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Upworthy Which came first? Flowers or bees? - Eric March
Scott Fecher and here is why it is problematic.
Bill Ross I thought fleas came first
Amy V Shepstone Wind was probably the first pollinator.
Tom Farcie Black and blue!
Kimerly Edwards Janice Atheannah Hall
Lauren St.Onge Marie Gould StOnge
VICE News "If they do manage to judge him, it will be a whole new chapter in our history."
Guatemalans Celebrate as President Faces Possible Corruption and War Crimes Charges | VICE News
After a unanimous vote to strip President Otto Pérez Molina of his immunity from prosecution, Guatemalans are celebrating but wary of the country’s history of impunity.
Elizabeth Carter Juan Allende Olivia White Lopez
Iloccin Mada Mathew Ellison
Gabor Szendrei Sidney
Us Weekly Sandra Bullock's new boyfriend is quite the catch! Learn more about the hunky photographer in our exclusive story.
EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock's Boyfriend Bryan Randall Is a "Free Spirit," "Amazing With Kids"
Pro boxer Mia St. John, whose daughter Paris dated Sandra Bullock's new boyfriend Bryan Randall for three years, tells Us Weekly all about the hunky, lovable photographer
Jackie Sweis and HOT, hello!
Michelle Santos Just don't hurt America's Sweetheart, she deserves the best, especially after the fallout from her creep of an ex-husband put her through. Hopefully one day she can say "Jesse, who?" and hopefully his dumb a$$ will realize one day what a good woman he had.
Christina Tucker Good God, sandra! hes fine as f%@$! :)
Amanda Allison Good for her she deserves to b happy
Tia Johnson and fine as wine Sandra has a winner
Tracy Cox Hot damn!!! You go girl!
Terrie Salas You go girl he is way better looking then Jessie that's for sure lol wish you the best Sandra!! :)
Gina Gonzalez Wow. U go Sandra. Lol. Love you . You are the true meaning of class and beauty. You inspire me.
Lisa A. Pero Don't do it girl! He is wayyyyyy too good looking. He is going to cheat! Run, girl...........
Erin Gursky BIG IMPROVEMENT!!!Much better then Jessie James Lol
CNNMoney Sony denies suggestions by The New York Times that the studio softened its movie "Concussion" to appease the NFL.
5 minutes ago
CBS News Two friends were out fishing on Alabama's Black Warrior River when kittens started swimming toward their boat: "Never in my life have I seen something like that."
WATCH: Alabama fishermen rescue kittens from middle of river
This story has a purrrrrrty good ending!
27 minutes ago
Norman Bommarito actual cat fish ! glad they were there to help the little kittens
Brad Dillon Rescue is an odd choice of words, those kitties were killin it
Dalila Dalila Zahir Alabama's fishing Two I seen in River Warrior started like started my River boat: kittens boat: my my Black I started Alabama's their toward toward boat: seen 8-)
Sherry Dean Great catch, Thank You for saving these precious little babies...:)
K-Lee Daniel I hope the family that took them in named them Skipper and Gilligahn.
Thomas Rossi Most likely the kittens were lonely and looking for a home. Domestic breeds seek out humans for "adoption." Different cat breeds behave differently in terms of water, temperament, and leashes. Orange tabbies are usually male, people friendly and not afraid of water.
Randy Tijerina wow.....where did they come from I wonder? knowing humanity, I bet they were abandoned.
James Ehovah Cat fishing
Jamie Sweet I'm allergic to certain cats and don't care to own one as a pet. But, I would probably keep these 2 little buggers...just because.
Bonnie Reek So was someone trying to drowned the kittens ??
Salon With the Black Lives Matter movement refusing to back down on police and criminal justice reform, this might just be the most important documentary of the year…
Armed revolution and free breakfast: The extraordinary true story of “The Black Panthers” and how th
America's legendary black radicals faced covert ops, militarized cops and a proto-War on Terror -- 45 years ago
30 minutes ago
Daniel Novet All Power to the People!
Mike Anderson The irony is sublime here. The cops charged in Baltimore in the handling of Freddy Gray, are claiming they don't trust the legal system to treat them fairly. They feel they should have the charges dropped, and go back to work, arresting people to face that legal system they do not trust to treat defendants fairly. Amazing. Just fucking amazing. No Justice, No peace. Black lives matter. Hands up, DON'T shoot. This system is BROKEN, and lunatics run the halls, with goons and guns.
