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Don Adams
SOmething to ponder when you think of what maybe the end....... presented by Donny Gillson
ย Thanks sister for reminding me of all of this........ ย  When the LAMB broke the "First Seal," the first, or "Lion-like Living Creature" cried with a voice of thunder--"COME." The words "and see" are omitted in many manuscripts, and in the Revised Read more ... Version. John had no need to "come" for he was already there. The command then of "Come" was to the "Rider" of the White Horse. When he appeared, John says--"And I saw, and behold a WHITE HORSE; and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." Who is the "Rider" upon this White Horse? He is not Christ, as some claim, for Christ, as the LAMB, is holding the "Seven Sealed Book" and breaking its "Seals." Christ does not appear as a White Horse Rider until chapter 19:11-16, when He comes with the armies of Heaven to engage in the Battle of Armageddon. Then He is called "Faithful and True," and on His head there is a many "Diademed Crown," and He is clothed in a vesture dipped in blood, and His name is called the "WORD OF GOD," and there is no weapon of warfare in His hand, but a sharp sword comes out of His mouth, and the effect upon His enemies will he swift and terrible. This "Rider" has a "bow," no arrow is mentioned, and he is not crowned at first, but a crown will be given to him later, the "Stephanos" or "Victor's Crown," as a reward for his victories which are prolonged and bloodless. This is the picture of a brilliant, strategical, and irresistible conqueror, whose victories will dazzle the world, and elevate him to a leadership that will place him at the Head of the p. 54 Ten Federated Kingdoms of the revived Roman Empire. As a subaltern, like Napoleon I, he will rise from the ranks until a crown will be given him. His triumphs will be due to his skilful diplomacy. Like Antiochus Epiphanes, his prototype, he "will come in peaceably, and obtain the Kingdom by flatteries." Dan. 11:21. As the "Tool of Satan" he will be endowed with wonder working powers, and when he comes, he will find the world ready to receive him, for God will send upon its inhabitants a "strong delusion" that they will believe a LIE, or "THE LIE," for that is what he will be. 2. Thess. 2:9-11. In other words this White Horse Rider is the ANTICHRIST. He is the "PRINCE WHO IS TO COME" of Daniel's Vision of the "Seventy Weeks," and who will confirm the Covenant for "ONE WEEK," the last or "Seventieth Week," with Daniel's people the Jews. Dan. 9:27. This Covenant will probably be the privilege to return to Palestine and rebuild the Temple and re-establish their sacrificial form of worship, and national existence, in exchange for the financial assistance of the Jewish bankers of the world in his schemes of establishing world wide commerce, and the formation of a gigantic corporation, with its commercial centre in the rebuilt city of Babylon, so that no one can buy or sell unless they have his "MARK," (the "Mark of the Beast," Rev. 13:16-17), for we are told in Dan. 8:23-25, that "through his policy also he shall cause CRAFT (manufactories) to prosper in his hand." The rise of this White Horse Rider necessarily antedates the beginning of the "Seventieth Week," or the "SEVEN YEARS" of his reign, for he must have reached a position of power to make a Covenant with the Jews at the beginning of the "WEEK," but he does not become "THE BEAST," as described in chapter 13:1-8, until the "Middle" of the WEEK, that is, until after Satan is cast out of the Heavenlies and incarnates himself in him. His rise to power and the rebuilding of Babylon will take time, so the Rapture of the Church will doubtless antedate the beginning of the WEEK by some years. But while the establishment of the Antichrist's power will be comparatively peaceful, that peace will be shortlived as is evident from the breaking of the "Second Seal." This "White Horse Rider" will be Satan's "SUPERMAN." The Scriptures clearly teach that there is some day to arise a human being who shall be the embodiment of all Satanic power. He will be known as the "WILFUL KING" because he shall do according to his own will. He will be the Czar of Czars. He will have no respect for sacred things or places. He will cause a throne to be erected in the Most Holy Place of a Temple that the Jews will build at Jerusalem, and, seating himself upon it, he will proclaim himself God, and men will be commanded to worship him; and Satan will give unto him his power and his seat (Throne) and great authority. All this will be fully brought out under the "Sixth Personage," the "Beast Out of the Sea," ย 
