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Laughing Squid Japanese Artist Handcrafts Candy Animals to Carry on the Tradition of Amezaiku
Japanese Artist Handcrafts Candy Animals to Carry on the Tradition of Amezaiku
Japanese amezaiku artisan Takahiro Yoshihara crafts a menagerie of candy animals by molding, stretching, and cutting hot taffy made primarily from corn syrup. Amezaiku started in Japan as a way to ...
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Eileen Sampson Roys It is about time that this channel got back to some programs that are actually about travel instead of ugly men stuffing themselves with food.
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The First World War Diaries of Stapleton Tench Eac 29/5/17 (full daily entry) Was awakened about 7.10 am by an orderly with a ham sandwich and another who brought the tea round. There are not many patients in this tent, which like many others is large and constructed by joining five or six hospital Read more ... marquees together. Had shave and a wash. Spent morning writing. For dinner we had boiled meat and bread in basins, and afterwards boiled rice and uncooked figs. Spent afternoon writing etc. In the evening did a little studying and read my French novel, which I still have with me. Am also trying all I can to take along with me a number of French books and papers, which bear some historical interest. Am wondering if I shall succeed, I do hope so sincerely. It struck me that not being far from Peronne, only about a kilometre, I might be able to persuade someone going in that direction, to do me the favour of calling at the Signals Office there and enquire if there were any letters for me. While waiting with that intention, in the road outside the hospital, one of our dispatch orderlies came along on a bicycle and I requested him to do me the aforesaid favour. In due course a letter arrived from my cousin Isabel. Had a walk round our encampment. I see that there are two CCS’s no.s 34 and 55, and they take it in turn, every other day, to receive patients. The railway runs along the side, there being several pairs of metals at this point. A long khaki coloured hospital train, all spick and span, came into the siding this morning and will stand by I presume, until there are sufficient patients for evacuation to the base, to fill it. There are 18 VAD nurses here 9 in each CCS and several more are on the train. A derelict German light base passes through the centre of the camp. There are dug-out’s and shelters everywhere as per usual. Some shelters facing the hospital railway siding are covered in with thick walls of cement. The dug-out’s which descend underneath the road are having all their timber extracted and then will be filled up, as of course at present they constitute a menace to the solidity of the road. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Other War news from the 29th May,1917: Western Front Near St. Quentin and in Champagne heavy artillery and small patrol actions. Southern Front Italians win trenches near Medeazza (southern Carso). Austrian attacks on Vodice fail. Naval and Overseas Operations French liner "Yarra" torpedoed in Mediterranean: 56 lost. H.M.S. "Hilary" sunk, 4 lost. Russian naval raid on Anatolian Coast. Political, etc. Mr. A. Henderson goes to Russia on special Mission. Mr. Balfour addresses Canadian Parliament in French and English. The enemy renewed its attacks on the helmet and Teton twice.They were repulsed everywhere . A third attempt was stopped by our lights. An attack on Mount Blonde was also unsuccessful. On the left bank of the Meuse, in the area of Hill 304 and Mort-Homme, the enemy artillery was very active. In the Uffholtz region (Alsace), one of our allies detachments, penetrating to the second enemy line, noting the presence of many dead bodies in the German trench and capturing many prisoners. The fight continues with violence on the Austro-Italian front and especially on the Carso. Our allies have broken several enemy offensives and taken 156 prisoners. The president of Brazil has sent a message to Congress in Rio with a request to make a decision after the last torpedo attacks. In Madrid a very important meeting was held where representatives of various democratic groups were in favor of rapprochement with the Entente powers and the break with Germany. At its conclusion,a bomb attack took place against the radical leader Mr. Lerroux, which was not successful. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) referred to a voluntary unit providing field nursing services, mainly in hospitals, in the United Kingdom and various other countries in the British Empire. The most important periods of operation for these units were during World War I and World War II. The VAD system was founded in 1909 with the help of the Red Cross and Order of St. John. By the summer of 1914 there were over 2,500 Voluntary Aid Detachments in Britain. Of the 74,000 VAD members in 1914, two-thirds were women and girls. At the outbreak of the First World War VAD members eagerly offered their service to the war effort. The British Red Cross was reluctant to allow civilian women a role in overseas hospitals: most volunteers were of the middle and upper classes and unaccustomed to hardship and traditional hospital discipline. Military authorities would not accept VADs at the front line. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures: 1: First World War recruitment poster for Voluntary Aid Detachments, 2: Violet Jessop in her Voluntary Aid Detachment uniform (please select image for more information)
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The Economist Poorly educated men in rich countries have had difficulty coping with the enormous changes in the labour market and the home over the past half-century. In Tallulah, a decaying railroad town in Louisiana, men are absent or idle, and women have becom Read more ... e the bread-winners http://econ.st/1d27OM6
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BuzzFeed Quiz
Which Type Of Bread Are You?
