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The New York Times "People say presidents should represent the future, represent the next generation, but what this country needs is a leader who has a deep understanding of its problems."
Bernie Sanders’s Message Resonates With a Certain Age Group: His Own
Mr. Sanders, 73, whose progressive views often appeal to young Americans, also seems to be striking a deep chord with older voters as his campaign gets underway.
Nate Reynolds I really hope he pulls an Obama, takes the nomination from Hillary and wins the White House
James Van Pittman I believe his messages can be for all Citizens.
Midou Madjik His stance on student loan debt and socialist democracy in general, resonate with people my age group, and I'm 29; less than half his age.
Victor Flores He speaks for me and im half his age. #BernieSanders2016
Kieran Tintle Can't wait for the GOP (with no sense of irony) go after his age while peddling ideas that are older than he is.
Megan Stevens I'm so glad someone is talking about issues that really matter. Keep yelling Bernie!
Adam Leiss #RunBernieRun!!
Joshua Shanks I'm 27 and his message resonates with me more than any other candidate I've heard since I've been an adult.
Karen Bassler Whoa. Is this a positive article from the NYT, treating Bernie as a viable candidate? I'm in shock.
Sam Wilson I'm 25 and find ideas like keeping corporate cash out of politics, taking care of veterans, lowering student debt, fighting climate change, etc resonate with me.
Jezebel Martina McBride fires back: " me, country music is about relating. Someone relating to what you are really going through on a day to day basis in your life. Did you girls (core female listeners) know you were being “assessed” in this way? I Read more ... s this how you really feel?"
Country Music Dude: In Radio, Female Performers are Basically Garnishes
Country Aircheck Weekly is a trade publication devoted to country radio news, not exactly a popular read for most households. But their latest issue has drawn the attention of star Martina McBride because of an interview with music consultant Keith H Read more ... ill, who said if country music is a salad, men are…
El Ceja >>>>>> SALUDOS PARA TODOS :( Escribo esto esperanzado que alguien de buen corazón lo lea y me preste unos segundos.   Vengo humildemente a contarles que la música es mi sueño, mi vida! Podrías darle Me Gusta a mi página para crecer y que cada día este más cerca? Ya que los anuncios son caros y no tengo altos recursos, por eso acudo a este medio, Si no solo ignora... Si te interesa apoyarme Pulsa ( MEGUSTA ) #INSTAGRAM @ELCEJARD #TWITTER @ELCEJARD Sígueme..!! MIL GRACIAS DE CORAZÓN, DTB ♥ AMEN
Denise Vincent I don't listen to Country music because it's a sausage fest. Yeah, yeah, we know about how much you like watching girls and whining about their cheating hearts. Where's the uplifting ballad about being a good person? Or is the focus on courtship rituals and male gaze simply a reflection of the Celtic roots of Southern culture?
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Greg Zach Ellison Dear Jon, I wanted to write you on this video link you have because it has a connection to some of what you were trying to say. I’m sure I’ll get some snarky remarks about this also but that’s normal in most cases. It seems that every tim Read more ... e you get a chance to somehow attack Christianity in your mind you do. You tried to get the woman who wrote about how the Muslim culture & traditions wound up with her being tortured while she was in the Islamic religion overseas to go after Christianity when she was talking about having there be a moderate way of believing in Islam and not having the teachings do the horrendous things to their own believers. She caught on real fast and shut you down. You bring on Rand Paul and try to bash Christian beliefs while tying them to the Republican party and he turns the situation around on you. Democrats are Christians also. Do you know that 85% of the country identifies as Christian. You are in the minority. He brought up the KKK which was totally wrong in the context he was using it but I will now use it in the right context. You go after Christianity and are have as much feeling of discrimination to them as the KKK has for blacks and homosexuals. I honestly believe you would have cheered at the crucifixion or as the Romans fed the Christians to the lions. Your banter resembles the Catholic church toward the evangelical believers and your banter actually makes me feel like you would have stacked the wood around William Tyndale before he burned all the time while the Islamic believers were beheading Christians between a few hundred and 1000 miles away. Your hateful attitude towards Christianity and its believers is no different than those Muslims who cheer at home when they either see or hear about the Christians being beheaded. Basically Jon, you hate Christians as much as the Islamic psychopaths of ISIS and its followers. If you don’t believe me then just watch your past shows when you bring up Christianity. I know your family is Jewish and just like you blame the Christians for the problems that are going on not less than 75 years ago there were people who spoke like you about the Jews where they lived here and overseas. Look in the mirror and to those who like to blame Christianity and Christians as a group of people for the ills of this country and the world just look to the not so distant past to see what other groups of people were blamed for things and in the end it was all something made up based on B.S.. Gay’s, Black’s, Indian’s, whites - (yes white’s just look overseas and even in our own White House now or how the Nation of Islam talks about whites), Muslims, Jews, Christians, Wiccans and so many others were blamed for the ills of the world. I think and feel personally that no one wants to take responsibility for what may be happening because it is always easier to blame someone else, (a trait children have used forever- “I didn’t do it, she/he did it”). Grow up and actually put on some big boy pants and quit blaming. We only have from this point on so let’s start from here to make it better. That is unless you enjoy your laziness and just want to blame someone or something for everything bad. Sincerely Zach Each person is responsible for their own actions so be responsible with your own.
Chesapeake Energy Arena Shania Twain's Rock This Country Tour rolls into Chesapeake Energy Arena on Aug. 12! Find out what you can expect at the show in her interview with Entertainment Weekly. Get your tickets to see Shania in OKC here:
Shania Twain explains why the 'Rock This Country' tour will be her last
This summer, Shania Twain will do something she hasn’t done in over a decade: She’ll be going on tour. After spending the better part of two years...