Christalyn Palmer Laying in the bed just thinking Dajion will be 11 tomorrow and he's alive and healthy (so bless) I wonder if he realize how bless he is since birth he's been fighting for his life..I remember when I went in labor with him was so painful the monitors Read more ... started going off the Dr and nurses running in saying they needed to do an emergency c-section because his heart rate and oxygen kept dropping off the monitors I was 20 years old scared crying and praying to God to save my baby..I went in when I woke up they inform me that his umbilical cord was rap around his neck several times so tight if they didn't get him out when they did he wouldn't of made it..But God had other plans 10 months later tragedy strikes Reece pass on the same day Dajion gets sick i rush him to the hospital they tell me he's so dehydrated if they don't get an IV in him he won't make it threw the night and his veins keep collapsing so they can't even get an IV in...Again alone scared no mama or daddy I call on God and ask him to save my son and once more God saved his life....5 years later he get sick rush him to the hospital thinking he got a virus just to be told he had meningitis it was so bad they had to put him in coma to give him the medicine he needed once more alone scared crying and praying God please save my boy he's my only son just bring him threw it and like he done before he brought him threw...Four years later we back at that place again he cut his finger and some how bacteria got in his bones once they got the cast off and saw his finger they told me there was no way to save his finger his blood work came back with some unknown bacteria and they didn't know how to treat it...all they new if they didn't find out fast or a way to treat it there was nothing they could do about...This time I grab my bible and started reading and that's when I understood my baby only going threw this because the enemy sees something great in him and just like the times before he was gonna make it threw of course he did because my God will never leave you or forsake you...That's why today we thanking God for allowing him to see 11 its been a hard journey but he's here...So Happy Birthday Day Dajion u was the first man to steal my heart and the first i ever loved ..Today is your day u can do whatever you like...Love you more than life its self ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚
Grand Motivational Squad I remember when my ex-girlfriend broke up with me; life was so hard for me. I could always think about her, the love we had and wonderful moments we shared. I could have sleepless nights, cry like a little baby and I hated love. I could take all girl Read more ... s to be the same. I could take them to be liars, players, sluts and whores. The tough decision she made of quitting me broke my heart into pieces, it ruined my entire life and it changed my perception about love & relationships. It took me so long to move on because I always thought she will get back to me someday. Itโ€™s hard to believe but I waited for her to come back to me for a full year but all my waiting was in vain. I could always have a force in me pushing me to look for her and tell her how I felt and pain I was going through but I lacked the courage. As you all know the pain for being broken hearted, I ended up jumping into a new relationship hoping to heal so fast and you know what happened, I gave in my whole heart but I ended rebounding and my heart got damaged the more. I decided to relax and I nursed my heart with the help of my friends who always advised me and encouraged me till I got healed. It wasn't a one night process. It took me some good time but eventually I stopped crying, stressing and over thinking about her. I made myself busy with work and other productive things, I kept myself around my friends and family and with time I got over that pain and I became happy again. I know many people hate their exes to the extent that they wish them hell but to me itโ€™s a different case, this ex of mine is my good friend now, she checks on me once in a while. She likes me to be happy and I also do the same. I donโ€™t hate her and her relationship. Actually I thank her for breaking my heart because it opened my eyes to many things. I learnt how to care, value what I have, be appreciative, not to fully trust anyone, how to deal with heart breaks and she made me feel & understand what true love is. So my friends and fans out there, if you are going through a similar situation, just take it slow. Donโ€™t rush it. Donโ€™t just jump into a new relationship. It wonโ€™t heal your wounds instead it will just enlarge and deepen them. Give yourself time to fully heal. In that process, make yourself busy with work, studies or any productive and educative activity, keep around your good friends and your family, perform some exercises to keep your body in shape, eat a balanced diet so that you remain health and do any other things that can distract your mind from thinking about them. Trust me with time youโ€™ll forget about them and youโ€™ll start living a new life. And when time comes and you feel that you are ready for a new relationship get into it but make sure you donโ€™t repeat the some mistakes. like and share
Jack Russell Hey peep, Can you do highest recommend me about which train I can go catch the train and on way to New York from Los Angeles? Just wonder. I'd appreciate it if you give it to me an information about train to New York. ๐Ÿ˜Š Because it my biggest dre Read more ... am come true that I always wanted to go to New York in the future - maybe even next year or next two year after finish the tourist in Moscow, Russia. Guide me around in New York? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Thank mate!