No knead to worry. Grafvision / Getty Images
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Kari Ely Vegan biscuit. Oddly enough, that was my nickname in college.
Marcia Pederson what the F buzzfeed? I am NOT bread!
Pami Udoff I'm Jewish and got Challah. Laughing so hard.
Maureen i wish not to be eaten as I will take this test
Kelly Fairman You got: Vegan Biscuit I'm good with that. :)
Cathy Mei Banana Bread! "Identity Crisis" "...Called a bread, more like cake but who cares - everybody loves you" lol
Michelle Forkowitz You got: Challah You’re a little sweet and eggy, and work a braid like no one’s business. You can be a bit seedy, but that just gives you more flavor.
Brianne McMenamin Challah You’re a little sweet and eggy, and work a braid like no one’s business. You can be a bit seedy, but that just gives you more flavor. Christie McMenamin Kristin Schrumpf lol
Molly Sklare Jackie Musick I'm a soft pretzel
Plato Valerus Joseph lets see who's the real wonderbread
ViralDump So much better than cereal!
These Bacon And Egg Toast Cups Will Brighten Up Your Morning
Muffin tins are very portable and they are so easy to use as well. She starts by pressing down on some bread
14 hours ago
Mark Slinky Slinger Looks like an edible quidditch
Ilona Gabedava http://goo.gl/lvc70G
Glynn West Andrew West you gotta cook these for Sammie Foster tomorrow morning lol x
Danni Harber-Purcell Katie Harber-Purcell
Lukas Voda Sophia SK
Marcelino Estrada Tessa Zakedis
Brandon Burchfield Andrea Baez
Brian Nguyen Paige Klarer
Jessie Oltmanns Tee Marie
Amazing world Pictures These Creepy Body Parts Made From Bread Will Give You Nightmares!
These Creepy Body Parts Made From Bread Will Give You Nightmares!
Click To See Awesome Photos
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Kentucky Monthly Magazine In the Bluegrass region, summer means warm nights, fireflies, cicadas and crickets clicking in the dark, and Pioneer Playhouse. For 66 years, Kentucky’s oldest outdoor theatre, located in historic Danville, has been presenting a one-of-a-kind arts Read more ... experience from early June until late August: theatre under the stars. This year, Pioneer Playhouse opens on June 5 with a brand new comedy by a internationally known stand-up comic. One Slight Hitch, which runs through June 20, was written by Lewis Black, a comedian who has performed for audiences throughout Europe, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Probably best known as “the king of the rant” on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Black has received Grammy nominations for his comedy albums and Emmy nominations for his HBO comedy specials. His voice will soon be heard in theatres nationwide as the character “Anger” in the new Disney-Pixar animated feature, Inside Out. One Slight Hitch is a smart, funny comedy about a wedding gone hilariously bad. Set in the 1980’s (think leg warmers, parachute pants and Madonna), the play centers on a young woman named Courtney, and her family’s attempt to throw the “perfect” wedding. Everything seems to be going according to plan, until the doorbell rings and in walks Courtney’s kooky ex-boyfriend. So much for “perfect!” Pioneer Playhouse was founded in 1950 by Col. Eben C. Henson. Shows run nightly, Tuesdays through Saturdays, beginning at 8:30 p.m. (EST), and dinner is always an option at 7:30 p.m. This year, the brand new Kentucky Proud menu will feature slow-smoked BBQ (pulled pork or chicken), corn pudding, farm-fresh vegetable in season, plus home-made fruit cobbler. Tea and lemonade are also served. A cash bar serving wine and beer will be open. Reservations are recommended for the show, but are required for dinner. (Dinner & Show: $32; Show Only $18.) Pioneer Playhouse is located at 840 Stanford Road in Danville, Kentucky. The 2015 season runs from June 5-Aug. 15, with a special comedy weekend featuring Jimmie (JJ) Walker Aug. 20-22. In case of rain or extreme heat, shows are moved to the air-conditioned indoor theatre. For reservations, call toll free 1-866-KYPLAYS, or visit the website at www.pioneerplayhouse.com
Pioneer Playhouse
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The Huffington Post Nothing says summer like corn dogs and cotton candy.
