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Yahoo Buy a map. A real map.
17 Rules for an Epic Cross-Country Road Trip
Our editor Jo Piazza just drove cross-country from New York to California. This is what she learned along the way.
Paulina Martinez Yeah, you're inevitably going to get lost in one of those data blackholes and you are SOL. They really need to hurry up and uncouple phone GPS from data. You can always use a handheld GPSr.
OMG Texts Hi I am Emily I am 17 years old I live in USA I love making new friends please Follow me I will Follow you Back and inbox You I promise
Los Angeles Times Entertainment Your Blake Shelton-Miranda Lambert update:
Blake Shelton puts Miranda Lambert's stuff on his front porch. Cue the country breakup song ...
On Tuesday, it looked a lot like Blake Shelton didn't want ex-wife Miranda Lambert's stuff in his house anymore -- and apparently she didn't want her stuff either.
Louis Petti gees they need to grow up
9GAG Panty-Scrunchies. Japan you never cease to amaze us.
Madii Ongpao Sinsuat there's crazy... and there's japan
Hector Nunez That's genius! In case you lose your panties, reach for your hair!
Ova Rookies If you reading this then you are reading this
Jonathan Gomez My name Jeff...
Arvin Langcay Japanese: normal life is boring.
MaaNii Bhai that is why aliens dont visit us no more !
Shohel Wahid Japanese men have fantacy on panty... there are some adult shop, which sell used panty... the more smelly and used the panty, higher the price.. ;-)
Juneil Tuante Japan > Everything weird in this world.
Jannet Aihan now Japan will start wearing panties on their hairs.....Stupidity on its peak
Greg Heffley I am a panty and I found this Japanese
HuffPost Entertainment Never frumpy.
Kim Kardashian Steps Out In Yet Another Sexy Maternity Ensemble
We can always count on Kim Kardashian to keep her maternity style game going strong. (The woman does not quit.) The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star stepped out in yet another sexy dress to attend
Michelle Sargent Nelson Who gives a sh**. Why don't you give us real news?
Leann Kramar DuPont She is NOT sexy. She is fat & slutty.
Jarrad Hurley Oh? Another Kardashian update? I am now unliking the page.
Chandler Cat OMG ! that's shocking another ugly outfit...boring....zzzzz
Diana Prince ***kim is a beautiful woman who's comfortable in her own skin. there's nothing wrong with that.
Catherine E Brownell Jacobs This is not news worthy !
Karen Butler Who the fu*k care what she is wearing!
Rebeca Lopez this is vital information
Donna McGregor Yet another Kartrashian article I don't care about
The Wall Street Journal "We saved this country. Don’t let it be divided again." Former Sri Lankan president, once lionized, seeks to return.
Divisive Sri Lanka Leader Angles for a Comeback
Voted out of presidential office earlier this year amid allegations of corruption, Mahinda Rajapaksa is now campaigning for prime minister in an ethnically charged campaign that has vowed to strengthen ties with China.
11 minutes ago
Anand Rai You were the one selling sri-lanka to chinese. Now enjoy the vacation.
Jose RD Jordan Tejeda verlo aqui en youtube completo---- >
The Economist The accusations levelled against Najib Razak, Malaysia’s prime minister, have astonished a country that some had thought inured to scandal. In early July it was reported that nearly $700m from companies linked to a troubled state-backed investment Read more ... fund had been paid into what is believed to be Mr Najib’s personal bank accounts. With worries about an oil-dependent economy, the controversy is the last thing Malaysia needs
Soldiering on
Malaysia’s prime minister battles claims of corruption
1 hour ago
The Wall Street Journal The Torre de Manila—dubbed the “the Photobomber”—has sparked a fierce battle between defenders of Manila’s vanishing heritage and one of the country’s biggest property developers.
Manila Condo Tower Becomes Monumental Headache
A 49-story tower in Manila overwhelming the view from the Jose Rizal Monument sparks fight between defenders of the city’s vanishing heritage and developer DMCI Homes.
1 hour ago
Mark Anthony Grimaldo Putanq ina, anlayo layo nq torre de manila qnqwa nyonq qnyan kalapit. Wq kayonq OA media,.
Enn Vasquez monumento ni bonifacio pinabayaan nyo. tapos kay rizal makapa react kayo wagas.
Stefani Linda Perrez Se agradece el dato, Yo publique algo parecido en mi Perfil
Mark Louie Charm Carpio
Robin Panes Only in the Philippines
The WorldPost The perfect rainy vacation.
10 Breathtaking Indian Monsoon Destinations
Umbrella. Check. Rain boots. Check. A smartphone with a waterproof camera. Check. Your holiday check list for this rainy season is complete. Rains unleash the most picturesque side of the country. Who
1 hour ago
9GAG TV "We have 2 million people incarcerated. If we keep going this direction, we'll soon have enough to populate an entire new country with prisoners."
John Oliver's Eye-Opening, Haunting Segment On Mandatory Minimum Sentences For Drugs |
"We have 2 million people incarcerated. If we keep going this direction, we'll soon have enough to populate an entire new country with prisoners."
2 hours ago
Joji Loyola Whoever thought about meting out unreasonably lenghty minimum sentences must be a two-bit actor with below sea level IQ!