7 minutes ago
Mary-Lou Drachenberg A wonderful swim today. Yes I finally had a break in the middle of the day to get a swim in. And as I swam. I met more and more people who will gladly sign my petition to 1 keep grosvenor running and 2 to offer early morning swim again at Grosvenor Read more ... . I look forward to taking this to the city managers office Also I asked how many people know about this pool we all agreed this pool is overlooked and not promoted like Servus or Fountain Park for that matter. So. Interesting. I gave suggestions for Low Cost/No cost Marketing. Gave this info over 6 months ago. Well actually during the elections last October And I was told they didn't have enough time to evaluate this info so they plunked in the same schedule from last year. So petition here we come!!!
12 minutes ago
Catherine Crockett I'm wondering how I could possibly have missed hearing about the Mormon space whale rape story for years.
12 minutes ago
Cheyenne Ortega-Belone So my last year of high school starts Monday. Oh lawd. Where did the time go? Senior year!:) I'm going to surround myself with wonderful people this year and going to graduate and succeed in lifeโœŒ Class of 2015โ˜บ
16 minutes ago
Chris Nicholson A great six minute conversation with my 93 year old Grandmother, Bettie Burnett, talking about the wonderful news that my oldest daughter, Nicole Villamor Nicholson is getting married on October 9th, in San Francisco. Life is good...
17 minutes ago
Evelyn Evie Eve Carmona Well between the Pain and the fact I was missing my birthday celebration in 1996...God decided it was time for my Blessing! My baby boy was born. What a miracle! I received my Best birthday gift ever! I want to take a moment to Thank God for such Read more ... a wonderful kid. Never had I ever had a problem with or from this young man. Today, I celebrate my son! 18 years of Wonderful memories. My baby has become a young man. Honors through high school and now on his own in college. I must say he is a mothers dream..The hope a mother hopes for and the light that always shine bright. It because of you I learned to Push as hard as I could. I love you Jahvar Kinq Jordan with my whole heart. Our 2nd year not celebrating together and it just doesn't feel the same but I am blessed to say Happy Birthday to my King! Enjoy your birthday @Rowen University and I'll see you this weekend!
18 minutes ago
Active Self Protection I don't agree with the guy pursuing termination here. The guy did his time and is making himself a productive member of the community. I have a friend who was sentenced to death for murder in 1978, did 25 years, and is now a wonderful husband and fat Read more ... her and Christian minister. (drugs and booze and abuse are a deadly combination...but he's reformed!) What are your thoughts?
Man Discovers Dad's Killer Coaching Youth Baseball
Joey Mathews wants Babe Ruth League board members dismissed and changes to be made in bylaws.
22 minutes ago
Joneshele Pendleton * I wonder who still gone be by my side , 10 years from now ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ”’
25 minutes ago
Asaeli Sinusetaki Another "throwbackThursday moment of yours truly. Wondering if I will ever get back to this shape. But to all younger people out there. Never wish you are bigger than your current built because it is a lot harder to lose it. I did wish to be big in 1 Read more ... 997 and then boom. I continued to get bigger and bigger. Did lose some, but never all of it. So, years later, like any other person who is looking after their weight, I am still working on losing it. :)
33 minutes ago
Aydian Dowling I have noticed the "exposure" rate to be very high in the last two years on FB. Seeing videos of dogs thrown in rivers, babies run over by buses-twice, disables getting beat on by police, young teens being raped, kids hanging themselves on live strea Read more ... ms, babies twerking, young adults beating old men, people being beaten publicly and privately, men having sex with cows and SO MUCH MORE!! I guess the most annoying part is that these videos are thrown on our feeds and start playing without even wanting to watch! I wonder if we will become "de-sensitized" because of this. Maybe we will- Maybe we won't. BUT I will say- I've seen more TERRIBLE things in the last two years because of my 'News Feed' then I would like to recall....
