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Daily Mail Sport It's more terrible news for Karim Benzema.
Benzema SUSPENDED indefinitely by France over sextape scandal
Karim Benzema has been charged with conspiracy to blackmail, relating to an extortion scam over a sex-tape featuring his France team-mate Mathieu Valbuena. He denies any wrongdoing.
2 months ago
Obaro Destinez Just because Giroud got an hattrick yesterday; LIKE Twitter Football FOR LIVE EUROPA TONIGHT
Discos Wiseman Hoping this keeps him occupied with scoring for Madrid , he's been hot n cold for France recently after being very cal . Nae doubt this will mean Martial will get a push up front after Giroud
Deadspin A sextape! Blackmail! Multiple star players! This is a big deal!
Your Guide To The Craziest Sports Scandal You Aren't Paying Attention To
I get it. You see a headline like “Real Madrid Star Karim Benzema Charged In Sextape Blackmail Case” or “Transcript: Karim Benzema Helped Facilitate Blackmail Plot Against Teammate Over Sextape” and you aren’t quite moved. Sure, words like Read more ... sex tape and blackmail seem juicy, but who is Karim Benzema to you, the typical American sports fan? You might know about Real Madrid—though even that is no guarantee—but why, you think, should some scandal taking place half a world away with protagonists you don’t know in a sport you don’t even like take up precious time out of your day?
3 months ago
Chris Conroy Who cares
Samantha Bennett Isn't this last weeks plot for "Blind spot?"
Jamie Watson The best part of this story is that Valbuena is like 5'2. I so want to see this sex tape!
Deadspin This is not a good look.
Transcript: Karim Benzema Helped Facilitate Blackmail Plot Against Teammate
Furthering the bizarre saga of Karim Benzema and the criminal charges he faces for his involvement in an alleged plot to blackmail his international teammate Mathieu Valbuena over a sextape, L’Équipe has now produced a full transcript of a phone c Read more ... all between the Real Madrid striker and the accused blackmailer.
3 months ago
Jonathan Saunders Clay Creekmore John Clayton Mike Hollowell
Chad Saleska Who is the clown now?
Shady Jackson All this over a sex tape? Was he doing animals or something?
Ryan da Silva Matt Lolol doesn't surprise me one bit, read the transcripts.
Deadspin What the hell?
Real Madrid Star Karim Benzema Charged In Sextape Blackmail Case
After being arrested and questioned by police in France yesterday morning for his possible involvement in a blackmail plot against fellow France international Mathieu Valbuena, Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema has been charged today for “complicity in Read more ... an attempted extortion.”
3 months ago
Max Fireman Damn French
Andy Jones If Gerard Depardieu isn't in it, I won't waste my time watching this.
Sumit Som Benzema has a Spanish court date for a driving violation soon as well. Not a good year for him.
Matthew Moreno Ross Jonas lol
Robert Pohida Manny Gutierrez
Ken Wattana My favorite Fifa player of all time keeps killin it ThatBro OverThere Nick Hale
Anthony Bitetto Jon Massa
Chris Parker Not Benz. Smh. What type of freaking shit has he got himself into. This story sounds like a movie
HuffPost Sports Blackmailing a teammate over a sex tape is slimy.
Real Madrid Star Karim Benzema Arrested In Sextape Blackmail Case
The extortion case involves France teammate Mathieu Valbuena.
3 months ago
Cent Valour Bright breaking news: cris brown jailed over fighting rihana recently ,amerikan spokes person says
3 months ago
Abdu Shakur Hatim Twahir rihana exclusiv vedeo
6 months ago
Dolores Mur kim-kardashian-to-give-talk-about-female-objectification-in-media Does she think women are stupid. She was the one who objectified herself with the sextape and the totally nude photos and charging the Vienna millionaire for a date. She crossed the li Read more ... ne this time
Kim Kardashian to Give Talk about Female Objectification in Media - Breitbart
Reality TV queen Kim Kardashian is set to give a talk about female objectification in the media later this month.
8 months ago
Steven Jones check out miley cyrus sextape published here first
8 months ago
Steven Jones check out miley cyrus sextape published here first
8 months ago
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