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Business Insider The ads raise questions about the type of people police departments are trying to attract.
Police departments around the US are recruiting with videos that glamorize violence
VIDEO: It raises the question of what kind of person they're trying to attract.
Jason Paul Bingo
Adam Kads The biggest terrorists in the USA is law enforcement. They kill, lie, steal and ruin lives and then they expect you to thank them for it.
Jeff McDowell I wanna kill....
Mark Ward You advertise for psychopathic people, you attract psychopaths.
Radu Istrate Just to be on the bright side (contrary to the most comments), it might not be just to attract violent people. Their target is most probably young people (just like me) - most of us are thriving for adrenaline and excitement, it just makes sense to give what is being demanded. Where would the world be without police? Off topic: Check out The Boiling Brain, you'll probably find it interesting!
Eric Morton Shows they are just out to make money bet the crooks get a commission.
Josh Muirhead They want dumb trigger happy enforcers. It's obvious, but every now and than I'm sure there might be a good one.
John Leavitt Hate on these recruitment videos but watch "Cops" or "Bounty Hunters" or "Repo" or "Prison" shows on TV where horrible behavior is glorified.
Joe Snyder Or maybe they just dont want people like the person running this page trying to get into the police force. I'd rather have a psycho protect me than a softie
Elizabeth Stojek Great videos and stories on compassion
Amazing Videos You Will Ever See who else really loves it ?
Marle Ione for the 1st Fashion is Art show of jewelry, shoes & bags. Interesting concept to follow.
Marti Piel (@martipiel) • Instagram photos and videos
The first & only FASHION IS ART show. My copyrighted original designs. Contemporary Haitian paintings, fluid, with a drop too much or too little @
TwistedSifter It was
The Shirk Report – Volume 345
Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 25 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting.
Funny Videos
The Incredible Power of Concentration. One must watch it one of hte most amazing videos ever
許沛傑 Tony Hui
Knowledge and Fun Nice :)
Peejay Salmorin 666
Dande Lion She Is FANTASTIC (y)
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Reuters Newly released police dashboard camera videos from the scene of the shooting of a black teenager by a white Chicago patrolman could raise fresh questions over documentation of the killing, as the city braced for an organized protest march on Friday. Read more ... Read more:
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Byron Sean Jon Obey the law, and you'll be alright. Pants up!
Anthoni DeVeste donald trump: "if he had a gun and a bulletproof vest, this wouldn't have happened!"
Arif Haroon Karim Police states of America
Lokis Maliki look up chicago black sites. the US has become a rogue police/terrorist state.
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