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Tena Simmons-Billings Trying to study while the house is quiet....but I keep hearing the bed call me :(
Tena Akers Migraine from hell yesterday and today. Side effect is the super sniffer is back. Can you imagine working with 125 people and the smells that normally don't bother? I can tell you what you had for lunch without you breathing on me. Bleh!!!
Tena Davis Blau Ok I need some help. You know those big fancy gourmet apples with Carmel and chocolate and yummy candy on it. Where can you go to by one?
2 minutes ago
Tena Collins Fleming I would like to know about the memory board, of friends we've lost. Has anyone got pictures of any of them? The black board with names etched on is just not a proper memory of them, to me..
31 minutes ago
Tena Rico Well...im officially out of the hospital. Still in lots of pain and have a long road ahead but I have an amazing support team and wonderful friends.
34 minutes ago
Tena Swaq https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YsFqYNpiCoA
Tena - VooM (Official Audio)
Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the word called VOOM in my new song? *It's just like a lady body, i mean V=Face, OO=Boob, M=Leg V OO M So u can i...
42 minutes ago
Dina B. Tena Tonight my eyes weep in tears for the hearts that are hurting. My friends and family. Those who I call sisters' in Christ and by blood. My eyes are a little more red tonight from the brokenness in my heart. These are not tears of joy, but of a deep w Read more ... haling of my spirit and soul to my beloved. Crying out in plea for those I also love. Praying on my hands and knees, face down for the hurting hearts. His beautiful daughters, princesses still under lock and key not knowing their value of precious gems to the KING OF KING. My heart cries out and I too will be comforted with my Lord's arms who hold me tight. I will wait for the moment to hold HIS daughters and kiss their fears goodbye. He will restore you to your rightful place. I will be here willing to wait.
46 minutes ago
Tena Williams II
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Good Morning!
53 minutes ago
Maria N Richard Hoffman Tena Whitmore
Haha This is too funny
55 minutes ago
Charlotte Gargis Look Tena Coker!!
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Pet owners, don't throw away your old fall sweaters just yet!
58 minutes ago
Frank All B. Tena Y la LOCURA se DESATO ! EL gran HeadHuntez en LIMA, este viernes 10 de Octubre. Es un sueño hecho realidad para muchos de nosotros, así que apoyemos con nuestra asistencia. Cualquier cosa IMBOX Saludos
1 hour ago
Shannon Hillock Walmart 9 packs of tena Free On sale $4.97 used $5 off Q. Bought something else for the overage. I love free. Best feeling walking out not paying a thing.
1 hour ago
Tena Johnson How my daughter is learning in school this year. I love it! What a fun way to learn. :)
Ancient Mesopotamia Song By Mr. Nicky
1 hour ago
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