Deborah Yandell Chavez I just wanna say...... DirecTV you SUCK!!!! 😡😡😡 Nothing but a scam.
9 hours ago
Jean Pierre It's gotten to the point where you should know #WakeUpNow isn't a scam....
10 hours ago
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