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Lorilyn Lachman Juanita Powell Vianne HumeCheryl de Rodriguez Debbi Dayton Beth Mosior Chris Ray Amy Mahaffey Debby Palmer Ann Aitken Susan McKenzie Lilly Garcia Terri Cain Lynch Sally Lachman
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Tracey Wallace Thanks a mil to all who have helped with this.. Nearly over ands it's sooooo close... :-) Please like My Comment Eimear Wallace on Footdreams School of Dance its a few from the top... @[c3Rvcnk6UzpfSTI3MjMyMTcxNjExODg2NDo3ODQ1MDMwMDQ5MDA3MzA=:http Read more ...
s://m.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=784503004900730&id=272321716118864] Thank you all!! Edel O Donoghue Liz O Mahony Niamh O' Brien Angela Heffernan Jo-Anne Tickner Jessica Nagle Elaine Wallace Sandra O Donoghue Saorlaith Mullan Florist 4 U Cork Aine Lynch Bernard Wallace Bernie Considine Karen O'Leary Geraldine O Donoghue Valerie O Donoghue Nikita O Donoghue Susan Sheehan Melissa O Donoghue Deegan Diane Horgan Cakes Tara Sheehan Ann Buckley April O Donoghue Jennifer O Donoghue Diane McCarthyOlive Patton Phil Meehan McCullagh Sharon Cremin
Footdreams School of Dance
★★★★★ Competition ★★★★★ Win a free dance-term simply post your name below and get as many friends to like the page and your comment.Winner announced Easter Sunday.GOOD LUCK!
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Lionel N Silvana Smith ***Are YOU a part of the problem???****
Simon Peter
Share this with liberal friends as well. And if they block or unfriend you, then they may have not been your real friends from the start. Was It Worth It? 400 years of brutal enslavement at the hands of heartless, bigoted liberal minded people who Read more ...
thought that it was their right to enslave us. And when it was proven that it was unconstitutional, they deemed us "not really human". Sound familiar ABORTION SUPPORTERS!!!!???? Created a terrorist fraternity that is often referred to as "Ghosts of the Confederacy" (Oh, how many would have liked to turn them all into ghosts), called the Ku Klux Klan. There purpose: to intimidate people from speaking out against the injustices of racism and discrimination To lynch black people To lynch and terrorize Republicans who supported the liberation of blacks To coerce people to vote for their party through strong arm tactics and outright terror To spread the propaganda and hatred against minorities The assassinations and attempts against President Lincoln, McKinley, Ford, Reagan, Dr. Martin Luther King and countless other racially and politically motivated violence. Years more of Jim Crow laws Segregation of schools, bathrooms and other establishments. A black man, invented the method now used for blood transfusion and do you want to know how he died? He died from loss of blood because they wouldn't accept him at a "white only" hospital. Even now, they flaunt their racist past in front of us at voting booths with the infamous donkey symbol logo. It's history was a taunt for blacks to be angry with them for stealing their 40 acres and a mule after the Civil War during reconstruction. One would think that as ugly as that historical fact is, they would distance themselves as far from it as possible. It remains their party logo. It stares at us in voting booths and flies clear over our heads. What does this say about the liberal lie in reference to their role or "party switch"? Have they really changed? Or did they just polish up their act a little? You decide. Margaret Sanger's legacy of exterminating blacks through abortion even thought she was anti-abortion she was pro-abortion when it came to blacks. And what was their penitence for their atrocities and crimes against humanity? Food stamps (to shut us up) Welfare (to make us dependent) Affirmative action (to silence us about unemployment) NOT TO HELP BUT