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HelloGiggles That whole "Secret Sister Gift Exchange" thing that's been all over Facebook? It's a scam.
Snopes alert: Facebook’s “Secret Sister” exchange is a total scam
Heads-up everyone, there's a huge hoax happening on Facebook, and chances are, you or someone you know is participating. If you've been on Facebook in the past few days, you may have noticed something called the "Secret Sister Exchange". It's literal Read more ... ly everywhere. People all across Facebook are post…
21 days ago
Lisa McCraw Nicole Mccraw
Cat Wilson Dawn Duncan
Dana M. Ragghianti Cynthia Lazo - while a fun thing to do among friends, the repeated postings I saw with the same phrasing made me wonder...
Jessica Wisniski Lauren Brooke Goldman!
Alicia Marie Fournier Tami Marchand Horan
Emily Tunsil Briana Gagliardo
Debra Gonzales Valverde I knew it was.
Cassie Isabel Martine Lehnen be careful!!
Katie Taylor How could it not be? Spend $10 & get several gifts; did people seriously believe this?!?
Jenny Tria Amanda Lynne
Cindy Crittenden Please do some investigation into the #blackdotcampaign that is blowing up mine, and I'm sure a lot of other people's, FB this evening. SNOPES calls it a mix, and the DA support groups in the ATL area are suggesting that it is a hoax that is going t Read more ... o turn ugly.
1 month ago
Fast Company 10 HABITS THAT MAKE EVERYONE HATE YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA: 1. Always selling. One of the worst sins is posting only when you have something to promote. It’s cheesy and it’s spammy. Social media is a conversation. No one wants to have a conversation Read more ... with a door-to-door salesman. 2. Sending automated messages to new followers. You may think sending a direct message to a new Twitter follower is a great idea, but experts advise to tread lightly. Thanking new connections and welcoming them into your community is the right sentiment and can lead to the beginning of terrific relationships. But auto direct messages on Twitter are generic, and lack any personal information. 3. Oversharing. Even if the only connections you have are your 10 closest friends, status updates and tweets are less private than you think. If you’ve forgotten who all your friends are, then definitely save the details of last night’s hookup for a carefully chosen few. 4. Not thanking people. If someone answers a question, or shares your content with an enlightening comment, then acknowledge them. Ignoring them is much like disregarding someone who holds a door for you. It’s bad karma. 5. Reposting too much. Sending the same link 10 times in two hours may marginally increase the chance people click on your post. But if people stop following you because of your digital clutter, then you don’t come out ahead. 6. Sharing chain letters and urban legends. Anything that puts unwanted social pressure on people to take action is a bad idea. Likewise, before you share something shocking, do a quick Google search to find out if it’s on Snopes, the urban legends website. 7. Vaguebooking. Think of posts such as: "I guess I know now who my real friends are." Vaguebooking is designed to get the comments and usually something that’s just drama between friends. 8. Hijacking the bandwagon. If you’re interested in contributing to a trending hashtag on Twitter, by all means read and post along. But sometimes people just look at the list and think: "It’s trending! I should use it." But don’t just hop on. 9. Lacking decorum. If you feel the need to insult a whole class of people, swear like a sailor, or post a political screed, ask yourself if you’d do it in front of 100 assembled coworkers, or in front of all your relatives at the Thanksgiving table. If you would, fine. But you probably wouldn’t. 10. Bad English. Posting. Periods. After. Every. Word. Or going over the top with ALL CAPS!!!!! On social media—as well as in more traditional communications channels—your choice of language can emphasize a point. You don’t need extra help with punctuation.
2 months ago
Jezebel Troll-originated myth debunked. What a day.
Even Snopes Is Exasperated With Dumb Mt. McKinley/Denali Conspiracy Theories
Today, in the Year of our Lord 2015, the heroically patient myth debunkers at have been forced to dismantle the rumor that Mount McKinley is now called “Denali” again because it means “black power” in “Kenyan.” If every word of Read more ... that sentence made your bullshit alarm go off, congratulation…
3 months ago
Cathy Louise Sorensen People are idiots
Tammy Thomas Spires OMG, I should have seen the conspiracies coming on this one. My conspiracy meter apparently needs calibrating.
Brightest Young Things If you believe everything you read on the Internet you are an idiot, but also thank you for the constant entertainment. Don't change a thing. ft. The Onion, Snopes, ClickHole, BuzzFeed, reddit, theCHIVE, Facebook for Every Phone, Twitter, Snapchat, Read more ... #Grandma.
It's Fake and You Shouldn't Repost It - BrightestYoungThings - DC
4 months ago
Merle Burbaugh Jr says it all... Barack Obama's Columbia University Student ID
Rumor: A 1981 Columbia University student ID card identifies Barack Obama as a foreign student named Barry Soetoro.
6 months ago
6 months ago
Brian Griffin
7 months ago
Lulis Leal It's a hoax. Please stop spreading false rumors.
Did a Study Find 'Men's Beards Are Filled with Poop'?
A 'study' didn't really find that men's beards are 'filled with poop' and 'dirty as a toilet.' But exaggerated repetition of a superficial news report did.
7 months ago
Brandon Warren
Snopes Got Snoped!!
Snopes Got Snoped!!. Snopes is run by a man and a woman with no background in investigation using Google. has been considered the ‘tell-all final word’ on any comment, claim and email. O...
7 months ago
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