The Littlest Summertime Pleasures That Take Us Back To Childhood
Sunshine, beaches, family vacations and a perfect tan are only a few of the things we love about our favorite season: Summer. Though we're all grown up now and have long kissed the days of three-month
18 hours ago
Monica Tercero And apparently see through swim trunks , lol
Samantha Buxton Drinking from a water hose. I survived.
Ivy Paschal love it
The First World War Diaries of Stapleton Tench Eac 28/5/17 (Full Entry) I decided to report sick this morning. It is beautiful weather and glorious to be alive to those who are enjoying good health. I will give a description of my passage through the day, which might be somewhat interesting and I d Read more ... o not think I shall forget soon this Whitsuntide bank holiday. In the first place I am more than disappointed to have to leave Peronne, where I have become nicely settled down, and where we were in receipt of such good rationing and plenty of it, but the fortune of war is varied and I must perforce think of my state of health at the moment in anticipation of the future which god willing, I trust to enjoy a good time after all this sordid business has mercifully come to a definite end. At 9 am I got a sick report and went to the 1st S.M.F. amb(T), which has its quarters at the maternity hospital, a large building in the town, which has not suffered to such an extent as one might have expected from the allied bombardments. Saw the M.O (medical officer) at about 11 am, who marked me down for evacuation. Had my dinner there and had to wait until after tea, before any ambulances were available to take us to the main dressing station (no 105 field ambulance at Fins). Here there was a continual stream of arrivals and it was not until about 8 pm that my turn came to see the M.O. I was marked off for evacuation to the CCS (casualty clearing station) another long wait ensued for the necessary conveyance. One arrived about 11 pm and myself together with three others were put into it. Spaces for 2 stretcher cases being reserved inside. An officer of the M.G. corps (machine gun corps) was at this moment brought in and 2 of my companions were obliged to get out again, to wait for the next ambulance in order to make room for the officers kit and his orderly. One man badly wounded in the back and his face swathed in bandages, was raised upon a stretcher into the ambulance. He was in terrible pain and his moaning was piercing and unceasing. It must have been nearly midnight when at last we made a start. The poor wounded fellow on the stretcher was unfortunately compelled to undergo excruciating agonies through the jolting of the car. Although the driver drove his car at a steady even pace. He was in truth mad with pain. He would cry out “oh my poor back, what shall I do, what shall I do, it is burning, burning oh my” “hush” the hospital attendant would say, who was himself merely a young lad. “Try and stick it chum”, “yes chum, I know, but I am suffering agonies, I can't help it” the sufferer would reply. “My belly is burning, can’t bear even my shirt to touch it, oh, oh, can’t we stop, are we there yet, oh my God when will this journey end, shan't we ever get there, oh my God it will drive me mad”, “yes chum, it won’t be long now, this part of the road is a bit bumpy but it is better a bit further on, you are sticking it very well chum, there are some sisters at the CCS, who will do everything for you, try and stick it out chum”. Kind words of this sort continued throughout the journey. I learned, or perhaps it would be more correct to say that I did not learn, knowing already. But here, not far behind the battle line, cramped in the dark (there was no lamp) enclosure of an army ambulance, in the midst of much pain and suffering it was my lot to witness the enaction of a great truth most of us, probably all in fact, have been brought up to believe, right from our cradles, that women are the embodiment of love and kindness. But I have personally on more than one occasion observed the contrary to be the case. I have on several instances observed a male, in the form of man display unreservedly the real genuine article, and in a deeper saner sense than a hundred women put together could ever hope to attain. I have never yet heard a female in the form of a woman, either in hospital or out of it, speak one word of kindness or encouragement, which was not made with more or less and effort. What words could any woman