TO FURTHER ENSLAVE AND BUY OUR LOYALTY!!!! Was it worth it? Are you okay and can you peacefully sleep at night knowing that you are voting for people who used to lynch your relatives or ancestors, beat them with horsewhips and rape your women and little girls to break their spirits and to make them ripe for a life of enslavement? Can you look yourself in the mirror in the morning knowing that you voted for the monsters who would call an unborn baby a "parasite" to justify killing 56 million of them? Is it worth what they gave us to listen to a bunch of godless people at a convention boo the very God of whom we owe praise and gratitude for liberating us and blessing us with everything else good that is in our lives? Was it all worth the entitlements that many (not the ones who actually need) enjoy and abuse at the expense of those who work hard and barely have enough to live on? If you have answered "yes" to any of these, than YOU are part of the problem. Joey Sandra Zeno, Alexandria Zeno, Elizabeth Elizabeth Garcia-Roary, John Rapp, Trudi Lambert, John Lambert, Jeff Hushfield, Jeff Wade, Dana Monroe, Marcia Wright Crocker, David Stephenson, David Millard, Brian Prine, Angela West, Joelle Verchio Flick, Cheryl Cooper, Cole Jacobs, Modesty Palmer, Kuuleme Stephens, Kenneth Mays, Tina Brown Sutherland, Suzie Suzie Vorpe Covington, De Ann De Chellis, Jim Benghazi Nuziard, Vicki Booher, Eilish Foley, Dennis O'Leary, Susan Palermo O'Leary, Dawn Axford Hopkin, Amanda Lynn, Keith Walker, Gail Ayoub,
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Geoff Hall Here is the list of who is attending so far (there are a total so far of 143 people attending: Mike Accorsi Lynn Broderick Aubuchon Jerome Auclair Jeffrey Balboni Jill Cooper Barden Raymond Bartolucci Rob Baskin Suzanne Bastarache Lynn Bemont Diane Read more ...
Gingras Bigelow Cristina Boisvert-MaCGillis Jeffrey Bond Valerie Maier Bowman Michael Bray Jonathan Budington Deborah Bych Kimberly Day Caffe Pam Minch Cappella Lorianne Gingras Carenzo Gail Parisi Champiny Anne Cournoyer Tommy Crisinati Rob Dailey Tim Dailey Marla Borio Darius Karen Day Lisa Smith DeGray Donna Gualtieri Dell'Arco James DeLorge Deborah Reed Demers Jennifer Minch Demers Michael DiBacco Lisa Gualtieri Eaton MaryJane Parks Eazer Joanne Wheeler Farnsworth Anne Tikky Fountain David Gallaway Michael Gauvine Todd Gibson Lisa Graham Kimberly Wilker Grustas Amy Gualtieri Laura Guerrette Deanna Sciaretta Guttilla Geoffrey Hall Heidi Foltz Harrington Julie Guite Harrison Lara Torres Heline Erin Immel Hinnau Valerie Ivey Karen Aiello Janko Kenneth Johnson Kevin Johnson Angelia Brown Joy David Kaczmarczyk Eric Landry Amy Langlois Karen Legg MaryAnne Liberator Timothy Lodge Kely Loftus Donna Varcoe Lucente Lu-Ann DiBacco Lynch Carol Anderson Mairano Lynn Majernicek Leanne Washburn Makris Brett Mansfield Mike McCarthy Paul McCarthy Shari Smith McDermott Suzanne Mezger Joanne Halpern Myszkowski Michelle Nadeau Steven Navikonis Steve Naylor Anna Neild Leigh Parisi Charles Paskewitz Chris Pitney Nicole Boisvert Porter Beth Regulbuto Amy Kasper Rendock Frank Rinaldi Mary DiBacco Rinaldi Jennifer Rodriguez Mark Ross Heather Ruggiero Nicholas Rutkiewicz Douglas Sattler Eric Sawicki Richard Schwarz David Seften Sloane Burgess Stetson Michael Sullivan Susan Marianetti Summa Kim Pieczarka Thom Gerald Torres Deb Kasper Toupence Tom Toupence Mark Vasseur Cheryl Maier Walsh Amy Clarke Weiss Kathy West Steven West Jennifer Auclair White Elizabeth Young Ken Young Anicia Boutin Young
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Kaye Johnson Dear Lord, please be with Madison Sitz today has she is put to sleep. Please continue to watch over Peggy Wise and Family. They are still waiting on the miracle. Please watch over each and everyone of your children on the prayer list. Aaron needs Read more ...
