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Dan CONGRATULATIONS FROM FACEBOOK!!! We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded Final draws held on the (31TH OF OCTOBER 2014) by Facebook group in cash Promotion to encourage all Facebook users worldwide, your Name was among Read more ... the 50 Lucky winners who won $600,000:00 USD each on the Facebook group promotion Award Attached to Ticket Number (5647600545189) and Lucky Number (2551256002/244) Serial Number (55643451907). You are required to contact our dispatch dept via email ( facebook.cash4u@linuxmail.org) and re-confirm your Award Attached, Ticket Number, Serial Number, Full Name, Contact Address and Cell Phone Number for further instructions. Regards, John Cole Promo Coordinator.
2 months ago
Mark I received a telemarketing phone Call Just now too lower your interest rates I told them I'm Under Water I'm in bankruptcy in need obama to pass another stimulus package the Phone went Click LOL Funny Phone Number was from 1-888-382-1222 this is on Read more ... my Caller ID I received a telemarketing phone call earlier from University of Arizona calling me and asking me if Was going back to school this is how suckface (facebook) makes there money...... This is why America such a mess right now made by Obama pitchmen, and arrogant left wing brainless morons while being wined and dined by communists Glenn Beck said, "if your being attack your doing something right." Well I'm still under attack by the Social media run by a communist dictator http://t.co/IoIoYFvv9G Justice Richard B. Sanders Topic The Law on Facebook is a scam facebook and twitter has broken the Law Blocking the Tea Party and the IRS list of people that congress needs to throw in Jail today starting with janet napolitano eric holder jay carney, george soros, billary clinton, harry reid, nancy pelosi, susan rice and the obama regime List of liberals that need to be out of office Wrong Paul (RON PAUL) Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio Sucks Impeach Nancy Pelosi throw obama regime out of office now... Throw Eric Hold in Jail for the Murder Brian Terry Throw harry reid, Debbie wasserman schultz, maxine waters, Dianne Feinstein Sheila Jackson Lee, john kerry janet napolitano, jay carney, george soros, billary clinton, susan rice all in jail and kick out john boehner and lindsey graham out of office Throw all the bums Out I sick of liberals fagits who don't care About Real Freedom Suckface some More Let See If I get a Death Thread The FBi Told the Next Time It Happen facebook will be force to pay me 5 million to this Court order Facebook is Will be force to Shut down Enough Laws Suits comes So Long Suckface Praise Jesus Facebook Scam alert: Here ya go. CONGRATULATIONS FROM FACEBOOK!!!!! Facebook is one of the largest Social Networking site which valued more than $100 Billion Dollars and also expecting its One Billion Users to come mainly from Mobile devices than desktop Users by this year 2014, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has decided to boost Users and Companies a WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY by Lottery Program and Initial Public Offer said in a press release. So We are pleased to inform you of the result of the NEW YEAR DRAW held on (1st May 2014) by Facebook Company in cash Promotion to encourage the usage of Facebook users worldwide, your Name and Email was among the 50 Lucky winners who won US$250,000:00 USD (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars) each on the Face book promotion Award Attached to Ticket Number (5647600545189), Ref No (2551256002/244) and Serial Number (55643451907). The online draw was Conducted by a random selection of email you where picked by an Advanced automated random computer search from the Facebook in other to claim your US$250,000:00 USD the lottery program which is a new innovation by Facebook, is aimed at saying A BIG THANK to you all our users for making Facebook your number one Social Networking to hook up with their families and friends all over the World. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants and Scam artists all participants were selected through a computer ballot system with their email addresses and names from all over the world. Thanks to the FBI and the Software Company Corporation to block few individuals? Web site and email addresses your name and email was selected in a raffle draw that was made 1st May 2014, so we need your fast response so that we can proceed with the delivery of your fund. You are required to contact our dispatch dept via email (onlinefacbook@manager.in.th) Contact Name: Patrick Widen) in order for us to complete your Winning Certificate and for further information regarding the disbursement of your lottery win. Meanwhile, a man sent a letter to our office few days ago, claiming to be your true representative. Here are his provided information for you to confirm to this office if this man is truly from you or not, so that, we will not be held responsible for paying your winning to a wrong person. Bank Name: BB&T Bank, USA. 1801 ADAMS MILL ROAD WASHINGTON, DC 20009-1901 Account Number: 1090000009620 Routing Number: 054001547 Account Name: Gregory Phillips Please, do reconfirm to this office, as a matter of urgency if this man is from you. Note however that, you are not to send money to anyone to receive your funds as the authority is against that, and don't let people, impersonator fool you or scam you, otherwise you will regret it after wasting money and effort. However for the purpose of proper verification among other relevant information, it is imperative that you forward your claims to our claim department with the below details. NAME: CONTACT ADDRESS: MOBILE PHONE NUMBER: OCCUPATION: MARITAL STATUS AGE: NATIONALITY / COUNTRY: TICKET NUMBER: REF NUMBER: SERIAL NUMBER: EMAIL ADDRESS: To avoid unnecessary delays and complications please remember to quote your Ticket, Reference and Batch Numbers in all correspondences. Furthermore, if there is any change in email address please contacts us on time. If you are not interested please do not bother to reply and CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN FROM FACEBOOK! Thanks, Erskine Bowles. Promo Coordinator. Privacy · Terms · Cookies FACEBOOK (c) 2014 Suckface [ facebook ] I REPOSTED THIS TO EVERYONE ON MY FB ….. WE NEED TO EXPOSE THE LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVE-MARXIST-NAZIS THAT WORK AT FB ….. "SOCIAL MEDIA" IS REALLY CONTROLLED AND PUT ON A SHORT LEASH BY THESE SELF APPOINTED CENSORS. facebook and twitter telemarketing Unwanted solicitations asking me to go back to college and spend money on school phone numbers that facebook will call you from 585-636-0010 412-351-2888 unavailable Unknown Anonymous facebook has block there own advertisers if your an advertisers on facbeook and you have been block by facebook please call this Law Office they can help built your case by calling 1 (855) 307 8436 CNN Money Drudge Report Fox News Found 5 miilion fake people on facebook Male, female or 'custom'? Facebook announces 50 ways to define gender Published February 13, 2014 Tag to UsaNews Press LLC 501C- 4 UCC 1-308.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE © All copyrights reserved By Patcnews The Patriot Conservative News Tea Party Network Aug 1, 2012 Patcnews Welcomes Justice Rich © All copyrights reserved By Patcnews Mark Eberle
Aug 1, 2012 Patcnews Welcomes Justice Richard B. Sanders Topic Law on Facebook
Mark Eberle created this video Aug 1, 2012 Patcnews Welcomes Justice Richard B. Sanders Topic The Law on Facebook is a scam and how innocent people are going...
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