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Slate.com Can beat Slate's toxicologist in the Slate News Quiz? Good luck!
Think You’re Smarter Than a Slate Science Writer? Find Out With This Week’s News Quiz.
Welcome back to Slate’s weekly news quiz. I’m your host, 74-time Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings. Every Friday I’ll be testing your knowledge with 12 challenging questions on the week’s news events, big and small, including happenings in scienc Read more ... e, sports, politics, and culture both high and low. The questions are multiple-choice,...
9 hours ago
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Daily Mail Sport Would you rather have Thibaut Courtois or Petr Čech at your club?
Courtois or Cech? Goalkeeping legend Jennings has his say
Petr Cech will face his former Chelsea team-mates for the first time in an Arsenal shirt on Sunday, with Wembley hosting the Community Shield. PAT JENNINGS shares his views.
2 days ago
Prince Lord Samuel any goal keeper will be a beast at chelsea because of 10 defenders they use to play
Randy Kasaj cech is a legend but courtois is the future
Win Myint Petr cech the king has given his crown to Courtois.
Khan Huseyn Courtois will be our next legend like Cech
Kenneth John Ofori Arsenal fans be like Cech is an Arsenal Legend lol
George Ng Cech is better than Courtois, but Messi is the best
Adedayo Oguntope Both Keeper are great. but I will rather have Thibaut Courtois in my team bcos he is young.
Anyaegbusim Samuel Ifeanyi Cech is my legend courtois is the future...
Joey Griffin Thibaut Courtois because he is young and a top class keeper
Juan Ixr I would like to have Ter Stegen, Claudio Bravo & Cech
Sports Illustrated Greg Jennings likens his CrossFit training to a state-of-the-art electric car: efficient and effective but thoroughly outnumbered by more traditional options.
5 days ago
Matthew Magiera as a professional athlete he needs to do his homework on how bad crossfit is for your body. A lot of wear and tear on the joints and poor technique leads to a lot of injuries.
Keenan Lightner Crossfit did not invent interval training.
Ryan Branning Umm all those things he talks about, strength coaches do also, crossfit is not how athletes should work out
David Jerome Wind I am having a hard time thinking of anything that Greg Jennings is at the top of
Quinn Millar GREEGGH JEENNIINNGGS with the broken leg though
Phillip Kreisher He's going to get hurt this year if he did crossfit. It's awful for your body.
People.com Meet Jazz Jennings's awesome support system.
Transgender Teen Jazz Jennings' Older Brothers Have Her Back: 'Embrace the Change and Accept It, You
On Wednesday's episode of TLC's I Am Jazz, Jazz's twin brothers show their support
5 days ago
Tammy Kelly Jazz is beautiful. We watch I am jazz and I am Caitlyn. Love them both.
Rebecca Brinklow-Vaughan Jazz's brothers are super sweet and so funny!!!!
Elise Yany-Fleishman Love Jazz, watched it the other night, this is a genuine family, it needs more examination, there is definitely something to this, please people need to at least have a open heart.
Vickie Christie I like this show real family!!!
Crystal Rachelle She is lucky to have such great brothers
Heather Quinn I love this family. So genuine, so supportive and full of love ♡
Deana Woodruff It's amazing how cruel people can be
Dana M. La Roche This make's me SICK!!!!!!!!!!
Ebelechukwu Uchenna I admire this family and their love for each other!
Deana Woodruff Love Jazz! She is such a brave young lady with a very supportive family
Us Weekly This is just the cutest! Bachelorette alum Emily Maynard shared a photo of two "best buddies": daughter Ricki and baby boy Jennings Tyler Johnson.
Emily Maynard Shares Cute Photo of Baby Boy and Daughter Ricki: "Best Buddies Already"
Emily Maynard shared a precious photo of her new baby boy, Jennings Tyler Johnson, cuddling up with daughter Ricki, on Thursday, July 23 -- see the adorable picture
9 days ago
Penny Desjarlais He is a cutie Emily
Jamie Piano Happy Bday Samantha! Hope you had a,great time
BuzzFeed Celeb Jazz Jennings has got a few tips to ~jazz~ up any day.
Jazz Jennings' Guide To Staying Positive, Even On The Worst Days
She's got a few tips to ~jazz~ up any day.
10 days ago
Stefany Gallegos And that's why I love her❤️
msnbc Jazz Jennings star of "I Am Jazz" and her mom are taking your questions. Get started by asking a question below.
10 days ago
Tumeria V Langlois Hi Jazz! I love your show. I think you are a beautiful and very talented young lady. My question for you is: With all your many talents, have you thought about what you would like to do as a career when you grow up?