35 minutes ago
Little Italy Mercato We had a wonderful time at the Little Italy State of the Neighborhood dinner tonight! One of our favorite events each year!
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It's a beautiful night in #LittleItalySD for the State of the Neighborhood dinner on top of #NelsonPhoto!
36 minutes ago
Dawn Malone
Meet Lulu at the Nebraska Humane Society Today
Our friend Lulu has been looking for a home since May 17th, thatโ€™s 77 days! Weโ€™re wondering if we can get 700 people to share her video. We know itโ€™s a lot, but a simple click of the share button can help Lulu find her new home! Lulu is a 9-y Read more ... ear-old Chihuahua mix who is pretty opinionated and likes to do things on her terms. She will seek out attention, pets and belly rubs. She is looking for a quieter home (no kids to bug her). Lulu also likes to hog all of the attention, so she should be the only dog in the household. New people and loud noises tend to scare her, so she is not in an adoption kennel at this time. She will be shown by appointment only. If you would like to come in and meet Lulu, email diamonddogs@nehumanesociety.org. Be sure to include "Lulu A0955895" in the subject line.
41 minutes ago
Crystal Shaun Ward Wow, what a year so far! I am now involved in the most amazing business, surrounded by the most wonderful people, who all share the same mission, to do well by doing good! We nourish children all over the world, I live a life of purpose, I have lost Read more ... over 10kgs, reversed my signs of aging, I am more positive, I spend more time at home with my family and I am making extra $ and living a healthier lifestyle by giving my body what it needs. If you would like to have an extra income part time, or even look into our product range to help me nourish even more children and get REAL plant based products instead of the 95% of synthetic rubbish on the market that is a complete waste of your money! Your 1 simple act will nourish 1 child, and help us with our mission to link 5 million children in need to 5 million consumers, ask me how
44 minutes ago
NiNi La Queen My precious babies are having a birthday today. 23 years ago today God blessed me with the most wonderful gift a person could ever receive....one of each....my son Angel, my daughter Emily And to get them both at one time was so amazing. I had no ide Read more ... a I was ๏ปฟeven having twins until they arrived. I still get giddy when I think about it. They were so sweet and loving. I look at pictures of them at this age and wonder where the years have gone. I miss having them as little ones, but no matter how old they get, they will always be my babies. I could sit down and go through old photographs for days. Just looking at some of the precious moments of them growing up. My daughter, I still feel my heart tug when they smile and I recall all the many memories of those precious little faces smiling up lovingly at their Mommy. My son, how my heart will melt everytime you smiled. They still share lots of smiles and lots of laughter and I love them both so much.