possibly substitute for one single phrase of this hospital orderly, such as for instance “Hush chum, try to stick it chum”. These are words which come spontaneously to his lips and are uttered with feeling, springing as they do from the depths of a man’s sincerity, to which the nerve-racked and tortured hero at one responds. “I know chum, but I can’t help it, I’m suffering agonies, give me a little cold water”. I don't know whether it is because I am unfortunate, but as a casual observer, the only love worth calling such that I have seen bestowed by a woman, is that of a mother for her son. All other loves of which the female breast is simply stuffed to an enormous extent, come always to the same thing in the end, which amounts to one big “self-love”. Yet we cannot do without the dear creatures. Hence the masculine blindness and indifference, which characterises the male community. The fairer sex, with their angle faces are so distinctly opposite to ourselves in the major and the minor respects too, especially when they dress themselves up in nice clothes, which makes them appear, so soft, bewitching and delicious, that one forgets at once all their many faults and short-comings, and one becomes imbued with just one desire, which is ---- well, just to love and ---- and to eat em. We arrived at our destination (no 34 CCS) about 1.30 am the next morning absolutely dog-tired. The M.O came in soon afterwards. He first attended to the officer who had come along with us, then approached the next table were our badly wounded comrade lay, he asked in kindly tones “well laddie and what has happened to you’. I was shown my place of rest for the night. An orderly brought me a nice hot bowl of cocoa and a piece of bread and butter. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Other War news from the 28th May,1917: Western Front German attacks near Hurtebise repulsed. Southern Front Italian guns within 10 miles of Trieste. In Plava sector Italians drive enemy to end of Globna valley. Claim nearly 24,000 prisoners in last fortnight. Political, etc. Mr. Balfour's remarkable reception at Toronto University. French Socialists decide to attend Stockholm Conference. MM. Ribot, Cambon, Painleve, and General Foch's agreement with War Cabinet in London. An attempt by the Germans on our trenches, north of Mill Laffaux, failed under our lights. In this sector, as well as California plateau and the region of the peaks south of Nauroy and Moronvilliers the artillery fight was very violent during the night. A local allied attack allowed them to progression atFontaines-les-Croisilles. We shot down three German planes in aerial combat, eight other planes were forced to land. Four English planes have not returned. The Italians continued to rise on the Carso by seizing new strongpoints. They increased the prisoners captured to 1150 in total. American General Pershing made an eloquent speech to affirm that his troops would come soon to the Western Front. It was officially denied in Vienna that the Archduke Joseph would succeed Mr. Tisza at the head of the Hungaria. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Casualty Clearing Station: Was part of the casualty evacuation chain, further back from the front line than the Aid Posts and Field Ambulances. They were manned by troops of the Royal Army Medical Corps, with attached Royal Engineers and men of the Army Service Corps. The job of the CCS was to treat a man sufficiently for his return to duty or, in most cases, to enable him to be evacuated to a Base Hospital. It was not a place for a long-term stay. CCS's were generally located on or near railway lines, to facilitate movement of casualties from the battlefield and on to the hospitals. Although they were quite large, CCS's moved quite frequently, especially in the wake of the great German attacks in the spring of 1918 and the victorious Allied advance in the summer and autumn of that year. Many CCS moved into Belgium and Germany with the army of occupation in 1919 too. The locations of wartime CCSs can often be identified today from the cluster of military cemeteries that surrounded them. CCS 34 where Stapleton was sent was also know as the 1st West Lancashire CCS ---------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures: 1: Wounded soldiers awaiting evacuation to a CCS, 2: Soldiers assisting a field ambulance through the mud. (Please select images for more information)
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