Joshua Rockwell Black lives matter are a bunch of fucks. All lives matter and ANYONE who thinks of themselves (race wise) better or more entitled is racist. Equality for all.
William Sparks Thanks to Ferguson, 99% of Americans are now afraid they will be shot while trying to wrestle a gun away from a cop. .
John Herrere Herrera Excellent read!!
Robert Michael Pristupa Interesting read. thank you.
John Farkward Ewas What about Chicago ?? Doesn't look like it matters much there...
Jacqueline Bolles Avoid, at all costs, cops. Stay home and read a book.
Erika Cashion Terrorist groups!!
Patricia Adams All lives matter.
Entertainment Weekly The set of American Horror Story is pretty much as wild as you’d expect. #AHSHotel
On the set of 'American Horror Story: Hotel': A foursome with Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer
For our exclusive first-look cover at the latest season of American Horror Story, EW spent three days on the Los Angeles set of AHS: Hotel. One of...
33 minutes ago
Katherine Rubolino Danielle Rothermel -- Matt Boner will be on American Horror Story this season.
Christina R A-Pisano He can do this but cant be christian grey? :(
Serena Riggs wow its gonna be amazing cant wait
Sheree Gibson So can't wait for this season!
Lisa Michele Hatfield Henahan Eek!! I can't wait to see Matt almost butt naked! :)
Terri Garcia Najem My mind went blank after reading Matt in only a sock covering his junk
Megan Michelle Hernandez Isn't this basically your wet dream Frank?
Christina Tucker ok- il be a 4-some with them 2 & her boyfriend.... :)
Christina R A-Pisano I need to see this, i hope i get this channel
Jon Robinson hmm..gimme sum 'o dat. ;)
TIME “Our only goal was to tell a tragic love story in classic Hollywood iconography.”
'Wildest Dreams' Director Defends New Taylor Swift Video
Critics say the clip glamorizes African colonialism
2 hours ago
Joshua Ejiro Even if the world greatest critics stand to destroy her, that doesn't mean people like me won't like her. She's great!
Jennifer E. Britton Its a music video. ....some people can be offended by anything. Get some perspective......she's not writing a history book.
Rich Pawlik So the establishment now hate taylor swift?. ok then, i will start to like her.
Kathy Riggins at least money made on video is donated to save animals in Africa...altho being on the Masai would have been nice to have a few Maasai warriors in video..
Kassia Rêgo People are crazy. The video is great. I just didn't like her black wig very much, but the african scenery and the old hollywood feel look very beautiful and well made. Congratulations.
Sam Galea I don't get why people hate Taylor when they dunno her personally..
Martin Ramirez IV This is just more of TIME trying to give this over-rated poptart more attention. Just saying, move along people nothing to see here.
Jose M Salas Rushford People find offense everywhere. That offends me.
Chad Dugan God she's HOT
Mohamed Abous Click and watch before the delete <3 , She's so Hot :$ <3 A little something to whet your appetite for the scares (and laughs) to come.
What a Scream! Watch the Terrifying, Hilarious and Oh-So-'80s Opening Credits for Scream Queens
"The show is a hybrid of wickedly funny and incredibly scary story telling set in a sorority house on a college campus," star (and original scream queen) Jamie Lee Curtis tells PEOPLE
2 hours ago
Shimonay Bronkhorst Just down loeaded the trailer can't wait looking foward to it :)
Abd El Hàbib AffààsSii for to little little whet come. the laughs) appetite something to scares scares for :P
I Love Tattoos Hi I am MARRY I am 22 yrs old :) I live in usa ;) I love making new friends :( :) please like (Y) my page in 2 secs I promise you :) i will send you a friend request and inbox you :) I promise <3
Carla Sanchez Cristiano Ronaldo Caught on Camera having sex with his GF!
Hayat Ben Asem Cristiano Ronaldo Caught on Camera having sex with his GF!
Richard Butts Shanon Blankenship
Upworthy "If I could be half the man he is, I'd have an accomplishment."
2 hours ago
Amy Wiles
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