50 minutes ago
Camilo Andrade Okay, this is a rare non political post going out to all the believers in the power of prayer and God's ability to heal all things. Tomorrow my wonderful wife Kimberly Andrade, who has put up with, cared for, and loved me for much longer than I ima Read more ... gined anyone ever could or would, is going to be having surgery on he right wrist. It is a procedure similar to Carpal Tunnel, but will relieve the pressure on a different tendon in her wrist. She agitated an old injury around November of last year when she was caring for my grandmother and the pain has been increasing steadily since. If you're the praying sort and believe in the Lord's power to he heal, I would be most grateful if you would put in a good word for her... Also, if you find yourself in the praying mood, a fellow Marine and his lovely lady received some unfavorable news in regard to her pregnancy today. I would be grateful if you could put in a good word for them and ask the Lord to bless them with a healthy baby and to give them the strength to see the pregnancy through. .. Thank you and God bless you all! Semper Fi
52 minutes ago
Tui Motu Interislands Wonderful to see this post generate 200% more interest than other posts. I will share it again and would love to catch a few more readers - where are you reading from and whats your history with Tui Motu Interislands? -Theresa
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Good Morning! Introducing myself..one of the Administrators for this page... Theresa Vossen is my name, and here I am reading the May edition of Tui Motu! Sitting in my favourite prayer chair, in the home I share with my husband, and 2 noisy, joyful Read more ... school children (5&7 years). Once a month this magazine wings its way into my mailbox, from my hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand, to my current home- Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. I sneak into this quiet room, with a hot cup of tea, and know I will be reading, reflecting, and being challenged by a huge range of topics, art, poetry & reflections that keep me grounded in my Catholic Christian Faith & also open my mind to challenging matters of Spirituality, Justice, Peace and Gospel Values. I have been reading Tui Motu for over a decade! Initially, because it was there in my parents home, I enjoyed a local creation, and there were contributors I knew personally. Then as I moved to other cities- my Faith being questioned, strengthened, and fostered- a subscription to Tui Motu InterIslands seem to follow me! Even to Australia. I am a Full Time Mum & Volunteer in my local Parish with Children's Ministry: running a Musical Playgroup, and Children's Liturgy, as well as Stewardship/Hospitality teams. I am passionate about building community where-ever I go. I have a special love of children and their unique spirituality. Mindfulness & Gratefulness are powerful tools I use in my daily prayer life. I am honoured to lend a hand, via this Facebook Page, to shine the spotlight on some wonderful archived articles from the Tui Motu InterIslands website. Each week I will do this and hope we will connect & build community where-ever you are in the world - thats the beauty of the internet. Please spread the word about this Page and help us to build the LIKE's so we can thrive & grow even in cyber-space! So, where are you reading Tui Motu from this month? Or are you brand new to this magazine? Blessings, Theresa โ€” with Theresa Eyre Vossen in Gold Coast, Australia.
53 minutes ago
Mary Clark Ziegelhoffer Well, 20 years ago at this time I was headed to Denton Regional Hospital. My mom and I were sitting in her living room when my belly dropped what seemed a foot soon to follow with my water breaking. When we got to the hospital I was at a 4 and made i Read more ... t to a 7 by the time they got me into a room. Needless to say my baby boy was ready to make his appearance into this crazy messed up world. After many hours of contractions and a few pushes the nurses held him until the doctor could catch. At 5:30am my 8lb 6oz boy came into the world as perfect as he could be. It's hard to believe that you now have a family of your own and you have made me a proud grandma. Happy Birthday to my boy Trenton Clark I love you more then words can say. Hope you have a great and wonderful birthday!
55 minutes ago
Elai Antonio To hear wonderful words about INC really makes me so proud! I AM A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF CHRIST!
The TV program Showtime congratulates and commends the 100th year success of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. #INC #showtime #congratulationINC
57 minutes ago
Amy Surdam 16 yrs ago we were blessed with the best gift we could ever receive. Hard to belief 16 yrs has gone by so fast but we have enjoyed every minute of it. We wouldn't trade any of it for the world. Happy 16th Birthday bud...you've grown to be a wonderful Read more ... young man. You make us proud, love you,
58 minutes ago
Jean Guan Our True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have these wonderful friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island:) Bali, Bintan, Phuket, Pangkil island, Tengula island, Darwin, Borocay and more t Read more ... o come!!! :) To find real friends in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep them is a blessing. Once a year we had our footsteps at a beautiful island and we made our pacts! :) We shall run towards our dreams hand in hand together! :)
60 minutes ago
Lindsay Grey Duke ID# 1882. Such a wonderful boy! He has such a personality. He is friendly, affectionate and playful. He looks to be close to a year in age and weighs about 40 lbs. He was found on Mariners Lake Drive in Interlachen. Please help him find his fore Read more ... ver home before his time runs out at this high kill shelter!
Duke ID# 1882. Such a wonderful boy! He has such a personality. He is friendly, affectionate and playful. He looks to be close to a year in age and weighs about 40 lbs. He was found on Mariners Lake Drive in Interlachen. Please help him find his fore Read more ... ver home before his time runs out at this high kill shelter!
