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VICE News Greeks will only be able to withdraw 60 euros per day per person.
Greek Banks Close for a Week Before Crucial Debt Repayment | VICE News
Uncertainty prevails in Greece as the country's banks today closed for a week ahead of its $1.8 billion debt repayment.
3 days ago
Lojzek Salic That money belongs to European banks who gave their country loans tho. If Greece wants to stay in the Eurozone they need to pay their debts, otherwise they can reinstate their own currency and gtfo- tho I suppose hyper-inflation is never a fun thing
Franklin David Gabuina All the Greek government needs to do, if the Greek people will get behind the government, is to default on the loans, resign from the EU and from NATO, and accept the deal that the Russians have offered them
Shree Ankit Panigrahi Greece should be sold to India. The foreign reserve of India is more than the GDP of Greece and it will give us a strategic superiority over other hostile countries. The Democracy will remain intact as well.
Chantelle Austin *Euro not Euros
Jose Ornelas Time to plan a vacation.
Cédric Pastremblay Stop building new summer Olympics installation every 4 years in a different country. Bring back the Olympics where it historically belongs, in Greece. Build permanent structures for the athlete and Olympics organization, and voila, problem solved. Saving Greece, and stop all the huge waste of money for decadent Olympics every godamn 4 years.
Jon Coma I don't see George Bailey fixing this...
Kevin Jackson European Central Bank reminds me of an aggressive payday loan place...
David Dempster
Richie Vincent Get some bitcoins fools. Be in control
HuffPost UK Politics British contingency plan plotted too
If Greece Votes 'No' To Latest Proposals, Cameron Doesn't Think They Can Keep The Euro
If the Greeks vote to reject the Eurozone's bailout terms of their country, they should leave the euro, David Cameron has suggested. The Prime Minister told Radio 4's Today programme that Greece's
3 days ago
Sam Mee If Greece goes, what about Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy? Whatever your thoughts on the EU the idea of the utter chaos that would descend on markets, (when banks, businesses and private individuals are already loaded up on debt), just because the EU/ECB/IMF refuse to relax their bailout terms is pretty much lunacy whichever way you spin it. Even if the Troika relaxing their conditions would lead to some market unrest, that's still preferable to the nuclear detonation that would result from a Greek exit, and the subsequent (potential) ramifications. The Greeks might decide to accept the Troika's terms and accept years of deprivation, but would you consign your own family to years of hardship to pay for the mistakes of the tax dodging super rich, lax French & German banks and corrupt politicians?
Anna Apostolidou No, your are wrong, Mr Cameron! Saying no to the Institutions' lethal terms does not imply that we wish to leave the Euro! It simply means that our people wish to stay alive. Anyhow, slavery has a point only when the slaves are still alive and ready to be exploited...
Jenny Murrell I hate the Euro and I hate the EU
Davey Driver Cameron should butt out considering the UK is not in the Eurozone, it's a matter for Eurozone members to soryt out
Mark Buckley Is there any situation that he can't make worse by opening his big gob? Bad enough what he's doing here without bringing his wrecking tactics to the global economy.
Dianne Baxter Who cares what you think CaMoron!
Kev Williams Good by ....
Lily Zotou really? there is *no* mechanism to exit the euro. hasn't a clue, that man
National Geographic Channel #WhereInTheWorld do locals believe that the boxing hero Rocky Balboa is a good representation of their country, beaten down but ready to comeback? (Photo Credit: Diego Bunuel / National Geographic Channel)
3 days ago
Kyle Croce Philadelphia PA Art Museum!
Mark Hastings The fictional boxing hero Rocky Balboa?
Michael Hardison Philadelphia, PA :)
Jimmy Hayes He represents the city's attitude towards life......Hes a metaphor.....
Lisa A. Sylvester Philly of course!!
Kelly Grosso Hess Right here in Philly
Suza Porter Philadelphia, PA and what's the answer for the puzzle on 22 June 2015???
Jordyn Shields Philly!!!!
Andrew Carmone Where did they put the statue? Last time I was in Philly and I was near the Museum it wasn't there
Candy Abrahamson Litherland Philadelphia
TreeHugger San Diego-based activist Rob Greenfield, known for his cross-country cycling campaigns to end food waste, believes that changing one's life and reducing one's environmental impact takes small, gradual steps.
Man lives rent-free in $950 home on tiny urban homestead (Video)
In exchange for cultivating someone else's backyard for a year, this activist is experimenting with an increasingly simpler lifestyle, documented step-by-step online.
3 days ago
Holly Polich Tiny houses are not long-term freedom. They fit right in with the plans of the 1%. They'll own all the land, and we'll be their surfs once again.
Joshua Eric Turcotte Humans are fearful creatures... it served us well in the wild... but in civilization, it does more harm than good. And, he's right... because of this, steps of reform in any direction need to be small if folk are going to go along with it (which is a double-edged, sword, I'm afraid, since incremental change toward terrible things has also been known to happen.)
Holly Hamilton Rain water collection is fine in Louisville Kentucky.
Diane De Martini No thanks.
