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BuzzFeed Quiz Are you right for Colton?
5 hours ago
Dont even watch the show but got final rose so ha ahahahaha
Emily Wolfe I made it to hometowns and am the next bachelor(ette) ????
Yes but I'm fat
Miles Pierce Aubrie Morgan Dylan Jervis ya girl made it to hometowns
Samantha Keller Britta Jean
Lauren Epley
Kristin Butler i got the final rose
Autumn Sweatt i got the last rose
Tommy Hoesley look what iiiiii got
BuzzFeed Quiz Are you there for the right reasons?
9 hours ago
Haven Olson Keisha Verbeten
Us Weekly Have The Challenge 33 questions? Not to worry: Johnny Bananas joined our Watch With Us podcast to break down last night’s shocking episode, shed light on his relationships and possibly talk about The Bachelor.
Zach’s ‘Crocodile Tears’ and More: Johnny Bananas on That ‘Challenge’ Shocker
‘The Challenge’ star Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio breaks down the shocking Wednesday, February 20, episode on the ‘Watch With Us’ podcast – listen
13 hours ago
I love him
Kendra Fisk
Evelyn Cruz
I would so watch the bachelor for Bananas!
People Bachelor Nation, meet Ben Higgins‘ new girlfriend! ????
Bachelor Alum Ben Higgins Introduces New Girlfriend Jessica Clarke: 'She's Someone Special'
"I successfully slid into her Dm’s a few months ago. I took a risk and I am glad I did," Ben Higgins said
1 day ago
Nikki Sekuloski
Sharon McNab Dixon Keshia LeValley Melissa Dixon Anthia Portlock Athena Mills they were in Honduras
I really like Ben. He was one of my favorite Bachelors.I hope this works out for him.
Shannon Fitzgerald
Weird. Thought they only dated from the bachelor cult.
I loved Ben!!
Mandy McDonough
Molly Hope
They have since broken up since this article came out.
Refinery29 He slid right into those DMs!
Ben Higgins, Bachelor Nation's Most Important Bachelor, Is No Longer Single
Higgins told ET, "It’s nice to have a partner who thinks I’m awesome."
1 day ago
Allie Zamek LOOK
Amanda Chalmers im crying
Maureen Harrison sorry
He was my favorite bachelor. Never missed an episode
Shelby Enlow
Business Insider Who will win "The Bachelor?"
Instagram is spookily good at finding frontrunners on The Bachelor, here's who's winning the long ga
Contestants who get the "villain edit" can be the real winners on The Bachelor.
2 days ago
Fahad Saad
Hannah Schuyler
Copy, paste, copy, paste Christina Riccardi
Jezebel This week: another couple goes off the rails.
3 days ago
Us Weekly Colton finds out who's there for the right reasons - watch our recap of last night's 'Bachelor'!
3 days ago
Refinery29 She's been such a fascinating character this season! (Spoilers!)
Hannah B. Handled Her Blindsiding Bachelor Moment Like A Boss
Did you think Hannah B.'s signature "Bachelor" move was crying? Well, her shocking exit proved everyone wrong — here's why.
3 days ago
Us Weekly Did Caelynn and Cassie make it to hometowns on The Bachelor?
‘The Bachelor’: Cassie and Caelynn Are Thrown Under the Bus
Cassie and Caelynn were at the center of controversy during the Monday, February 18, episode of ‘The Bachelor’ — details
3 days ago
Tayshia, grow up!!!
Given his final choices, he can’t possible be interested in marriage.
Erika Mears
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Colton Visits The Women in Their Hometowns - The Bachelor (Sneak Peek) Preview | The Bachelor 2019 Colton Underwood Season 23 (Episode 8)Colton Confronts Caelynn Over Becoming Next Bachelorette | The Bachelor US | After hearing lots of rumours, Colton finally confronts Caelynn over her desire to become the next Bachelorette. Is she really here for the right reasons?Colton Shocks Hannah B With Change Of Heart | The Bachelor US | Whilst on the final one-on-one date before hometowns, Colton tells Hannah B he\'s having doubts about their relationship and decides to send her home.Colton Gives Cassie A Rose - The Bachelor | At the end of the night, Colton gives a rose to Cassie. Watch The Bachelor with Colton Underwood Mondays on ABC!The Bachelor Week 8 Preview Breakdown | The Bachelor preview for week 8 is taking us to hometowns! Who\'s Dad will be a tough nut to crack? Will Colton receive hate or hugs from the families?Colton Gives a Rose to Hannah G. - The Bachelor Deleted Scene | Colton gives a rose to Hannah G. in this deleted scene. Watch The Bachelor with Colton Underwood Mondays on ABC!
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