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Yahoo News Yahoo News asked 3 retired U.S. government officials, each of whom regularly briefed or advised the president on intelligence matters, to explain a “specific, credible threat."
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True Poizon it means stop worrying America, and start living
Kerr Moshe Bunk. The current shoe shine boy in the white house, its not the issue. The issue, Corporate lobby patronage by which all branches of the US government these Corporate monopolies funnel graft by which "they" run Washington. No sense focusing upon the forms or agents of Washington corruption and ignore as the central issue - removing the first cause of corruption in Washington. Shall we say that this shall require an armed revolution and a lot of rope? No only the dismantling of the Federal bureaucracies and returning regulatory power back to the States of the Republic.
Jonathan White The Enemy always hits you where you least expect it dumbasses.
Keith Belcourt means nothing. and obama only got out there today because while he was overseas he was playing american politics rather than addressing reality. but, thats all ideological activists wearing thousand dollar suits know
Mike Schember Thank you dear leader, we're not worthy of you.
Joseph Hanley Define the word credible/ ask 3 liberals, and ask anyone with a brain...and you can see how this question is pointless
Jay A Schwartz It means ask three bureaucrats the same question and get three different answers.
Marleny Lorenzo Watch the video here ►► Mira El Vídeo Completo Aqui ►►
Melody Bergerson Do you believe everything the governement says?
Deadspin “I’m going to tell my agent to email or something. I know it’s like or something.”
Jimmy Butler Wants His Fine Paid By "Mister Dukie" Mason Plumlee
Mason Plumlee put a shoulder into Jimmy Butler, and Butler stuck out his legs to trip Plumlee, but it was only Butler who got a technical. Now Butler wants Plumlee to pay his fine, and he knows exactly where to send the invoice.
12 minutes ago
Eliza Harrigan Ryan Lesko
Matt Wolf He should have a bigger fine for that trip!
Benji Pfeffer Buckets is the best
Carmine Sesto Max Goto
Jake Meister Sick burn, buddy.
Kevin Pl Eric Calabrese they hate us cause they aint us
Joseph Evans You spelled Dookie wrong.
Mathew Gonzalez Jon Valentin
Benjamin Illini Todd Merchen Trent Sherman
Michael Meatyard Jennifer Holt
Yahoo Here are 4 Thanksgiving hacks you need in your life...right about now.
Yahoo Food
These smart hacks will help you beat the Thanksgiving stress this year.
5 hours ago
Rîmà El IdrîSsî Yahoo Food Read the replies on this comment ;)
Rîmà El IdrîSsî Yahoo Food Read the replies on this comment ;)
Darren Johnson I see you're promoting the butthurt liars matter propaganda again good job yahoo
15 hours ago
Forward President Barack Obama Meets Refugees As Republicans Continue To Spread Hate .
President Barack Obama Meets Refugees As Republicans Continue To Spread Hate #Obama #Refugees #Democrats #Liberals #Progressives #Christians #Love #GOP #Republicans Read more ... #TeaParty #DonaldTrump #RepublicanDebate #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
16 hours ago
Billy Myers Yahoo, why would you use the picture of a murdered police officer to promote a lawsuit by the hate/racist group Black Lives Matter. SERIOUSLY!!!! So disrespectful. BLM promotes hatred, racism, and killing LE. Yahoo, you are disgusting.
16 hours ago
Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance Exclusive: What keeps Warren Buffett up at night
The Berkshire Hathaway CEO talks to Yahoo Finance about the Keystone pipeline, Coca-Cola and what keeps him up at night.
19 hours ago
Los Angeles Times “‘Please disable ad blocker to continue using Yahoo Mail’ — how about no. Do you want me to stop using Yahoo Mail??” tweeted one user.
Yahoo upsets users by shutting out some customers who use ad blockers
Publishers and content creators that rely on advertising for revenue have long struggled with ad blockers.
19 hours ago
Tallahassee Hancock Who uses yahoo mail?
Jogadores & Lendas Por favor, ajude minha página a crescer. O objetivo da página é chegar aos 200 mil likes, sei que é difícil mas vamos lutando para conseguir. Muito obrigado a todos que curti.
Murray Godwin Yeah, at that point I'd just tell Yahoo this....
Dan Franco More Americans die from diseases, poverty, and guns than terrorism, yet we spend trillions of dollars for the war on terror. That money should be spent on taxpayers and US citizens. Take a stand these holidays. Don’t buy anything produced by corporations that support pro-war candidates. At the very least, limit your spending. You would also be contributing to less pollution. Spread the word.
William Graham Yahoo is dead.
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Yahoo Did you know the original route of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was 5.5-miles long?!
Yahoo Parenting
Five fascinating facts about the legendary Macy's parade!
19 hours ago
Yahoo News "How can you not be optimistic?"
Yahoo Finance Exclusive: What Warren Buffett is most optimistic about
Yahoo Finance asks the Berkshire Hathaway CEO which country will be better off in 20 years between the U.S. and China, about deficits, the state of education, and what makes him optimistic.
22 hours ago
Mike Wrong We need a leader in the white house who will fix the economic future for every American citizen, not just the elite. Bernie Sanders stands with you, not on you. 2016
James Lim
Simon Waweru
Keith Belcourt anyone that bothered to learn knows that buffett is a self-promoting oppurtunist. ever wonder why he did not support the keystone pipeline? research his rail company and where its routes are. i love how the leftwing media loves to prop this guy up as some sort of supporter of obama. this man is getting richer thanks to obama. but just look at the zombies at yahoo bow.. bow to your propaganda, folks!
Corey Anderson In 20 years the average age in China will be 60 due to the fact they only want male children....
General knowledge Like Our Page General knowledge increase the knowledge of masses (y)
Bobby John Moses that he won't be going to jail
Carrie Caroline Wow, he has really aged in the past few years.
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