1 hour ago
Jeff Goebel This is what I saw two years ago. No wonder there is outrage! And I was outraged because this is not the story I was told growing up in America.
ู„ู…ุงุฐุง ู„ุง ูŠู…ูƒู†ูƒ ุงูŠุฌุงุฏ ูู„ุณุทูŠู† ุนู„ู‰ ุฎุงุฑุทุฉ ุงู„ุนุงู„ู… ุŸุŸ Why You cant find Palestine on the map ?? ุดุงู‡ุฏ ู„ุชุนุฑู ุงู„ุงุฌุงุจุฉ .. ุงู†ุดุฑ ุงู„ููŠุฏูŠูˆ ู„ู…ู† ู„ุง ูŠุนุฑู ุญู‚ูŠู‚ุฉ ุงู„ูˆุงู‚ุน ููŠ ูู„ุณุทู Read more ... Šู† ูˆุฎุงุตุฉ ุงู„ุงุฌุงู†ุจ ..
1 hour ago
Ay Olagbem One of the funniest I ever watched! I laughed till tears ran down my eyes! No wonder a woman almost killed me z few years ago.
Are You Ready To See The World's Worst Female...
1 hour ago
Randall Wiebe - Artist Tonight Samuel Deason debuted his composition Rosebud Variations with the beautiful second variation based on some of the letters of my name. The festival continues through the weekend - please come out for a fabulous experience. I also have had th Read more ... e privilege of doing all the print and web design work for this year's festival using the wonderful photography of the talented Kjel Erickson. Many thanks to Keith Hamm for organizing the whole thing.
Rosebud Chamber Music Festival
Chamber music in Rosebud, Alberta, Canada July 29 - August 3, 2014 - http://rosebudchambermusic.com/
1 hour ago
Karvelis Flowers Some good news! This is amazing! She is 102 years old and looks wonderful and moving around great! I pray I can live that long and in excellent condition! That's my challenge to myself! LOL the live right #challenge now pass this one on! LOL
Happy 102nd Birthday Mrs.Louise Ricks! She is dancing to Happy because that's what she is...Happy!
1 hour ago
Elixandria Porru
Last Days of NYC's Carriage Trade | Demo & Outreach
Conditions in New York City could never be modified in a way that would make it safe or humane to operate horse-drawn carriages. This video shows a glimpse into the dangers faced by carriage horses 365 days a year--and the threats to the public safet Read more ... y. Notice how at 0:05 the carriage driver motions to traffic on his left, then starts moving toward making a right turn, forcing the taxicab to slow down to avoid hitting the horse. These horses work in heavy traffic and during all kinds of weather. This is business as usual. The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages advocates for a full, unconditional ban on #horse-drawn carriages in New York City, and we'll keep campaigning until the horses are off the streets and safe. A ban is the only way to end the cycle of institutionalized cruelty and the threat of being worked to death or ending up at auctions frequented by kill-buyers (i.e., threat of slaughter). This video is by one of our wonderful activists who is a regular at our demo & outreach events. Thank you, Miriam. #carriagetruth SHARE
1 hour ago
Deborah Sue Stout Benedict
Meet Lulu at the Nebraska Humane Society Today
Our friend Lulu has been looking for a home since May 17th, thatโ€™s 77 days! Weโ€™re wondering if we can get 700 people to share her video. We know itโ€™s a lot, but a simple click of the share button can help Lulu find her new home! Lulu is a 9-y Read more ... ear-old Chihuahua mix who is pretty opinionated and likes to do things on her terms. She will seek out attention, pets and belly rubs. She is looking for a quieter home (no kids to bug her). Lulu also likes to hog all of the attention, so she should be the only dog in the household. New people and loud noises tend to scare her, so she is not in an adoption kennel at this time. She will be shown by appointment only. If you would like to come in and meet Lulu, email diamonddogs@nehumanesociety.org. Be sure to include "Lulu A0955895" in the subject line.
1 hour ago
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