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Yahoo News ANALYSIS: Trump remains an unpredictable force among US allies.
What has the G-20 summit done for President Trump's image?
On President Donald Trump's second trip abroad, there were fewer of the bull-in-a-diplomatic-china-shop moments that had solidified European leaders' skepticism during his maiden overseas tour.
14 days ago
Krishna Ghimire Despite his antagonists cut, paste, and editing, President Trump always looks so popular and perfect in any shape, form and image! He is the greatest and the most famous President of USA!
Nena Sullins He sure did give a Great speech in Poland and the European people loves him, but the globalist not so much hahahahaha
Peter Chegwe Trump confirmed that US is fed up with leading the world.
Larry Romano Unpredictable? Hardly. His positions have been the same since the campaign. Is he an adversary when it comes to the globalist agenda to bring down the West? Absolutely. And that's why he's the greatest president we have had in 30 years.
Basil Ohagwu Clueless Trump We pray that the great men and women continue to fight to stop him from messing the country up till we get a real man or woman for the position. He has no idea about the position.
John Manczur trHUMPS image? As what? An uninformed, vile, vicious, hateful, mean, heartless, cruel so-called human being! No.... everyone pretty much knows that!
Ayman Daas That classmate who used to celebrate birthdays in class.. this picture reminds me how we used to sit steady until we get our part of the cake.. what a cute image!
Jessica Peters He's still a freakin clown. Approval rating below 40% and continuing to fall. Hes a walking failure and the only ones not seeing it are the ones who are in love with him.
Daniel Kostadinov I can't stand every f news about this Orange troll so now we gonna listen about him for 4 years?! Stop giving him that much attention pls!
Eric Bruce Sr. Funny how the leftist media is spinning this. His trip was a great one. His speech was spot on and he was well received. But CNN and Yahoo tell another story...
People Audrey Hepburn was famous for eating Breakfast at Tiffany's—but she spent the rest of her time in this stunning mansion!
14 days ago
Brayden Shayne Kirkham Rachel Reese
Karen Corona Ibarra Ana Karen Quezada
Chelsea Babineaux Yo Jordan Paul Babineaux new house?
Tammy Côté Linda Hancock Bugg
Gina Marie Thomas Nicole Walskey Carson
Stephanie Cervantes Matthew Manalang
Lindsay Alexis Hobbs Heather Gillard
Tishany Kimberly Emily Frances I wish lol
Maegan Dennis Nicole Bleifeld
The Wall Street Journal Tiffany is trying to regain its cool with an edgier image and new collections, but can it walk the line between Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga?
Tiffany Hunts for Path to Regain ‘Cool’
Historic jeweler’s former chief failed to turn around sales amid the reliance on lower-priced baubles; tricky shift from Audrey Hepburn to Lady Gaga.
14 days ago
Kathy Young There is and will forever only be one Audrey Hepburn.
Josianne Sculley Not a flattering photo of Gaga - She looks like she needs to find her glasses?
Pat Hall So ugly u r Gaga
Gunner Ear Audrey had a unique quality & it remains so.
Scott A. Lincoln A world renowned actress VS a Hollywood pole stripper turned music pop star.... not quite the image Tiffany should be looking for. Gaga's music rocks though..
Kirsten Signar Not even remotely close, no.
MaryAnn Leier Fischer NO
Nick Stout Regain cool??? You mean people NEED taste!!!
Julius Ponderer Its almost virtually impossible to regain such cool
Dan Poisson It isn't a line, it's a canyon .
CollegeHumor Sweet Dee is half-bird, all-funny.
16 days ago
Matthew Tiberius Simmons Laura Sait
Newsweek The Trump kids have been busy.
With Ivanka Trump joining her father in Europe, here's what the other Trump children have been doing
Ivanka Trump laid a wreath for Poland's fallen Jews, while Tiffany Trump designed jewelry, Donald Trump Jr. trolled CNN, and Eric Trump enthused about Home Depot crowds on Fox.
17 days ago
Jim Jimenez Children of the Con!
45% of Tiffany’s sales last year came from jewelry categories with an average price of $530 or less.
24564 months ago
Tiffany Haddish had to explain to Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith what Groupon was:
24564 months ago
Girls Trip scene-stealer Tiffany Haddish is proud of her beautiful and bountiful assets even if society doesn't appreciate them.
24564 months ago
Trumps in Washington D.C. are navigating the Russia scandal while Tiffany Trump navigates Europe.
24564 months ago
With Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish is making sure she's someone audiences won't forget.
24564 months ago
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