Jordan Russell Its against the law in the US to collect rain water ...
Holly Crocker This guy is my spirit animal.
Nichole Taylor Jordan, not in wash state it isn't
Hilda Rose Acord And so in NC. I want to know how to do something like this here but it gets so cold in these mountains.
Steve Bowcutt I'm pretty sure we'll find out sometime in the next 10 years that wearing scarves like that somehow really hurts the environment.
Valerie Janette Devin Sullivan!
Leon Nadeau Hey CNN when u gunna speak up about what I'm trying to do Big Government and Big Bussiness the Bullys that are shaking down the citizens of the world and our country...there running a 3 ring Circus Read my papers on my FB page!
3 days ago
Mashable - Tech What a time to be alive.
Meanwhile, robots are getting married in Japan
True love knows no bounds, except maybe battery life.
3 days ago
Yiannis Nikito Theano Gianna Θα ερθει και σενα η μερα σου :P
Mashable News Barakat is the top Egyptian official to be assassinated since the ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi two years ago.
Egypt's top prosecutor dies in bomb attack
Egypt's official news agency says the country's state prosecutor has died of wounds sustained in a bomb attack on his convoy in a Cairo suburb.
3 days ago
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Funny & Interesting Things It feels so good to watch these three legends sing together.
Flashback to the night three country legends shared one blessed stage
It was the Parton/Lynn/Wynette show.
3 days ago
Washington Post World “For so long, you were called a country of the future, told to wait for a better day that was always just around the corner. Meus amigos, that day has finally come,” Obama said.
Unpopular Brazilian president to visit U.S. as her country’s economy slides
She begins her visit in New York, meeting with bankers as she seeks foreign investments.
3 days ago
Miester Bud Paine Condensed version: she's a Socialist, corrupted by State owned oil, cannot run a government, unpopular, and as a last resort is in the U.S. seeking money.
შუქი წავიდა every country`s economy will slide if they play with PUTIN !!! stop Russian Agression worldwide!!!
Leonardo Costa Is that Bullshitt part of USA regime change programs, you must well know that always ends as a major blowback don't you... All this false flag wars and regime change... Since who knows knows when... I recall, war with Mexico, Spain, Vietnam , all False Flag Wars, one particular regime change I like a lot is Iran 53 when they had a fine Democracy, remember, of course you all remember, what about the 5 billion dollars invested in "Democracy" in Kiev leading to a coup d'etat one year prior to national elections...!
Leonardo Costa Brazil is doing fine considering the world economical mess that started with in 2008 Wall Street Economical Terrorism of the top 1% Mob with your rotten subprime shit mortgages , tell me how many got jailed in your CORPORATOCRACY of Corporare midia BS For that despite having 25% of the world incarcerated population, most of course Black and Spano....!? USA STOP YOUR IMPERIALISTIC, " EXCEPTIONALISM" BULLSHIT ! !
Daniel Pinheiro The "workers party" is just a crap. Our president is a shame! The only thing that works good is the corruption!!! There's no good health system, no security, no education system... The Workers Party is destroying our Brazil.
Jim Board Asking for money.
Leonardo Costa What a Bullshit !!!!
CNN International Israeli officials say the blockade is needed to stop the Palestinians from launching rocket attacks on Israeli cities -- and to prevent Hamas, the Islamic organization that runs the Gaza strip, from getting new weapons. But the group trying to run th Read more ... e blockade said Israel had "hijacked" the ship in an act of "piracy."
Israel blocks ship trying to break Gaza blockade
Israeli officials said Monday that the country's military had blocked a ship trying to break the blockade of Gaza.
3 days ago
Natalee Dagny Nassar This was a humanitarian ship and Israel had no right to violate international law to board it. Especially when you consider that Israel has not signed the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea while Palestine has. It's time for the world to start holding Israel to the same standard it holds Palestine to. One year since the last war on Gaza and nothing has changed.
Yumna Kamdar Disturbing. And Israel claims that Gaza is not occupied. What threat does a ship full of nonviolent human rights activists with humanitarian aid can possibly pose to Israel? Israels actions are totally uncalled for. It's about time the blockade is lifted and the territories are freed.
Ned Francis Nasr The crimes against humanity by Israel continue on. The ships are carrying food and water to a people under siege and oppression. The inhumanity of Israeli government is breathtaking
Youssef Er-raouzi free gaza,free palestine ,nd very soon israel!
Hana Dhania LoNg LiVe paLeStiNe Allah bLesS yOu I LoVe yOu FRee maSjidiL aQSa :-)
Adamola Adam Israel has the right to protect their citizen ,not like Palestinians
Naveen Kumar If you love Palestinians so much then take them to America
Beverley Krell Once again Israel continues to break international law by stopping the Freedom Flotilla in international waters. A ship carrying aid and solar panels is no threat to a people under siege.
Abdalah Islam Gjingo jews MUST leave palestine land. go back to europe.
Conor Cusack The only 'harm' posed by these humanitarian vessels delivering food, medicines, solar panels and toys, is in showing the World that Gaza is under a brutal Israeli siege, it harms Israel's image.
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