BuzzFeed Quiz
The Yiddish Quiz
Yiddish is the language Jews began speaking long-ago in the old country. And if you didn’t know that, this quiz is going to be a total mishegoss. Choose the Yiddish word that best illustrates the images below: Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed
Emmanuel Mimouni Ashkenazi Jews, not all Jews... Just saying :)
Karla Shreckengaust really surprised, did not know some.of this words were Yiddish.
Kelly Fairman You got 10 out of 12 right! I'm not Jewish. It's just that the Nanny always played late at night & there was nothing else to watch. Hahah
Mery Sitton Sandra KlipYael Buch no pude hacerlo Jajajaja no entiendo nada
Tanya Hodges Hayley Harman i got 9/12! x
Noga Pisk Take it Stav Pisk
Korinne DeMadaler Erica Lobsinger lmao
Hayley Harman Lionel Harman Ivan Harman See how u get on... xxx
Wendy Jones 8/12 en jij Judith?
Christina Sue Schoiber Lisa Senner
Daily Mail Benefits mum does not understand why we send money to Africa
Mother who rakes in £20k in handouts a year criticises benefits system
'They do Red Nose Day and send it to Africa but what about our country?'
Karen Lynch You would think with all that lovely benefit money she would get her teeth sorted !
Laura Lamberty To be honest I don't either.... I seen the state of the UK? Charity begins at home.
Anthony McMahon Because Bob Geldof said "give us your f*cking money" and we're too polite to refuse.
Shane Broderick when i grow up i want to be a daily mail journalist....said no one,ever!
Gearóid Ó Briain don't get side tracked by this people, think of the 1% that are robbing everyone blind everyday of every year
James Gallagher Lol I watched this - the polish guy just made me laugh...God knows what he is doing with his life... That massive family :O - he's like 'oh it's hard work' - yeah...well you shouldn't have had so many kids then!!
Andrew Chambers Tbh I rather a Brit has it then keep doling it out to Africa and other country's only for them and others to keep flooding our country looking for houses etc
Lynne Utting She"s having a F------g laugh,,,,,Right.
Roy Jennings I think her point is more like,,, why do we support other Countries, when we have so much poverty, homelessness and the like here in the UK, we should be looking after are own people first,.. And of the money that is sent abroad, at lot is wasted in management fee's.. If we are totally honest, no amount of money will solve their over population, short of a total ban on births...
Natalie Banks Waste of space. Gives people who do need benefits a bad name
VICE News "The regime shouldn't think we're going to let up." These are the jihadists fighting Assad's troops for control of the country:
5 minutes ago
Julian McBride When are you going to stop being one sided and interview real Syrians of the Syrian army, not these Libyans, Saudis, and Chechens trying to turn Syria into the extended caliphate?
Yordan Aleksandrov since when Al Nusra (supported by al qaeda ) is favorite group for vice?
Uddalak Deka
John Won The war with no winners..
Ismail Houssein Syrian militants, the same type of people behind 9 / 11.
Sven De Blende BTW, I would say, long live Human Rights and Justice !! We should care about humanity and the people and not just a leader or rebel group !! It's clear that Assad, as well as ISIS are committing warcrimes and killing civilians, normal Syrians !! Certainly Assad which uses all kind of disgusting and/or forbidden tools like chemical weapons, chlorine gas, barrel bombs etc...How can you support a regime, a dictator that tortured during all those years a lot of Syrians, if you care about human rights, and justice? !!
Sven De Blende First of all, the Army of Conquest or Jaish-al Fatah is a alliance of different rebel groups, Al Nusra, but also FSA battalians and Islamic Syrian battalians, not linked to Al Qaida !! So many of the fighters are Syrians, and many of them did not belong to Al Nusra, they are just a small part. And the government in Idlib after it was liberated gave power to local civil society, to the Syrian people. So the fact that different rebel groups united in their fight against Assad is positive, and you see the positive outcome, am I worried that Al Nusra, which is Al Qaida linked being part of, yes !! But they are way less extreme than ISIS, they consist of more Syrians and they don't install their rule in a totalitarian way like ISIS does !!
Sean Vincent crazy
James Thomas VICE has become a US Government propaganda tool.
Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvani The HuffPost Impact blog published an article by Housing Partnership Network about different agencies across the country helping to end Veteran homelessness. In Pittsburgh, VLP's Director of Operations and ACTION-Housing were quoted in the article! T Read more ... he Huffington Post
Leading the Way to End Veteran Homelessness
Yet the persistent shortage of low-cost housing across the country is a challenge too many communities face. Success depends in large part on housing providers being willing to generate more permanent housing for Veterans.
7 minutes ago
The WorldPost These incredible pictures will help you through your Thursday.
Bolivia's Majestic Scenery In 11 Stunning Photos
The WorldPost's "Through Your Lens" series brings you stunning photos taken by social media users in a different country around the world every week. This week, ...
10 minutes ago
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Fox News Health In February, vets told Thomas Neil Rodriguez that his 15-year-old mixed-breed dog, Poh, had multiple health issues and that his days were numbered, reported. So the New York City-area man and his fiancée set off on a cross-country tour t Read more ... o check off his bucket list during what little time the canine has left.
Man chronicles dying dog’s 35-city bucket list trip on Instagram
In February, vets told Thomas Neil Rodriguez that his 15-year-old mixed-breed dog, Poh, had multiple health issues and that his days were numbered, reported.
22 minutes ago
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