you during this battle in his life along with his family. You know what they are fighting. Please continue to be with each and everyone of your children and give me the strength to be there for them the way you want me too. Thanks so much for all you do. Thanks so much for my wonderful family and all my friends. Amen. I have tried to move everyone over, hope I didn't leave anyone out. Please feel free to add and give updates on anyone or anything. No prayer is to small or to big. As the saying goes, its not pity to ask for prayer it is smart Bobby Weiss 19 year old needs heart transplant, Edwine Nunley Shirley Crisp Smith Stephanie Orange Dale and family Kari Hargis Parks and Jeremy Parks Eilene Shrum and Clint Shrum Amanda Layne Kristie Lynn Tuders Kathy Wanamaker Hipps and Husband John Donna Manley Christy Michelle Campbell April McBee father Donald burn victim Andrew Sanders Simeon and his mom Vicky Watwood Hassie Merrell Joyce Worley Gipson Kim Layne and Dewayne Layne family on their loss of Matthew Myers Ricky Anderson family in their time of loss Robbie Miller on the loss of his mom Vicki Click Brazier family on their loss Ray Meeks family in their time of loss Virgil McNeece Chirstie Grooms and family in their time of loss Dale Sanders Jeremy Johnson truck accident and his family Ransie Whitman family at their time of loss family of 3 month old in TX that died from flu Family of 15 month old in TX that drowned Aubrey Geary Layne George Meadows Austin n Betty Patterson Brittany n Katlyn Meadows Jerry Bryant and family Henrietta Patterson Donnie Cagle Marie Miller and family Shane Miller and boys Ginger Nunley Green brother in law starting Chemo Cindy Harris Tatrow Micki Rogers ( cancer ) Linda Rollins Morrison mom Luevina Rollins is at Sheltering Arms with many health problems Angel Griser daughter Amelia broke leg sweet baby JasonChrissy Dyer Rose Green mom and family. Ann Wiley who has Lymphoma Shirley Crisp Smith is sick Chris Dykes and his girls Ashley Lynch daughter Roger Conry and Jacob Conry Lisa Colston, she has leukemia! Susan Sissom Colston husband is sick Rebecca Cantrell Eads mother Donna Cantrell Donny Anderson is in the hospital and his family through this hard time Whitney Hailey Dempsey Mark Ladd heart surgery recovery going on and his wife broke her ankle Jeannie Crane battles lung cancer Sherry Fults daddy Judy Nunley Connie Steele Steve Johnson high blood pressure Fredia Keele My brother in law is home and feeling better. Still weak . Gaining strength, has a ways to go. Thanks for each prayer and please continue to pray for a full recovery. Bob Alton Campbell has cancer, Aaron Westerfield Zach Meeks Pam Myers with all the headaches My family always needs prayers. Holly Johnson and Sandra Evans granny Nez is sick Brandy LaShay Aaron Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Drayke, Summer, Shayna, Mason, Kevin and Holly Johnson. Jessika Hampton family on the lost of her grandmother Peggy Wise is critical Mother and her little girl Greta Ross Curtis and her little girl, Robin and Sabrina Nunley Rhonda Ripley Felicia Henderson Murray and Carmen Murray and family Jessica Kern Anderson and family with the new pregnancy,out of hospital Anna Rollins, Sara Benjamin family Dexter Ledford Alissa Dickerson grand pa Robert Sarah Caldwell family Elaine Tate Fults is having surgery Sherman and Carla Smith Tate Anthony Mark Johnson