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Refinery29 "The Bachelor went 13 seasons before it found a lasting couple." Ahahahahhahahaha.
Here's Every Bachelor Nation Couple That's Still Trucking In 2019
Here's every currently happy couple that was created on a Bachelor Nation TV show, be it "The Bachelorette," "Bachelor," or "Bachelor in Paradise."
2 months ago
Kailee Chonko Kirsten Sedlock Arbelaez Kiley Bookout Kayla Amanda Spears
Kailee Chonko Kirsten Sedlock Arbelaez Kiley Bookout Kayla Amanda Spears
Colin Mackey without even clicking the link, I can predict that this is one of the shortest articles ever written
Megan Webb Ashley I. always gives me hope
Emily is a history lesson for you.
Annelise Elisabeth
Refinery29 "The Bachelor went 13 seasons before it found a lasting couple." Ahahahahhahahaha.
Here's Every Bachelor Nation Couple That's Still Trucking In 2019
Here's every currently happy couple that was created on a Bachelor Nation TV show, be it "The Bachelorette," "Bachelor," or "Bachelor in Paradise."
3 months ago
You forgot Astrid and Kevin from BIP. They are still together. So Chris and Krystal are not the only remaining couple from that season.
Brittanie Bae Kaitlyn Messer
Kennedy Carber
Allison Silvestrini
Abby Marple
Mary Margaret
Chelsea Walker
Kayleen. For your notes ????????????
Melissa Platt
I did know that not
Refinery29 A time-honored tradition, the “villain” of The Bachelor takes the form of most reality television antagonists. She’s competitive to a fault, i.e. she’s not there to make friends. With the Bachelor, she’s coy and flirtatious — a quality th Read more ... at’s seen as villainous by the other women, but a-okay by the Bachelor’s standards.
The True Confessions Of Being A "Bachelor" Villain
Every season of "The Bachelor" promises love — with a side dish of villainy.
15 months ago
Refinery29 Are you excited that your fave The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum is returning to TV?
This "Bachelor" Favorite Is Getting Her Own Show About Love
The "Bachelor Winter Games" isn't the only show that will feature this reality star regular.
16 months ago
Renee Manseau I genuinely don't understand the interest in those kinds of shows. ????
Tanille Turner Stephanie Brandao
Brieanne Witte Nichole Leatham
People Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of The Bachelor(ette)?
The Bachelor Creator Spills Secrets from Inside the Mansion
The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss – and The Bachelor contestants – spill all.
22 months ago
Lauren Llewellyn Leslie Johnson
Refinery29 Bachelor fans, how do you make peace with this? Bachelor haters, is this why you don't watch?
"The Bachelor" Has A Race Problem & We NEED To Talk About It
A writer shares why The Bachelor's lack of diversity turned her off from the show.
34 months ago
Brenton Green ill be the first
Tyra M Carroll It most definitely does!!
Jezebel “I’ll probably get in trouble for this article, but I don’t care,” the former The Bachelor, The Bachelorette AND Bachelor in Paradise star wrote.
Bachelor Super-Alum Chris Bukowski: 'It Ruined Me, My Family and My Career'
This week on Bachelor in Paradise, a very familiar face turned up: Chris Bukowski, who was back for the fifth time after embarrassing himself on The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelorette again very briefly, and Bachelor in Paradise season 1.
45 months ago
Christine Wiedeman Summers Rehab, Chris. I don't watch any of the Bachelor shows, because I think it's a shitty message to young women about what is important. I suppose it is for young men as well, but they aren't the target audience. I hope he gets some help. Everyone deserves to be happy.
Elizabeth Adams Bukowski has made an ass of himself on national television multiple times. No one has held him at gunpoint and forced him into it. He needs to grow up and make better choices.
Anna Brunck I feel for the guy because I think he is a bad alcoholic and addict. But so was I. And the decisions I made during my addiction were still my decisions and I still had to suffer the consequences from them. I not-so-secretly love this show and sadly it is because most people are absolute train wrecks on it. But it's not like it came on last year! Unless you've been living under a rock, if you go on this show I'd say you certainly understand the shame and humiliation you're bringing to your family.
Mark McCormick I can't imagine how selling one's soul for entertainment could ruin one's life.
Butts Carlton Good? Maybe if the world started actively punishing people for starring in reality television shows they will eventually cease to exist.
Allison Lee-Clay gosh whoddah thunk?
Laura Benson Megan Vieira
Marissa Ring Emily Strzelecki
HuffPost Entertainment Chris Harrison tried to trick us, but we finally have a new "Bachelor."
And The New 'Bachelor' Is...
Ladies, line up, because there's a new Bachelor in town ... and he's a fan favorite. Ben Higgins, who was "Bachelorette" star Kaitlyn Bristowe's third choice, was named the new star of "The Bachelor
46 months ago
Amy Vossman Schwartze WHO CARES....cancel the show
Harmony Blessing And same sex couples are ruining marriages....
Erynn Elle Angela Bruce
Alayna Popovich Kaela Popovich
Robyn Buensuceso Tala Najafi How the Bachelor’s obsession with Iowa made this the strangest season yet of The Bachelor.
Is Bachelor Chris Soules the Least Geographically-Desirable Bachelor Ever?
In one particular way, there’s never been a Bachelor season like this one.
51 months ago
Kathy Susnjer Yes.
Vanessa Pacheco ...
Natacha Doki Thonon I don't see 1MM and their biggots companion be offended by that tv show
Tyra Lynn Yeah.. Right.. Good luck trying to get some female to move there. *He better change his game plan*
Maryam Yousafzai
Raelynn Zappulla Teasha Kinder
HelloGiggles Sharleen Joynt's recaps of The Bachelor are AMAZING
An ex-'Bachelor' contestant is writing the best 'Bachelor' recaps ever
As any self-respecting Bachelor fan knows, the next best thing to watching every Monday night with all your best friends and so many bottles of wine, is carving out time on Tuesdays to read the recaps. And there ARE a lot of top-notch Bachelor recaps Read more ... . Kristen Baldwin (the once and future queen of Ba…
53 months ago
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The Bachelor Colton Underwood & Cassie REVEAL ALL | Colton and Cassie talk about their journey on this unconventional season of \'The Bachelor,\' how they\'re defining their relationship, when Colton knew that ...Colton Jumps The Fence After Cassie Breakup 💔| The Bachelor US | Colton confesses his love for Cassie, but she decides to leave before he has the chance to propose. A heartbroken Colton then jumps a fence and goes missing.Bachelor Turns Into Baywatch For Beach Games! | The Bachelor UK | Alex channels his inner David Hasslehoff in a bit of slo motion beach running, before setting the girls a few challenges in his beach games. ➤ Subscribe ...Colton Takes Cassie To A Private Island For First Date | The Bachelor US | After five weeks Cassie finally gets her one-on-one date! Colton takes Cassie to a secluded private island where they make the most of their time together.Colton Picks Final Three For Fantasy Suite Dates! | The Bachelor US | After four amazing hometown dates, only three of Colton\'s bachelorettes can make it to the fantasy suite dates. Do you think he chose the right three?Lisa Cheats On Bachelor Tim With Random Guy! | The Bachelor CA | Before the group date, it\'s revealed that Lisa made out with another guy when the girls went out to a bar. Will she reveal all to Tim on their arty group date or will ...
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