Nick de la Rosa Hi Jazz! I think you are very beautiful. My question is how was it filming your show while just living your normal life?
MayAna Davis Hey jazz!!! I just want to say that I love your show and you act yourself no matter what!! It doesn't matter what other people say just always be yourself!! I have a question, who is your inspiration?
Dev Gaughan What was the most difficult part of growing up?
Dev Gaughan What's your favorite music?
Terri Thomas Jazz, what is your biggest worry about high school?
Jazz Jennings Hey everyone! I'm on the chat and will be replying now! Thanks!
Amanda Klatt Hi Jazz - Do you ever get tired of telling your story over and over again ???
Demetri Econ I need help! I am also 14 heading into highschool, but i have a problem. In sixth grade my classes had no kids i knew. Most of sixth grade i never spoke a word. All that time I developed a secret depresion that is getting too far. I havent told anybody about it because im scared of what might happen. On the outside i look like an average dude, but inside im a train wreck. My question is how are you so confident in your actions? You always seem so confident in the way you live your life. I feel you could help me alot and teach me some things about life. I would really appreciate it I could talk to you over my twitter, @demetri_c_e, so could ask more questions, get the help i need, and maybe get to know you a little more.
Shelby Lehman Jazz you are the strongest girl I know!! You have been through so much and still living strong!! I just want to strangle the people who judge you and are mean to you... They need to learn not to judge people by what they have are what they look like, it's all about personality! I'm here for you if you need anybody to talk to. Just be yourself, and don't let anybody tell you who can and can not be
HuffPost Good News "It can be much more rewarding and personal to give someone an object that you poured your time, energy and love into than a trinket you happened to stumble upon in a store or online."
Dad Creates Epic Baby Nursery Of Every Mario Kart Fan's Dreams
A North Carolina dad is changing the nursery decor game with this Mario Kart-themed room he created for his baby son. Wes Swain is a stay-at-home parent who previously worked as a video game tester for
11 days ago
Adam Rolfe Nope but I have some projects in mind.. Also I think your friend Linda is a robot
Mikey Fish Wow! Amazing
Francesca Rizzo Adam, is this you?
Linda Smith Hi, If You want to know who viewed your facebook profile download the app from my profile.
Brigitta Berze Sean Mcgovern
Kim Trentley Nico Santangelo!
Robert Langley Dan Joanis
Jason Welch Micah Bradshaw
BuzzFeed Health Get up and active to sweat out the bad vibes. // BuzzFeed LGBT
Jazz Jennings' Guide To Staying Positive, Even On The Worst Days
She's got a few tips to ~jazz~ up any day.
11 days ago
People.com Jazz Jennings spills wisdom beyond her years.
Jazz Jennings Discusses the 'Rocky Relationship' with Boys She's Had as a Transgender Teen Girl
"Being transgender has completely turned boys off from liking me," Jennings admits on I Am Jazz
12 days ago
Amanda Martin I'm sorry but you can't be a 14 year old "girl" with boy parts and then be shocked that no boys want to be with you.... They aren't gay.
Mary Anne McCoy Seriously, what did she expect? The boys are teenagers too and are going through their own stuff. Unlike Jazz, who takes puberty blockers, these boys are going through puberty and boys and puberty is a lot about sex. That being said, the boys should not treat Jazz badly or with mean behavior. That's unacceptable.
Jo Ann Reeder God made you a boy..
Isabel Gutierrez I don't understand how as a toddler he was wearing a dress and asking mommy am I a boy or girl??? Who dressed this child and why wasn't he told you're a boy. Then as he/she grew then allowed him to choose. I feel that mom encouraged his sexuality instead of allowing him to develop freely.
Darlene Oborski I absolutely love this girl ❤️
Shantée Haynes At 14, you can't possibly expect to have anything more than a rocky experience...YOU'RE 14!!!!!!
Deborah Davis Sprayberry Jazz can change what he wants to be but there will always be a boy in there.
Amy Patterson McPherson The boys don't have to date Jazz....but they can be kind and respectful to her.
Lilith Raven Of course there are problems. They are preteen boys! What, do you think they're going to feel okay about dating a girl with a cock? They are already messed up as it is, going through puberty. Besides, they won't really understand transgender mentality until they're close to being 30 years old. Honestly...you can NOT expect a hormonally imbalanced male to be all lovey dovey with another imbalanced she-male.
Carrie OBier And here come the people bashing a child in 5...4...3...2...a$$hats! I think she's wonderful!
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