has ulcers or acid reflux disease lots of pain Laura L Shrum Mavis Dove Kathy Brewer Sanders Levan Deloris Nunely Jean Nunley Rose Rust Marshall Sartain Brenda Meadows father in law Bill Meadows, Tammie Jones in the ICU Robert Nunley stroke Patricia Campbell with knee surgery Jerry and Shelia Schild, Rhonda Magouirk Smith family Doris Smith finally home from rehab still needs prayers Randi Rivera having a hard time Candy Nolan Myers and Jeremiah Myers on their new beginning Bethany Flynn Kayla Johnson. Amanda Gossett son Braxton Melissa McHone King and her family that was in the car wreck Faye Cochran is sick with the cold mess Berthia Freeman sick and feeling bad Bo Jon and Jenny Lankford sick Lorin King Heath Green, Sarah and the kids house fire Carrie Kevin Shrum on the loss of Kevin Amanda Arlene Anderson Anderson and her family and her brother Garret Mary Parks and family Joy Melton family, with the lost of their brother Richard All our soldiers, military, and government officials Janie Paulk Sharon Rose Burnette Jessica Crisp-Tate Savannah Kingh King JoAnna King and family Stephanie Marie Cash Troy Smith with his lupus Jessica Milner Debra Scissom April Mcbee family house fire Natasha Wilcox mother Jeanne Crane Ed and Nola Futls Tasha Curtis an unrequested prayer Jennie Lowrie DeMotta Susan Sitz and Houston Katie Anderson daughter Kadence Nancy Hobbs Edna Fults Stefanie Deann Moore Deann Meeks and family Barney Nunley is sick Sabrina Nunley Chad Graves and Tonya Graves Amy Griswold daughter Brit its her thyroid. Sending her to specialist in Chattanooga. Thanks for prayers Edwene Nunley Smith Della Brody mother is sick Cynthia Westerfield Regina Jackson Gayle Myers with the loss of her mom Teresa Crisp Dodd Stacy Ann Pellom Teresa Norris sister Regina underwent another surgery Stacy Leiderman Aleen Dyer Casey Kaylene Scottie Slatton family during this time of loss Becky Butner family on the loss of her moma Courtney Rogers Rogersy Rogers daughter Madi Rogers Tiffany Johnson son Lucus Lindsey Gipson on the her pregnancy Margie Kilgore and her new baby boy Elizabeth Anderson and her new baby boy
1 day ago
Bushwick HS Class of 1963 Reunion The list keeps growing! As of today 4/18/14 - 47 Yes and 12 Maybes Coming: Roseann Pictaggio Timiani and husband; Loretta Marino Winnie & husband; Bernadette Alcamo Maniscalco & husband Lenny; Mary Ann Adamo Buccellato; Phillip Buccellato; Rose Ann Read more ...
Adamo Martinez & husband Ed; Richard C. Appelt & wife Mary Jo; Bob Atkins; Jim Barry & wife Dawn; Maria Costanza Brogan & Conal; Phyllis Curatola; Anthony Dinolfo & Joyce Lynch, Larry Frohnhoefer & wife Pat; Fran Giambolvo Baudone & husband Bob; Lynne Marcial Carbone & husband Vinnie; Barbara Milano; Charles Modica & his wife Marie; Patricia Murray, Francine Rosselli Kump & guest; Anite Schellig & guest; Tom Szekely, Joseph Triolo & his wife; Vivian Vair; Lotte Vogt Popovic and husband Nenad; John Tschirhart & wife Susan; Carolyn Witte Ayers & her husband Rich; Sandra Youngfert and Mike Harrison; and Bill Youngfert. Maybe: Judy Bletsch & guest; Frieda Cascio Errico & husband Bill; Carol Daly & Moshe; Brenda Margulies Hantman and husband Doug; Mike Boccamino; Sal Barbera; Steve Matisi, and Dorothy Scheriff Rau. If you are friends with someone not on list please tell them about the reunion!
2 days ago
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