Jerry NeVerquit Libby DO YOU SUPPORT OUR TROOPS??? Did you know that we have more homeless people in America then any where else in the world... Think about it how many of you drive by men and woman with signs some with families... Asking for help, food, work, or anything Read more ... helps? My name is Jerry Libby I was born in the year 1988, I'm currently living in TN. And I'm starting my Chapter 1 to this program here, where I'm at. But I do have plans to move this all over the USA. I started Homeless 2 Homes for many reasons.. One factor is that I myself was homeless at least 1 year total of my life and I know what it feels like to sleep under bridges. I feel the pain sleeping in a tent in the winter winds... So I decided NO MORE! I plan to raise enough money to build enough shelters for people to be warm in the winter. Sheltered in the summer.. A place they can call home.. We are a non profit organization that are made up of volunteer's. If you wish too help contact Julie or I from Lifegroup Connectors We have decided to educate the young ones out there that are coming up and going to be our future. As well as the older men and woman who know whats going on in the world today. As many of you know I had this page up a few days ago but I had to find a sponsor and get permission to keep it going so I did just that. Too show you how serious I am about this program. We are still accepting as many sponsors and helpers that want to be apart of this program. No matter what this is what we do H2H! We can't do this Alone though guys. Please people open your hearts here's somethings that might open your eyes..This is Allie. I had the pleasure of meeting this little girl. When I was on the road. I asked her whats the sign for, what'd she need help with. She said she needed help praying so her prayer was strong enough to reach her daddy, who passed away a few years ago during combat. Bless your heart baby girl. I'm so glad I met you, even though you were so young. You were so much older and wiser then most people these days. And I'm honored to have you and your mom on our team. #H2H (saving vets, and homeless people) One Day at a time. This Veteran served our country for 3 full terms.. that's a long time. Now he's currently sleeping on bus station benches I had the pleasure of speaking to this old wise man at a bus station in Kentucky a few months back. It's sad he put in so much time to defend this country. Soon as his time came to retire this is where he ended up. He was married with 3 kids now he has nothing but God and Faith. He told me just before I was leaving, Son I want you to remember this no matter what happens to you. Just remember you'r never alone. At first I didn't get it. Now months later I understand what he means by that, and its the smartest words I've had the pleasure of hearing. Do you know what he meant? Leave your answer in the comment box. Out of all the homeless american's did you know 89% are people who served this country. For us to live in freedom, Why you were home safe,warm, and happy these guys were out there with there lives on the line most of our homeless people we are working for right now are going to be the veterans this program was designed for men that are on the streets, These men have done more for you then $20.00 worth. Help save our VETS. Register with our sites we have a few also a Donation Page. That will fund the building projects we have a blue print in the works but we want to make enough money to build A 80 room shelter for veterans, and were not done there. Were gonna build another 30 room shelter for men out on the streets.... But that's not it. We know that 13% homeless are woman not beaten but just living on the streets. We plan on building them 30 rooms as well. Also in the works a Second Chance program called ICDI (I can do it). It's going to be a non profit that we pick in TN that needs funds to put men and woman through some sort of tech school. Which could be Automotive, Computer Technology, Psychology, and many more. We are a new program starting out and we would love all the support we can get from the community please even if you don't have the money to donate at this time, like and share this page (we want everyone to see it.) Our first event is going too be the weekend after next. Tickets Adults 18+ $10.00 Teens 17-12 $8.00 Kids 11-4 $5.00 kids 3 and under FREE. With the Purchase of 1 Adult ticket at least. Seniors 45 and up are $2.50 The funds from this event will be going towards the Homeless for Homes. the event will last from 10:00 am. till 5:00 pm. Maybe longer depending on the turn out. The event is a Talent Show (Music, Talents, Dancing, anything you can think of that is considered a talent we want you to come and give it all you got and enjoy the day). Ages 2-5 get a $10.00 gift card Prizes are as follows for the events (age limits of course) Ages 3-6 get a $25.00 gift card to Wal-Mart. Ages 7-12 get a $40.00 gift card to Wal-Mart Ages 13-18 get a $50.00 gift card to Wal-Mart Adults get a $50.00 Cash prize&10.00 dollar gas card. We will have 3 judges remaining anonymous until the time comes for the show. Also don't forget to purchase our hot dogs and sodas (chips and candy) those proceeds go to the Homeless 2 homes as well. We have a 100k Goal to reach by June of next year. I know we can do it with the help of all of you. $5.00 and up will be accepted as a donation to H2H. And you will receive a certificate if you wish in the mail with a sticker and pen for your donation. As well as monthly updates on our goal and projects. So why not help out these guys who put there life on the line for us to live free, happy, and not a worry in the world.God Bless America, and with the people we have in America, We will reach the goal before that I believe you can follow us on our facebook page as well as the sites we have 3 total links below please register, post your feed back maybe toss some ideas you'd like us to work on for your states. Were gonna be TN. for this project but Homeless 2 Homes will soon be helping each state with the same goal. So common and push that Donate button.. any questions ask Julie or myself of Lifegroup Connectors. Please come out and support us guys all ages welcome smile emoticon GOD Bless. Event will be Saturday August 8th, 2015 you can come before 10:00 am. to help if you want anyone can help. Be there around 8:30 am. to help set up. we also have games that will be cheap, fun, and small prizes. consider us just a good time for the whole family of all ages. Event will be located here at this Address: 441 W Morris Blvd, Morristown, TN 37813 (Fred Miller Park) We hope to see all you out there smile emoticon Face painting is 3$ Tie-dye Shirts will be 10$ Goody Bags will be $5 for kids Adults Goody Bags will be $8 and many more look forward to seeing you there. If you want to be in the actual Talent Show please contact me and let me know what your act will be or what talent you possess all are welcome. Please Don't forget to check out our website and help out with a good cause. $10,$30,$50 and up. For Donations and Please leave a comment for everyone too see you helped out. hope to see you all in 2 weeks!!! (Sites below) (FB PAGE) (Donate 2 the cause here) #H2H Homepage/Website ( Please Help us reach our Goal!!! We can't do it alone GOD BLESS you all! Remember to Like and Share!!!
Homeless 2 Homes
H2H taking the homeless to homes thats our Goal we can't do it alone So please come and join the program Amen and GodBless
3 hours ago
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