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HuffPost Sports Tennessee Volunteers Athletics coaches jumped to defend the program amidst scandal.
Coaches Say UT's Culture Is Fine, Despite Multiple Rape And Assault Allegations
The growing list of arrested football players doesn't reflect Tennessee's athletic culture, they argue.
2 months ago
Yahoo News
Hillary Clinton dropped by the set of Scandal to visit some friends.
2 months ago
Don Januszewski 'Scandal' fits her to a T.
Robert Brown The irony here is too much...................
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Phuc Le Your job is not to judge. Your job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Your job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting. The Law of Attraction/ The Secret
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Linda Johnson How exciting for all.. when does this woman sleep?
John Rye Sickening
Louie Nonini Oh brother.......
Larry Franco Yeah um...... I'd never vote for her
Leslie Allison Apropos for her.
Entertainment Weekly The stars of Scandal are hanging out with the ultimate Gladiator, Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton visits the 'Scandal' set
Hillary Clinton donned her white hat for a visit to the set of Scandal on Monday night.
2 months ago
Heather Megan Scum liar
Iron Matt Budniewski "Hillary" and "Scandal" definitely belong in the same sentence.
Asaad Highland Fitting.
Aaron E. Bauman How fitting...keep supporting America!
Wayne Stewart That is so appropriate!
Nick McKinley Angela Dixon Baker and Anthony Baker
Alyson Cooper Kelly Tillett
Austin Warren Inb4 benghazi whiners.
Robert Howard Pandering to the Black vote who are too stupid to realize she is doing it.
Candice Dixon She is so gross.
Washington Post World “There’s not much she can do to react. The judiciary, police and prosecutors all enjoy a certain degree of autonomy.”
Arrest in Brazil bribery scandal raises the stakes for President Rousseff
Prosecutors allege a top media strategist for the ruling party received illegal funds.
2 months ago
Fox News “Our Constitution is being badly denigrated by what’s happening… with Hillary Clinton.” Do you agree with Donald J. Trump about Clinton’s server scandal?
2 months ago
Mike Smith
Chase Stafford What does denigrated mean?
Drew Durigan Hillary Clinton for Prison 2016
Will Engle She should be in federal prison.
Andy Pence Trump, because People don't trust the Democrats with their wallets or security. People don't trust the Republicans to stop the Democrats either.
Jerry Cantrell Yes I do!!
Nick Thomas Yes. Next question
Shane Bogni All rhetoric, no substance!
NBC News It may have been TMI for some, but Sheen's admission that he was infected with HIV fueled a potentially lifesaving surge in curiosity about the AIDS virus, researchers reported Monday.
'Charlie Sheen Effect' Fuels Interest in HIV, Researchers Find
Sometimes a celebrity 'scandal' can be used for good.
2 months ago
Dustin Ginsberg A celebrity getting HIV shouldn't fuel interest. Research and interest for HIV/AIDS should have been high before this. It's a huge public Heath epidemic that needs to be getting widespread interest. People need to be fully aware of it and how to prevent it
Rick Rico Rivera
Mashal Khan �� NICE�� CLOSE OR UNFREIND ☀⭐ Bσт Bү Mashal Khan ☀⭐
Yurki Crusko Let them all die, problem solved
Chad Everett Pipkin Maybe he shouldn't have had so much gay butt sex.
Beebee Johnston Well you mess with hoes and drugs.
Neil Ritz Is it still too politically incorrect to cite the CDC stat that men who have sex with men are 40x more likely to have HIV?
David James Alexander MSNBC, such BS.
J Pulido Montes Sounds like a bunch of BS
Mark Fort This man is a bio-hazard with money..
The Wall Street Journal “The test for them will be whether they defend the central bank’s integrity.”
Malaysia’s Central Bank, Leading Charge Against 1MDB, to Lose Chief
Malaysia’s central bank governor’s confirmation that she will step down in April when her term expires is likely to further hamper efforts in Malaysia to investigate a corruption scandal involving a state investment fund, analysts say.
2 months ago
Los Angeles Times Sports Scandal-plagued FIFA gets ready to elect a new leader, and that could be a drama-filled process. At least ESPN and Fox Sports hope so.
Like FIFA itself, the election of a new president doesn't figure to run smoothly
For anyone hoping to understand Friday's vote to elect a new FIFA president, it might help to think of it in terms of the ongoing Democratic and Republican primaries.
2 months ago
Joseph J. Finn It all depends on the bribes.
Deadspin Here's a dumb cycling scandal that's not a real scandal.
Cycling Guy Calls Out Other Cycling Guy For Getting Pushed Up A Climb By His Teammates
Cycling is just about wrapping up its preseason; the peloton is scattered across the Middle East, Southern Europe, and anywhere else with vaguely hospitable weather. The Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol has both too many names for one race, a Read more ... nd also a decent crop of riders. Teejay Van Garderen took the lead today, and it’s generally been a fun little race. A few days ago, French sprinter Nacer Bouhanni won Stage 2, which featured a somewhat tricky 6 km climb 23 km before the flat finish in Cordoba.
2 months ago
Dana Roy Diana Lupher Higor Trindade
Mashable - Business The drama is not over for Volkswagen.
Volkswagen 'dieselgate' scandal another country
More backpedalling ensues for Volkswagen.
2 months ago
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