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HuffPost Entertainment He's back!!!
Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Legend Of Conan' Will Be A Sequel To The 1982 Original
Arnold Schwarzenegger is officially reprising his role as Conan the Barbarian, and not in a reboot. The 67-year-old actor was first said to return to the sword-wielding character back in 2010 for
Rich Arsenault What is best in life? A new Terminator, a new Conan, and forgetting all of the terrible attempts since the originals.
Noman Siddique Just dont
Matt Arrington *headdesk*
Carlos Argenis The worst actor alive...straight worthless
Robert Brenner
Amjad Hajano
Rich Arsenault Harold Pabatao
Entertainment Weekly The upcoming Conan the Barbarian film will be a direct sequel.
'Furious 7' screenwriter gives update on 'Legend of Conan'
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Conan the Barbarian is returning to the big screen in his original incarnation for Legend of Conan, and the film’s...
Jay Sandlin
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Raul Guadalupe King Conan ? The first two kept teasing about Conan eventually becoming a king
David Mills Conan the Sexagenarian? I don't think so...
Michael LoGatto but that is another story
Shadia Ursula SO excited for this!
Joanne Wilmot I. Like this movie
Johnny Dawson Not destroy this film, assholes !!
Αντώνης Κούλης Finally!!!
Teresita Repana Hi sir good luck keep it up a good work
HuffPost Sports Could the Chelsea legend be the next to jump across the pond?
Didier Drogba May Move To U.S.
He played his last game for Chelsea on Sunday.
The New York Times - Theater The word “legend” is thrown around too blithely on Broadway, but at her age and with her track record, Florence Birdwell might well qualify.
For Kristin Chenoweth and Kelli O’Hara, a Fearsome Fairy Godmother
Florence Birdwell, the exacting former voice teacher of two musical actresses vying for a Tony Award, was in Manhattan recently to catch their shows and teach a master class.
Daily Mail Celebrity BB King's children accuse his aides of killing him
Lawyer calls allegations B.B. King was poisoned 'ridiculous'
The attorney for B.B. King's estate has rubbished claims made by two of the late blue legend's heirs, daughters Karen Williams and Patty King, that he was poisoned by his closest aides.
CNN International B.B. King’s daughters: Our father was poisoned:
B.B. King's daughters: Dad was 'poisoned' -
Two of B.B. King's daughters are alleging that the blues legend was poisoned to death by two of his closest associates.
Jabulani Malinga At 89 years he won't leave for ever
King Mao El Clasico Oficial :( QUIZÁS NADIE LO LEA !! ESCRIBO ESTO ESPERANZADO que alguien de buen corazón lo lea. Vengo humildemente a contarles que la MÚSICA es mi sueño, mi vida! Podrías darle Me Gusta (y) a mi página para crecer y que cada día este más cerca? Ya que los anuncios son caros y no tengo altos recursos, por eso acudo a este medio, Si no solo ignora...MIL GRACIAS DE CORAZÓN Los espero con cariño! <3 <3 <3
Dapne Rita Hala!
Tom Skyrunner What???
Flora Semedo Sad and another racist sick demon people
Shaya Kalman Not cool
Omaliko Chinedu Chris So far, 155 likes on this update. I wanna ask, are they liking the post because the man got poisoned or because the man died??? Police
Bed Rock Let's the police do it's job, wow!!!
Precious Lombe Kabwe the man was 89 for goodness sake!even if he was poisoned he still led a well lived life.y do pipo capitalise on celebrity deaths?in my country any death above 45yrs is considered natural!
Alex Waku The man was jst old
Daily Mail Sport No space for Fernando Torres!?
Club legend Gianfranco Zola picks his Chelsea dream team
Gianfranco Zola is a Chelsea hero, having lit up the Premier League during his playing days as one of English football’s greatest-ever imports. Here, the Italian legend picks his Chelsea dream team.
34 minutes ago
Γιάννης Σκουλουδης As Real Madrid destroyed Kaka, United destroyed Di Maria, Arsenal destroyed ozil, Chelsea destroyed Torres...
Anand JC torres maybe a great player but he sucked at chelsea
Faisal Ony Yes, its fact. Bcoz its not " Liverpool Dream Team."
Shaib Hamdam El Nino ❤️
Franc Pope Mwaniki my chelsea dream team::peter cech: ivanovic: ashley cole, cahill, terry, michael essien, ramires, hazard, torres, robben, fabripass
Kaisar Karnik But he is the best striker Liverpool ever had...and he is a legend at Atletico.He has nothing left to prove as a legendary striker.He just couldn't cope with Chelsea
Ferno Gwejula Is that even a surprise?!*
Chris Borg What about Schevenko? Hahaha
Damilola Joshua Hun
msnbc The death of music legend B.B. King has taken a turn worthy of one of his forlorn blues classics.
BB King's daughters allege that he was poisoned
Who is the accused?
36 minutes ago
Anna Gregory I wouldn't be surprised! His 'girlfriend' and her son are a bad trip all the way around!
Brent James Aucoin I BET obama HAD HIM KILLED !
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The Daily Beast "I read everything people write about me. I know every comment.”
Chrissy Teigen’s Takeover: On That Iggy Azalea Eye Roll, Haters, and Double Dates with Kimye
The model and wife of musical maestro John Legend has evolved into a big-time TV and awards show host. And this is just the beginning.
56 minutes ago
Liz Bertsch Yikes - dumb dumb city!
Ron Barnes Who could hate a beautiful face like yours. You also did great at the billboard awards.
Jack Blomberg Who is she? xD Oh first two comments are spam yet again xD what are the odds?
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Julie Thompson Oh, good. I hope you see this. I don't know who you are.
Benjamin Marble um no
Ghanshyam Panchal दिल्ली सरकार को 356 की धारा लग शकती हे, आगे चलकर परमानेंटली विधानसभा भंग हो शकती है, और राज्यसभा सदस्य, राष्ट्रपति चुनने के 67 सदस्य का पावर गँवा देंगे AAP
Ray Sebastiani zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Franco Franus : Chrissy Teigen / Iggy Azalea / Kimye !! MAKE IT ALL GO AWAY!!!!!!!!! JESUS CHRIST TELL ME WE'RE IN AN AWFUL FUCKING DREAM!
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Daily Mail Sport Ever wondered what is must be like to be a FC Barcelona legend? Wonder no more.
Behind-the-scenes at Xavi's Barcelona farewell
It was an emotional day of tears, tributes and another title for Barcelona legend Xavi as he waved goodbye to the adoring Nou Camp faithful after 17 years. And a club video takes us behind-the-scenes
2 hours ago
Muhammad Helmi Xavi Legend
Shewa Geberhana Xavi xavi xavi pass pass pass barca will never be the same to without you i miss you hero
Asim Khan Xavi best midfielder in the world
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