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Benjamin Lee Blankenship People are screaming as MARK209's new music video "Have A Good Time" progresses to knock the living snot outta ALL Southern/Country Gospel Music Video Records!! BAPTISTS I running the aisles! METHODISTS are shouting! CATHOLICS are raising their hands Read more ... ... And not because they have a question!! PENTECOSTALS are acting like PENTECOSTALS!!! WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! ..While a rogue band of disgruntled losers dislike it; primarily a Psuedo-Christian Sect the SDA (Sanctimonious Douchebags of America), this video's views, popularity, and the spreading forth of the jovial message God's love, joy, & grace continue to vivaciously be broadcast around the world and back in song. (BOOOOM!!) Jesus said that he'd come that we might have life more abundantly. I'm glad that someone gets it. GET OFF YOUR CALLUSED BUTTS, GOD'S PEOPLE & PRAISE THE LORD!!! I mean, seriously.. READ A BOOK!! And make it THE BIBLE!! Friends, please proceed to whole-heartedly like this video & support our friends MARK209. •LIKE•COMMENT•SHARE•SUBSCRIBE• As someone who is a Southern Gospel Artist & has been at several different festivals and such with MARK209, I want to say they they're exemplary at how they treat other people. If everyone at ever church were as kind and sincere as them, all the churches would have to build on. They've done a abundance of missions and charity work. They constantly give of themselves. Their works bear witness to the love that God has placed in their hearts. Frankly, if you think they'd wild BEN*JAM would scare you half to death. LOL! ..God Bless MARK209. FYI: They also do a number of pretty songs. I heavily encourage everyone to listen to both of their albums online (Spotify, iTUNES, Amazon, etc). Infact, one of my favorite songs they do is "It Ain't Over Till God Says It's Over". DON'T HATE!!!
"Have A Good Time" - MARK209 Official Music Video
Music video by MARK209 performing Have A Good Time. Copyright 2014 MCMG
16 minutes ago
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