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MTV The surprising story behind how the machine outsmarted the World Chess champion. (via The Atlantic)
When Computers Started Beating Chess Champions
On this day 20 years ago, a machine defeated a sitting world champion for the first time.
Mashable Do you agree?
The one thing that (sadly) most women agree makes a man undateable
Women may occupy a wider spectrum of sexuality than ever, but it's a different story with men, Glamour finds.
Vani Queen
Benjamin Robin Harkin I thought it was always if a guy was untidy, couldn't cook, and generally couldn't look after himself.
Shani Stewart Unfortunately...I completely agree...I couldn't date him knowingly...double standard? Maybe...but how many double standards are women subject to every day?
James Marshall Owen you don't say.
James Z. Chiang Been saying this for years- you either like dick, or you don't. End of story.
Lara Manetta Dated a couple bi/flexible guys back in the day. Don't see it as a big deal.
Amanda Jonson Oh. Very surprising
Sarah Compton Couldn't care less about past sexual partners.
Becky Lewis Who cares what they've done in their past? Why would it be an issue?
Furat Sellam useless study,meaningless article
Forbes They are part of a growing community of women transforming the way we live and work.
Meet the Women Changing the Face of Tech
The depressing headlines about tech’s nagging and very real gender gap don’t really tell the whole story.
Taoufik Lbogs Watch Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao Live Stream HD:
Entertainment Weekly Beyond excited for how many familiar faces are returning for Netflix's Gilmore Girls!
Everything we know about Netflix's 'Gilmore Girls' revival
The new 'Gilmore Girls' will give the co-creators a chance to finish the story the way they intended. Here’s what we know so far.
Vølker Kåutz Sina Snow Schøttson
Julia Glassy As long as they honor the show with the same writers please.
Vølker Kåutz Sophie Schott
Julia Angela Oliveira Beauty's
Laurens Jenifer I finally found the link original Movie "Deadpool" I've watched this film, and this film is very good.. Play To Video<=> Thanks
Emily Thomas Brittany Blair ❤️
io9 Gillian Flynn's next story is coming to theaters.
Gillian Flynn Has Sold Her Short Story The Grownup To Universal For An Absurd Amount of Money
Gillian Flynn, author of such blockbuster books as Gone Girl, Sharp Objects and Dark Spaces, has just sold the rights to her short story, The Grownup to Universal Pictures for “high-six figures”.
Kimberly Koerth Sara
NYC Dance Project Thank you Upworthy - we love story and the interview! Our cats appreciated being mentioned:)
Misty Copeland puts a 21st-century twist on history's famous ballet works.
The ballerina recreates some of Edgar Degas' most popular pieces.
Jeff Cohen cat ballet? hmm. :)
Nadia Khan So great!! Congratulations!!!
Polly Tatterling What about your dogs?
The New York Times Last August, Alan Pean went to the hospital for treatment of possible bipolar disorder. After an altercation with guards, he was Tasered and shot. We’re telling his story in collaboration with "This American Life." Listen to the full podcast here.
One Patient’s Story: ‘That’s a Kill Shot’
“This American Life,” in a partnership with The New York Times, tells the story of one family caught in the dangerous crossover of mental health treatment and security in American hospitals.
9 minutes ago
The New York Times Like Alan, other patients seeking help at hospitals across the U.S. have instead been injured or killed by those guarding the institutions:
Yoryi Beriguete . . Noticia que afecta a los Estados Unidos la DA da a conocer video de el presidente de ese pais ablando por teléfono con el Chapo Guzmán enterate aqui Video Aqui➡
Timothy Normandin I want Ariana Grande to realize how I love and care. I want the court's persecution of me for being the greatest lover she could ever know to end. She should have been guided towards the realization a long time ago. Instead, there was always so much opposition and misguidance against her realization of how I love her.... ...what can I say or do in the face of such spitefulness?...I have been mocked, ridiculed, spited, hated, degraded, and discredited for how I love and care... God knows I belong by her side...God knows that how I am the greatest of lovers is not a mere gimmick of mine but the real reality of my character...I want her to know and I want to not be persecuted anymore for wanting the best for her and all....I want to be by her side..
Yvonne Bridges I love This American Life! Great station to listen to in the car. Or at home!
Julie-Ann Sherlock So very sad and scary
Melany Ponce . Mira cómo hijastra tiene sexo con padrastro y su madre los grava video aqui
Annel Junior Brioso Amparo Profesora es grabada besando un estudiante en baño mira el video aki
Leslie Hunsucker It makes me sick that we expect teachers, dentists and Starbucks baristas to be more capable of assessing a situation, of responding with reason, of using a myriad of tools to deescalate situations than we do trained police officers. In a nation where 1 in 4 persons suffers depression, where men, women and children with developmental disabilities render them non verbal or unresponsive during times of psychosis or crisis, we have every right to demand more of our law enforcement.
Salon Even if you really like pork chops, this just isn't right...
“They’re all corruptions of American democracy”: Race, vote buying, and the insidious new assault on
Five dollars and a pork-chop sandwich for your vote? That's the going rate in Louisiana. A famed historian explains
15 minutes ago
Maria Helena Bush ruined the US economy, caused 1060000 casualties and created ISIS . Teabaggers against coutry club moderates and libertarians .. Trump is a disrespectful bigot with no sense of leadership, acting agaisnt democracy and the rule of law, a dangerous maniac, a fascist joke plain and simple with simplistic solutions for complex problems loved by simpletons and illiterates . Republican agenda is 100 % against blacks, latinos, gays, muslims, women, poor people, unions, Christian values and mother nature .. T. Jefferson, T. Paine, J Adams, and Teddy Roosevelt against Koch, Trump and Murdoch corporations .. Hillary made a mistake by adopting a soft or moderate speech, young people are demanding radical changes, "feeling the Bern" means say no to Wall Street and the Pentagon, young people are voting for welfare state, social market economy, social democracy European style Republican principle : HC for corporations, private profits, socializing losses, dont tax them, blame the poor, social security and medicare
Marc Lattanzi Saw your article on potty training This might help
Getty Images A 1-minute love story told in images
From Love to Bingo
Telling a beautiful love story using 38,297,843 images and 0 words.
35 minutes ago
BuzzFeed Are these former Black Panthers murderers or martyrs? The Forgotten Story of the Omaha Two:
BuzzFeed News
In 1971, Omaha Black Panther leaders Edward Poindexter and Mondo we Langa were sentenced to life in prison for the bombing murder of a local police officer. In the 45 years since, they’ve been fighting for a quieter type of liberation — their own Read more ... .
52 minutes ago
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